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WOW Cup WOW Baby® Drinkware

20 reviews
WOW Baby® Drinkware

The WOW Baby® features a sturdy, easy-to-hold handle and a comfortable Lip Edge, that is contoured to the baby’s lip, providing a more comfortable and natural resting spot for the baby’s mouth. BPA and PVC free.

Parent Reviews and Comments

We were grateful to review this product, my daughter loves cups, but unfortnatley she couldn't grasp the concept, we tried everyday for 2 weeks & she just could not understand how to drink from it, she's 10 months old, I will keep it & try it again in a few months as I love the concept & my DS uses the big one, hopefully with more time she'll work it out!

Very durable, she threw it off the side of the high chair daily (multiple times) and did not break it (she's broken a few others!).


I used this cup for my 11 month old son. He is breastfed (won't take a bottle) and also drinks well from a variety of other cups. I liked this cup because my son can drink from anywhere on the rim. Other sippy cups have a spout or straw and it can be hard for a little bub to "find" the opening. My son took to this cup straight away and worked it out immediately. I also liked that the top doesn't have to lock into place, it just works by being screwed on. The only two things I disliked was that when my son threw it off the highchair with great force it did leak water from the sides. But in general use it did not spill. Also, I didn't like the lid. It was very flimsy and easily lost in the dishwasher. Although, because it travels well without spilling the lid is probably irrelevant anyway.


The idea behind this cup - as a non spill drinking cup is a great one. I thought it was perfect for my toddler, who has some developmental delays that include being able to drink from a cup.

The fact that the cup doesn't spill when you turn it upside down is great. There's no danger of being overwhelmed with liquid when learning to drink from a cup.

I can see this being a great cup for transitioning from bottles, however, for my child it wasn't ideal. You need to suck quite hard on the rim to get any reward, and this frustrated her. By pressing down on the insert you can help deliver liquid, but this isn't really the idea if you are developing the ability to drink from a cup without support. She threw the cup several times in frustration and it didn't break or crack, so it's quite robust!

I'll keep the cup for the future, but for the time being, although I see it as a great idea, it didn't really work for us.


When offered the opportunity to review the WOW Baby Drinkware cup for my 10month old daughter, I was expecting something just like everything else on the market... you know the sippy type cups with the spouts that get blocked, or worst still, leak when their turned upside down. 

What a lovely suprise it was! We received the cup, and my daughter instantly fell in love with it. It's been thrown from her high chair, and only on occasion spilt no more than 5-10mls. This cup bounces! It's awesome. 

It's easy to dismantle, and reassemble. 

I honestly couldnt have asked for a better item to review. So happy with it, 5 stars!


I was so excited to try this product as my 11 month old has tried all the different sippy cups on the market and is yet to settle on one he actually likes.

I love the look and idea of this sippy cup and think it's a fantastic braiding tool for bubbas wanting to drink from glasses without spilling it down the front of them. We tried this product for about two and a half weeks and not once was our son able to drink from the cup, he just could not figure out what he needed to do to get the water out. I think the cup needs too much pressure for the water too flow and he just hasn't mastered the sucking part yet.

We will continue to persevere with it, as i definitely think the potential is there. Looks wise it's great, didn't notice any leaks, just the practicality that let it down. I think the 9 month old age reccomendation needs to be revised.


Wow is a pretty good name. We love ours - so much that when we lost it in the city I had to buy a new one. Took 48 hours for my 12 month old to get the idea but the whole family have had a go.

Its so easy to clean, pulls apart quickly and snaps together easily. Since we started using it our baby has improved his cup drinking skills so I think it helps with that too.


we loved our Wow baby cup!  

After a few unsuccessful attempts, my DS got the hang of how to make the liquid flow and hasn't looked back since. 

Its been easy to use and so easy to clean too.  

It really is virtually spill proof too!

The only negative we have noticed is that it's quite heavy when dropped on the ground. 


we were lucky enough to review the wow cup and my opinion is exactly that! 

Took my 8.5 month old a couple of tries to get the hang of using it but once he got some water out it was all go for there, it has replaced all the sippy cups I have tried for him. This is now the only cup he uses and he drinks more water then he ever has Even picks it up and drinks it all by himself. I love that he can drink from any part of the cup lid too so no matter how he picks it up he always is able to drink from it. I also love that it seals as soon as he stops drinking so even at the end of the day the water is still clean and has no backwash floaties in it like all the sippy cups I've tried. And so far it seems really tough as its constatly thrown out of the high chair on a daily basis and still like brand new. Only downfall I found was it sprays a little when it his the floor but really what cup doesnt and I've seen much worse. I also love how it only has 3 pieces the cup, the lid and the rubber seal its easy to clean and the cup has no ridges or patterns where mould can sit and grow which is a plus and also has a measure on the side so you know exactly how much they have had to drink which is yet another plus for me. Overall I cannot really fault this cup! 


We have been trialling this cup for a couple of weeks now.

The cup looks good, is easy to clean and so far has been completely leak proof.

My 11 month old was meant to be the reviewer for this cup, however after trying it daily, he still is unable to get anything from it. I thought he was being lazy until I had a go at having a drink and found i had to suck ridiculously hard to get anything.

I also have a 2 1/2 year old and he loves this cup :/ he also however loves to pull the rubber out of the lid of the cup, which for older children is quite easy, and then give his brother a drink using the cup like an ordinary cup.

I will keep trying this cup with my little one from time to time but I don't think that very many under 1's are going to be able to manage this cup which brings my rating down as it's intended for a 9month + cup and I just don't see that as accurate and honestly don't think my older one would've managed it much beffore 18 months.


I have had the worse trouble with teaching my 2 year old daughter to use a normal cup. she ended up wearing the water.

The Wow cup has been great for this. It works as a normal cup except you have to suck on the lip of the cup when tilting back. It did take a little perseverance as DD did not get it straight away, probably took 2 days of giving the cup several times a day. But when he got it, we never looked back.

It is easy to clean and the handles on the outside make it easier to hold. Would recommend it to anyone moving from bottle to cup.


My son (19 months) and I love this cup! It is now our “go-to” cup. It was very easy for him to use and helped him grasp the idea that he needs to drink from the edge of a cup but without spilling lots of water while he learns. I found it very easy to clean and the parts were very quick drying (I hand washed them but they are dishwasher safe too). I love that it came with a lid for when we are out and about.

I had little problem with spillage; it leaked a tiny bit when my son threw it on the ground but that didn’t bother me – I don’t think the cups are designed to be thrown with force. One drawback of the cup’s design is that you can’t put hot liquids in it though this is not something we would do regularly anyway. The cup itself is very colourful and seems to be made of good quality, durable plastic.


  • Non-spill design
  • Teaches them to drink from the edge of the cup
  • Bright, playful colours
  • Easy to clean


  • Cannot be used with hot beverages


My first word when I saw this cup was Wow. I had a play with this cup before my daughter, filled it up with water, had a drink and tipped it upside down. I though who ever created this was onto something. It was easy to use and didn't spill when turned upside down. Then my daughter had a go, she had a drink & actually got water out, she dropped it on the ground and NO water came out.

I I like this cup its easy to clean, easy to drink out of and spill proof! 


The WOW baby cup does exactly what it advertises! This cup did not leak at all even when my baby dropped it over the side of the high chair. I found the cup very tough and durable. The cup part did well in the electric steriliser too.

My baby did have to work quite hard at sucking the edge of the cup and got quite frustrated at not getting much water out at a time. She eventually did not want to use it as it was too much work. I would definitely recommend this cup for toddlers and babies that have good sucking skills and like to be independent. 


We have tried the wow baby cup. Although my 11month old can drink out of most cups/skippy cups/bottles she could not work out the wow cup. 

My 2yr old however did and she loves it. It doesn't spill at all which is perfect for preventing mess. Is easy to hold and perfect for toddlers.


Prior to using this cup I had only found one other sippy cup / drinker that my son was comfortable to drink from without choking. I was really surprised how quickly he worked out how to use the WOW cup and how much he loves it. He has upped his water intake thanks to this cup and has worked out how to tilt the cup himself!

I also found that the product is really easy to pull apart and clean, which can be a painful task with some other sippy cup designs. The rubber also seems to be very tough and doesn't show one sign of wear even after my son has given it some good use with his new teeth.

All in all, a great product which I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to others.


What a wonderful stepping stone this cup is for young children. 

It was easy for my 13 month old daughter to pick up the concept, normally she doesn't have to work to get water out of bottles etc.

I've even noticed a better understanding now if I let her try and drink out of a normal cup. 

It was great to use this wow cup especially when out and about, because it meant we didn't end up with water everywhere which is what usually happens. 

I have since recommended these cups to family and friends with kids of a similar age. 

I did though purposefully leave the cup on its side over night to see if it did in fact leak and it did. But only a little bit. A lot less than bottles etc leak! 

All in all we were very happy with the cup and will use it for a long time to come!

Green Cheese

My 11 month old loves the wow baby cup, she can hold the handles easily and drinks happily from it. She did take a little bit to work it out though, she wasn't sure where to put her mouth or how to get anything out. By applying a slight bit of pressure on the lip she soon worked it out and now loves it. Easy to pop in my bag when we are going out with the cap and haven't noticed any leakage despite her current favourite game of throw everything on the ground. She is even keener to try her big sisters cup now and I think this will be a perfect transitional tool as well as for use when we go out. 


I know once my baby 'gets' the concept this cup is going to be a winner. She is just off 10 months and has been taking water from her bottle but struggling with a sippy cup so I jumped at the chance to review this product in the hopes that we'd have a more travel friendly solution. 

The Wow Cup is indeed very travel friendly and virtually unspillable with an internal silicone lid that only allows water out when sucked on.

I've persisted with my little one and offer her the cup every day, she gets the concept of lifting it to her mouth but getting the water out and sucking on the edge at this point is where she is falling short, I'm sure it will come with persistence and a bit more time.  She loves mimicking me and drinking out of the cup and has had one or two successful sips.

We are heading off on a very long haul flight this weekend and I'll have this packed for the plane! 



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