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Heinz Baby Basics Removable Freezer Pod Tray

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Removable Freezer Pod Tray

Get the most out of every batch of homemade baby food with the Heinz Baby Basics® Removable Freezer Pod Tray.

The Heinz Baby Basics® Freezer Pod Tray is Dishwasher, Microwave, Steriliser and Freezer safe.

BPA Free

Parent Reviews and Comments

What a wonderful idea from Heinz!

At first I was skeptical about how the pod tray would work, as I don't often have much space to sit things flat in the freezer, but I must say I was very pleased!

You can stick the pod tray into the freezer on any angle. I never had leaks, even when I used the pods to freeze liquids and popped the tray straight into the freezer sideways.

The flexible base is also a great idea, as I've broken MANY ice cube trays over the last few months trying to get frozen food out of them. No such worries with these little pods. 

When I look for food containers I want them to be easy to clean, have leak free lids and be convenient. The Heinz Freezer Pod tray has ticked all my boxes. 


These freezer pods were easy to use and great to store in the freezer as they didn't get knocked over and end up all over!

They were fairly easy to wash and I had no issue getting the food our when it was frozen.  I did wish there was more in the tray or they were a bigger size but still a product I will continue to use.


thanks for the opportunity to review these freezer pods, I really liked them and wish I had tried them a long time ago, my little one is 10 months and I found they were a little bit small for his portion size meals but would have been perfect when he was first having puréed food at 4-6 months, in saying that I've still been able to use them for servings of puréed fruit and I can take straight from the freezer in the morning and pack for lunch and its defrosted by the time he is ready to eat. I've also used them for freezing coconut milk for smoothies and they pop out so easily in to a snap lock bag once frozen so you can keep using the pods for other things and are the perfect size to put small amounts of sandwich spreads in for picnics. I love the stand in the freezer and lock into place so they don't get knocked over, I just wish they also came in a larger size 


I was really pleasantly surprised by these. The pods clip in to the tray reasonably securely so they don't fall all over the freezer and the tray itself sits nice and level (if you have flat free shelf space).

The lids have a decent amount of flex to them meaning they are easy to remove even when cold and the flexi base of the tubs makes the contents easy to remove. I did still find it necessary to warm the pots a bit to help the removal but being able to push up the silicone base really did help.

They are easy to clean as they are dishwasher and steriliser safe, and make things easier to reheat straight from the freezer as they can go in the microwave.

What concerns me, but that I didn't have long enough to trial is the friabilty of the pots over time. Other plastic I have had that have felt like these has become brittle with repeated use.

In short....  on first use - I really like them, concerns over longevity though.


The Pod Tray is a great way to freeze portions of food while keeping everything together. I have tried other similar freezer pods and ended up with then scattered all around my freezer. The tray keeps the pods neat, but be careful when lifting the full tray out - the pods fall out easily! The silicon makes it easy to remove and combine foods if needed, or the pods can be put straight into the microwave. 

Overall, these are a good option for babies starting solids and make it easy to freeze foods in bulk.


I love that the pods in this tray can be removed, allowing for pods to be frozen or defrosted individually. This is really helpful as we don't have a big freezer, and would at times struggle to have space to fit the whole tray in as is.

I did have a little difficulty getting the frozen food out of the pod to defrost as the pod isn't very malleable, but this was easily solved with a quick run under hot water.

With each pod having a 60ml capacity, I didn't find this as useful to hold things such as pre-made meals, as my baby eats a lot more than this. I used it most for fruit purées to go with breakfast and for cheese sauce to go over pasta and veggies.

Overall, this product is getting quite a lot of use in our house!!


Great compact trays and the only real negative is I need some more. They are a great size so we don't waste any food and I can get the appropriate amount defrosed for my 12month old. The push bottom is amazing to pop out the frozen food. I did find it best to run some water over the tub first and the food just slid out. Easy to wash & store. And so far my food that usually stains plastic hasn't stained So they look as good as new. These are great containers to have & use. 


As soon as I opened the box I know it was a winner.  The pods locked in nicely (another brand we had been using ended up all over the place as they just sat in a cradle without locking in).  They were easy to use and definately something I would recommend.  I might have to buy another one as the volume is not huge and Bub will soon need 2 pods per meal but it will be money well spent.


Having 2 babies under 22mths means babyfood prep is my life and my current freezing method was not working . This item saved my sanity ... i was able to freeze prepared foods in easy to use portions for boths girls snd as an added bonus thyey lock into the holder so i am not losing them in the freezer.

I love that i can defrost a portion and use it so easily and that it looks smart and feels strong ..... it also sits well in my freezer and fridge *yes i bought another for the fridge ) ... i use a side for each girls meals and im not getting their food mixed up...  these are a great item for baby food and i have even used them for holding a few sultanas in the bag for miss 22mths .... 

I have recommended them to my bff for her new arrival and think they make a great baby shpwer gift 


Where has this little tray of organisation been all my days as a mother?!

Until now I have been using larger containers that mean I've cooked a little too much and it's going to go to waste/get spoilt or get lost in my freezer, never to be found again!

The six individual serves are just the right size (60mls), they then lock in securely to tray which you can pop into the freezer, fridge, microwave and even dishwasher!!  I even used the pods for snacks to take in my bag, just the right size for my seven month old.

I found them easily to use, freezer to microwave then cleaned, just put straight into the dishwasher.  Think they are great!


I found these pods really easy to use. I love the fact that they lock into the tray. They come out easy but I recommend letting them defrost for 10 min before trying to pop the food out frozen. If you over fill them like I did the first time the kids can be a bit tricky to get off. I would definitely buy the bigger sized pods. 


But just didn't. 

Heres what I did like

  • the locking system - you pop the pots into the tray and twist them to lock them into place so they don't tip or spill.

Here's what I didn't Like.

  • Decanting any frozen puree out was a nightmare and pretty much impossible. The design should in theory work with the silicone base to 'pop' out puree, but the curved sides of the pots make getting any frozen product out a nightmare. I sat the pots in hot water for a bit and then tried to push it out but was getting half melted puree everywhere so I ended up just zapping the whole thing in the microwave which is not ideal. 
  • The pots are too small, my 10 month old would eat 2-3 of them.
  • The lids are flimsy 
  • There are lots of bits to lose in the dishwasher

Skye Baby

The Heinz Baby Basics Removable Freezer Pod Trays are a fantastic product by Heinz. Heinz have really put a lot of thought into the function of the pods. In the packet you get 6 x 60mL  freezer pods (and tray) that are all Dishwasher, Microwave, Steriliser and Freezer safe.


Having used other baby food and small containers , for storing baby food, I found this product great as as each pod  individually locks into the tray that it comes with. This system works well because they never fall over in the freezer and you don't loose them in the freezer. The pods are easy to put in and remove from the tray. The tray has a hole that you put them into then you twist to lock them into place.


Although this product is suitable for microwave use it also features a soft silicone base that you can easily pop frozen food out of. I really liked this feature as it worked really well, you simply turn the pod upside down press on the bottom and out pops the food. I have never seen this type of design before and have been wondering if you can get larger sized containers as it worked so well I would like to use it for my food.


 Each  pod features a secure clip on lid. I found that the clip on the lid could have been a little bit bigger. Especially when the pod was frozen as when I was trying to get the lid of it hurt my finger.


I did not try the pods in a Dishwasher or Steriliser. I microwave them and washed them by hand. I forgot to take the lid of a pod in the microwave and it blew off, I lost half of the pods contents, however this doesn't happen if you take the lid off.  The BPA Free plastic the pods are made of is clear and it did not stain from the pureed pumpkin I had in them.


 I absolutely the Heinz Baby Basics Removable Freezer Pod Trays, they are the best baby food containers I have ever used, apart from the small issue with the clip. I would certainly recommend them to anyone who is wanting to cook and store food in the freezer for their baby. I will defiantly be  buying more of them as six is not enough. I also hope that they come in a larger size for when my baby is older.


I really love these freezer tubs.

They are the perfect size, one for young babies and two or more for older babies.

They sit in the tray nice and easily, and clip in so they stay secure in the freezer.

They are probably a little expensive, but they are better than using icecube trays which I've been doing in the past.

Definately recommend this product


i love these pods and that they click onto a tray means i can keep them upright with no spillage when i first put them in the freezer. i also have a small freezer so found then good to fit in seperately once the food was frozen.

i used them for my 8 month old twins and now i have bought more.. they also are good for taking food out .. although as my boys are great eaters id probably need bigger ones for more food. 

i would have given them a perfect score if they were bigger...but if my boys had just started eating they would be perfect, if you have a new puree eater this is just the right size.

thankyou for letting me try these out.


I loved everything about the freezer pods. My 12 month old is incredibly fuzzy with food and I'm still doing home made food, just in small batches as most of it ends up on the floor.

I loved the design and that the little tubs were not only easy to fill but easy to empty as well. Size wise it was great and held enough food without completely taking over the freezer. I really liked that the silicon was easy to clean.

nice and bright and colourful, would reccomend for sure!


There were so many good things about these containers, They are BPA free, the plastic is good quality and unlike cheap ones they seal really well. These also have a soft latex like bottom so you can pop food out of them into a bowl still half frozen. I love the way they not only sit in a tray but how when you twist them they lock in.

This product is let down by one thing - the containers are way too small. At 60g that's less than a jar of food and most babies are consuming more than that within a month or two of introducing solids. My baby is 6 months and eats 2 of these containers in one sitting. So this product is short on longevity. Which is a real shame as I would of stocked my freezer with them had they been double the size.



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