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WOW Cup WOW Kids® Drinkware

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WOW Kids® Drinkware

The Wow Cup is a multi-function spill free cup that provides for an effective & healthy alternative to a sippy and straw cup. It is a simple solution for those wanting a smoother transition to an open cup or just as an everyday fun cup! 

Parent Reviews and Comments

My 18 month old took a few tries before figuring out how to use this, but once she figured it out, she never looked back!

This is a great way to reduce spills & mess, while teaching littlies to drink from a big persons cup!

Also, less fiddley parts like the competitor's products which I liked.


I reviewed this cup for my 18 month old son.

Liked: The cup really doesn't spill. My son can tip the cup up like a normal cup and it doesn't spill everywhere, but he gets to enjoy drinking from a cup like the rest of the family. I don't have to help him drink or hold the cup. I thought perhaps it would be too big for him but it wasn't. He could hold it and tip it fine even when full.

Disliked: The lid!! Seriously, its super hard to put on and get a tight seal. If it doesn't seal tightly then it leaks and that defeats purpose of cup. Likewise it’s hard to get off. I had to use a tea towel to get a good seal and it was annoying. Why oh why didn't they just use a screw top lid with the same special non spill middle bit and it would be my go to cup!! Hands down it would be the best cup ever then. Also, when he throws it on the tiled floor the lid loosens and then eventually leaks or a big crash and it flies off and water goes everywhere (how he can get the lid off easier than me is ironic I know!)

Other: The packaging and design - I really don't like and would never have brought it based on looks. It is so daggy and 80s. I also don't know if it actually teaches kids how to drink out of a cup because my son just tips all cups up; this doesn't really teach him the technique but is maybe a good middle ground from straw/sippy cups.

Overall: my son absolutely loves it and would use it before any other cup. I have been using it at the kitchen table/meal times only because it’s so hard to put the lid on/off I don’t use it when we out and about. We still use his normal sippy cup for overnight in his cot and also when we are out. I give it a 4/5 because it does what is supposed to do but I think a screw top lid would be better and also a less daggy design.


Thankyou for choosing me to review this cup. I think this cup is fantastic! My son is always grabbing our cups as he loves to think he's a 'big boy' with a 'real' cup. This cup is so close to a real cup but without the drink spilling on the floor or all over him each time. My only issue with this is that I only have one and when it's in the wash my son won't drink! I will be purchasing another and would highly recommend it!


I was sceptical about a cup that claimed to be spill proof as I have tried so many different cups and drink bottles for my kids. However, the wow cup has surprised me! As long as the lid is screwed on properly-it does not leak!! 

My 1 year old has given it a thorough testing and has thrown it and dropped it multiple times, and it still doesn't leak. He loves it as he thinks he's big like his older brother drinking out of a real cup instead of a sippy cup. 

I would definitely recommend this cup to other parents. 


I thought this cup was brilliant! Great design and worked really well.

It didn't spill even though my 17 month old definitely tried to get it to!! It took a couple days for my son to warm up to using it and to work it out but once he did he loved it. My 4 year old tried it and told me it didn't work. (He was expecting the water to flow into his mouth instead of sucking it). After I realised the problem he could use it correctly and gave it back to his brother.

After using it for a week I decided to give him a regular cup to try out and he used it perfectly, no spills!! I think the WOW cup definitely helped him to learn how to drink from a cup correctly and I would recommend it to anyone.


  • No spill
  • Easy to wash
  • Easy to use


  • Little bit of a learning period to work out how to get the water out.

I was so excited to be chosen for this review as it seemed like the perfect solution to the problem of having a VERY independent young toddler, and her insistence on drinking just like her big sisters despite not actually being able to.

The instructions that came with the cup were easy to follow, and after a quick clean before use, we were set to go. It did take my 15 month old toddler a few goes to figure out how to use it, but once she'd figured it out, she was a huge fan.

We were able to fill it, and trust that she can drink out of a "big girl cup" just like her sisters without having her tip it up and spill everywhere, she wasn't surprised by a huge mouthful all at once, and it is leak proof! All we had to do was fill it with our choice of cool drink (water only for us), and put it in her bag for when we left the house, or hand it to her and know that there will be no spills to clean.

I would highly recommend the Wow Cup to anyone with young toddlers, or older kids having a bit of trouble dealing with cups. The RRP is $13 and in my opinion, well worth the price.


I wanted to fall in love with this cup and be able to get rid of every other sippy/straw/toddler cup in our house - it sounded really promising!! A spill free, leak free cup that you can drink from anywhere on the rim. Unfortunately, it wasn't the cup for my 21 month old.

Let me start by saying that the cup IS spill free, it IS leak free...unless your toddler drops or throws it, in which case a bit of liquid WILL come out, but only a small amount. So in this regard, it lives up to its promises.

My toddler really struggled to drink from it. You need a good seal all the way over the lip of the cup and then a fair bit of suction to get the liquid out. Even as an adult, it took me a couple of goes to get the water flowing. Trying to explain this to a kid that is not quite 2? It was frustrating for all involved. We tried and tried but each time, it would end in him tearfully asking for "other cup". By the end of about a week of trying to encourage him to use it 2-3 times a day, he didn't even want to touch it.

I'm not ready to discard this into the pile of unused cups yet - I love the concept of it and will try and re-introduce it in a few months' time. But for our child, at this current age, it just wasn't the right product for us, simply because we can't get him to understand how to use it properly.


It is such a great idea to train kids to drink out of a cup without the mess. There are absolutely no drips or spills whatsoever. It great to leave the cup in the child’s reach and they can go ahead and have a drink whenever they need and you don't need to worry about them knocking it over and making a mess.

It took a little while for my child to learn how to use the cup as they need to suck around the rim rather than just letting the water fall into their mouth. But it didn't take long and worked great.


I was attracted to the idea of these cups for my son who at 3 still mainly drinks from a cup with a spout.  I thought this would be a good alternative to wean him off them.  First problem the one we were sent was pink so he wouldn't really use it.  He has 3 sisters and has just started to dislike all things pink.  So first strike.  He did find it very easy to drink from, but given his age that's not surprising.

I have a nearly 11 month old and I'll start her on it soon.   I have tried her when I first received it but she just threw it off the high chair. 

I'm still not sure what out of all the many cups I've accumulated over the years this adds to the mix.  So I guess the jury is still out for me.


I really love the idea of the cup. My daughter who is 2, still prefers her bottle but is slowly learning to use it. 

I love how easy it is to clean, refill and use. The biggest love is there is no spills!!! I've even tried it myself! My 2 older kids also want one :)


I really wish I had known about this cup earlier. It has been wonderful for my 18 month old who wants to be a 'big girl' like her two older sisters. She gets excited when she sees me get her special cup out. It is absolutely leak proof and very easy to use. All bub has to do is suck on the side of the cup. I thought this cup was so good I went out and bought a second one for my 3.5 year old who tends to spill her drinks a little too often. She loves it too!


Firstly I would like to say I think this is a good product. It didn't leak in my bag or spill when thrown from the high chair. It comes in bright colours that definitely caught my little one's attention. However, my bub was unable to get any liquid out of this cup! She kept trying but got incredibly frustrated. With a bit of practice I was able to get something out so I do think this will be useful as she gets older, and hopefully more patient! 

I would recommend this product to parents of children over at least the age of 1.


Although it took me a little while to work out how this cup worked, my 11 month old daughter worked it out straight away. We now take this cup out with us as I know it's not going to leak in my bag. My daughter has enjoyed playing with this cup. I have found if she drops it from her highchair it can pop the lid off slightly causing it to leak a little. Overall, it's been very handy for the transition from bottles to cups for us.


I was happy to be chosen to review this cup as it really is a battle to find one that works and is spill proof. My son is 2yrs 9mths and has previously been using a different cup. This WOW cup uses the same mouth action so it was a relatively smooth transition to the new cup but I feel a younger child or one that has been using a straw type cup might find it harder to work out how to drink from it. It is super easy to clean, which I love. Only 3 easy parts. I occasionally find I have to try a few times to get the lid on properly or it will leak so I always give it a shake before handing it over but once on it doesn't leak. I have carried it in my bag several times with no problems. So all in all I like this cup. It will make transition to a regular cup easier.


I received the cup and excitedly used it first off. I tried the cup to see how easy it was to drink out of, before handing to my 15month old. 

He instantly tipped it over then went and chucked it off his highchair as I ran for a towel (I need to with many other cups I have tried) I came back to discover the WOW cup had not spilt at all. 

It is easy to drink from with little effort needed and doesn't pour out too quickly for little mouths. 

My child is a grubby eater and I found that whilst he was eating and using the cup with his greasy hands, that it was difficult for me to remove the lid for refilling or washing. There was nothing to grab on to. But by using a paper towel I was able to grip it. 

The size of the cup is perfect for day trips out, without having to refill several times yet small enough for little hands to hold. 


Omg I love this cup.... both my kids love this cup.... my 15 month old who hasn't quiet managed drinking from a cup previously loves this cup... and no spills :) no matter how far he throws it..... I will be buying a second one as the hardest part is getting him to share the cup with my 2 year old.... lol.


I was really excited to try this cup out as my 18mo has decided he will only drink out of cups now...leading to many puddles and numerous changes of outfits. But I have to say this was a massive fail for us.

My son was unable to understand that there was water in the cup (as you can't see it) which confused and frustrated him. And when he tried to drink from it his upper lip wasn't pressing hard enough on the rim to release liquid. I tried it and you do have to apply a little pressure. 

On the positive it was spill proof.



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