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Cherub Baby Universal Wide Neck Colour Change Bottle Grippers

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Universal Wide Neck Colour Change Bottle Grippers

The Universal Colour Change Bottle Gripper is a versatile safety solution for the major brand wide-neck bottles small and tall!

Simply stretch the gripper over your wide-neck baby bottle to give your baby extra grip as well as feeling safe knowing you will always be feeding at the correct temperature with Cherub Baby's innovative colour change technology. The gripper comes in a range of fun colours to suit your taste.

Parent Reviews and Comments
Maritha Manzanillo

Fits just right for all my bottles whther it is glas or plastic. It doesn't matter what kind of brand or what kind of size as these silicone grips are stretchable and versatile grips that protects bub's bottles. I prefer to use it often for the glass baby bottles protecting it from scratches and easy breaking. The non-slip grips are sift to touch. The colour change innovation is the best feature I have seeen since it changes to pale white when it's too hot and turns to its vibrant colours when just right for drinking. 

Jamielyn C Smith

I have this bottle grip in three colours of pink, blue and green. The grips don't slip-off and fits well  on any regular shaped and wide-neck baby bottles. The silicone remains soft after six months of use. What's amazing with these grips are the colour change technology that is so magical as it saves time deciphering if baby's milk formula is too hot or not. It turns white when temperature is beyond 42 degrees and turns to its vibrant colour once it  is just right for baby. I' gave these bottle grips as gift for my friendwho recently had a baby and she loves them too. I'm sticking to this brand as I haven't found other brands that have the same technology to offer. 

Melinda Gibson

The grips fit other glass bottles as well. What I love about this product is its soft feel and it helps prevent cracks in the glass baby bottle. It's also easy to wash. The sleek and modern design also comes in varying colors that are pleasant to the eyes of my baby. I bought several grips six months ago so that I can interchange colors and grips depending on my mood and the colour of baby's clothes. Most of all, I love the colour change function that tells mums if milk is too hot for baby.

Maggie Donald

The colour change feature is so cool and makes it easy to figure out if the bottle is too hot. I tested and did find it changed colour at a too hot temperature. It starts to change at over 38 degrees generally and went completely white at about 42 degrees.

I then found a great trick to get the sleeves on easily as they are grippy which can make them hard to slip on. Just did them in warm water and they "slip" on.

I used them on my bottles and they fit perfectly.
  If they had a larger size it would be good so they can cover the whole of a larger bottle.


I have been using these for over a week now and think they are a great little product. We use glass bottles, and I find particular my parents when caring for my son find it difficult to judge whether the bottles are too hot.

These clever bottle grippers actually change colour if the bottle is over 42 degrees Celsius, giving a clear visual message that the bottle is too hot! My parents have found that this simple product gives such peace of mind when they care for my son.

I would recommend for anyone using glass bottles to change your usual bottle grippers to these colour changing ones.

Pat Roberts

This is one of those products that you just love to write a review for. I love these bottle grippers! It fits all bottles we're using and my baby really likes them. A BIG plus to the color change technology that allows you to know if the milk is too hot or just right for your baby. I had mine for 3 months now and its really worth every penny. It will help you at least make sure your feeding your baby's milk with the right temperature(without the trouble of testing it on your self).

The colours provide some more positive twists to your feeding experience. These sleeves also come equipped with large visibility holes, which we found also makes the bottle easier to grip. The grippers are also easy to clean, just use a little soap and water. Thankfully, they come in packs of two, so you’ll always have one handy when the other is ready for the wash.


I have used these for just over a week on my daughter’s wide neck bottles and they were a tight squeeze to get on! At first I played around with a bottle of hot water and the colour change feature just to see how accurate it really was before relying on it to an extent when feeding my baby and I found that a bottle which was gauged at 39 degrees the yellow silicone gripper turned white ( which means "too hot") however it was below the recommendation of 42 degrees. I found the green gripper to be a little more accurate when gauging the temperature however I had a bottle which I heated to 44 degrees and it didn’t turn completely white. I found the gripper function of it was quite good as my daughter’s bottle often slowly slips out of her hands and she was quite proud of herself not letting the bottle slip once with the gripper on, however would have loved something a little easier to get on and off. So overall I do like the product on a level of a gripper but I wouldn't purchase it for the "temp reading colour change feature" I feel there is too much room for error and while parents should not rely on this feature alone before giving a baby a bottle there is a number of parents who would and that scares me.

mrs nv

I used these for my 10 month old who is super independent and just wants to give himself his bottle sitting up.

It was really useful in helping him hold it a bit better meaning less spillage for those times when he fed himself.

Can't really comment on the colour change part of it as we have been using bottles for months so know exactly how long to heat it for. It would have been useful when I first started bottle feeding though.


At first I found it tricky to get onto my bottles but once on they didn't move or slip which is great. 

My  18mo is a cuddly baby who doesn't like holding his own bottles. After playing with it on the bottle he'll now hold it himself so the grippy part is a winner for me. I didn't notice the colour change until I washed the bottle up. Getting it to change on the bottle I had to warm milk hotter than I usually would. It wasn't hot but my little one prefers room temp milk, not warm.  

Overall I think it's a great product and would buy off the shelf.


I loved these. Although they don't fit one type of bottle, so when I used those ones it kept sliding off. 

Loved the temperature feature. That was so helpful. 

I would definitely buy this if it came in a smaller size to fit the other brand of bottles.


Easy to use and fit to bottles. Helped bub hold the bottle easier. Great bright colours. Easy to identify if bottle was to hot for bub. Easy to clean and remove from bottles. Great little product


I had the opportunity to review the Cherub Baby Colour Change Bottle Grippers.

First impressions were that they were a very interesting concept. The gripper colour would change to white if the bottle was too hot. I thought it was a fantastic idea as sometimes it can be hard to determine the temperature of the contents of a bottle, so this would basically take the guess work out of it.  Another benefit is the silicone material that it’s made from.  This is beneficial as it would help baby hold the bottle themselves.

Being a universal product, they were supposed to fit on a variety of different shapes.  Even though it did fit on my oddly shaped bottles, it was a little difficult to get on and off. However, once it was on it did what it promises and ensures the safe temperature of the bottle, and was also quite comfortable to hold.

Overall, it’s a good concept for new parents, but once you start to feel confident in knowing safe temperatures the trouble it takes to put it on and off doesn't seem worth the effort.


These slip on fairly easily to the bottles I am using.

They do change colour when the water is too warm and go back to their original colour pretty fast when it's the right temperature. Finally my husband doesn't have to get me to check before he gives our 6 month old a bottle!

They weren't very efficient for assisting bub to grip the bottle as they sit too far down the bottom in order to check the temperature.

I would recommend them :)


These bottle grippers look nice and I found that the bottle felt quite good to hold with the gripper on. The colour change was reasonably quick when turning white due to the high temp of the milk but I would just wait and solely test the temp myself after this rather than waiting for the gripper to regain colour again as I found that the milk had cooled a bit too much by the time this happened.

The downside to these bottle grippers is that they are a bit fiddly to get on and off the bottles but I think that for people who are unsure - especially people who are tasked with giving bottles infrequently, such as friends and family - that they would be worth having for peace of mind.

Lumpy Melon

We received these in the post and I was so excited that I made Mr.H a bottle straight away just so that we could use them!

Two broken fingernails later (and one or two expletives) I finally managed to get one on!

It was groovy!

I loved the grip that these provided for my 18month old and the bright colours really took his fancy :)

I figured it was worth the struggle to get on because I'd only have to do it once..... Then I read that they can't go in the dishwasher..... 

I was a little disappointed to be honest.

Although they really are very cool, I just don't think they're practical.


My daughter isn't quite old enough to be able to hold her own bottle so i can't really comment on this products ability to assist in that. However, from holding it myself I do believe it would help bubs get a better grip. I was mostly excited to try this product for its temperature colour changing indicator. After using it on many bottles it never changed colour so I ran it under the hot tap just to see how it worked and it does change colour but I came to realise that 42degrees is extremely hot and I can't fathom how someone would be making a bottle that hot.

Overall I think it is something that you could live without it's nothing too life changing.


I've been using this product for my baby's bottle, and I find that the best feature is the ability for my baby to grip the bottle better.

I found the temperature detection exciting at first, however when I tried using this I waited for the white colour to disappear when the milk was hot and found that when I returned to the milk it was colder than what my baby prefers but within the recommended temperature. 


Absolutely love these the extra grip is great and is helping my DS 5 months learn how to hold his own bottle. While out I find the colour change when too hot great too always finding that the local food shops over heat my bottle and I can see when it has cooled enough to for DS to drink. I received purple and red the colours are nice and vibrant. I'll definitely be telling my friends about these. 

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