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Medela Quick Clean Microwave Bags

19 reviews
Quick Clean Microwave Bags

Safe, quick and practical. With Medela Quick Clean Microwave Bags you can disinfect breastfeeding accessories such as bottles and tubes in less than three minutes - it only takes three steps. This makes it faster and easier than boiling.

Parent Reviews and Comments

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Honestly, I don't think my breastpump has ever been this clean I found the bags so easy to use & they fit everything I needed in so there was no mucking around with sterilising a second time or trying tricky contortions to fit this & that in. The bag was user friendly, no fuss - perfect for a busy mama. 

They'd be very handy on the go but for day to day sterilising I am probably more inclined to use a non-disposible product for eco reasons. I think this is a great product & I would definitely recommend the bags to friends.


These bags are brilliant! So quick & easy to use... makes life so much easier pumping at work. Because they can be used 20 times they are cost effective too! Such a convenient product =D


I have a 7 month old daughter who I generally breast feed, but occasionally express milk for. I have tried the electric sterilisers, the microwave sterilisers and the microwave bags. I far and away prefer the microwave bags. They are simple to use, they don't take up much space and they are big enough to fit all the expressing gear, bottles, dummies and anything else that requires sterilisation.  They were especially useful when I was travelling as they take up hardly any room in the suitcase...very important when space is at a premium (as happens when travelling with a baby!) I will definitely continue to use this product.


I found this product incredibly time saving and easy, I have a small microwave that was never suitable for bulky sterilising systems but the bags fit perfectly and I can just pop bottles and pump parts in and they are sterilised in minutes. Love the fact you can tick off after you have used it so you know when it's time to use another bag.


First off, these bags are really quick and easy to use, chuck the stuff in, chuck the water in, bung them in the microwave and bob’s your uncle.

The problems start if you're like me and a) lazy and b) juggling 30 million things at once.  The number of times I managed to drop the bags whilst trying to hold them, put water in and hold the baby at the same time is not funny.  Unless you use both hands and *make* them stand up you can't put them down easily until they're full and sealed (unless you've got nice uniform things in there and my breast pump doesn't count).  Cursing ensued.  Also, they don't actually hold all that much.  One bottle and the other pump bits is fine, but if you've a bunch of bottles to do... meh. 

I also used it to sterilise my son’s dummies with which he is obsessed with and my daughter keeps nicking them...  again the juggling issue (compounded by 9mo son trying to snatch the dratted things out of the bag while I was putting them in...) and also somehow, while they're being sterilised they fill with scalding hot water so you have to be very careful when getting them out.

It's also hard to get everything in, in such a way that the water doesn't pool in the bits.  If anything isn't perfectly clean, because the stuff in the bag isn't above the water as it is in a normal microwave steamer, the steam/water doesn't just run off it, it stays in there...  which is a pain in the proverbial if it's something little =/

In the end I'd say you're better off with a traditional steamer, unless you're on the go - in which case it's better than nothing and a good solution because you won't have that much to go in there anyway.


These bags have changed my mindset on sterilising, I have always hated having to sterilise things as it was a tiresome process.. until I got these bags!

They make it so easy to just pop the bottles in the bag, add water and microwave.. it’s that easy! 

They have a convenient drainage hole in the side to drain water when finished, and a tally marker to keep track of how many times you’ve used the bag.

They are a great size, and so practical for all parents. I keep one in the nappy bag, and one at my parents place, so whenever I could possibly need one I have one right there! 

Even for people who have another form of steriliser these bags would come in handy for holidays, grandma’s house, or "just in case".

I will be adding these into baby shower hampers from now on!


I found these bags really quick and easy to use, particularly when expressing a couple of times a day at work. At first I was a little worried about the potential for steam burns when opening the bag, but the vent to pour any excess water out does a great job and I haven't had any issues. The only minor thing would be it would great to have a little more room in the bag if you wanted to add a bottle, but given it only takes three minutes it's not hard to do two quick jobs!


I don't really feel excited by this product, but it does the job.


  • easy to use,
  • quick
  • simple


  • need to use two for breast pump and a bottle
  • seem a bit dangerous as it is incredibly hot! 
  • every thing comes out really wet still - I wasn't keen on taking them out to put on a drying rack because of the heat and steam

It does the job, but it is not something I would recommend or purchase myself.


I have recently had my third child and have breastfed and pumped milk for them, and later they went on to formula so have needed to sterilise quite a few bottles and pumps during my motherhood. 

I have only ever used a microwave steamer, which is so quick and easy. 

As I'm only breastfeeding at the moment, but pumping once a day, it seemed a waste of space to get the big microwave steriliser out for just a piece of tubing and a couple of plastic pieces. 

The microwave bags are perfect for this purpose, use much less water per clean, are a lot quicker and take up much less room than a big microwave steriliser. 

They're great for when you only have one feed or pump to clean up after, I'm not sure how suitable they'd be for a big clean at the end of the day. However if you clean up after every feed then it's perfect as each bag can be used 20 times. They would also be very handy if you are travelling, or pumping at work, as the bags would take up so little space.


These have been great to use. So much easier than a larger microwave steriliser. They are so portable. I have been able to take to work and visiting family. I love the easy instructions on the bag and the tick boxes to tell me how many times I used it. Definitely a great product!


I trialled this product for my 6mth old baby as I am pumping regularly for days I need to be away. I found it easy to use as the instructions are on the bag. The snap lock system closed with a satisfying snap. It was quick to pop in the microwave and afterwards you can safely pour out the remaining water into the sink as there is a little hole for steam to escape. The bag was easy to open and I found it to have a very user-friendly way to keep track of bag usage. Each bag can be used 20 times and you just mark off each use as you go. The only drawback I can foresee is having to do multiple loads if you had a lot of bottles to prepare. Overall I think it's a very clever idea for sterilising quickly.


Absolutely love the Medela Quick Clean Microwave Bags!

They are easy to use (pop everything in and some water, seal tight and microwave for a few minutes) and a good price for what you get (20 uses from each bag!).

I especially like that they are small and easy to store, unlike a steriliser. And that if you only have one or two things to sterilise, it doesn't matter, just chuck them in and off you go.

The only downfall I picked up was that the bag takes a while to dry completely for putting away.

Highly recommend these microwave bags as they are efficient and time saving!


Used them regularly to sterilise my breast pump parts at work. The instructions on the bag are easy to follow and clear. Love the side hole for air and extra liquid to be disposed after microwaving. Bag able to fit contents as mentioned. Be careful to hold the sides of the bag when taking out of microwave as bag may be hot.

Will definitely recommend to friends and family.


I have always been nervous using those sterilising solutions and not wanting to have to take my steam steriliser to the hospital for my pumping equipment I thought this was the best option and gave me peace of mind.

I found it difficult at the beginning to get my son to latch on and so I would express my milk and continue to do so whenever I have to go out. I find these bags a lifesaver.

It's great when you are at the hospital and just have your baby all you need to do is ask the staff whether you can use their microwave and bang breast pump equipment is sterilised as well as bottles and pacifiers. 

I even use these bags when I am visiting my mother-in-law or mum and it is just handy to have for them if they are babysitting all they need to do is wash the bottle and pop it into the microwave to sterilise.

I loved the fact each bag has 20 uses and so easy to determine how many uses you have left by checking off after each use.

These bags are great and would definitely recommend to people who don't want to use sterilising solution and want a quick fast and easy way to sterilise with peace of mind :)


These microwave bags are great! We don't bottle feed regularly so couldn't bring myself to buy a big steriliser - the bags fit a bottle or 2 and are great for quick cleaning of dummies too. You can forget about it and you won't ruin your good saucepans; unlike boiling pots of water... Throw one in your nappy bag and leave one at your mums place - really easy. 


I first used the quick clean microwave bags when I went away for the weekend, they took no room in the nappy bag and it was great to know I would have clean bottles, dummy and breast pump while away and don't have to cart around a large steriliser! So easy to use and take no time at all, now instead of waiting till I get home from work late at night I can sterilise my breast pump after use.  


I am so happy with this product primarily because it just makes my life easier when it comes to disinfecting bottles and breast pump equipment. I love it mainly because of how convenient it is when we travel. My family loves traveling with our baby so this was really good instead of carrying a bulky electric steriliser that we have.

The tick a box section on the bag was a good feature because it allowed me to keep track of how many times we used the bags, as we could re-use the bag up to 20 times. I highly recommend this product for those that want a quick sterilising solution using the microwave, especially when travelling.


The Quick Clean Microwave Bag is really handy for use with the Medela Breast Pump. It's easy to use and the bags are reusable up to 20 times. They are also a great time saver and easy to store. I would definitely recommend these bags to anyone using Medela Breast Pumps.


I used these bags they are easy and a time saver. I loved it to sterilise with - it was quick.



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