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Mamaway Second Skin Seamless Nursing Bra

9 reviews
Second Skin Seamless Nursing Bra

So comfortable it feels like you're wearing nothing. The seamless design works to ensure comfort against your own skin and also like a t-shirt bra with minimal show through your layers of clothing.

  • Wireless, but with built in removable padding, this bra is comfortable and discrete.
  • Perfect as a maternity bra or a nursing bra.
  • A great sleeping bra for women with a larger bust
Parent Reviews and Comments

OMG I love this bra!! Super comfy, easy to undo/do up, and as supportive as a maternity bra gets!!

Thanks Mamaway for letting me try it out... Now off to buy 5 more...


Upon taking the Second Skin Seamless Nursing bra out of the packet, and even before washing, I was pleased with how soft the product was. 

One of the first things I noticed was that the strap that goes along the side of the breast, to the bottom of the bra, wasn't tight and restricting like other bras I've had experiences with. I was extremely pleased with that aspect of the bra as I'm sure I've gotten lumps previously with other bras because that bit was too tight. 

The small hole on the inside to manoeuvre the breast inserts is very helpful. The bra itself is not exactly aesthetically pleasing, but it is comfortable. I found that I wasn't constantly adjusting myself in this bra and I felt secure in the bra both when very full and when they were emptier towards the evening. 

I would definitely recommend this product to my friends, and will purchase it for use myself (albeit in a nicer colour than nude). 


My first impression of the Mamaway Seamless nursing bra was really good. I loved how soft the material was, this was the first thing I noticed. There are no parts that dig in, it is really comfortable to wear. 

The material is very breathable, I've noticed with many other bras they don't let my skin breathe so I get hot and uncomfortable after a while. Another thing I liked about the Mamaway nursing bra was the padded cups. They give good shape, and hide the lines that are caused by nursing pads. I liked that the cups had a slit in the material to allow me to reposition the extra padding. There is nothing worse than bunched up padding and no way to fix it. 

I liked the colour of the mamaway nursing bra (I received a purple one). It is nice to have a variation on the white, black and beige bras that are available. The whole cup of the nursing bra and padding is very soft and flexible, it was easy to unclip and fold the material down, with many other bras the padding is too stiff so is hard to fold down enough to feed baby without bunched up fabric. 

This sizing of the Mamaway seamless nursing bra was good. I got a L and am a 14DD, the bra fit perfectly. It was comfortable enough to wear to sleep, and made feeding at night really easy. 

There was one thing I didn't really like about the nursing bra, the clips are positioned quite high up on the strap. I figured that was why the bra fit so well, but it made unclipping it a little bit difficult underneath a shirt. I couldn't just pull my top up, unclip and fold down, I had to reach it from the top, unclip it and then pull my shirt up and fold down the cup. 

Other than that small issue I really loved the Mamaway Second Skin Seamless nursing bra. It has become my 'go-to' nursing bra, and I'm very happy that I was chosen by BubHub and Mamaway to review it. 


Having had this bra a couple of weeks now and worn it as much as the need to wash it allows, I have to say it’s probably the most comfortable nursing bra I have had.

The stretch in the material means that the wide band doesn’t dig in at all, and although I generally prefer narrower ones, it’s very comfortable.  The feeding clips are pretty standard, easy to undo and don’t come undone by accident.  Neither have they got stuck which is useful ;)  The one negative about them for me is that they sit quite a bit further up (an inch or so above armpit level) than any of my others and so are buried under the immoveable part of my breastfeeding tops.  They are reachable but at times it has caused some swearing.

The fabric is very fake feeling (I normally only wear cotton), but in saying that, it seems to be breathable and hasn’t been at all sweaty.  It also feels nice against my skin unlike a lot of the non-cotton bras.  As far as support goes it’s a trade-off. Lovely soft and stretchy vs. support.  I have DD’s and wear a small though so it might be pushing the limits ;)  The inserts certainly didn’t fit me, I took them out almost immediately and that might make a difference.

The bit that stays put down the side of your boob (I have no idea what it’s called!) when you undo for nursing is 1cm thin elastic and I have found that it moves about a lot and can make my boobs look odd if it’s in the wrong place – a vertical indent appears.  It also doesn’t seem to be very strong and on one side at least has runs in it already.  This brings me to the only possible major negative for me – the longevity of this bra.  It’s been worn and washed (on gentle, in a front loader) constantly for a fortnight and already has some seams going and some runs appearing in the elastic etc.  Also where the cup fabric attaches to the clip, one of the seams has come undone so I have a random floating bit sticking out and tickling me (I haven’t got round to sewing it back on yet, no time!) so I am a little concerned as to how long it will last.  It may simply be that I got a slightly dodgy one though.

All in all though, it’s an awesomely comfortable bra.  Average on the support and clip accessibility (cause of one star off),  potentially dubious on longevity (which is the cause of the other star going).


This would have to be the most comfortable bra I've ever worn! Put it on and just went wow! I've even worn it for a 24 hour period without discomfort when my daughter ended up at the hospital. It provides great support for my growing pregnancy bust and I can't wait to try it out nursing when bub arrives.

My only criticism would be that I found the sizing a bit small, I measured up carefully before selecting my size and was pretty much in between a small and a medium, ordered the medium and am very glad I did as I have it done up on the loosest hooks and it's getting a little bit snug the further my pregnancy progresses, I will probably end up needing to get a strap extender to continue to wear it for the remainder of pregnancy for comfort.

That said...I'm definitely planning on buying some more!! 


The bra is made of soft and comfortable material that allows air flow. I tend to perspire a lot and I feel that I don't get as hot wearing this bra as I normally would with the other brands of maternity bra.

The only downside of this is that I find the one hand drop-down clips are placed a bit too high up the strap and can make breastfeeding a bit awkward in public places as I have to reach in to remove the clip and then fold downwards and place my baby in position to breastfeed. Not very subtle.

I like the seamless design and the stretchy fabric around my ribs. It provides great support and is quite comfortable to use as exercise bra too.

The Crunchy Mum

I'm currently breastfeeding my 6 month old baby girl. Ever since I started using the Mamaway Second Skin Nursing Bra, it has become my favourite bra among all my nursing bras as well as my regular bras.

What I liked…

  • The super stretchy material, almost like a sports bra, very soft and flexible.
  • The fit feels very firm and supportive around my bust, yet comfortable and not overly constrictive.
  • The smooth seamless design which makes it look almost ‘invisible’ underneath clothing – I’ve worn it with not just nursing tops, but regular tops, T-shirts and dresses as well.
  • The straps sit really nicely on the shoulders which enable the drop-down clips to be easily detached and reattached with just one hand.

Some considerations…

  • The nylon and spandex material is very stretchy, but might feel warmer than cotton. On really hot summer days I could really feel the extra ‘layer’ of clothing underneath.
  • The simple sizing is really easy to navigate, but if your measurements are somewhere on the borderline, I would consider sizing up. The four rows of hooks coupled with the stretchy fabric should provide enough allowance to tighten it as needed.



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