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WaterWipes Chemical-Free Baby Wipes

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Chemical-Free Baby Wipes

WaterWipes are the world’s purest baby wipe. They contain only 99.9% purified water and 0.1% fruit extract… Nothing else.

They are free of any chemicals, preservatives or parabens.

WaterWipes helps avoid nappy rash and irritating other skin conditions such as eczema.

They are extra soft, strong and absorbent and recommended by midwives worldwide as a safe, convenient alternative to using cotton wool and sterile water.

Parent Reviews and Comments
I love using WaterWipes with my 2 year old son and 2 month old daughter.
Both my children have sensitive skin, prone to eczema, nappy rash and general skin irritation. Since using WaterWipes we haven't had any issues whatsoever. They are so gentle on their sensitive skin and I know I can use them to wipe any part of their little bodies without a worry.
I love the fact that WaterWipes contain only purified water and fruit extract. These days the ingredients of many products is a baffling list of unfamiliar names and numbers. Using WaterWipes means I know exactly what is going onto my children's skin. No more worrying about unfamiliar chemicals and their side effects! 

I have found them to be soft and gentle on little bottoms but strong enough to handle a vigorous hand and face cleaning session after my toddler has finished eating. 

I would recommend WaterWipes to all mothers but especially those with children with sensitive skin. 


What an amazing wipe. They have no harsh chemical smell and stay super moist in the packet. I was amazed that there was still drips of water in the packet after I took the last wipe out!

I found they left my babies skin soft and smooth with no irritation or redness, definitely didn't dry his skin out, and were large enough to handle. Making them a great all round product.

Unfortunately they didn't seem to pull out of the packet in a smooth manner, which often meant I needed to use 2 hands to get a wipe out. This was probably the only downfall! 

I also didn't mind using these wipes on my babies face on the odd occasion, because I felt confident that they would not damage his skin. Soft, smooth and no harsh chemical, these wipes are a winner in my books.


I found these wipes to be lovely and thick, and very soft on bub's skin. They have a nice fresh scent and leave bub very clean.

The wipes are very moist and seem to leave a layer of water on bub's skin that I was concerned could lead to irritation but this didn't occur (if it was ever too much I would just pat dry with a washer quickly).

Overall I think they are a great option being free of any chemicals, and my bub ha had no sign of nappy rash like she has with some other products. 


Water wipes is awesome. It has the right amount of moisture yet not too wet. It is also a good size, not too small which means i don't need to use a ton of wipes. Best thing is it is gentle on the skin. 


Water Wipes worked amazingly well for my 3 month old, who has sensitive skin and gets skin irritation from just looking at a traditional Baby Wipe. 

I had imagined that the Water Wipes would be quite dry as they haven't got all of the extra ingredients other brands have, I was pleasantly surprised to find they were very moist and kept their moisture until the very last wipe. This made it easier to thoroughly clean the area and meant nothing that could possibly irritate was left on his skin. 

They smell amazing and I love the convenience of the packet, perfect size to pop in my nappy bag and also doesn't take up a lot of room on the change table.

I will definitely continue using Water Wipes as my baby grows.

Love them! 


I am always on the lookout for a good wipe - Water Wipes are just that. 

We’ve been through about a pack and a half, and there has been zero irritation on my son’s sensitive bum. They are pleasant smelling, though unscented, and are a good sturdy thickness. 

The only negatives, if you can call them that, are they are quite wet; I find I often have to dry his bum with a towel before I put on his nappy. It can also be challenging to get out a single wipe, but that is par for the course with disposable wipes. 

I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for a gentle, but sturdy wipe. These won’t disappoint. 


After my now 8 month old kept breaking out in a nasty nappy rash, I jumped at the chance to try Water Wipes.

After trying them exclusively for a month or so I have nothing but positive feedback.

The wipes don't have any nasty smell or chemicals in them, they cleaned just as well as any major brand name wipe. I did not feel like they were lacking due to not having strong chemicals in them. after a few weeks of using them my baby's nappy rash has gone.

I will continue to use these wipes and wouldn't hesitate in recommending them. 


I used these wipes for my four months old DD and found them to be quite good for her sensitive skin. It did not irritate her skin unlike other wipes that I tried. They are really soft and moist as well. The only downside to these wipes are the cost. They can be a bit expensive at $7.50 a pack. However cost aside I would recommend them for babies with sensitive and allergy prone skin. 


Absolutely loved these wipes.  Even the kids commented on how soft they were. My only issues was that they sometimes came out of the pack in a big clump. Lovely & soft, gentle on the skin & no chemical nasties. How could you go wrong? 


I LOVE these wipes. At first I was worried that being water based they wouldn't be as effective as some other wipes at actually cleaning bub's little bum but they do an amazing job.

The wipes themselves are a fairly generous size and although they are thinner than some they are super strong. I didn't have any issues with tearing or breaking.

Another concern I had was that they might dry out after opening and you'd end up wasting the product - this was certainly not the case. From the first wipe to the last they were moist, in fact the further down the pack I went the wetter they were. The packaging does suggest if the top layers seems a bit dry to turn the pack upside, give it a squish and away you go. While on the subject of packaging I personally prefer wipes in easy to dispense plastic tubs as removing a wipe from a soft pack one handed is genrally a challenge - again, not an issue with these wipes, they are arranged in such a manner that it was easy to single handed pull out one wipe - very handy now my little one has worked out how to roll over on the change table!!!

My little one has sensitive skin and these wipes did not cause any adverse effects. They were gently on his skin and did not result in any flare ups.

I beleive these wipes are well worth the cost, particularly if you are concerned about chemicals on your babies skin and I will be purchasing in the future.


My baby has severe nappy rash. It was even worse when he had diarrhea. I have been trying out different brands. At one point, I even used cotton with water as a wipe. Unfortunately, it is not very practical. It is hard to control the size when pulling off the roll and the amount of water to make it just damp enough for wiping. I am also too lazy to use reuseable wipes so I'm glad to find Water Wipes!

My son's nappy rash has improved with the water wipes. I like natural products. You can't find any wipe natural than this. I love it. The wetness per wipe is just right as well.   

The only down side is price. My son use a lot of wipes so this makes it less affordable as daily wipes. Without chemical and only using pure water, i would assume it can be cheaper?



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