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Silverette Healing Mini Cups

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Healing Mini Cups

Silverette® healing mini cups made of 925 Silver from Italy. Easy to use and worn in between nursing your the baby. The cups are designed to sit comfortably on the breasts and are used to naturally prevent, protect and alleviate soreness, blisters and irritation from the result of breastfeeding. A perfect choice for mothers who want an effective and natural way to prevent soreness from breastfeeding and a perfect gift for mums to be who plan to breastfeed.

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Parent Reviews and Comments
Kelly Ohms

I love this product!  My son had a lip and tounge tie that were not picked up for a while so he developed a pretty weird latch that led to grazes and bleeding during feeds.  It took us to 2 months old to get to exclusive breast feeding - with a lot of frustration and pain!  i got this product in desperation after trying what felt like every other product unsuccessfully.  My silverettes completely changed feeding for us both - making it way more comfortable for me which meant my son wasn't picking up on all my flinching and wincing.  I still don't really understand how it works but it does, I even sleep in them now as I have noticed my nipples can become sore again from night feeds if I don't.  these are amazing, I really think I would have stopped feeding by now without them.



I used  the Silverette healing cups and it did give me some relief from soreness of my nipples which were a bit damaged due to breastfeeding.  They did the job.  Not the most stylish look but these are things you do to give your bub the best.


the cups are great. The helped with ease the pain after breast feeding my newborn. I occasionally placed them in the refrigerator for a couple of minutes for a little bit extra relief. 

The cups are discrete and cant be seen under clothing. 


When given the chance to review the Silverette cups I jumped on it. I'd heard great things about them, and read great reviews on Amazon. 

After 6 weeks of breast feeding, my nipples weren't in the best shape, but they weren't in the worst either. The cups work purely by the healing nature of silver, and I'm pretty keen on natural remedies given anything I'd take or put on my nipples would likely pass to bubs. 


  • They work. They really do work. My nipples felt better after only a couple days of use. I don't wear them every day, but if bubs has had a day where he's feeding / sucking a lot, I'll pop them on.
  • They are easy to clean / maintain. 
  • Very portable - can fit into your pocket / nappy bag / pretty much anywhere. 
  • They are "natural" - no chemicals / lotions /  slaves etc. Nothing to pass to baby or cause an adverse reaction to feeding. 


  • What I call Madonna nipples... The cups definitely give the appearance of hard nipples. This can be made less prominent by covering them with a milk pad. But, if you're wearing a tight-ish top, they are still visible. 
  • The only other con for me was the suction. They often felt a bit tight, and I'd have to break the seal, to be abel to keep wearing them. 

However, if you're nipples were in rough enough shape, both would be a small price to pay for healed nipples. 


I used these with my newborn. I had severely cracked nipples and these seemed to help. They kept my nipples moist and meant my nipples were constantly exposed to healing breastmilk.


1 relatively easy to use

2 can be reused over and over 

3 easy to clean 


1 annoying having to wipe nipples down before every feed 

2 hard to keep them on without a bra

Overall, they were pretty good. But I still think that using a lanolin cream is easier and just as effective. 


I have been using the cups for 3 days.. Although I find them very comfortable and they have made wearing clothes a lot easier on my nipples. I would only wear them at home as they very noticeable Under my shirts..


Having heard previously about the healing properties of silver, I was keen to give the mini cups a go. Below are a list of pros and cons I have found with the product so far:


- Portable

- No need for creams / moisturiser products

- Can eliminate the need for breast pads if only a small amount leaks as they will hold a certain amount of liquid

- Easy to use

- Cool when first put on, soothing to sore nipples


- Require a little bit of effort to look after, with a bicarb paste being recommended to clean

- Give a permanent "high beam" look so madw me feel as if they would draw attention to my nipples

- Recommended to wipe nipples prior to baby feeding each time they are removed. When bub is screaming for a feed this is the last thing I'm thinking of doing!

- Can move on the nipple when wearing a support singlet only (not as firmly held in place as a bra) and sometimes the edges can cause a slight pinch of the skin if sliding around

Overall these are a lovely product, but I do prefer the apply & forget nature of a nipple cream which I use morning and night. Thank you for the opportunity to trial this product x


I was keen to review this product as I had a painful start to breastfeeding my first baby so was willing to try a new product with my second baby.

I received the Silverette healing mini cups when I arrived home from the hospital. I started using them immediately but found that they were indiscreet and were clearly visible through my clothes which made me feel self conscious. 

The cups were not effective for me, they had no impact on the level of pain I was experiencing, I found them uncomfortable to wear and they collected milk in them between feeds. I have since stopped using the cups in favour of a lanolin cream when required. 

I appreciate the opportunity to try the product however I would not recommend it based on my own experience. 



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