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Bellamy's Organic Ready to Serve Baby Food

15 reviews
Ready to Serve Baby Food

This Ready to Serve baby food range is designed to be a first food for babies, usually after they have started solids with baby rice, which is traditionally the first solid food. There are recipes suitable from 4 months, from 6 months and from 12 months.

Parent Reviews and Comments

Love this range - so easy to use in the pouches and love that it's organic with no additives. Both my kids have loved these.


I prefer to feed my dd home made food but there are those times when convience is the key and you don't always have access to heating or cooling facilities. When out and about and in need of some pouch food I always turn to these. I love that they are organic it's the peace of mind that it's the next best thing to home cooking. 

Move the variety of flavours and that they don't just pack them all full of fruit like some other brands do. The eas of being able to get them at any major supermarket is great too :)


My son tried and loved the organic berries, cinnamon and apple ready to serve food, he is nearly 1 and enjoyed holding the little packet himself and eating it straight out of the pack, he had never shown interest to do this before. The consistency is smooth easy for him to eat, some days I used it as a base and added extra fruit into it (chunks) also keeping it the fridge made it nice and cool for hot days. My 2 year old daughter even tried it and enjoyed it as a cool treat... Seeing her brother enjoying it sparked her interest lol. I'll definitely be buying more and trying more flavours ASAP. 


Ingredients - I tried the organic pumpkin and tomato risotto pouches and the ingredients had no added fruit, moderate grain (rice) content (17%) and low quantity added water (4%). This made it useful to include as part of an overall balanced diet.

Size - the organic pumpkin and tomato risotto pouch contained 90g puree, as opposed to 120g for most other brands. When I wrote this review, the website shows 8 flavours in the Bellamy's range suitable for babies from 4 months in the 90g pouch and 3 varieties suitable from 6 months in 110g pouch. The 90g portion was actually handy and resulted in less waste when a normal pouch may have had left overs. My baby will typically eat 120-240g/meal. Examples of occasions where the 90g pouch was helpful were when feeding as a snack between meals, when feeding more than one pouch/variety at the same meal or if adding extra ingredients to the pouch contents.

Safety - the cap on the pouch is large and not a choking hazard like some other brands. Honest and clear labelling - all ingredients are listed with their % I'm not actually fussed about organic status, but I do prefer to use products made from ingredients produced in countries with high food safety standards and production ethics, preferably Australia or New Zealand. The organic pumpkin and tomato risotto packaging states clearly on the label that it is made from local and imported ingredients, stating that no ingredients are from China. Whilst partially reassuring, I'd still be interested to know what % ingredients are sourced locally and source of the other ingredients. I recognise that this may fluctuate throughout the year according to availability of ingredients so understand why this information may not be included on the packaging. Bellamy's does state in their advertising material that they try to source ingredients locally where possible.

Texture - very smooth, so good for younger babies starting out on solids (less so for older babies who are moving into the "lumpy" phase). The smooth texture also makes it easier to use with a twist top spoon if you want to.

Taste - the taste of this product was quite bland. I normally make my own food and use pouches for outings. My baby normally enjoys meals with pumpkin, sweet potato and tomato. Together these ingredients were 64% of the organic pumpkin and tomato risotto recipe, yet my baby lost interest with this food very quickly. I got around this by adding 30g cooked lamb mince and/or cheddar cheese to add flavour. This was fine at home and actually made it a more balanced meal (adding protein/amino acids, iron, zinc, B12, fats), but adding/mixing ingredients is not a practical option for outings. Normally my baby gobbles up veggie mash or puree, either homemade or pouches, so I was surprised that he lost interest with this mix. That said, the taste was inoffensive so it's probably a good food for babies that are less adventurous with new flavours and tastes.

Made in Australia by a company that is Tasmanian-owned. I like to support Australian companies and jobs where possible. Overall, I probably wouldn't buy more of this particular recipe (organic pumpkin and tomato risotto) just because my baby wasn't keen on it, presumably because of the relatively bland taste. I was impressed with the quality of the ingredients, the packaging, information on the label and the general philosophy of the company. I will be purchasing other varieties from the range to try for outings.


What a great baby food!

As soon as I opened the box of Bellamy's Ready to Serve Baby Food - Mango Blueberry and Apple flavour - and my one year old daughter saw the pouches, she insisted I hand one over straight away. I barely had time to remove the lid before she was sticking it in her mouth and sucking it down as fast as she could.

During our trial, I took an extra pouch along to a friend's house who also has a one year old baby and thought I'd see how she liked it. Well, let's just say, we had two quiet babies for a short time while we drank our coffees. Both girls thoroughly enjoyed their meal, and it seems the flavour is one that is a hit all round.

I've bought Bellamy's brand previously, so I was very excited to see what their new range of baby food would be like, and I have to say I was very impressed. Bellamy's has a great reputation already, and the fact that the food was not only easy to serve, to take out and about, re-cap and serve again a bit later, and also for my baby to feed herself, but that the ingredients were organic and healthy certainly was a bonus! I will definitely purchase this product again and will recommend it to anyone interested in finding a great baby food.


We tested the tomato and pumpkin risotto flavour and my daughter thoroughly enjoyed it! I was pleased that it was still a purée as she has just started solids. She was happy to eat it both hot and cold which is unusual for her! 

One of the important things for me was that this product did not contain a fruit base as I find many purées do. It had good flavours and was not too bland and heated up well in the pouch in hot water. We have purchased some other flavours and I was very pleased with the cost. I also like the fact that it is a smaller pouch than most so we were able to get through the whole thing and didn't have to throw any out. Overall, mummy and bub are very impressed!


I tried the Bellamy's Organic Chicken, Chickpea and sweet red pepper on my 9 month old.

The first thing that appealed to me was the flavour combination. Chickpea and red pepper are not something I would have thought to give to my baby, it just always seems to be the most basic of foods that we give. But I was very keen to try different flavours on her, both for the variety and the health benefits of both foods.

I love that the produce used is organic and completely natural, and the convenience of being in a pouch is so versatile. I used them with the twist on spoons and I had a meal ready to go whenever I needed, no chilling or heating required.

It was a hit with my bub.

Will definitely try the other flavours in the Bellamy's Organic range.


What can I say about the Bellamy's ready to serve baby food. My bubs tried the chicken, sweet potato and cous cous and she devoured it, gesturing for more. It's super simple for us busy mummies to use and prepare for bubs and takes no room in the bag when going out, which is what I need with 2 children in nappies my bag is quite full.  

From the first taste my bub was in heaven, making cute little noises letting me know she was enjoying her food, yelling at me and banging the table when I was too slow to give it to her.

I highly recommend the Bellamy's range of ready to serve baby food.


If my 7 month old could give this food a rating I reckon he would give it 5 stars, he gobbled it down. After the first mouthful he turned and gave me a wide-eyed look then opened his mouth ready for the next spoonful before I had even loaded it up. Although most of the time I warmed it up, on one occasion we were out and about so I served it cold, which didn't make a difference, bub still ate it up.

We tried the organic chicken, chickpea and sweet red peppers, which was quite a different flavour than anything he had eaten before and not a combo I would have thought to make at home. It has quite a thick texture and I really like that it contains herbs and actually smells like the main ingredients. I also like that it has a natural colour and is made from organic products. 

We will definitely be trying some of the other flavours too.

My Daughter is 8 months has had terrible reflux and allergy issues since birth so I have been making my daughter's meals fresh and only tried a ready-made meal once or twice.

I tried the Sweet potato, Chicken and cous cous and my daughter absolutely loves them. I tried this one as it seemed the plainer out of all the others but have since tried a couple other fruit and savoury options.

Best part was that my daughter had no reflux. I like that it is not really salty which I was a bit worried about and I tried it myself and it is really tasty.

It may be a bit rich for babies' first foods as there are several herbs and spices that may take a bit to get used to but once your baby has had a range of different foods I highly recommend this as an out and about dinner or even at home.


Bellamy's Organic Ready to Serve baby food is a hit in this house. Have just trialled the blueberry, apple and mango which is very palatable, even dad tried it and was happy with the flavour.

My daughter who is rather fussy with pre-packaged food enjoys it so much she is chasing the spoon whilst I feed her and always finishes the entire pouch.

The ready to serve packet is great to throw in the nappy bag and know that you will always have something for if bub decides they want that extra meal.

The only downside I have found is finding a local shop that sells them. When on a budget I can't afford the flat rate postage on the website to just try a few different flavours.


My daughter loves her food, except when teething! She's had her molars coming through and has refused everything I offer her. Until I tried Bellamy's pouch food. She gulped that down & handed me the empty packet and said "more"!

Thank you Bellamy's for choosing me to review, this came at just the right time for us! 

I'll be keeping a pouch in my handbag from now on!


My 12 month old daughter has just tried the Bellamy's Organic chicken, sweet potato and cous cous and loved it! She finished each pouch with great sound appreciation!

It's a great combination that is quite different to others on the market and gave me great peace of mind that she was getting something interesting and nutritious if we were out and about or having an easy lunch or dinner. 

We will definitely be giving the others in the Bellamy's Organic range a try.



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