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My Little Heart Whisbear - the Humming Bear

12 reviews
Whisbear - the Humming Bear

This is an innovative aid to improving baby sleep that recognizes baby’s cry and automatically switches on a calming shushing sound. The sound fades out after 40 minutes, when baby is asleep.

Whisbear is a great help in establishing a healthy sleeping routine for your baby and eliminating catnapping.

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Parent Reviews and Comments

we have used this bear since our little one was 2 weeks old, I highly recommend them they are amazing and they work amazingly at keeping him both asleep for longer periods and settling if he does wake back up through the night!!!


I started to use Whisbear a few days after my daughter was born. We are using Whisbear now for six months already. Here are my pros and cons:

+ Cry -sensor option ( this doesn’t have any other shushing product on the Australian market), a brilliant idea! When I switch on Whisbear to stand-by option , white noise will activate every time my baby start cry, or you can switch on Whisbear and will make white noise for 40 min and after that automatically will by in stand-by mode for 3 hours.

+ selfly added magnets to legs, make Bear more practical, you can attach him to cot or to pram during walk

+ voice regulation, it is possible to adjust voice level, dependence what are your surrandings, and if Whisbear will remember this level for next time when will be switch on

+ baby friendly look, my daughter love to explore, so happy to play with rusty colourful legs and ears, which put Whisbear higher position than just regular plastic shushing products.

+ Our daughter hate driving by car, as a mum single driver I found very disturbing her crying, specialy when you don’t have next to you extra dummies. White noise made by Whisbear everytime calm Mia and eventually put her to sleep.

Y      - You have use good quality AAA batteries, ( I bought Energiser 10 for $ 10 in Bunnings and those one work great)

-          -   A small screw was located inside divice, not like chineese made toys have a screw already attach to battery compartment, which was a little bit tricky for my husband

 I   I recommend use Whisbear from the beginning, because babies are more familiar with White noise, which remind them noise in mother womb. However my friend successfully introduced Whisbear to his 11 month son! The best gift for a new mum and new born! Every mum should pack Whisbear to hospital bag. Highly recommended as a Baby Shower gift.


I loved the packaging & the look of the bear.   I love how it connects to the cot - the magnetic hands and legs are an awesome feature.


Whilst the bear didn't assist my Little One (LO) in resettling after he woke - I did like the white noise of the bear and the fact that it automatically turns off.

I do believe that the white noise assists my LO in settling for his sleeps.

I would rate this product a 4 out of 5.


Despite the battery cover being really quite hard to get off, we got this done and batteries put in the Whisbear as soon as we received it. It was perfect timing as bub was particularly fussy with her day sleeps at this time. 

The Whisbear now practically lives in our daughters bassinet - she loves it! We use it for day sleeps only as she sleeps fairly well at night. As soon as she hears the white noise, she rubs her eyes and turns into it, nose to nose with the bear. 

We have it on the setting where it comes back on if there is noise which means we don't have to tiptoe around at home because it will come on if there is a noise. The bear follows us everywhere we go. We use it in the car and it is very handy when out at a friends or a restaurant. Bub is able to sleep pretty much anywhere because of the Whisbear.

The design is excellent because it fits into the top of the nappy bag nicely as it is slim. The magnets are ideal for putting it over the side of the bassinet when we need to move it.

The cutest thing that has happened with the Whisbear and our daughter is that she sleep nose to nose with it and at times can be found to be licking it's nose! Very cute!

We love the Whisbear and so does our daughter.


I was very excited the day we received Whisbear! I unpacked it immediately and assembled it. It was a bit confusing how the sound machine needed to be inserted, since it was a tight fit and I thought I was doing it wrong. It was also unclear exactly where to press once assembled. But after a few goes I worked out where it was. 

Bub was 3 weeks old, so I was sure to have more success than others! Since this sleep aid works on the premise that young babies are comforted by remembering the "swishing" sound of being in the womb. 

We had success almost straight away. He sleep in the basinet for 1.5hrs which is unheard of for my bub. 

The next day in the car - same success - he slept and did not scream for the whole trip. I couldn't believe it! 

A few days later I had another lengthy car ride and then needed to visit the shop. Whisbear came along and bub slept for 2hrs; not waking until we arrived home. 

I was pleasantly surprised with our whisbear. 

However, our success was short-lived. Bub was diagnosed with silent reflux and flat out refuses any sleeps in the car - with or without wisbear. Strangely, the only way he will sleep in the car is after being wrapped and breastfed to sleep, then dummy inserted. Doesn't make a difference if whisbear is there. 

Sleep time in the cot hasn't improved much after that first week. We still use whisbear religiously, and sometimes he will self settle in the cot with wisbear on, while I'm patting him and dummy is in his mouth. 

I'm finding it really "hit and miss" to be honest. 

Occasionally, when he is put to bed for the evening with whisbear, I put his video monitor on and watch tv downstairs. After one sleep cycle, I will see him wake on the monitor, with one cry, whisbear comes back on and he goes back to sleep! 

Here are some more product observations:

  • Whisbear's body shape is designed well to hook onto the capsule bar or side of cot, but when he is placed on the side of the cot, this isn't close enough for the sound activation to kick in when bub cries. We really don't want bub to be crying loudly, because by that point he is wide awake. Whisbear sound activation is really only successful when placed right next to bub or above his head in the cot. 
  • I find the placement of the sound box annoying. After being pressed a few times a day, many times a week, it moves ever so slightly. Sometimes it takes quite a few presses before I find the spot. 

Overall, I think the biggest benefit of whisbear is that it "drowns out" the noise of my older children and also the tv as I enjoy watching tv in our bedroom at night and bub is still in our room. 


I got this whisbear when my daughter was around 4 weeks old. Upon receiving it in the post I noticed that the bear was immacuately boxed - a great first impression.

Immediately upon putting it on the end of the bassinet my daughter settled and slept. I thought 'hmm most likely a fluke' however after using it for over 3 weeks I can say that the whisbear has a good record for helping settle my daughter.

The cry feature is great - it senses when bubs cries and starts the shhhhhing again and this has definitely allowed me some more sleep/space between feeds!  

The magnetic legs are great for clipping the bear so it will stay on the cot. The white noise is loud however I had no problem sleeping with it on.

Overall while not always working at settling bubs this whisbear has definitely helped and I would recommend the whisbear - the humming bear to any new parents looking for something that may help bubs self settle and sleep that bit longer.


As a mum of 3 boys (the newest being 8 weeks old) I was sure that I was due to have a child that was a ‘good sleeper’ and I thought I have the experience as a mum to have the tools and ideas to ensure this.  My third baby has other ideas, so I was super excited to have the opportunity to try out the Whisbear Humming Bear.  ‘M’ was waking multiple times during the night, particularly after midnight (how fun) and then would catnap throughout the day (only on me, never in his cot/bassinet). So to say I was sleep deprived was an understatement. 

When Whisbear first arrived I loved how soft and cute it was, I had to convince my 3 year old that it was not a present for him as he was immediately drawn to it.  I can see it becoming a much loved member of the family, even when the humming is no longer needed.  The magnetic legs are handy to attach it to the cot/pram/bassinet making it easy to take along anywhere.

The first night I found it a little difficult to adjust the volume and it took me a few goes to set it at an appropriate sound level, however this could be attributed to my poor sleep deprived brain as I have now got the hang of it.  

My little ‘M’ is a bit of a loud sleeper, often grunting, groaning, snoring and passing wind (typical male). What I loved is that the Whisbear only activated with a cry from ‘M’, so it was only coming on during the night when he was waking not when he was noisily sleeping. 

Now ‘M’ is having a bit of a longer stretch of sleep throughout the night I find that the Whisbear is turning itself off standby mode.  So when ‘M’ wakes later in the night I do need to switch it on again for those early morning wakings (just a press of a button). 

The sound Whisbear makes is a white noise sound, my husband wasn’t sure about this as ‘M’ sleeps in our room therefore so does Whisbear! However we have been able to sleep fine, and know that there are many adults that use white noise for sleep themselves. 

My goal now that our night time wakings have been reduced to 1-2 is to use Whisbear to encourage day sleeps in the cot.

Overall I found the Whisbear easy to use, cute and cuddly and I have seen improvements in my baby’s sleep, which means a happier mum and family. 


Thankyou for the opportunity to review the Whisbear.   I was very impressed from the moment I opened the package, it was very well presented and looked great in the box.

The product appeared to be of a very high quality and had easy to follow instructions for use.

My baby had issues with self settling to sleep and also getting back to sleep when she wakes between sleep cycles.

I had tried two other well known sleep aids which work jn a similar manner to the Whisbear however I found these did not help much with the waking in between cycles.

I introduced the bear to my baby and it was met with immediate smiles, the bear has magnets in its "feet" which are meant to be used to fasten the bear to the cot or pram etc. I found the magnets were not strong enough to safely hold the bear which meant it fell into the pram when walking. 

I ended up sitting the bear on the side of the bassinet and this worked well.

The bear has a cry sensor which meant that when bub stirred in the night, the bear would start on its own, I was very impressed with this as it not only responded to her cues, the fact that it turns itself back off after 40 minutes meant that I wasn't constantly replacing batteries (like another product I have that stays on for 8 hours)

 I truly believe this is one of the better sleep aids, it works to soothe and settle bub in the car, pram and also when she wakes at night and I was impressed with the adjustable volume option.

I liked the idea of the magnets however as mentioned, I was disappointed that they weren't strong enough to actually hold the weight of the bear, they also warn of being careful around pacemakers so buyers would need to be aware of this.

Overall I would definately recommend the Whisbear, I give it 4 stars, if the magnets were stronger it would have been 5 stars.


My baby boy tends to nap around 15 minutes during the day and wakes up crying after about 30 minutes of sleep during the night which requires a hour of settling before he falls back asleep. Needless to say, it can be very exhausting for me and very tiring for him. With the aid of the Whisbear, he is now easier to settle during the nights when he wakes up as the sound Whisbear emits is soft yet soothing shushing sound. Sometimes Whisbear is able to lull him back to sleep without him waking up completely which I love. 

I love how the hands have magnets in them which can hold onto the cot and that it is soft and cuddly. My baby also loves the rustling sound Whisbear makes when he holds onto Whisbears hands. My only comment I would like to add is that Whisbear didn't always activate when my baby was crying and sometimes it would activate when I talk. Other than that, I have no complaints about Whisbear.

With the short time that I have been using Whisbear, I can see a slight improvement in his sleeping patterns so hopefully he will continue to improve with Whisbear by his side. 


On opening our WhisBear instantly you will feel how incredibly soft he is. He is very textile pleasing, love the bright colours and different fabrics on his paws.

My son is 5 months old and he falls asleep easily .. on me!

He will usually wake up soon as I lay him down in the cot so I would spend ages having to hold him and rocking him back to sleep, only having to do it all over again when he wakes up when I put him down.

Our new routine is when I am doing his bedtime routine we already have WhisBear on so he gets the idea and know it's bedtime.

Once he is starts falling asleep on me I transfer him and WhisBear to the cot.. and he now staying asleep so much longer. When he starts to stir during the night and start to cry WhisBear comes back on and he is now starting to get the idea to self soothe himself back to sleep with the help of WhisBear so he having less bottles during the night.

The WhisBear noise is such a soothing sound it's not to loud and annoying so even if you share your bedroom with your baby the noise won't interfere with your sleep in fact it may help you sleep too like it has me.



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