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Gaia Belly Butter

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Belly Butter

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Parent Reviews and Comments
I was certain I would end up with stretch marks as I have some from my teenage years but I lathered this Gaia Belly Butter on daily since finding out I was pregnant and I didn't get 1 new stretch mark. The only downside is the price so be sure to stock up when it's on sale.

I used this cream as of the second trimester, everyday after the shower in combination with Bio Oil (everyday before bed time as well ). Happy to report that I did not get any strech marks! 


When I announced my pregnancy I was given a tube of this Belly Butter. I love It! 

It is a nice thick cream with a lovely mild fragrance, it absorbs well and doesn't leave a greasy residue.

I am well into the third trimester now with no stretch marks in sight. It is my new go-to present for expectant mums.

I love the fact it is made with natureal ingredients and no nasty chemicals. It's also available at all good pharmacies and supermarkets, so easy to purchase and affordable.


I only discovered this a couple of days after birth when I was at the chemist. I found it fantastic as it rubbed so well into the skin without a greasy texture and sticking to my clothes and marking them!! I used it on  my ceaserian scar after my stitches disolved and I found it helped smoothen the scar alot! has taken out alot of the redness in my strech marks which I am covered in. 6 Months later im still using it as I still find it effective! Highly recommed.


When myself & my partner found out we were expecting baby no1 :) we unfortunately found out at the same time that I needed to have an emergency operation on the lower area of my stomach . Thankfully baby is a fighter and we both come out of the operation ok. :) When I had my checkup at the hospital the doctor reccomended BioOil for my scar. I found it to be non-effective and greasy. So on the hunt I went for a new moisturiser to aide in healing my scar and also giving my skin additional moisture whilst I progress in my pregnancy.

I am 25 weeks pregnant now :) and have been using Gaia Belly Butter for 3 weeks now. It is a god send! It smells great, goes on easily, is absorbed quickly and does not leave a greasy residue. Its also a bonus that the ingredients are organic and pure! In the weeks I have been using Gaia Body Butter my scar has healed considerably, even the skin tone is fading and it is becoming smooth and supple! I love this product! Well worth the money I spent! 100/10 for me! :)


Much to my horror, the cream I used in my first two preganancies was no longer available.  I had gotten through both pregnancies without a stretchmark in sight.  Now I had to find a new product and cross my fingers it would be just as effective.

I stumbled across the Gaia brand when my daughter picked up the bright pink tube in the shop.  I thought this would be as good a cream to try as any, so this is what I went with. 

I started using the cream from about 12 weeks into my third pregnancy.  I used it once a day, every morning after my shower.  It was quite a thick cream but it spread easily and rubbed in well, and didn't leave my tummy feeling greasy or sticky.  It also had a really nice, relaxing scent. 

And now, as I hold my 4 week old baby boy, I have again come out the other side of pregnancy without any stretchmarks.

I would definitely recommend this product. 



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