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Natures Organics Purity Sensitive Laundry Liquid & Fabric Softener

20 reviews
Purity Sensitive Laundry Liquid & Fabric Softener

The Purity Sensitive Laundry Range has been specifically formulated and dermatologically tested for extra sensitive skin; so it’s perfect for babies and the rest of the family.

The sensitive Laundry Liquid contains a gentle hypoallergenic fragrance and a unique blend of plant based ingredients that naturally and easily cut through dirt and stains. It leaves clothes ultra clean and fresh without causing irritation to gentle or sensitive skin.

To ensure blankets, towels and clothes emerge extra cuddly, look to Purity Fabric Softener. It contains naturally derived wheat protein as a softening agent, delivering a softness and comfort that you can really feel. It also prevents wrinkling, making ironing super easy.

The products are available in Woolworths, Coles, Independent Supermarkets and Chemist Warehouse stores.

Parent Reviews and Comments
Green Cheese

I tried both the laundry liquid and fabric softener for my two girls clothes. They came out smelling great, cleaned up as well as expected (there was still a few stains on some items but they had slipped through getting a more intense clean or stain remover spray). We haven't had any irritations from previous washing powders but knowing that I have some reactions  other items im always careful when trying new things mob their clothes but their wash came out great and I will be using again. 


I've been using the laundry liquid on my babys washing.

Great product, worrks better than other brands Ive tried. Baby has had no irration or reaction from it.

It removed most marks from clothes, and cloth nappies have been fine after being sun bleached. But these have only been used for burp cloths and face wipes. Still soft after an afternoon in the sun. 

No greasy resedue on clothes with using the softner which is great.

The only minor thing, is the internal cap needs to bigger to prevent the bottle getting mucky.


We are a household of two adults and three children- aged 10, 8 and almost 3 months.

Both my husband and 8 year old stepson have eczema, my 10 year old stepdaughter has skin sensitivities, and my daughter is very young and so is sensitive as it is. I also go through periods of sensitivity.

I have struggled for years to find a laundry detergent that works for all of us, and that actually cleans the clothing.

Well, I have found it! I am super impressed with this product- both the detergent and the softener. 
Both products clean the clothing beautifully and work well with each other. 
They also smell amazing.
Both of the children and my husband have asked what we have been using as they are no longer scratching/itchy. And Ihave noticed that my baby no longer has dry patches on her skin, and seems much calmer- she used to wriggle like she was uncomfortable, so I guess she was itchy too.

I am so happy to have tried this product and hope to continue using it.

The only flaw I have is that there is no whitener or stain remover avaiable that I know of- as we have issues with those too.

I will definitely be recommending this product to everyone I know.


I have recently trailed purity laundry detergent and fabric softener. I have a young son who has suffered terribly with eczema since he was a few months old. As such I am always very cautious about what products I use. I found the purity laundry detergent and softener gentle on his skin and did not notice any adverse reactions. The products have an interesting fragrance, not entirely pleasant but not totally offensive either. This is the first time I have used a liquid detergent and found it reasonably OK to use, a bit messy. I would certainly consider using this product again in the future. 

Skye Baby
I have been using  Purity Sensitive Laundry Liquid and Purity Sensitive Fabric Softener for the last couple of weeks and have found them over all to be a great washing combination.
In a busy household of six my washing machine never stops and with a 14month old who suffers from  eczema I have to be extremely carful what I wash her clothes in. I also have a septic system so I have to worry about what is going down the drain. 
Many washing powders  can cause my 14 month old's  eczema to flar up, so I was very keen to try a washing combo designed for sensitive skin. Espesially  one that claims it is "Dermatologically tested and extra gentle on your skin".
I was very happy with the results as the Purity Sensitive Laundry Liquid and Purity Sensitive Fabric Softener did not cause any eczema flair ups or skin irritations. It was also gentle on my septic system. 
One added bonus, that I was not expecting, with the Purity Sensitive Laundry Liquid and Purity Sensitive Fabric Softener was that as the fragrance was pleasantly subtle. this meant it was fantastic for my asthmatic family members, who commented that they liked it because it was refreshing to have clothes that come in from the washing that did not smell so overpowering that it caused them to react. 
I am especially happy that I have found a fabric softener that can be used with sensitive skin and sensitive noses. I long ago stopped using fabric softener as they are usually highly fragranced and that especially effected the asthmatics. It has been a long time since my clothes felt so soft. Especially the towels that normally come in from the washing feeling like cardboard. Now they are once again feeling soft and fluffy after using the Purity Sensitive Fabric Softener.
Although the washing Purity Sensitive Laundry Liquid worked well but I did find it to be a little bit thick and gloopy.  this made it a little bit annoying when dispensing it.  Not really a big drama, but I think I might try the powdered version, in the range, because I don't like getting gloopy liquid on my fingers. 
I really liked the Purity Sensitive Laundry Liquid and Purity Sensitive Fabric Softener. They washed my clothes well, the fragrance worked for my family, it was good for my septic system and there was no skin irritations after using it. I will defiantly buy the softener again and I am going to try the laundry powder. l  am happy that I have found a washing combination that I can use on the whole family's Clothes. 

I used the Purity Sensitive Laundry Liquid and Fabric Softener for the first time yesterday - and I really liked it a lot.

My towels and sheets are soft and fluffy - and they smell SOOOOO good.   mmmmm

I only had one load of normal clothes to do, but the laundry liquid seemed to do a good job and the clothes came out clean and smelled lovely.

Would definitely buy again.


I was pleasently surprised with this laundry liquid and softener. The liquid thoroughly cleaned all our clothes, towels, nappies and workwear (husband is a gardener) yet it is gentle. I had never used a softener before so was quite impressed with this - our clothes were soft, it removed a lot of the piles from my son's trackpants and left the clothing virtually crease-free! The scent of Purity is very mild, though I did find it had an alcohol smell to it but this doesn't scent the clothing.


  • Cleans effectively
  • Gentle
  • Softens clothes


  • Alcohol smell to the laundry liquid
  • Recommended doses are too high (washed well at half dose)
  • Liquid format (I prefer powder)

While we have no serious skin issues, I prefer to use gentle products, in particular for my 9 month old son. 

We've been using both the Purity Sensitive Laundry Liquid, & Fabric Softener for a couple weeks, and are very happy with the results. Both products are fresh smelling, without being overpowering.The laundry liquid is quite thick, but goes a long way, in particular if you have a front loader. Clothes came out clean, and bright. The fabric softener left clothes soft, with a lovely light sent. No skin irritation for bubs at all. 

Overall very happy with the product, and would recoomend it. 

Of course it's an added bonus when the gentle product is earth friendly, not tested on animals and made in Australia. Excellent price point as well. 


I was lucky enough to be selected to review these products. They have a pleasant mild fragrance to them and left our clothes nice and clean. One thing I noticed was that the top loader recommended dose is 3 or 4 capfuls which would mean you would go through a bottle extremely quickly. My toddler has an eczema flare up at the moment which hasn't improved since using these washing products so they didn't really help us with that. I would still recommend them to anyone who is looking for a more natural detergent for sensitive skin. 



* I love the fact it isn't tested on animals and is eco-conscious.

* It's great on sore, red or allergy prone skin. Perfect for newborns as well.

* Nice smell for both the washing liquid and fabric softner that compliment each other. Not overpowering or perfumy.


* The laundry liquid didn't shift stains well on school uniforms

* The size of both is a bit small. Ok If it's for a small family but for families like us with 2 loads a day it runs out fast.

Overall it's a great range for households with skin problems that really is very sensitive and eco friendly, But it doesn't fair well with heavy stains like texta, grass that most kids get.


Love this product for my baby's clothes and linen. It smells divine and keeps everything soft and clean. my girls have extremely sensitive skin and this product doesnt cause them any itchiness &  Super soft & gentle on their skin. Highly recommend!!


I was fourtunate to be selected to review Purity Laundry Liquid & Fabric Softener. Both of my girls have had sensitive skin from birth, and I used Purity Sensitive when my eldest was a baby.

The first thing I noticed when opening my Purity Sensitive Laundry Liquid was that the smell was stronger than it used to be. One of the original reason I used Purity, because if the low level of fragrancing, so I hoped this wasnt going to be overpowering combined with the Purity Sensitive Fabric Softener.

As the clothes dried, I did notice that the fragrance was still there, but that could also be parrly due to changing Laundry Liquid for the first time in a few years.

My eldest daughter said that her clothes smelt nice and that she thought they were soft. My youngest however developed a little irritation from from a jumper she wore after using Purity.

Our clothes came out clean, and I cant fault the product for cleaning ability and softness of the clothes. For our mildly sensitive girl this product works well. But for our youngest who has very, very soft and sensitive skin, unfortunately this was a little to harsh for her.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to review Purity Sensitive Lundry Liquid & Fabric Sofetener. We will continue to use this product for our eldest girls Schools uniforms (which are a separate wash each week), which will save us a little bit of money as the other sensitive detergent we use is more expensive.


I trialled the Purity Semsitive Laundry Liquid and Fabric Softener. 

I haven't used these in the past as I usually like to stick to what I know works for our family when it comes to household products. 

I used the products straight away and I could immediately feel and smell a difference compared to our usual products. 

The Purity I used left our clothes with a unusual odour, neither pleasant or unpleasant, just different. The feel of the clothes however was definitely different. The clothes seemed less soft and fluffy, and more difficult to fold once dry. 

There was, thankfully, no worsening of my son's eczema on his arms. 

I will not be purchasing from the Purity range in the near future.

Its Me

Purity Laundry Liquid and Fabric softener have such a delicious smell. Our clothes smell amazing!

My son has eczema spots and although i have not seen any 'improvement' since using these products, It certainly has not gotten any worse.

The laundry liquid is a very thick and gluggy liquid which is a bit messy to pour and makes it difficult to be accurate with measures, but i have been using powder for many years so hard to compare really. The fabric softener however is fabulous. I will definitely be on the look out for that in the supermarket.

My only criticism is that some items came out a bit crispy once line dried?! Not sure if that is normal for laundry liquid or i used incorrect amount or is the product? 


I was super excited to give Purity Laundry Liquid and Fabric Softener a try. I'm forever doing washing with a baby, a 4yo and a husband that works in construction! Both kids have a tendency towards sensitive skin so I'm careful with what we use in the laundry.

First load was a doozy - gym gear and daycare clothes. I used both the liquid and the softener as the per directions. The load came out smelling and looking clean. 

Second load - towels. With the Purity fabric softener added to the wash, the towels came up feeling lovely. Mr 4yo, who always comments on how itchy and scratchy towels are, didn't make a sound - which can only be a good thing!

The next few loads were everyday wash and wear. The only disappointing thing I found was the laundry liquid wasn't as tough as I hoped on food stains (avocado- I'm looking at you). I found I needed to pre-treat some of the soiled babies clothes before washing. 

The Purity Laundry Liquid when used in conjunction with the Purity Fabric Softener offered a great wash, scent and feel without causing any flare ups on eczema prone skin. Stain removal could be better but with pre- treatment everything washed out. It worked well on whites. All in all, it's well worth a try, particularly if you have family members that suffer with skin sensitivities.


I've used purity laundry liquid before as even though my 2 babies don't have particularly sensitive skin i try to use non bio or sensitive washing powders. I hadn't tried the fabric softener though so was keen to give it a go. Here are my thoughts:-

the clothes seem to come out pretty clean. My youngest is 11 months and is a very messy eater so his clothes get very dirty. Even without using  stain booster a lot of the marks came out. 

The one thing that I don't like so much is that there isn't much scent. i prefer my clothes to smell fresh and cleanly washed and I don't really get that with this liquid. 

I don't use fabric softener normally so was interested to see how it would be and whether it would encourage me to start using it. However I honestly couldn't really tell the difference. The clothes didn't particularly feel any softer and again there was no noticeable fresh scent. 

So i was happy with how the liquid cleaned the clothes but I probably wont buy the products again due to the lack of scent. 


I enjoyed using these products. Our laundry was soft and gently fragranced. I found the laundry liquid a little difficult to pour into the lid as it was a little messy because it was so thick so when the lid went back on it dripped, but the softner was easy as it was a thinner consistency. My children had no reaction to either producrs. I liked using a liquid rather than powder. Would use again, especially the fabric softner as I liked the scent. 


I would love to write a raving review however i dislike the product 

Firstly, my machine didnt take the liquid and i was left with the liquid compartment still filled with the laundry liquid plus water. (instructions were followed per bottle and my machine is only 4 years old). 

I did 2 washes per instructions however the last few were done with only 1 capful and it seemed to work fine. 

I found the liquid didnt wash as good as my current laundry liquid, stains were still left on several garments. These were also fresh stains and not ones that were days old. 

I did find the fabric softener did leave my towels softer though, and i will continue to be using this however have stopped using the washing liquid. 



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