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Heinz Baby Basics Twist Top Spoon Tips

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Twist Top Spoon Tips

The Heinz Baby Basics® Twist Top Spoon Tips have been specifically designed to 'twist' directly onto baby's favourite food pouch - making it easier for when you're on the go and helping to develop the important muscles required for speech development.

Featuring a unique Flexisoft® spoon tip, it is gentle on your baby's gums. Each spoon tip is reusable and compatible with all Heinz Baby and other Major Brand Food Pouches.

Parent Reviews and Comments

First off, I love the colours of these - so bright and cheery.  The spoons themselves are a good size, not too big for my 6mo or too small for my 2yo.  They're nice and soft - although not as soft as the 4+ normal spoons from Heinz - more like their 6+ ones.

The twist on arrangement worked well - and worked on all the packets I tried. It only ended up sideways a few times lol. They work very well on purees - all of the 4m flavours did well, and most of the 6m. There were some though, even in the 6m, that got stuck, and the packets had to be squeezed very hard to get stuff through into the spoon - sometimes resulting in an explosion (especially when an impatient toddler was involved) - given we normally only use packets when out and about that's not terribly useful. =/ The other thing that was a negative for me was that while my 6mo is so new to solids I found that unless I really squeezed, the food didn't come far enough down the spoon for him unless I wiped it down with something (which kind of defeats the purpose) or squeezed sooo much onto it that it went everywhere. He is also very independent already and wants to feed himself, so unless he is holding the food/spoon he won't open his mouth... also an issue when there is a lot on there, or the food won't go through.

In the end I think that unless it's for my toddler to feed herself (and she will happily eat straight from the packet anyway), at this stage at least proper spoons are probably more use. These seem like a wonderful idea, but they too need washing, they are easier to lose in your nappy bag (don't ask, just call me Mary Poppins) and they have explosive tendencies which although highly amusing, aren't conducive to happy mummy (or bubs) while out... and as they only seem to work with really smooth purees and with confident eaters it's a bit of a mismatch unless it's for a sneaky custard treat.


These Heinz spoon tips are awesome. They are soft and comfortable for baby and they are super easy to use. They greatly reduce food wastage and eliminate the need to cart around bulky glass jars and having to search through baby's things looking for a spoon.

My daughter loved how she could squeeze the pouch and the food was directly on the spoon waiting for her to gobble it up.

I would highly recommend this product to family and friends.


I was very excited to be selected to review the Heinz Twist Top Spoon Tips for Bub Hub. I received a packet of 3 twist top spoons and a pouch of food. All opinions in this review are my own honest reflections on the product.

My baby is coming up 8 months old and has been eating solid foods for about 2.5 months. We use the food pouches when out and about. I normally feed the pouches with a soft tip spoon, either squeezing contents straight onto the spoon or via a small bowl.

I used these spoons 6 times with a variety of commercial and homemade foods before writing this review.

General feedback

Foods need to be fairly smooth to squeeze easily from packet to spoon through the narrow opening. For babies at the "mash" stage, homemade foods will probably need to be pureed further and /or have water added to be able to squeeze contents easily from the pouch onto the spoon tip. 

The good points

The spoon tips are small and easy to pack in a bag for outings. Being small, you can leave a spoon tip and a food pouch in your bag for unexpected feeding emergencies and they aren't going to take up much room.

The spoon tips are reasonably soft. They are not as soft as the silicone tip spoons, but comparable to the Heinz Baby Basics Weaning Spoons. (Note - the tips are a little larger than the Heinz Baby Basics weaning spoons.)

The spoon tips are easy to get on and off the pouch

Price - these retail for $5-6 for a packet of 3, so they won't break the bank. A friend received a free pack when purchasing Heinz food pouches.

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to work out how to use these.

The spoon tips can be used on most, if not all pouches. I tried a range of different brands with success.

Cute colours.

Reasonably easy to clean (with running water).

Takes less concentration than feeding by squeezing pouch contents directly onto a spoon (but more concentration than squeezing pouch contents into a small bowl and spooning out of that).

The bad points
Overfilling - The spoons fill from back (the base) to front (the tip). This means that if you want food on the tip of the spoon (and you will if your baby is not big enough to take the whole spoon in his/her mouth), then you have to keep squeezing food out and fill the whole spoon to have food on the tip/front. This resulted in more food on the spoon than I would normally use. 

The tip of the spoon is reasonably large. They are wider and deeper than the Heinz Baby Basics Weaning Spoons, as well as the other spoons I use.

My baby found the filled spoon tip overwhelming and this made him reluctant to keep eating. On a few occasions, he started to refuse the food, but was okay to continue eating when I offered the remaining food with a normal soft tip spoon. I think the combination of a relatively wide/deep spoon and the amount of food on it to get food to the tip was just too much for him to comfortably take in a mouthful.

Runny foods (especially the pureed fruit mixes) were not so bad as the food would more easily flow from back to front, so you could have less food on the spoon and still have food on the front/tip. The more viscous (thicker) commercial pouch foods, and certainly my homemade foods, tended to overfill the spoon.

Messy - The spoon had to be very full to get food to the tip. This increases the risk of spillage. Likewise if you are aiming spoon choc-o-block with food at a moving (distracted) target or past grabby hands, this increases the chance that everyone will need a change of clothes after the meal.

In general, I found manoeuvring the pouch and spoon tip past grabby hands harder than just a "normal" spoon.

Grabability - my baby found the sight of the pouch and spoon too tempting and would grab/snatch at it whilst I was trying to feed him. I tried to get around this by putting another spoon or a toy in each hand, but he still found the pouch irresistible. This, in combination with the overfull spoon, resulted in slower and messier feeding than if I'd just used a less thrilling spoon sans pouch.

Cleaning - the spoon was easy to clean with running water, but food can get caught in the channel/hole if not well rinsed. It takes a little more effort to clean up than a regular spoon when out and about, pretty much offsetting any timesaving benefit of not having a small bowl to clean.


Overall, I'd rate these as fair. I wouldn't say they are a "must have" item, especially if you already have spoons that your baby likes and a small unbreakable bowl that is easy to clean when out and about. But at less than $6, they are certainly worth a try.

If your baby is less grabby than mine and you are likely to be feeding pouches with runny contents (the fruit purees etc. rather than mashes or homemade foods with small lumps) for a while, then they are definitely worth a try. 

Likewise, if your baby is bigger and able to take a largish spoon full of food with every mouthful then you may find these to be great and very convenient. For me, it ended up to be faster and less messy to take a small bowl and soft tip spoon for feeding pouches whilst on-the-go.


These spoons are great for feeding on the go when out and about (and even at home if you want to minimise dishes). Just twist them on to the food pouch and away you go. I tried them on Heinz pouches and also on another brand and they worked perfectly. 

They are then just as easy to untwist from the food pouch and wash. Depending on what food you have used them with you may need to swish it around in the water a bit or even hold it under a running tap to remove all the food from the hole. 

I found they washed well and didn't retain any food smell/colour like some plastic does. 

Definitely a useful thing to have if you use the food pouches.


I had the opportunity to review the Heinz Baby Basics Twist Top Spoon Tips.

The first thing I noticed about the Twist Top Spoon Tips were the colour. They are a fabulous mix of purple, yellow and orange.

Getting three in a pack is great so I was able to leave one at home, one in my daughter's lunch bag and have a spare.

They are small and take up very little room, and when you're out for a long day that lunch bag can fill up very fast.

When using them I found that because the pouch is emptied from the back of the spoon, you have to fill the spoon up quite a bit until its at the front enough to put it in bubs mouth. This was fine for my 10 month old but for 4-8 months it might be a little tricky as a full spoon is still probably a little too much for them. This however is a very minor critique as I do believe the convenience of the twist top spoon, that is, not having to squeeze the pouch onto a separate spoon every mouthful and risk making a mess, outweighs one criticism I found.

Overall, a great product which I will continue to happily use and purchase more when needed.


I loved the idea of this product but personally it didn't work for my daughter and me. 

- they fit several different brands, not just Heinz.
- it allowed me to feed bub one handed so I was able to keep her other hand out of her mouth (this is usually a juggling act but made so much simpler with the spoon attached to the pouch!)
- they were nice and soft for bub to chew on.
- the colours are bright and attractive which held bubs attention and prompted her to try and feed herself.
- they are not too long so when she was able to get them in her mouth during feeding they didn't pose any sort of choking/gagging hazard.

- the spoon has to be filled from the back so I couldn't just have a small amount on the spoon. This made it difficult when introducing new flavours to a baby who is new to solids.
- had to be careful not to squeeze the pouch when feeding as it would flood bubs mouth. This happened a few times when bub managed to grab the pouch herself.
- it made the top of the pouch very messy and sticky.
- the pouch became quite awkward to hold. I found it easier to hold a normal length spoon (this was also my husband's biggest issue with the spoons).
- they are small so I can see them getting lost/misplaced quite easily! 

My daughter is just starting out on solids and I think that once she is more comfortable with the idea and process of eating then the Twist Top Spoon Tips will be much more useful!!


The Twist Top Spoon Tips are very good. They are BPA free and very easy to clean. They fit onto yogurt pouches and crushed fruit pouches. Everything has to be smooth however as the hole isn't that big for chunky food to come through. 

Purple Lily

I was so excited to be chosen to review these as we had just started on solids and my 8 month old was only interested in purees. He can be a bit funny with spoons and just mess around with his food... not a problem with these spoons! He gulped his sachets down so easily and with little fuss. They are so easy to use and they are small so even easier to feed on the go! They are really easy to clean and the soft rubber doesn't stain.  

I highly recommend this product and have recommended it to my sister who is due with her third in August. I will also use them for our next baby due soon!


Originally I thought this would be a great and handy idea, especially when out and about! However when feeding 10mth old they were trying to grab the pouch of food and it just wasn't practical! You need quite a lot of food on the spoon for it to reach the tip of the spoon so they could eat it easily. 

My 6 year old daughter thought they were amazing! She uses them with her custards and fruit pouches (any brand)! She even takes them to school for fruit break and has started a little trend with others in her class.

I will continue to buy these for both children but perhaps marketing could be for the older kids too! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to trial something I probably wouldn't have looked twice at in the supermarket! 


I've recently started my DD on solids and loved using the Heinz Baby Basic Twist Top Spoon Tips.

My daughter is in the 'grabbing everything' stage so being able to use this spoon tip directly attached to the pouch meant I could feed her with one hand and avoided her grabbing at the point of transferring food from the pouch to the spoon and then spreading it everywhere. It saved a lot of mess at food time which is particularly convenient when out and about.


I was excited to try these spoons, as my daughter has just started solids and I still hadn't mastered how to feed her while we were out and about. 

I cannot believe how easy they are! No more messing about with dirty containers and spoons in a restaurant, just twist the spoon onto your packet and you're good to go. I have found it fits on the three brand of pouches I have tried, which I'm really happy with.

The only downside I find with this spoon is the size. I have a very small baby and she does find it difficult getting her mouth around the entire spoon, which is something she likes to do. So it would be great to see a small option available. 

In all, a great idea and very handy. I have definitely recommended to my friends on the go. 


These are great for when out and about saves on having to carry too much in the nappy bag! I found it easy to portion and not to have too much on the spoon. They are super easy to fit to the pouch and easy to clean. I will definitely keep in my baby bag for when we are out and about.


We were pleased to review the Heinz Twist Top Spoon Tips. 

Whilst I like the concept and think the idea is quite innovative, I do think the intended users age is probably a bit overstated.  This could be because my daughter is 2yrs old, and I wanted to try these as she does eat out of the pouches quite often due to her refusal to eat much food at all, I find these a great way to get something nutritious into her.  I also thought it may be a novel way to get her to use a spoon. 

However, for her age I found the spoon top to make her eating very messy and she didn't like having it on, so we had to take it off quite quickly.  She also wanted to hold it herself which made the motion that you use to spoon it into a child's mouth very difficult. 

I think for a young child just starting solids it would probably work well, but once a child is of the age of wanting to hold the pouch and squeeze it themselves, it does actually make life a lot messier.


Thank you for letting me review these, I can't believe someone didn't think if these before, they are brilliant! My son is 11 months old and can be a bit of a nightmare to feed at times which makes holding the pouch/bowl of food AND the spoon really tricky. With these I only have to use one hand and have the other hand free to manage him. Really happy with them and would definitely recommend them to any mums just starting solids or having been on solids for a while.


I loved using these spoons! They were easy to attach, soft on my baby's mouth and small enough to carry around. The only downside I could see is that it might be tricky to clean food out of the little tunnel/hole it squirts out of if you don't clean them immediately.


The Heinz Twist Top Spoon Tips have been great to use especially when out and about. Handy to have in your nappy bag or hand bag then grab out twist onto baby's food pouch and you're ready to feed your bub. A bonus is saving on washing up after previously squeezing food pouches into a container.

My 11 month old daughter also loved trying to feed herself with the Heinz Twist Top Spoon Tip and as a bonus it doesn't make much of a mess. My daughter also thought it was great to watch the food come through the hole onto the spoon.

Overall very easy to use.


These little spoons are a great idea, and make feeding on the go so much easier. Normally if I'm using pouch baby food while out I have the pouch, a container in which I squeeze the pouch into, a spoon, and a wetbag for the dirties. When I tried the Twist Top Spoon Tips I only needed the pouch and the Twist Top Spoon as I didn't need to put the food in a container.

I was able to squeeze what was needed on the spoon and pop straight in my sons mouth. He likes to 'help' and tends to grab the spoon, then shove it all in, but with the spoon attached to the pouch it meant he couldn't try and fit the whole thing in! It actually made him a bit less frustrated, and it was much easier for little hands to hold. The only drawback was that he discovered pretty quickly what happens if you squeeze a bit hard!

A big bonus for me was that the spoons helped keep the food at the same consistency. I have a world class dribbler, and would have to wipe the normal spoons after every mouthful, otherwise his food gets quite runny from the constant drool on the spoon! With the spoon attached to the pouch the food only comes in contact with the spoon when you squeeze it out.

It was really good to see that they fit any brand of the pouches, which is handy for us as our son seems very particular about which foods he likes, so we were not just limited to Heinz.

Definitely worth having in your nappy bag!


The Twist Top Spoon Tip looked very rigid and hard when I took it out of the package. I was worried that it might "scratch" my baby's mouth, but when I used it, it was surprising soft enough for feeding and did not have any rough "plastic feel" as it glided into my baby's mouth.

The surface of the spoon was able to contain all the food that I squeezed out from the pouch and even after a few "waving" around and avoiding my baby's hand, which was trying to grab the spoon, no food spillage occurred.

The food flowed out from the hole in the spoon attachment very smoothly and easily and I was able to feed continuously with one hand without stopping to adjust the spoon, until I completed feeding.

I was eating my own lunch with one hand and feeding my baby with another hand with the pouch and spoon tip, with my baby sitting on my lap at an indoor food court. It all went well very smoothly.

The spoon tip was very convenient as normally I would have to switch hands, squeeze the food from the pouch onto a separate spoon and fight with baby's hand trying to grab the spoon. So, I am pleasantly pleased with the spoon tip.

The only thing is I wished the spoon tip came in a container which I could store away after feeding in my bag, without having to find a paper napkin to clean it and store in my own container. I almost risk throwing the spoon tip away with the food pouch, together with my own lunch mess on the table because I didn't even remember it was there, attached to the pouch.

The feeding process went so smoothly and so naturally and very stress free.



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