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L'Oreal Professionnels Serioxyl System for Fuller, Thicker Hair

7 reviews
Professionnels Serioxyl System for Fuller, Thicker Hair

Serioxyl is a complete hair care system to help you achieve thicker, fuller looking hair

The kit comprises:

  • Denser Hair Serum
  • Thicker Hair Serum
  • Enhancer kit containing Shampoo, Conditioner and Mousse

Serioxyl is a programme for those with thinning hair - with personalised solutions to achieve thicker and denser looking hair with more volume.

It’s the perfect regime for:

  • fine hair types looking to boost volume and thickness;
  • women who experience changes in hair texture and density post pregnancy
  • women with thick hair types who just want more!

Parent Reviews and Comments

I found this product to greatly improve the thickness of my hair, however it involves putting a lot of product in your hair.

i found that if I put the recommended amount my hair would feel like there was to much product but once I reduced the quantity a little it was fine.

I would highly recommend this hair system to anyone with thin hair, as I could see and feel the differenc.


I have fine hair that I've always struggled to find decent products for, and since the birth of my third child my hair has thinned post partum leaving patches in some spots. So when I saw the chance for this review I was very excited.


Initially I was put off but the strong smell, it was like a tube of toothpaste in my hair. But after a few uses I loved the clean smell and the menthol tingle it left. Sadly it dried my hair out badly so I had to stop using it. Would like to have seen a colour treated/dry hair subtype.


I did find some increase in body and volume without being weighed down, but really no different to any other brand of mousse.


Probably the only product in the system that I felt worked. I did notice a difference in the thickness of my hair and it didn't feel like I'd dipped my head in a vat of oil like other thickening/fine hair products.


Smells nice but after 3 months I see no change at all. Still have the same patchiness around my hair line.


I so badly wanted this to work and give it a 5 stars but I was quite disappointed overall. The only product I thought worked was the thicker hair serum. Considering the system is meant to be used for 3 months and the cost of each product, I feel it's very overpriced for results. In particular the 2 x 2 sets of serums didn't even come close to lasting the 3 month period, especially if you have long hair. There also needs to be a dry hair shampoo conditioner range given most women dye their hair or use heat products.

Would only consider buying the thicker hair serum again, and at the price it is, I not even do that.


I've had great success with this product  the past few months! My post partum hair loss was becoming very distressing but the regrowth is incredible and so much more than previous pregnancies! 

I had to adjust the amount I used and usually used it every second to third day cause too much product on my fine hair made it feel quite sticky. 

The minty smell was refreshing & I didn't find it dried my scalp out too much at all. Happy with the results here.


L'Oreal Professionnel have developed the Serioxyl System  for thinning hair which consists of a Fuller Hair Kit and 2 serums. All of the products are designed to be used in conjunction with each other so that maximum results for healthy hair growth are achieved whilst any further hair loss and thinning are minimised. 

Clarifying Shampoo-GlucoBoost+Incell+Ins-kCylane 

  • Packaged in a 250ml pump bottle 
  • Has a fresh peppermint smell with a gel-like consistency 
  • Lathers up well and cleansed my scalp effectively of all product build up, dirt, oiliness
  • Only required 2-3 pumps to clean my hair 

Bodifying Conditioner-GlucoBoost+Incell+Ins-kCylane 

  • Packaged in a 250 ml cap bottle 
  • Has a slightly stronger peppermint scent than the shampoo with a thick, white, creamy consistency 
  • Made my scalp feel tingly when applied  
  • Added some body and volume to my hair 
  • Didn't weigh my hair down 
  • Made my hair feel smooth  

Densifying Mousse-GlucoBoost+Incell 

  • Packaged in a 125 ml pump bottle 
  • Use on towel dried hair after shampoo and conditioning the hair 
  • Has a light, watery texture that dissolved easily into my hair lengths and ends.I found that if I also applied it to my roots, it gave me a bit of extra fullness and volume there too.

My hair is naturally curly so I often don't blow dry it (or only partially blow dry it with a diffuser) preferring to air dry and have found the mousse leaves my hair feeling light and bouncy. 

I loved the shampoo but found the conditioner wasn't particularly moisturising for my hair. This issue was easily corrected with a leave in conditioner and a weekly moisturising treatment. 

Serioxyl Thicker Hair Serum-Intra-Cylane+Incell+Pro-Keratin 

  • Packaged in a 90 ml clear glass pump bottle 
  • Fresh, fruity scent 
  • Designed to boost and nourish hair 
  • Seemed to strengthen the hair fibers whilst boosting each strand to make it appear a little visually thicker as if it were plumping them out and rehydrating them 
  • The product contains Pro-Keratin which keeps the hair in the best possible condition while protecting it from any further damage or breakage 

Serioxyl Denser Hair Serum-Stemoxyoline 5%+Neohesperidin 

  • Packaged in a 90 ml dark blue glass bottle with pipette ("eye dropper" style) 
  • Fresh, tangy, fruity scent 
  • My favourite product of the entire range- this stuff works!!!! 
  • Contains Stemoxyoline 5%...these stem cells play a key role in the hair renewal process by stimulating the hair follicles boosting both hair density and texture. 
  • Also contains antioxidants and ingredients aimed at protecting the scalp 
  • For optimal results use 8 pipettes at night. The serum has a consistency like water, so I sectioned my hair into 4 separate sections and applied 2 pipettes per section. I tilted my head back and applied the serum from the front of the head to the back and massaged into the scalp one pipette at a time 
  • I found the serum absorbed quickly into my scalp and by morning my scalp was completely dry with no oily/flaky residue 

There were a few issues though that were of concern to me: 

  • No obvious marking on the pipette which made it hard to judge if I was collecting the correct amount in it??? Should I be filling the pipette up entirely or just what a good squeeze on the end would yield??? The directions on the bottle weren't that helpful in explaining either. Perhaps some kind of marking on the pipette would be helpful in future so a person would know they were collecting and applying the correct amount every time.
  • Using the recommended 8 pipette's a day (and that's using 8 full pipette's) won't see a bottle last more than 2-3 weeks at the most which makes using the product for the full 3 months a very expensive exercise for someone who is on an extremely tight budget (like myself) despite the fact the product works!!! However, after doing a bit of an internet search, it seems that the recommendations for use are anywhere from 3-8 pipette's depending on the thickness of your hair so with that in mind you can make the product last longer. 

After using this product for the full 3 months I could visually see the new hair growth on both my scalp and around my hairline. I also noticed less hair fall out which I judged by the amount of hair left over in my hair brush after brushing my hair or what was left in my comb in the shower when combing through my conditioner. I also had comments on the new hair growth from both my hairdresser and sister. 

Hands down this product is the winner in my opinion!!!  

Overall, I found the L'Oreal Professionnel Serioxyl System has made a very definite difference for me. As it's priced at the higher end of market, buying the whole System including both serums may be financially prohibitive for many people (myself included) though if money was no object then I'd happily recommend the entire System for purchase as I think it's worth giving a try if hair thinning is an issue. 

However, if finances are a problem, then the "must have" products I'd recommend are the Denser Hair Serum (in combination with the Hair Kit). This product is one that I am happy to spend my money on and recommend to others as one that works.  I'm looking forward to using it further in the future.  

The Thicker Hair Serum I would sacrifice so that I could instead buy the Hair Kit . It would help if the products in the Hair Kit could be purchased separately and also in a "trial kit" size which I feel would make it more affordable for those who are financially challenged. It might also encourage new clients to try the System too for a smaller initial outlay. 


I really wanted this shampoo system to work for me, after having a baby and having recent surgeries my hair has been falling out for almost 12 months now so I was really excited to have the opportunity to review this product. 

Unfortunately for me after a few uses I realised that this system was causing irritation to the skin on my face to the point where it was flaking off and felt like sandpaper.

I perservered using the system for approx 8 weeks but after that time I had not noticed a slowing down of hair loss (flaky skin in my book was preferable to chunks of hair falling out with every wash!) and I ceased using the system.

The shampoo itself has a very strong perfume so I would suggest it is not great for those with sensitive skin, the conditioner is quite light and has a minty freshness to it that I quite liked. 

I'm giving the system a 'fair' rating as I feel having and adverse reaction to the system makes it harder for me to accurately review it. 



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