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SRC Recovery Shorts

28 reviews
Recovery Shorts

Designed to reduce symptoms of pain associated with perineal tears/stitches, caesarean wounds, pelvic instability, muscle separation and back pain.

SRC Recovery Shorts are designed for all women who wish to effortlessly regain their pre baby body shape and seek a trouble free post delivery return to mobility.

Parent Reviews and Comments

I am 2 weeks post-partum with my third child, my first c-section delivery. My little girl came 5 weeks early & I was struggling with pain especially associated with getting in & out of bed (which I am having to do every 3 hours).  Bought the SRC recovery shorts from my obstericians office on day 5 - best decision ever!

I can now get out of bed easily & comfortably. I no longer need pain relief any stronger than panadol- which is great for my little one- she was struggling to stay awake for feeds when I was on the stronger medication.

Would 100% reccomend them to any mummys recoverying from a c section.


I wore these after my 2nd c-section to help with abdominal separation (I had 4-5cms). They were super comfy and I felt very supported. Would definitely use again.



I had a 3rd degree tear and I used these shorts and it gave a very good support to pelvic muscles and along with some pelvic floor exercise I can confidently say I have now fully recovered. These shorts helped lift up the pelvic muscles and keep it that way until all the stitches were healed and muscles were functioning like normal.

I am very satisfied with it.



I'm glad I got to review the SRC Shorts.  After having twins I needed to try something. 

I found the first impression was the feel of the material was light and breathable. 

The first time I tried to put them on was interesting. I found the top band very uncomfortable at first but once I figured out where it should be at my bra line I got used to it quickly. 

Instructions on how to pull them up and where they should sit on your hips etc would be good. But overall they are very comfortable to wear. I felt excellent back support which after giving birth to twins I missed. 

They are a bit expensive for my last pregnancy but if I had bought some for my first pregnancy they would have been worth every cent. I was concerned about if the bub hub team hadn't have helped me with size as I fell between sizes I would have bought a size too big so wouldn't have received any benefit.

Overall excellent support just abit pricey, and you need to give yourself plenty of time to visit the toilet as pulling them up and down can be difficult. 


After the birth of my first child I experienced significant after birth pain and discomfort; I also had a 2nd degree tear. I had anticipated I would have a similar experience with the birth of my 2nd (as everyone kept saying it's worse with subsequent deliveries). 

During my pregnancy I also had experienced pelvic girdle pain. 

The birth of my 2nd child was very quick, and resulted in another 2nd degree tear. 

As soon as I was on the ward I popped on the SRC recovery shorts. 

I am delighted to say I didn't experience any after birth pain, and had no swelling or pain from the tear. My stomach also went down very quickly and the midwives during check-ups have advised that everything is going back to normal ahead of schedule. My back and pelvis has also felt supported. 

The only downside to the shorts (which isn't any fault of the actual shorts), as I was between sizes it was recommend I get the smaller size. In the first few days after the birth they were a little tight and uncomfortable, however after a week I fit properly into them. They are now very comfortable, easy to put on and look great under clothes. Everyone has commented on how great I look. 

I would recommend these shorts to anyone after the birth of their children. 


I tried these shorts around 3 days after my second natural delivery.

I had a long recovery after my first birth due to a haematoma and although that didn't happen the 2nd time I was very happy I used the shorts this time around. I had varicose veins in my groin and a moderate tummy muscle separation and I have found so far that the shorts seem to have helped with both of these.

They are a bit difficult to get on but once on they feel very comfortable. The only down side is that they make going to the bathroom a bit more arduous. But worth it I think!

They are quite expensive so in my opinion if you have a straightforward pregnancy and birth they may not be worth it however if you have any complications with tummy muscles, varicose veins, or pelvic instability then I think these are worth a try.


absolutely fantastic i just had a c section on 22nd january 2013, although still early days these shorts are fantastic i put them on two days after a c section so far so good my stomach has just about deflated the weight is starting to really drop and my jeans are loose highly recommend, i am able to move around and have more mobility with a 2 year old and a new born to look after.


I recently gave birth to my 2nd child (a boy) and after only a 3.5 hour labour (my first was 23hours) - I really felt like I had been hit by a truck...wearing these shorts was the only thing that would make me feel comfortable.

I also had slight separating of my abdominal muscles and I found that these shorts have really helped with that too....

I was very impressed with these shorts and have only just stopped wearing them.  I have since lent them to my sister so she can benefit from them as well.

Yes, they are a bit difficult to get on (my husband would actually laugh at me dancing around) but they wouldn't do what they are supposed to do if they were not tight.

Although a bit pricey, I would recommend these to anyone after pregnancy / childbirth.


SRC thank you!! 

I had abdominal separation 2 years ago with my first child so this time around I was really keen to try the SRC recovery shorts

I had my daughter on the Wednesday and put my shorts on Friday morning, I couldn't belive the difference! I immediately felt 100 times better. Not only was I supported but I felt better in myself.

My baby was prosterior and I had severe back labour, the support in my back was incredible. As for my abdominal separation it is holding everything in so well, it also gives me confidence that I'm healing well and I can do more things with my 2 year old because I have that extra support.

I highly recommend the SRC recovery shorts. They are worth every cent!


I was so excited to be chosen to trial these shorts as I'd suffered terribly with SPD with my 1st pregnancy and was eager to see if these would help my recovery faster this time round.

I attempted to wear the shorts the 2nd day after my elective cesarian but could not get them over my incision without quite a lot of pain. I attempted again day 5 but it wasn't until day 10 I felt I could comfortably pull them up without hurting too much. Going to the toilet was a hassle as they are very tight.

I elected to get the Large size as I just went into that measurement and was sure it was the correct size but on reflection maybe I should have taken Medium. Although extremely tight on the belly panel, they were not so tight around the leg. They did give me some relief with the back pain i had.

I managed to wear them for about 6 hours the first day but had to remove them due to discomfort. I was still  taking painkillers as my stomach muscles on the left side were very sore but the shorts instead of supporting it seemed to ascerbate the pain. I was in agony (kind of a burning pain) when i took them off and it took a while for the pain to subside. I have since attempted to wear them a few times with the same result. I even had to take them off midway through shopping.

By this time with my last cesarian (3 weeks) i was feeling fit and not in any pain. This time i am still suffering some pain especially in the late afternoon. My ob gave me a mini tummy tuck at the same time so i am not sure whether this has something to do with why the shorts have not been a success with me. In noting everyone elses review i seem to be the odd one out.

To me if i'd paid out the money, i would have been quite unsatisfied. But to be honest its a lot of money so i doubt i would have purchased these if i hadn't been selected to review them.


I have worn these recovery shorts for two weeks now and am very happy with the results. Firstly getting them off and on can take time so don’t leave it till the last minute to go to the loo! These shorts need to be tight fitting to be able to work but unlike other support garments that I’ve tried they do not ride up/down during the day (thanks to a really wide elastic at the top), they are designed really well and do not create bulges at the top or bottom and give you a really smooth flat look. I have gotten many compliments on how quickly my baby belly has gone down and how well I look which I attribute to these shorts (& breastfeeding!).

Apart from making me look better, these shorts have helped me in a number of other ways. The abdominal muscle separation I had after the birth has almost fully gone. I was also suffering from hip joint pain which has completely gone and the back pain I had from nursing my newborn all the time has improved greatly. It helped support my lower stomach muscles and made walking/getting up and down a lot less painful.

The shorts can be worn on their own or underneath clothing. They pull up high right underneath your bra line so are great for breastfeeding, you can just wear a normal top and pull it up to feed without exposing your tummy.

I had perineal stitches and it took me a week after the labour to work up the courage to wear these shorts, but once I tried them I wish I put them on earlier. The support they offer is great and made me feel a lot more comfortable and protected while moving around and getting up and down.

They dry really fast so you can wash them in the evening and hang them up to dry by the next morning.

3wks after the birth and I’m now wearing jeans that I couldn’t wear even before my pregnancy! I’m really impressed by these recovery shorts and I would definitely love to try the SRC pregnancy pants in my next pregnancy.


Back pain relief

Hip joint pain relief

Improve abdominal muscle separation


Well made and designed

Makes you look slimmer




Difficult to get on and off (but if they weren't tight they wouldn't do their job)



I was given the opportunity to try out the SRC recovery shorts following the birth of my first child on the 6th of June.

I was induced as my son was measuring very large and I was a week over my estimated delivery date. I went through a 14hr labour and an attempted suction delivery before my obstetrician advised that an emergency caesarean would be required. As my son was already in the birth canal, the c-section was protracted and I lost a large amount of blood but my little boy was safely delivered and pronounced to have an exceptionally large head!

My recovery process was quite slow and I think I was in shock for a day or so. I had taken my SRC recovery shorts to the hospital but I was too scared to pull the fitted waist band over my incision.

It wasn’t until I left hospital 6 days after my son was born that I bravely stepped into the shorts. I was then left feeling irritated with myself that I hadn’t tried a few days before!

The shorts supported my torso, made me sit up straighter, walk more confidently and generally made me feel less wobbly and more ‘held together’.

Ive worn them day and night with the exception of wash days for almost 2 weeks and feel like my recovery is on track. With all the chaos and distraction of learning to parent your first child it is very easy to forget your own healing process; ive been haphazard in remembering to drink enough water, eat correctly and wash my hair! However the shorts make it easy to manage the support of my mid section meaning its one thing I don’t need to think about.


I was really keen to try the recovery shorts after my c-section but I had a few issues that caused a delay. First I had post-partum swelling in the extreme that lasted for the first week. Then my incision got infected and I was instructed to keep the area bare, or covered in dressings. 

However once I was able to put the shorts on I was impressed at the support. It was tough putting them on the first few times but once i got used to it I really liked the extra feeling of support they gave me. I didn't wear them at night as I wanted a more relaxed feeling and the high waistband did always feel tight, but if I was going for a walk I felt much more confident wearing the shorts.

I'd recommend them to anyone post baby who just wants to feel like they've got some extra core strength.


I had my second child via c-section three weeks ago and not having had a caesar, I wasn't sure what I was in for, so it was a relief to have the SRC recovery shorts in my hospital bag, with the knowledge that I was prepared for the journey ahead. I managed to get the shorts on, with assistance at first, on day two and instantly felt relief when trying to pull myself out of bed. The shorts offer excellent support for your stomach muscles as well as the incision, so it was a welcome relief not to have to strain and feel the tugging on my incision. Over the days and the week since my c-section, the recovery shorts have helped my stomach muscles to repair, plus I have noticed a difference to the size of my stomach and the fluid retention on my legs. I have had numerous comments saying how good I look, which puts a spring back in your step especially since you feel like you've been put through the ringer. Thank you for the opportunity.


Was really excited when I got given the opportunity to review these shorts especially as I required an emergency C Section. I put them on as advised the day after the Caesarian and on the positive, I would say that I definitely felt more comfortable and supported whilst wearing them, especially abdominally. When I took them off at night, although the supplier does suggest wearing them 24 hrs a day, my abdominal area began to ache much more significantly than when they were on, and I required more pain relief after they were removed also.

However, due to the constrictive nature of the material, trying to pull these shorts up post operatively is to put it mildly uncomfortable. The Lycra is so tight, that pulling it over a recent abdominal surgical wound is difficult, painful and unpleasant. This needs to be done every time you need the toilet, which initially for me was frequently. The band at the top sits half way up on my rib age, which although I am used to now, was initially quite uncomfortable.  

In general, I am happy to continue using this product,and I am very interested to see long term what, if any, benefit it gives me. If I was to buy a product for the purpose of post delivery abdominal care, I would choose to buy something which involved less pain to put on and off, possibly more of a brace style than the shorts.


I'll start by saying I used these shorts recovering from a twin pregnancy... so my experience is probably a little different from a normal pregnancy... I had pretty massive muscle separation, and gave birth via c-section.

I was initially a couple of cm into the large size range, but as I expected to loose quite a bit of weight quickly, decided to go with the medium size in the shorts.

When I initially tried the shorts on day 2, they were way too tight, took me about 45 mins to squeeeeze them on and they were just uncomfortable. With having to go to the bathroom often to change maternity pads, and midwives wanting to look at my scar several times a day - the shorts were not my friend at all, and I put them back in my bag.

On about day 5 or 6, still in hospital, and with an aching lower back and still quite a bit of pain around the c site, I tried these shorts again. This time they took about 15 mins to shimmy into, and fit quite well. They were definately supportive and I felt very held together wearing them. They assisted with the pain in both my back and the c site, and also made me look less 'still pregnant'. 

I still found the need to go to the bathroom, and reveal my scar so frequently made the shorts really impractical to wear as I was spending a lot of time pulling them back up. I found it horrible when I was struggling with the shorts halfway up and one or both of my babies started crying!! I also didnt wear these overnight because with so little sleep, I didnt want to waste any of it, pulling my pants up and down.

Another problem with getting these on and off, was the fact I was still very swollen/ bloated around my stomach, and the naturally wanted to stop just below this bump on the way up and down - and this was right in line with my scar site, so was momentarily pretty damn uncomfortable during this first week.

Also, they seemed to have 2 layers of fabric and I found I had to reach into the shorts and pull up the inner fabric to position them correctly.

Moving forward to when I was home from the hospital, and the 1-2 week post birth period is when I found these the most useful. I sill found them a bit time consuming to put on/off when I just really wanted to take a quick pee, but the support they provided finally outweighed this. Because of twins, I was doing double the normal amount of bending to pick up/ put down, carry, change etc and my pram was twice as heavy to push, and I found the times I was not wearing the shorts, my back was really aching a lot more.

After 2 weeks post birth, I had lost 15kg, and the shorts were now a lot easier to get on and off, but I felt they no longer were providing enough compression to be doing any real help. They still helped hold my tummy in a bit, but no more than any normal support undies would. I don't know if I should have tried a smaller size in the shorts. The other thing I noticed as my stomach deflated, was they body length became too long, and I had to roll the down a bit under my bra strap (I am 162cm).

With regards to helping my muscle separation, I am really unsure as I have nothing to compare it to, but this had improved from about 6 finger widths to 3 over the course of 4 weeks, and is now pretty much stuck there.

The physio in hospital gave me some tubigrip to wear around my middle to help support my back and help with my muscle separation and I used this when the shorts were in the wash. To be honest this provided just as much support as the shorts, and is a lot cheaper. It has the added benefit of only covering the torso, so once it was in place, you could leave it there all day. However it did roll itself up or down a little bit sometimes, where the SRC shorts stayed very much in place.

I really liked these shorts for only a very small window of time, so given the price, I don't think I would purchase them again. 


I was recently very lucky to try out the SRC recovery shorts after my c-section delivery. 

I started wearing the shorts as soon as I was mobile and up and walking around. You will need assistance though to put the shorts on the first few times.

I found the shorts provided excellent back and stomach support and felt comfortable against my incision. The material is of a high quality and this made me feel very comfortable wearing them for long periods of time. You could wear the shorts on their own or underneath your bottoms as they are quite trendy and you wouldn't even know they were compression shorts! I feel very secure in the shorts and believe they have helped me bounce back into shape. I would not hesitate to recommend the recovery shorts to any new Mums out there.


My daughter was born in late May 2012. I put the shorts on the next day and they have made a huge difference!

My clothes are fitting a lot better. I'm not suffering the back pain I have suffered after previous c sections. I was up and about the day after birth. Love them!

Have already noticed a reduction in my tummy that I didn't have after previous pregnancies.


Throughout my pregnancy I used the SRC pregnancy shorts which totally changed what I was able to do when pregnant. I had pelvic instability which was painful and stopped me from pushing the pram, going for walks, doing the groceries, housework...everything was a struggle!  But these shorts changed that dramatically, I was amazed with the way they took away the pain and were so comfortable to wear.  I could feel the support they were providing without a 'tight' feeling.  They were much better than the support belt I had been using and so much more comfortable.

So I jumped at the opportunity to trial the recovery shorts and thank SRC and BubHub for making this happen!

I began wearing the shorts about a week after giving birth.  Initially I received the small but needed the medium size.  In regards to sizing I was a little hesitant to order the medium (for both pregnancy and recovery) as I am usually a size small, but it was the medium I needed.  I would recommend contacting SRC to assist you in size selection as they were very helpful.

Like the pregnancy shorts the recovery shorts are very comfortable.  The stomach support is great and although only two weeks into wearing them, I can feel the difference as my stomach gets back to its pre-baby size.  It is also great to have the pelvic floor support to assist with recovering from stitches.

The shorts have quite a wide elastic around the top to keep them up.  This elastic was initially a bit uncomfortable and took some time to get used to and work out where the best and most comfortable placement of it was.  The elastic still feels somewhat tight and can be uncomfortable across my back when seated if it is not pulled up high enough, but the comfort of the rest of the shorts outweighs this.  Oh and one final benefit...because they cover the stomach they are great for the early days of breastfeeding! You don;t have to worry about bare skin when feeding in public!

There is just one area that I would have liked more support and that is accross the pelvis.  I felt that the support in the pregnancy shorts was much greater than the recovery shorts,and as I still have some pain from pelvic instability following the birth more support would have been beneficial.

I would definately recommend the pregnancy shorts to everyone...they are expensive but break the cost into a 'per week' cost and the relief is well worth it!  Likewise with the recovery shorts, they are very comfortable and supportive and I would recommend having them ready for post birth. 


Where were these shorts for my first 2 kids?? They have been an absolute Godsend !

I started wearing them on day 5 - they were so comfortable that I realized I could have started earlier but was too chicken to pull them on :-s
The extra support was amazing and great for anyone struggling with post natal discomfort & body image - I was out walking and indulging in retail therapy the day after I started wearing them :-)
The shorts gave enough support to take away the "empty" / "dropping" feeling that I got in the belly after birth & helped me to get active much more quickly.
One other huge advantage was that my stitches healed much faster than with my first 2 (not sure how, but they did!) and the area felt cushioned, protected & almost normal ie as if the stitches weren't there !!
The shorts hold you in in all the right places and reduced the fluid retention dramatically (fit into pre pregnancy jeans over the top of the shorts within a week of wearing them!)
The only downside is that the recovery shorts are expensive - I would have loved to have been able to buy 2 pairs and wear them every day :-) 
The comfort & support that these shorts bring mean that I will no doubt be wearing them for a long time - I can't imagine going without anymore !

I had my elective caesarian section around 2pm, and by 10.30 the next day I was up and about and ready to wear the SRC Recovery Shorts!

As a larger girl, I had the largest size available and they fit like a glove from the first wearing, supporting my tummy wonderfully and they never rubbed on the incision, or caused any discomfort in that area.

I never felt too hot, or restricted in movement, if anything they enabled me to move around with much more freedom than I may have done otherwise.

When my doctor first checked how my uterus was shrinking a couple of days later, he was quite amazed at how quickly it had reduced - I don't know for sure if the Recovery Shorts were responsible for this, but I am sure they were definitely contributed to supporting the recovery of my insides at this early time. 

I wore the Recovery Shorts day and night during the majority of my hospital stay, but after a few days resorted to day only, simply because I was having dreadful itching down below due to regrowth after shaving and an allergic reaction to the bandage, and I needed easier access to scratch!! 

Now, almost 3 weeks after my daughter was born, I still wear the shorts daily, other than when they're in the wash.  Those are the days that my middle section is quite notably tired and weary. 

I've lost close to 12kg since having my daughter, with most of the fluid now gone, and already am receiving compliments to my shrinking shape which is great! 

I will continue wearing the Recovery Shorts indefinitely, as I feel much more comfortable with them on than off these days.

I recommend these Shorts very highly, and now, after 2 Caesarian sections, can say that my recovery time 'with' the Shorts has been much quicker than when I recovered without them 2 years ago.

If I was to get pregnant again (which I won't be!) I would definitely invest in the Pregnancy Shorts to wear during pregnancy, as my pregnancies have not been very enjoyable due to pelvic pain, hip problems etc

The price of the Recovery Shorts would have been the reason I wouldn't have tried them otherwise, however now knowing how well they work, I would recommend any mum-to-be find a way to include the Shorts into their baby budget - they won't be disappointed.

Jai 33

I received the SRC recovery shorts 10 days post c section. As this was my first pregnancy I have nothing to compare my recovery with.  However I wore the shorts for the recommended two weeks, and I felt that they offered great added support to my adominal area.

The shorts also gave me confidence when going out in public as they made me feel slim and I fitted back into all my pre pregnancy clothes with ease.

My only concerns were in the early days it was actually a little painful to pull the shorts up over my incision area, however this subsided after a few days, and the other problem area was that as I am rather short at 162cm's I had excess length in the torso area of the shorts and I had to gather as much at the top and find a comfortable position under the top band, I felt that this added a little extra pressure to my upper back which was a little sore from time to time. However that may be due to the added size of my boobs as I am breastfeeding.

On a whole though I found the shorts very comfortable to wear, easy to wash, and they were able to be comfortably worn under all my clothing without being detected.

They were a pleasure to wear and definitely gave me an added confidence post delivery. I would recommend the SRC Recovery shorts for every new mum.


I was lucky enough to trial these shorts.

I had a VABC this time, very fast labour so grazes and 1st degree tears, but I needed stitches to my inner labia and other random ones.

Prior to delivery, I had stomach muscle seperation and pubic symphisis separation.

I was pretty sore and uncomfortable after delivery, and it has taken almost 3 weeks to not be sore when I walk and be able to stand for any period of time.

Pros: Definitely sucked my tummy in, feel like I 'flattened out' very quickly compared to prior c-section.

Made me feel more 'held in' and supported.

Material felt nice and comfortable, didn't notice them under clothes.

Cons... The major problem I had with these shorts, which meant I don't think I used them to their full potential, was that the waist band was ridiculously uncomfortable.

It sat right under the bust, so with large breasts which tend to get sweaty it would sit in the way, as well as interfering with where the bra sat.

I also felt restricted and couldn't take a deep breath in.

I'd persist with them for a few hours at a time before I'd had enough and would take them off.

I realise the waistband needs to be tight to hold them up, but it was very wide and had no give in it.

It was a shame because apart form that I enjoyed wearing them and the extra support they  gave, and definitely felt like they helped my tummy recovery.


I am now three weeks post-op, after the caesarean birth of my second child. My birth plan was to try for a VBAC (vaginal birth after caeserean) but birth plans don't usually play out I'm told. After going into spontaneous labour, I ended up having another caesarean.

It took me one week to work up the courage to pull my SRC shorts up over my incision line. On day 8 post op, I managed to get them on. I have been attached to them ever since. The support they provide for my lower back, hips, and abdominal muscles is incredible. I have a pre-existing lower back problem and these shorts have made everyday 'mothering' tasks a breeze. I feel secure and painfree bending down to my 18 month old and picking up my newborn. I also feel a bit more protected from odd bumps that tend to happen after childbirth from the change of balance in the body.

The gentle pressure on the incision line has helped to alleviate pain and discomfort. At two weeks post-op I was off regular analgesia prescribed by the hospital. However after a long day, I do find that I still need the odd dose of panadol and nurofen. My midwife has been impressed at the rapid healing of the scar and I think this is also as a result of these shorts.

After the birth of my baby, I was left with a little residual fluid around my hips, waist and legs, it is all reduced to nothing now. These shorts are also advertised to reduce the 'jelly belly,' now although I have been left with a bit of a hang, my belly has dramatically reduced. Unlike Catroina Rowntree (who is quoted in regards to these shorts) I'm not in my pre-pregnancy skinny jeans just yet - but i suppose it's still early days...and as soon as i stop my late night chocolate binges things may progress a little faster.

In comparison to my first caeserean birth, this recovery has been much easier. With my first i was very slow and insecure with my movements, I was on regular analgesia for at least 4-5 weeks, i developed an infection where the incision line separated, and  i retained a lot of fluid for a long time.

I am so impressed with these shorts I have recommeded them to all of my friends and sisters who are expecting children at the moment. I do understand however that they price of these shorts are out of the price range for some new parents, although I would definately recommed setting aside some money for these. I hope this review has convinced any of you who are wondering about whether or not to buy a pair. These are incredible!! I have nothing bad to say.


I received these shorts when my baby was 4 weeks old. They have made a huge difference to my recovery and reduction of fluid. I received them a little too late to help with my stitches. 

When I first started to wear them the weather here in Perth was very warm and I wasn't really confident to wear them solely as shorts so wore them under my clothes - I was very very warm! But I did get more confident and wore them with a long tshirt. I found the bottom half to be like a second skin but have to admit the top half took a bit of getting used to, and I still find the band a bit uncomfortable.

When I was ordering them with the SRC rep, I measured just into the large size, but was advised to go for the medium, I think this was the right move as the time has gone on the large would've been far too big.

They are difficult to pull on to start but once I got them over my hips I found them ok to pull up. Just don't be in a rush to go the bathroom once they are on!  

For me they have given me confidence by sucking everything in, and 7 weeks after giving birth I'm back into my jeans! I still wear them and feel great when I have them on (but still over heat). 

I'm really not sure if I would've paid the price for them as most new mums would have more important things on their list to buy, but I am so pleased I had the chance to try them and would definitely recommend them if you can afford it.

Thanks bubhub and SRC. I really want to try the leggings now!! 


I was given the wonderful opportunity of trialing these shorts. They have been a godsendfor me.

My bubs came early via c section, this was my second c section and my recovery this time round has been so much quicker. I'm doing so much more this time then last and it's due to wearing these shorts.

At first they were quite firm, I was worried I had the wrong size, but after wearing them for a short time they felt so much more comfortable. The support they provide is wonderful, I'm finding it so much easier getting up out of bed, and from a sitting position, and have very minimal pain from my scar.

From the first day I wore them (which was day 2 for me) I've felt much more supported and I loved that they made me look so much slimmer! My tummy went down so much quicker this time around. So many people have commented on how quickly my tummy has flattened, and I'm starting to fit back into some of my old clothes. I've also been wearing them at night, I find it much easier to get up out of bed to feed bubs, and am in no pain. 

I can't recommend these shorts enough, I tell everyone about them, I wish I had them the first time around!


I was lucky enough to be able to review the SRC recovery shorts after the birth of my son. 

I had a second degree tear and stitches. I didnt receive the shorts until 2 weeks after i had my son but from the day i started wearing them i could tell they made a difference.  They helped relieve the pressure down below espically when standing up and also supported my stomach when moving around.

At first i found the shorts quite uncomfortable and tight but i soon got used to them and found myself uncomfortable without them. I have eczema so found they were a little hot at times and made me itchy so i dont think that i would be able to wear them if i had given birth in summer.

At 6 weeks post delivery and only wearing the shorts for 4 weeks i am already back into my jeans and feeling great. overall the shorts are great and really helped me get back into shape.



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