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SRC Pregnancy Shorts

42 reviews
Pregnancy Shorts

Invented by women, for women, these original and unique SRC Pregnancy Shorts reduce pain and assist your vital pelvic muscle groups.

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Parent Reviews and Comments

There are a lot of great things about these that have already been written in previous reviews (the shorts version). I specifically needed the leggings for my knee pain resulting from a an SI-joint effecting the tendons around the knee.  The compression from pelvis through to knees are great.  The knee ache reduces, & ROM increases with the pants on, allowing me to work through my 38th week, which is brilliant. Pants & long skirts still look fine with the shiny black leggings seen to the ankle - or you can push them up, but as i am 38wks, i have puffy ankles so looks like they cut in & i prefer to not pull them up myself.

However, i measured as 122cm so got the XXL (it's the starting number for that size), & i find the waistband incredibly tight .. so i wear it under my belly, as otherwise it really digs in & the baby goes bananas if i have it higher, & i can't sit in them cutting into my tummy anyway.  As a result of pushing the front down under my belly to sit on the bone (otherwise too painful higher), the backside falls down as i walk or move.  A little annoying repeatedly hitching up my pants when i feel i can, or continue walking with them moving down my butt... but totally worth the longevity of my knee.  I just wish the front & back sat as high as it did on the lady in the picture on the SRC health website.


The pregnancy shorts were great during the time I got to use them. I wished I could have used them longer. I wanted to try them as I had significant pain and pelvic instability. And having toddler twins and an older child, moving around was difficult and painful. The shorts helped immensely. They were comfortable and gave me pelvic stability and confidence to do things I was avoiding. Unnoticeable under clothing, very comfortable and felt the support from first time wearing them. 

Sally Wood

I was lucky enough to be selected to trial and review these pregnancy shorts and have got to say, they've been fantastic! 

I've found my second pregnancy to be a whole lot more challenging now I have a toddler keeping me so busy.  Discovering these shorts in my third trimester has really helped alleviate lower back pain and generally made me feel more mobile throughout the day.

The gentle compression has a way of helping with fluid retention and as a result, has seemed to help lift my overall energy levels by the end of a long day.

I thought they'd be really noticeable underneath pants and leggings, but was pleasantly surprised to find them fitting so seamlessly.  They also have the added benefit of pulling you in a little to make everything feel just that little more contained around the thighs and bottom.

Overall, I think the shorts are great quality and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for extra support during their pregnancy.



I've been wearing these during the latter part of my second trimester and have found them really comfortable. The best part has been that they have greatly reduced the amount of ligament pain I have experienced, with a noticeable difference on the days I wear them compared to the days I don't. I was a bit uncertain how they would go under tighter fitting clothes but I haven't had any problems. The only minor issue was with the elastic in the waistband twisting a little but it hasn't been uncomfortable or difficult to fix. Definitely worth a try to reduce pain!


I was thrilled to try this product as I had heard great things about them. 

I am currently 18 weeks pregnant with my third child in the past 3 years and I have suffered from symphysis pubis dysfunction each pregnancy and this one is no different aside from symptoms beginning earlier in the pregnancy.

I have found these to be awesome so far each time I wear them. They relieve pressure and I definitely end the day far better than if I were not wearing them.

Issues I can see with these shorts are in the summer mostly. I struggle with the heat and not only will this be an added extra layer in the summer months, but I won't be able to wear these under my favourite short summer shorts.

These shorts also are meant to be suitable for use overnight which would be great as I suffer with pain overnight rolling in bed especially, but so far I've been unable to wear these comfortably at night and only make an hour or so before I have to take them off - but I will keep trying!!

Overall I find these shorts a wonderful product and would definitely reccomend these to any pregnant ladies struggling with pelvic or hip pain.


Pregnancy shorts are easy to wear and it is in affordable range. You can do your daliy work routine easily. If you are not getting these shorts from maternity shops from your area , you can get  these shorts easily from online maternity sites.  Few online maternity sites are destinationmaternity, mommymaliciousmaternity, pinkblushmaternity, motherhood.

Mel Smith

My obstetrician recommended the src pregnancy shorts when I started developing some groin varicose veins around the 28 wk mark. The shorts are not cheap but I was willing to pay for something that would work and provide relief. I have worn them since under my clothes each day and even most nights to bed. I have been extremely disappointed. Maybe they are helpful for other things but definitely not varicose veins. Since then the veins have gotten progressive worse and more painful and even now in the other thigh too. I'm not sure about the product as a compression garment- by the size guide I was a medium which was huge when I tried on and the sales assistant recommended I go down to a small. Even the small has never felt supportive or firm. I also really don't like how you can only tighten the front support, not across the back. I have developed some mild pelvic/SIJ pain in the recent weeks, and again I feel the shorts do absolute nothing to help- mostly BBC they aren't firm enough across the back and cannot be adjusted. And whilst they are listed as a medical garment, be warned- not all health funds will rebate on them- BUPA did not, even with the letter my doctor wrote.


I cannot speak highly enough of these recovery shorts. They made recovery after my second c section so much easier.


I got a pair of SRC Pregnancy shorts when I was around 28 weeks pregnant with #2. I had developed very uncomfortable vulval varicose veins, and these shorts provided instant relief. They were really supportive, it just took a little bit of getting used to the quite tight waistband. They were also a little hot on warmer days, but all in all I'm glad I spent the money on them.


No back pain

very supportive

helps stay in shape too

mobility higly improved

def buying recovery shorts


I got these at 17 weeks for pelvic instability. I do notice a difference in my back pain when I wear them, especially at work (on my feet) which is honestly not that often for the following reasons:

Unfortunately I was between sizes, so they don't fit perfectly, which means they either slip down or are painfully tight around my bump.  

The MOST annoying thing is they make my pants CONSTANTLY slip down. I am forever pulling up my jeans as they slip on the slippery material.  If I don't wear them, no pant adjustments needed.

Lastly, do they really need to be that long? I'm due mid January and honestly can't see myself being able to wear them in the heat, under a dress or shorts.

If you are not going to wear them in summer, are spot in for size and you can find pants that don't slip down while wearing them, I can highly recommend the pregnancy shorts.

Before I ordered these shorts I had pain in my lower back and hips resulting from a combination of a bad chair at work and basic weakness.  After being told by my Physio that he didn't think he could eliminate this, I looked to these shorts. 

I found the shorts fitted well.  They do feel like a second skin and look good. They came down to just above my knee which did restrict my wardrobe a little, however when comfort is the goal, this didn't stop me.  SRC were very helpful/approachable and were happy to help ensure I chose the right size and that the shorts in fact fitted properly when I received them.

My personal preference is for pants to finish above my bump and I was therefore conscious of the pressure of the band (even though it wasn't significant).  I sit down basically 90% of the time which again increased the impact of this. It did result in me slowly fazing them out of my day wardrobe.  However i tried wearing them at night and have found it to be more comfortable for me.

My discomfort has reduced and I am thankful to my Physio and the shorts for this.  I have read other reviews/comments re these shorts and many say that they have experienced a turnaround in their pain/discomfort.  I do feel that they are a little expensive, however when  you balance this with the reduction of pain, the shorts win.

Thank you SRC.

These pregnancy shorts arrived in the post 2 weeks ago, and over that time I have been telling anyone and everyone about them!

I have a form of arthritis that affects my spine & hips and since my 4th month of pregnancy the arthritic and combined pregnancy pain has made it very difficult to sleep and generally walk around some days, I am unable to take my usual medications. Wearing these shorts all day and to bed has reduced that pain by over 80%! Some days I have no pain or discomfort at all!!! 

You can't tell that I am wearing these shorts, as they are so smooth - even when I am wearing my skinny maternity jeans. I was also really happy when I discovered that once on, they are not tight or uncomfortable at all like the type of bike pants you'd wear to the gym.

Since getting them, I have 'popped' again, and so I easily let out the size slightly to allow for a little more room.

Last and best of all, I took these overseas with me [yup, I wore them on the plane too] to a hot and very humid climate, and they stood the test of time - being as comfy as ever and not showing under my cute little dresses.

The only bad thing about these magical shorts is that every 3 days they need to be washed... if only they could wash themselves whilst still wearing them.

Do yourself a favour and don't hesitate to get these shorts - they seem like a big dollar investment, but trust me - your body with thank you for it for months to come. 


I can't believe how great these shorts have been. I didn't think anything could fix the pelvic and lower back pain I'd been having, but these did. I only wish I'd got them sooner. 

They are really well designed, with seams and support in all the right places, and they are so amazingly comfortable. I'll keep wearing them after pregnancy too, just because they're so comfortable!  I thought that I may feel a bit 'stuffy' in them after a few hours, but they are completely breathable. Even when wearing them underneath jeans or tracksuit pants, I can't even tell that I'm wearing them (aside from the lack of pain!)

The only things I didn't like were that when I used the buttons at the sides to tighten the shorts, they became a little bit bulky, and noticeable underneath clothes. The other thing was that I found the shorts cut off in a bit of an awkward place. Not high enough to go over the belly, but too high to sit comfortably under it. I find when wearing them that the top of the shorts tends to roll down a little bit.

Given how much they helped to ease the pain, this isn't a big issue. 

Being in the financial situation I am, the RRP for these shorts seems a bit steep, and that is probably the biggest con about these. I never would have been able to justify the cost prior to trying these. 

Overall, they are excellent, and I would definitely recommend them for anyone with back/hip/pelvic pain. 


These shorts have actually helped me in ways I never expected.  I never really liked the feel of skin-tight garments so was concerned that I would not be able to get used to these, however it only took a couple of hours for me to forget I was wearing them at all.

I wore the shorts to help manage my severe back pain that stopped me doing my day-to-day chores.  The almost hug-like support gave me a great sense of comfort and stability.  Though the pain was never completely diminished, it had eased significantly enough for me to be able to go about my day.  The pain stopped radiating around my pelvis and instead stayed in one spot as a very dull ache (I have a condition in which back pain is very common, and was very surprised with just how effective the shorts were).

The shorts are so supportive of the pelvic floor that I couldn't believe how comfortable I was.  This is my second pregnancy and my muscles aren't exactly what they used to be.  Having the support down there was a huge relief.  I hadn't even realised that the shorts were helping in that aspect but now every time I put them on the aches I had gotten from that heavy feeling disappear completely.

The only thing I struggled with these shorts were the buttons.  They're designed to loosen the shorts slightly to accomodate the growing belly, but I found them hard to get into a position that was right for me.  If I had them too loose they would slip down a little and not be as effective on my back.  On the other hand, too tight and the band around the stomach would feel so uncomfortable and constricting.  It can take quite a few tries to get the fitting exactly right.

All in all, the shorts are a fantastic quality with comfortable, breathable materials.  The customer service is very prompt and helpful.  And though somewhat fiddly, once the buttoning was in an appropriate setting, the pain relief was quite effective.  Unfortunately it is an expensive product though, and I don't think I could justify paying full price (around $180) for something that I would only get a few months use out of - no matter how effective.  With all the costs of having a baby, I'd rather try to deal with the pain and instead use the money to get something that the baby would need. 


I was grateful to be chosen to participate in the review of the SRC Pregnancy Shorts. I was suffering from really bad pain in my hips, lower back & sciatic pain. I wore the shorts for a few hours each night and definately noticed a difference. 

I found them a little uncomfortable if I wore them for too long. I also found them a little uncomfortable at the top as they would sometimes roll and slide down a bit. I think they would be more comfortable if there was a band that came up over the bump instead of sitting just below. The rep that contacted me regarding sizing was helpful and lovely.

Overall they are a good product that eased the pain I was experiencing.

Mamma Duck

I was about 28 weeks pregnant when I got my SRC Pregnancy Support Shorts, and the first thing I noticed when I put them on was just how comfortable they were to wear. I had heard them described as being "just like a second skin" and was pretty sceptical about this, but it is so true!

For my first few days of wearing the support shorts, the comfort was all I really noticed. I couldn't feel any remarkable change in my comfort levels... or so I thought at the time! It wasn't until I actually spent a day without wearing the shorts (washing/drying day) that I actually realised just how much they had been doing for me! That day I was so sore in my pubic bone, and the 'my lady parts are going to drop off' feeling that I hadn't notice leave when I first put the shorts on, was back once more with a vengence! I was so happy to be back in them the next day! I even decided to try sleeping in the shorts to see if it would help with the aches and pains I was experiencing in my hips. Massive improvement there too! I found I was able to sleep for much longer periods before having to roll over, which meant less time spent tossing and turning, and more time sleeping!  anything that can improve a heavily pregnant woman's night sleep is worth it's weight in gold in my books!

So now I'm 32 weeks pregnant, and looking forward to getting into a pair of SRC Recovery Shorts once my little bundle arrives. If they do even half as good a job as the Pregnancy Shorts have done for me, they will be money well spent.


I was so relieved when I put these on that I didn't actually feel like I was wearing them at all as they sit comfortably under your bump and are fully adjustable. Also, I always get worried when I buy any kind of compression tights or shorts that even though they state they are comfortable and will fit under clothes, they never do! These were comfortable to wear, even under my skinny maternity jeans.

However, I did find them to be too long, as most of my work skirts and dresses sit just on the knee and these shorts tended to protrude below, which wasn’t overly attractive!! But as most expectant mums will attest to, fashion really isn't a priority when you are hobbling around in pain from pressures on your pelvis and lower back, so fashion aside - did they really work?

The pain relief came pretty quickly, I found the pressure on the sciatic nerve and the lower back pain to subside within a few hours of wearing them. My pain was not bad at night whilst laying down, so I did not wear them at night, but they would definitely be comfortable enough for people who suffer from debilitating night time pain.

My disappointment came when I had to wash them. I went without wearing them for 2 days and really noticed an increase in my back/pelvic pain. They bounced straight back into shape after multiple rounds of washing, my only disappointment is that I don’t have two pairs, so that I always have a spare pair when the other is in the wash!

I will continue to wear these throughout this pregnancy, and I am glad that they will be in the back of my wardrobe for all future pregnancies!

I still see my physio, but notice that I am pain free for longer when I combine both my physio treatment and the shorts. My physio seems quite happy with my progress.

I think that in subsequent pregnancies I can delay the time that I start seeing the physio and the frequency of appointments. I was very happy with this product.


I was so excited about reviewing these shorts because this was my 3rd pregnancy in 3yrs and my body was showing the strain. 

I had developed SPD, back pain, vulva varicose veins and my tummy muscles were not what they once were..

I made sure I measured correctly so as to get the right fit and support but when they arrived it took me quiet a while changing the adjustable waist to find the correct setting for me..

When you first put them on you don't feel anything but after a while I found that the pain in my pubic bone was not quiet  as sore and my movement was a little better as a result. My lower back pain also was not as frequent and when it was there it did not last as long. I noticed the littlest improvement in my Vulva varicose vein but not enough to say it helped it, if that makes sense.. Though I did feel a bit better supported in the pelvic floor area..

I found the pants to be very lightweight and easy to wear under almost all of my everyday clothes.. They dried fairly quickly overnight so that I could then put them back on in the morning..

The only thing that I disliked about them was that they did infact slip a little after a few hours, especially if I was up and down from a sitting position, so I was constantly pulling them up and the price.

Overall - I did feel a little improvement but not enough to make a huge difference for me..


Pros: They have been helpful in reducing the severity of my lower back and pelvis pain.

Cons: Washing and drying time means that you really need 2 pairs.

They can be a bit uncomfortable under clothes, especially pants and jeans

They can get a little hot and sweaty in the warmer weather.

I have been suffering from worsening lower back and pelvic pain prior to receiving the SRC shorts. My main problem being that my pelvis continues to rotate and be out of alignment, even with repeated visits to the physio. I had the same problem at the end of my first pregnancy, but this time it has started much earlier. I was hoping the SRC pregnancy shorts would give me some immediate relief and stop the more severe pain that I had at the end of my first pregnancy from occurring as my pregnancy progresses.

I was about 19 weeks into my pregnancy when I received my shorts and I put them on straight away and did feel some almost immediate relief. I can notice that I have less pain on the days when I wear the shorts, but I have still been experiencing pain and discomfort, especially towards the end of the day. Sinead from SRC was very helpful in explaining how the shorts worked, and suggested that if I wasn’t getting relief, I should see a chiropractor, as the shorts will help to support and keep everything in place, but if joints are already out then the shorts can’t put the joints back into place.

I have had 2 chiropractor visits since receiving the shorts 3 weeks ago and I think things are slightly better since but still not great. Even though my pelvis was realigned on the first visit to the chiropractor (and at previous physio appointments), it had rotated back out of alignment a week later.

I think without the shorts my pain would be worse, as it was getting worse by the week before receiving the shorts and my pain is now no worse, probably slightly better than before receiving them. Part of the reason that I am not feeling the full benefit of the shorts could be that I can not wear them all the time due to washing and drying time, as they need to be washed every three days and to dry flat in the shade. In the colder weather I am finding that they are still damp the following morning after washing them the day before, meaning I have not been able to wear them for a day or 2. For this reason you really need 2 pairs of shorts. I have followed the washing instructions, but the material has already started to ball up in places where it rubs against my pants, so I think they will be looking very second hand in 18 weeks time.

Summary: The SRC shorts are not the miracle cure that I was hoping for but I will continue to use them throughout my pregnancy alongside both physio and chiro appointments to hopefully keep on top of things and to help stop my pain from developing into something much worse.

The real test for the shorts will be to see how much they help when I get to the last 10 weeks of the pregnancy. If you are considering buying them I would recommend 2 pairs to get the full benefit. I have also noticed on SRCs website that they are now offering a money back guarantee on them, so you have nothing to lose by giving them a try.


I was so excited to receive my SRC pregnancy shorts for reviewing! Currently pregnant with my second child, I knew how bad the back pain that had just started acting up again could get after months of extreme pain in my first pregnancy. Having my husband measure me to pick the right size shorts was very simple following the instructions on the website and when they arrived they fit like a glove! They feel great on and are so comfortable. The adjustable strap across the front is easy to tighten to fit to your bump and release as you grow. The back support on the shorts was amazing and after wearing them for a couple of hours, I could really notice a decrease in back pain to just about nothing. As I am carrying really low this time, I did find the front of the shorts a little annoying but that was just because I prefer to have clothing over my bump rather than sitting under it. I had to continually pull the shorts up onto my bump as it kept sliding down under it. I did find the shorts easy to wear under dresses but felt it was a little strange when the weather got cooler to wear them under my trackpants. I would probably get the leggings version for cooler weather and wear them on their own.

Overall, the SRC pregnancy shorts were amazing! They definitely reduced my pain and were comfortable to wear. The support team of the company was also excellent. I would recommend them and going to buy the recovery shorts for after bub is due to try next! 


I have suffered from horrible pain in my pelvis from around 15 weeks. I am now 28 weeks pregnant and still in alot of pain and am attending physio weekly.


Since I received the SRC Pregnancy shorts I have noticed the lower back pain has eased but I still have alot of pain in my pelvic/pubic bone which I believe I will have until my baby is born as my pelvis is out of place.


I have found the shorts to be supportive and comfortable and a perfect fit and I am able to comfortably wear my work pants over the top of them. While wearing the shorts to bed I am able to roll over alot easier and often wake up in the morning pain free until I stand up. During the day I have noticed that the pain is more bearable then it has been although they have not completely fixed the problem.


The customer service was fantastic, the woman I dealt with was very friendly and helpful and the delivery was extremely quick.


The only negative thing I have to say about the shorts is the price as you would ideally need two pairs so that when you are washing one pair you have the other pair to wear.


I work in the busy operating theatres at my local hospital and I am on my feet most of the time. I was super excited when I found I was pregnant with my second child, and as I had a really easy pregnancy with my son I was hoping that this pregnancy would be the same. 

Boy was I wrong...

I ended up getting excruciating pelvic pain from about 14 weeks and it was leaving me unable to move for days after my 3 days at work. Simple paracetamol was not helping and as I am allergic to codine and you can't really take strong medication in pregnancy I was looking for alternative to help with my pain.

Then when I found that The Bub Hub was teaming up with SRC to let some lucky mums to be review their pregnancy shorts I jumped at the chance (actually I think I was one of the first people to post lol). I was desperate to have these shorts, and when I found out that I was one of the lucky ones I was so excited!!

After my initial call with the rep to get my perfect size the shorts were in my hot litte hands after a day. I riped them from the pack and put them on straight away (well after reading the instructions). At first it was a weird felling but after a few days I didn't even notice them, it was like a second skin, and the support they offered, can I just say WOW! 

These shorts offered support everywhere I needed it and I was starting to able to work normally again without excruciating pain, also my 4 hourly paracetamol habit that I had since 14 weeks was gone. I was starting to feel like a normal pregnant woman again.

What is also perfect about these shorts is that they expand with you, they have an adjustable bump band so when your belly grows you can continue to wear these pregnancy shorts.

Without these shorts I really don't know what I would be doing.  


Getting chosen by bubhub to review the SRC pregnancy shorts was a bit exciting for me as I found being pregnant with #2 and running around after a 2 year old beginning to get quite challenging and was feeling very sore and sorry for myself by the end of most days.

I have been wearing my shorts since 31 weeks and have found the relief amazing. I'm no longer feeling so much pain in my hips that meant I could barely walk by night time and the pain in my lower back has decreased significantly.  Although whilst wearing them you dont notice them doing much as they are that comfortable and can be worn under pretty much everything with out even noticing I'm wearing an extra layer, so when it comes time to put them in the wash and spending most of the day with out them I certainly notice the difference in the pain coming back so have to make a conscious effort to do very little those days.

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone out there experiencing any sort of pain and discomfort in hips and lower back and am now hoping i can save enough to be able to purchase the recovery shorts too for post pregnancy.

Thanks SRC and bubhub ;)

Thrifty Mama

I was lucky enough to receive a pair of the Pregnancy leggings (as I have a varicose vein from above my knee to just below these were a better option for me). Having contact with Siobhan from SRc ensured I had the right procuct and getting my long suffering husband to measure me meant a perfect fit when they arrived. 

I suffer from some pelvic pain during pregnancy, it seems with each baby the hips get looser (must be good for delivery right?) but it means that getting into and out of cars, spending long times sitting in them, doing exercise and  sleeping can be pretty uncomfortable even quite early on.

I wore the leggings under dresses and whilst I was doing Yoga and walking and found the support excellent. I was able to excercise more confidently and I suffered less muscle aches the next day. I occasionally wore them in bed when my hips were very sore and found that they  helped (although it was sort of too hot). I think an great advantage is that the leggings/shorts enable you to be active when it might otherwise be difficult and this would have to help with maintaining and gaining strength througout your pregnancy and enabling a fitter labour.

One benefit not mentioned on the literature is one I discovered accidently- I had a persistent cough when I recieved my leggings and was starting to experience the wonders of "stress incontinence" from having a baby sitting on my bladder and coughing violently...ah the wonders of pregnancy. To my delight I found this went away when I had the support of the leggings! 

As I write this review I am 23 weeks pregnant and I am pretty confident that wearing the SRC pregnancy leggings will help me when I start to get sciatica, pelvic pain and hip pain which has plagued me for my last two pregnancies in the late stages. I understand many women suffer from much worse symptoms than I do and I would think that some of these shorts or leggings would really help with staying more mobile in later pregnancy.


I started wearing these shorts at 21 weeks. They are very supportive and hold baby bump up comfortably.  They did reduce pain in my legs/ hips but I couldn't wear them for more than 7 hours at a time. After 7 hours, I felt as though they were too tight. I also felt as though there wasn't adequate "breathing room" "down there"! I like to wear cotton underwear to reduce sweating and in my experience while wearing these shorts, down there in the pubic area, wasn't getting as much air as I like. 

I had to move house at 22.5 weeks, and they were great to wear this particular day (besides the not getting enough air part).

I would recommend these shorts to someone who has been experiencing pain in legs, lower back, hips area or has sewelling in legs, as they were great at helping these conditions.  If however you like loose fittin clothing, I don't know that you would be 100% happy with them. 


I received the SRC recovery shorts and have been wearing them for over a week now. I have noticed a marked improvement in my back pain and pelvic pressure. This pregnancy I have had awful pain near my coccyx bone and I have noticed after wearing the shorts that the pain has been less severe and I even have some days now which are pain free. I have also noticed less pelvic pressure. 

Furthermore, the shorts are comfy and warm and fit easily under clothes. They are higher up your back and sit nicely under your bump.  

I strongly recommend them.  


I was lucky enough to have been given these shorts to review and i will definitely be buying more when I reach my 36 week mark.

They are PHENOMENAL. I can do housework (I am 23 weeks along with my 3rd bub and have had back pain with both children prior) my legs feel as though they have more circulation, no more pins and needles! I sleep alot better wearing them also. The little things i couldn't do before such as sitting on the floor for prolonged periods playing with my kids as i'd get up and wouldn't even be able to sit on a chair with my legs folded. I can do all these things. I have found them to be wonderful with my low impact exercise also!

They are comfortable and fit under all my clothes, including pants.  

I could rave about them all day, and am just disappointed that i didn't know about these 2 children ago! 


Since about 16 weeks I have suffered lower back pain in my sacroiliac (SI) joint.  I received the pregnancy shorts at about 30 weeks.


The shorts were of very high quality in terms of the material, and the customer service I received in terms of ensuring the shorts were the right size was fantastic. 


I wore the shorts almost every day.  I could not wear them with some outfits (i.e skirts) as the shorts were longer and it did not really work to roll/fold them up to make them shorter.   I found them to be comfortable – they are tight at first but you soon forget you are wearing them and just feel “supported”.  I did not find them too hot or restrictive, but it has been cold in Melbourne.  I am not sure if they would be too hot elsewhere.


Overall, the frequency of the pain did reduce when I wore the shorts.  However, on the days when it was really painful, the shorts were not enough and I needed to wear a support belt too – often I would wear the both together.  


I would give them 3 out of 5 in total.  I think they are good and would likely help with more general back pain, but for my specific pain, I don’t believe they could have replaced the physio.  I would recommend them to anyone to give them a try though, as they did reduce the frequency, if not the severity.


I would probably give the recovery shorts a go too.


Firstly, i would like to say a huge thanks to Bubhub and SRC for selecting me to trial and review these pregnancy shorts.

Being pregnant and chasing an active toddler around has placed alot of strain on my lower back, and i had been experiencing alot of pain in the pelvic area which made walking and moving very painful. I have been wearing the shorts daily since i received them as i am a full time stay at home mum.  

Whilst wearing the shorts, i have noticed that my lower back pain has almost completely disappeared, with the help of the lower back support at the top of the pants. The control panels around my pelvic area are fantastic and has greatly reduced the pelvic pain. I had been finding it very painful walking around, however, with the shorts on, i have been able to go out walking to get some excercise for 40 minutes without any problem. With my previous pregnancy, i suffered badly from sciatica from very early on, and so far i have not experience a single twinge of pain from my sciatic nerve. I can certainly notice a huge difference when i was unable to wear the shorts whilst they were in the wash, to putting them straight back on again.

The pants are very comfortable to wear and i have been able to wear them underneath most of my maternity pants and even long dresses, so that i am still able to receive the support that they offer whilst going out. They have also been very comfortable to wear to bed. The adjustable waist makes them easy to adjust as my hips and bottom have gotten slightly bigger during pregnancy.

When washing the pants, i have just thrown them in a lingerie bag and into the washing machine and they have held their shape perfectly and dry really quickly to enable you to put them back on again sooner.

The only things that i could suggest for an improvement is that the bright green logo at the bottom of the shorts be moved, perhaps to the hip area. I had been wearing the shorts as tights underneath short dresses / extra long tees around the house and thought that they make great tights, but the logo sort of stuck out like a sore thumb. Also, perhaps a skin colour option in the shorts could be suggested, so that they may be a little more discreet and enable pregnant women to wear them underneath lighter coloured pants, skirts, dresses etc.

Overall, i honestly loved these shorts and found them to be fantastic in terms of support, comfort and easing the pregnancy pains. I have felt a dramatic improvement in my back and pelvic pain. I think they are definitely worth the money that they retail for, and wish that i could have used them in my first pregnancy!


I have had these shorts for a few weeks now and they are superb. 

I generally wear them on a night time as that's when I am finding I am at my most uncomfortable.  I have been getting pelvic, lower back and sciatic pain and these shorts are unbelievable at reducing and even getting rid of all these pains.  Having a comfortable nights sleep is also helping me cope through the day, I am not working so its hard for me to say whether they would be helping me being sat down all day, but if they are working so well through the night I can imagine that they would work very well through the day. 

I am so pleased with this product that if I hadn't been on the reviewer panel and lucky enough to be chosen I would definitely have bought them myself, they are a true saving grace.  Thank you SRC and Bubhub.

Hokey Pokey

These leggings are a god send! I only wish they were around for my previous pregnancies. I received the leggings and have found such relief in my pain from a current medical condition: pelvic congestion syndrome. They have greatly reduced swelling in my vulval varicosites that also spread down to my knees. Super comfy to wear you really do not feel them on underneath regular clothing!

Their customer service is fantastic also, checking in via phone call to make sure sizing it correct and to see how I have been going :)


I must admit I was a sceptic. How wrong I was.

After speaking to a wonderfully helpful lady and realising under her instruction I was measuring wrong and would have received the wrong size, delivery was exceptionally fast and the sizing was perfect. I was concerned being inbetween sizes but she knew which I needed and they feel like they're not even there. There was even a follow up call that was a welcome surprise.

After putting the shorts on I thought they were very comfortable sitting just above the knee, and having an adjustable waist band was the icing on the shorts. After the first day I was already noticing a difference. The strong twinges and shooting pain from my sciatica, hips and lower back had reduced dramatically, and the feeling of my pelvis pulling apart after I overstreatched during my previous pregnancy was minimised.

By the end of the first week I found I was standing up straight and no longer afraid to take each step. I was smiling again. By the end of the second week I was gardening with my son and enjoying him. I wasn't afraid to kick the ball with him which made him happier too. The shorts didn't feel too hot as I live in NT heat can be a big factor when purchasing clothes. They felt very light and cool.

I now have a life worth living and no longer get overtaken by little old ladies going up the steps to the post office !! These shorts are well worth the cost and I will be honoured to anyone in need of that extra support or anyone in signifficant pain in the specified regions.

I miss them when they need washing.  


I'm now 35 weeks and I wish I had bought these back at the 14-16 week mark and not listened to my Chiro!

They took a little while to adjust and work out when to wear them to get them to work at their optumim.

I started just wearing them at night and found they made a difference and I slept better (until I got to hot and ripped them off) I tried them during the day at home and it was suggested I try them day and night- I did this for about 3 days and though they dont help my nerve problems they definitely make a huge difference to my pelvic, hip and lower back pain.

I've now worked out that if I wear them just during the day they are most benificial for me, though some days if I have been sitting a lot the make my tummy uncomfortable because of my bump size and also depending on what I'm wearing over it. 

They wash and dry very well even in the cooler weather and are very comfy to wear- I dont like wearing under bump bottoms and I don't realise I'm wearing them most the time. 

Over all I can honestly say that these shorts have made a huge difference - I haven't needed to see the chiro since staring wear them and I am sleeping much better (in between toilet runs) 

If people are worried about the cost I think what you will save in physio/chiro treatments is well worth it and these are also claimable if you have health insurance and not to mention they actually work!

I would highly recomend the SRC pregnancy shorts to any one experiencing any back/hip/pelvic pain as it make a big difference - I think after trying these I will be investing in a pair of recovery shorts! 


I had 'heard' of the pregnancy shorts, but never bought them as I thought they were a little pricey and being sensibly sceptical I was thrilled to be given a chance to wear them and see for myself if they were worth their price tag. Well I can happily and honestly say that these shorts are worth their weight in gold and more! When I first put them on to try, I was about to embark on a 8 hour plus road trip. At 32 weeks pregnant and suffering with sciatica, shocking lower back pain and pubis symphysis dysfunction (to name a few ;-) I was not looking forward to sitting sedentary in the car. Well I needn't had worried once I started wearing the shorts. Contrary to when I started the road trip a week before and could barely get out of the car, these shorts stabilised my pelvis, eased my lower back pain to where I barely had any and no more sciatica! I couldn’t believe the difference it made to me wearing these shorts compared to when I wasn't. The best bit was that I didn't have to wait, a mere 3 hours after first wearing them I could feel the difference.

Wearing them constantly (except every third day when I wash them) and also in bed, I have been able to go about my normal activities without the debilitating pain I had before wearing the shorts. A big plus to these shorts is that you can wear them under your clothes and you don't even feel like you're wearing them as they are incredibly comfortable, breathe and are not in any way bulky like you would envisage this type of garment to be and unlike the pregnancy support belt my physio gave me, I can wear these shorts to bed, still be comfortable with them on, sleep and roll over in bed painlessly and with ease which has been fantastic!

The difference to my pregnancy that these shorts have made is second to none, the pain relief, mobility and ease that I now have makes me wish that I had them in my first 3 pregnancies. I would highly recommend these to any expectant mothers who want to reduce their pain and have increased support. A big thumbs up from me!



I feel that the shorts have helped somewhat (not completely) with the pelvic instability I've been experiencing since roughly week 16, however I still have regular trips to my chiropractor - fortnightly instead of weekly.

I would NOT recommend these to anyone who is pregnant during summer or feeling the heat as I found I was sweating gallons in these shorts on a warm April day. This may just be me, but the multiple layers of fabric and the length of the shorts I thought contributed to this.

In all honesty, I would recommend these to friends who were experiencing significant pain with pelvic instability like I was, but I'm not certain they've helped me as much as I had hoped. 

The shorts themselves are very well made and the customer service I received as part of the Bubhub Reviewer Panel was outstanding.   


Heading into my 25th week of pregnancy I was already starting to experience symptoms of vulval variscosities and pelvic pain when walking. I had experienced these symptoms in my first pregnancy and knew that as my pregnancy progressed, I would only get worse, probably getting to a point where even getting out of bed would be incredibly painful (and on occasion, impossible). 

When I received the SRC pregnancy shorts I was 30 weeks pregnant and my symptoms had worsened making walking very uncomfortable and rolling over in bed quite painful. The shorts are comfortable to wear (I barely know they're even on) and they sit under my bump. After about 5 hours of wearing them I began to feel relief and support in the pelvic area. I noticed the biggest difference wearing them at night. Rolling over in bed is so much easier and getting up in the morning is far less painful than without them. I wear them for 2 days then wash and can definitely feel the difference when they are not being worn. Thankfully they dry incredibly fast so it's not long before I've got them back on again. I can feel the support from the shorts start to wane as I get into the second day of wearing but once washed, it's back to being 100%. 

The only negative points is the price and that I have to hitch them up sometimes, especially if I'm wearing tights over the top (a small inconvenience given the relief they offer). I absolutely recommend these shorts as overall, they have provided me with relief and support and compared to my last pregnancy, I feel so much more comfortable and in far less pain.


Working in retail I spend anywhere between 3-6 hours constantly on my feet walking around and standing on hard floors. I've constantly got a sore lower back from bending over and repetitive lifting.

The first day I wore these shorts I noticed an immediate improvement, no pain when I got home. The longer I wore them, the less pain I experienced.

The shorts are so comfortable you hardly even notice them and the SRC support team are so helpful and friendly!


I had the privilege of testing the SRC Pregnancy Shorts from week 19 of my pregnancy.  I had been getting fairly bad sacro-iliac pain and gluteal pain since approximately week 16, which was noticeably much worse at work.  I work as a physiotherapist and am constantly leaning forward all through the work day, putting strain through my lower back and hips.

The benefit of the SRC  Pregnancy Shorts was noticeable to me, within 3-4 hours of putting them on.  The compressive nature of the shorts was particularly helpful in alleviating some of the strain around my hips and pelvis.  The pain did not go away immediately, but was of a lesser intensity than it previously had been.  Continued use of the shorts, particularly at work, highlighted their benefit - as I found the intensity and frequency of the pain to be well reduced.  I have also used these shorts at night, when sleeping as been a problem due to hip pain.

I have found that for me, the shorts on their own did not make me completely pain free, but combined with regular pre-natal Pilates (twice a week), daily stretching and occasional physiotherapy treatment, are a fantastic aid to help a pain problem that is likely to only get worse throughout pregnancy.

Comfort-wise, the shorts feel like a second skin.  I often forget I am wearing them.  The waistband is adjustable, and sits below the bump.  They feel firm on the skin, but do not add bulk to your outfit.  My only minor issue with the aesthetics of the shorts is that they are knee length, which makes them hard to wear with leggings and/or a shorter skirt.  Under jeans or pants, however, they are fantastic.

I will be recommending SRC Pregnancy Shorts to my clients with pregnancy-related back/pelvic pain, as an adjunct to their ongoing treatment and Pilates regimes.  I am very happy with this product and am looking forward to continuing to use them throughout the rest of my pregnancy.


I have had my shorts for approximately 10 days now and must admit I was sceptical when I first opened the box.  They look like oddly shaped bike shorts BUT WOW was I wrong.  I am currently 23 1/2 weeks pregnant and received them at 22 weeks.

I have a previous injury in which I damaged my Left Sacroiliac Joint (through previous overuse and heavy workload for many years then sudden injury where I had 7 weeks off work) and I have issues on and off with this now when I overdo it.  I knew that I was going to have issues with my sacroiliac when I became pregnant and decided I needed to take all measures possible to minimise this which is why I chose SPC Pregnancy Shorts to try.

I wear them during the day and find them extremely comfortable, easy to move in and I can fit all other clothing right over the top, or just wear them on their own which is even better.  The Lower back pain was minimised within a few hours and after using them for 2 days straight I had basically no pain. I had one day where I didn't wear them (after 7 days of wearing them) and was in agony and having to lie down to minimise the pain. I put them back on the following day and noticed relief by midday THANKYOU!!!!!!

I understand that you can wear them at night as well but I feel uncomfortable with any type of clothing on during the night so do not use them, but have read that they are amazing in bed as well :)

THANKS SRC you have saved my back for a little bit longer :) 


I bought these for after my first pregnancy and loved them.  I started wearing them on day two post birth and loved the support they gave. I adored the fact that they sucked in my post-baby belly and made me look slim, but more practically the back and perineum support was great.

I had no back or other issues during my pregnancy, so was surprised to find how weak my back was post pregnancy and loved these shorts as a result. I never really understood or believed the concept of perineal support till i wore them post-birth, and yep, they definitely provide it!

The downside is the price, but the resale value on ebay etc is excellent. I always had winter pregnancies, and would worry about how hot they would be in summer.  

They also are great to hide your belly when you lift your top up for breast feeding and if you have low slung jeans you aren't flashing your tummy at everyone in these. i stopped wearing them after about 2-3 months, but if i was wearing a tight dress out or anything i was self conscious in, they are now worn under it as my "body control" undies!

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