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Talkin Toys Port A Ball

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Port A Ball

Port A Ball is the world’s most portable ball.  It can be inflated in seconds with just a few breaths and deflating is just as easy.

Packing so easily into school bags, you’ll never worry about your kids losing it. This lightweight “ball” of fun fits into every pocket – ready for the next big game.

Parent Reviews and Comments
Thank you for the opportunity to review this product. We have three out of four children that are football mad so this product was meant to be for us! Our eldest is a goalkeeper and has been working on her kicking stance and being in a small suburban back yard isn’t ideal. This ball has been fantastic because it is so light it’s not being slammed into the fence. It is amazing how something so lightweight can still be strong enough to withstand some pretty brutal kicking.

Our youngest has taken the job of inflating and deflating the ball and can do this with ease. The ball once deflated barely takes up any room and was easily stashed in the car for a trip away on the weekend.

Love it so much I’ve already bought three more in different colours from my nieces for Christmas!

Love it. Great idea. Compact and light weight. Easy to carry around and take with you when you out and about. As my son said it’s super cool mummy and i can put it in my school bag when not using it and it won’t get stolen.

Our only concern would be if it was windy and it flew away.

Our boys love it, even the youngest who is only just learning how to kick a ball so it’s great and soft for little feet.

Will be buying some as gifts for friends children’s birthdays

We found the Port A Ball very easy to inflate & deflate, even the kids could do it! We all definitely enjoyed having a ball that we could take along anywhere in Mum's handbag. It was a very appropriate size.

The fact that it is so light weight is great but can be a bit difficult in windy weather. It is fine for a play ball but difficult to use for any soccer skills as it is too light to get distance in the kicks. Being light weight was great for my youngest child (1 yr old) as it made it very easy for him to manoeuvre.

It was an appropriate ball to play with for all of my children who range in age from 1 - 8. We even played with it inside as I wasn't too stressed about it doing any damage due to the soft/light weight nature of the ball.

We will continue to use it to take along on picnics, to the park etc, just not on windy days!

We did misplace the inflating/deflating device a couple of times so it may be worth adding a spare!
Green Cheese

I have an almost 6 year old and a 3 year old, both were super excited when I showed them the bright orange port-a-ball. It was easy to inflate, super light and great for playing with both inside and outside although I told them not to take it near the dog as i don't think it would have taken long for her to demolish it. It was easy to deflate when they didn't want to play any more, perfect for keeping in the car. The worst thing we found with the ball was that it didn't retain its size after a day so the kids had to inflate it again the next time they wanted to play with it and this meant that the small plastic piece to inflate and deflate needed to be nearby at all times. When I gave it to my 6 year old to inflate she decided to not remove it and bounce the ball around with it still attached and this resulted in it disappearing and hasn't been seen since.

So although they enjoyed playing with the ball the method of inflation and deflation didn't suit my younger children. It may be better suited to an older child who would take greater care of the small inflation piece. It would be good for travel, keeping in the car for park play if you keep it away from dogs and for carry in their backpacks for an older child.

My older child also wanted to play with the ball in the pool, and its light weight seemed ideal but i was concerned that the seal would not prevent water from entering the ball and damage the inside.

My 11 year old son enjoyed playing with the Port a ball . It’s best features were the ease of inflating and deflating, and the small size and weight when deflated making it very simple to transport.

The only pitfall was how light it is when inflated. When kicked hard it easily picked up in the wind and carried a long distance in an unintended direction. This happened on numerous different days and took a bit of fun out of the experience.
The port a ball now has a permanent place in our beach bag. The lightweight easy-to-blow-up ball is a much better alternative to lugging around a heavy football or soccer ball to take to the beach or park. My son even has grand plans to take it to school! The ball is quite light and feels quite flimsy when deflated but is easily blown up with the small connector piece that comes with it. My 7YO had no trouble inflating the ball himself and once it is full it is surprisingly robust. It’s not for serious soccer play – it can blow away in the wind and will start to deflate a little after a while but it is a great easy-to-pack ball – perfect for those fun games in the park or beach.

Thank you for the opportunity Talkin Toys and Bub hub for my 8 year old daughter to be able to review this unique ball, the 'Port A Ball'. 

The Port A ball certainly lives up to it's name title of 'portability'. It is most certainly portable and very lightweight, whether inflated or not. What my daughter loved the most was that the ball was so compact, allowing it to be folded in half if need be, and put in her school bag or pocket!

Another feature my daughter was impressed with, was not requiring an adult to inflate the ball. She was able to figure out the unique mouth piece which comes with the ball, and inflate the ball herself by blowing up the ball through the mouth piece.  The only downside you could say, is if the mouthpiece went missing, so keeping it in a safe place is a must! My daughter excitedly remarked that it was easier to blow up than a balloon! Therefore it terms of kid usability, the Port A Ball definitely gets a big thumbs up.

A lovely bright blue colour, the ball is easily found if it gets out of sight, another thumbs up from Miss 8!

There is a negative however. The valve piece/hole which you insert the mouth piece into, easily flipped inwards and is was very difficult to push it back out. We also found the ball deflated quite a bit, and with the issues of the inward valve piece, it made it a little frustrating with trying to keep the ball inflated.

When the Port A Ball was successfully inflated, it was a great ball for tossing and throwing, especially on the trampoline. Miss 8 was also happy that due to it's light weightness, it didn't make a mark or hurt anyone like traditional balls can do. 

So a few positives and negatives, but overall, a very unique, fun, kid-user friendly portable ball. 

My Prep boy is soccer mad and loves taking his soccer ball to school. The ball often got away from him and he would chase it, wherever it went including roads!
The portaball is a great concept, very light weight and portable, therefore fits very easily in his school bag. He can easily blow it up and deflate it himself which makes him very happy.
His only issue with the ball is that it is too light, meaning that it doesn't have the same 'feel' as a regular soccer ball.
As a parent I love the portaball. It ticks all the boxes and gives me peace of mind that my son isn't chasing a rogue ball across the carpark.
Thanks for allowing my son to trial the Port A Ball (Orange). He was thrilled to receive it in the mail.

It came packed well and looked very inviting. It was easy to open and instructions were simple.

He had it blown up in under 10 seconds.

The ball was super soft and bright and he had fun kicking it around.

The ball was a bit too thin which made it hard to kick in wind. It wasn't really strong enough for Kade as he plays soccer everyday and ball was very thinly made.

He sure did have fun with it and will continue to enjoy it.
When we received the Port A Ball I was surprised at just how light it was. It barely weighed anything at all. Mr ^ figured out in a matter of seconds how to inflate the ball and deflate it. It uses a small yellow valve inserted into a one way hole. When deflated it really could fit into your pocket, and it inflates to the size of a small soccer ball. Mr 6 loves it and has been playing with it constantly. It'll be a great toy to take on our overseas travels. My concern is the small yellow valve needed to inflate the ball - it could be lost very easily. While it would be easy to keep in the same place in a car, I can see it getting lost while travelling and packing and unpacking. A spare valve would have been ideal. The ball when inflated is very light, I think it would easily be carried away by the wind if you were not watching. Overall, it is a great idea but a few tweaks needed.
hakuna matata
What great fun my 7 year old had with this handy little ball. It came folded up in a box, and we were surprised how small and compact it was.
It was easy to work out how to inflate and deflate it with the pictures on the box. My son had fun inflating and deflating it for a while until the novelty wore off.
He loved this ball because it was so light he was allowed to kick it around the house, something he is not usually allowed to do!
We took it to the park and ran it through its paces there. He had great fun kicking it around. The only con was that because it was so light the wind carried his kick away a few times.
It was easy to deflate when finished so it could be brought home without taking up any real space.
My son loved this ball, and is currently playing with it in the backyard as we speak.
The only cons were having to know where the 'plug' is to inflate and deflate. Not good for a 7 year old boy! And having to remember to keep it away from his dogs teeth.

My kids (10 & 8) were super excited to unpack the Port A Ball! They were really surprised how light the ball was and it was super easy for them to inflate. They loved the blue colour too. They immediately took it outside to kick around (and promptly kicked it over the neighbours fence!)

Our favourite thing about the Port A Ball was how easily it fit inside schoolbags and even pockets, once its deflated. It's also very easy to inflate with the included mouthpiece. Both kids were able to inflate it with a couple of breaths.

A couple of downsides were, as it was so lightweight, it was easily caught in the wind and blown away, especially at the beach, where we took it several times to kick around. Another thing was some of my son's soccer team mates are VERY enthusiastic players and like to really put everything behind their kicks, so we worried that the ball wouldn't hold up under that kind of force.

All in all, we loved testing out the Port A Ball, and really love the idea behind it, making it easy to take a ball with you wherever you go that inflates in seconds. It's probably best suited to kids that are a little younger than mine, kindergarten and first graders perhaps, as older kids might be a little too rough with it. It's perfect for packing in school bags.

Port A Ball
My son (6yrs) was super excited to try this out and loved that he could inflate it himself.

The ball is extremely lightweight so perfect for any indoor shenanigans that the kids get up too. It was easy to take to the park and the kids were able to have a kick around - even the big kid (aka husband) got a few kicks in. It stayed inflated for a reasonably long time and is easily refilled.

My only concern is how easily we kept misplacing the valve to blow it up (but that might just be my disorganised life
This Port A Ball has been a huge hit in our house!

The instructions are very simple for children and adults to follow. It is super easy to inflate and deflate.

The ball itself is really light and seems fairly durable. We took our Port A Ball with us camping and it was a huge hit with the kids while we were setting up the campsite.

The fact it was so compact was a huge bonus and it would be a handy item to take travelling or to be taken in the car or kids backpack to school or friends house.

It would be great if there was a way for it to be inflated and deflated without the use of the mouthpiece as I am sure it would be something that would likely be lost fairly easily.

We did find that it needed to be pumped back up again slightly after several kicks backwards and forwards. I am not sure how it would go long term but it was fun for a short burst of play for the kids. Being that it is also so light it might not be that good on super windy days.

The colour is great, nice vibrant green.

I liked that the packaging was able to be made into goal posts for extra added fun.

Overall I would recommend it for younger kids aged 3-6 years as once kids get stronger at kicking I can’t see it lasting too long.

Thanks for the opportunity to review the Port A Ball

We were excited to receive the port a ball. My children love nothing more than running around kicking a ball, throwing and catching. The walk to the park usually ends with me carrying the ball after chasing it down the road numerous times. The ball is very light weight and very easy to inflate and deflate.

The concept is wonderful, but unfortunately I don't think it works.

Firstly, it is so light that it isn't good for much more than throwing into the air and catching it. I even let my children use it inside, as it is not much heavier than a balloon. We didn't have any luck using it as a kicking ball, it was just too light. Inflating and deflating is really simple, but I am not sure how this would work if you forgot the little tool that goes with it, or if this was misplaced.

We had fun with the port a ball, but it isn't something I would buy or recommend.
We were very excited to receive our package in the post. We had never heard of Port A Ball until being selected for this review.

At first glance I was quite surprised the box was much smaller then what I was expecting, I guess in my mind I had pictured a soccer ball and this sure wasn’t that size, in fact the box is actually smaller than my water bottle!

Two of my sons, 6 year old and 2 year old, were keen to rip open the parcel and start playing with it as soon as possible. We had a quick look at the instructions and explained what needed to be done to the 6 year old, we were all pleasantly surprised how easy it was to blow up. The boys had a quick play and a few kicks and then we advised the 6 year old how to deflate it, again this was very easy!

Overall I think the concept is fantastic, it takes up so much less room in my car and it’s so easy to blow up and play then quickly deflate when you are done. The only thing that is a downside is I am not sure how well it would cope if a gust of wind came along as it is very very light and I think may fly away. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to test it in windy weather as yet to give a full review.
I was pleased to be chosen to review the Port A Ball.

The ball comes deflated in a box with a small green plastic device you use to inflate it. The packaging gives little away about what is actually inside and mostly consists of brief instructions in various languages.

The ball itself was more lightweight than I expected and doesn’t have a very durable feel to it – it’s almost papery in texture. It’s easy to inflate, you just need to blow into it a few times (about as many times as you would to inflate a balloon). I took the ball to the park with my 6 year old son on a windy day to put it to the test – as expected, the ball was blown around a lot by the wind due to it being so lightweight! We tested it on a calmer day and it was easier to play with, though this is no substitute for a soccer ball due to it’s weight.

When you finish playing with it, you simply push down on the valve that the inflation device goes into and it squashes/flattens out pretty effortlessly.

This ball is a bit of fun – the positive is of course that it’s easy to inflate/deflate, though one must be careful not to lose the inflation device as it would then become useless. The cons are that it’s too lightweight to be fully enjoyed for outdoor play. I could actually imagine this ball could work okay for a family that has a rumpus room without breakables as the kids could bat it around inside on a rainy day and it wouldn’t damage the walls.

Overall, a good concept that could be improved with a few tweaks.



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