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Pure Papayacare Papaya Renew

26 reviews
Papaya Renew

PURE Papaya Renew is a Stretch Mark cream that’s 100% natural with effective ingredients to help prevent or reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

Made with a unique blend of Gotu Kola, Papaya, Tamanu & Chamomile, PURE Papaya Renew works to promote healthy collagen formation and to gently renew skin.

The light non-greasy cream contains NO skin-unfriendly mineral oil or petroleum used in most popular brands.

Australian made and Australian owned.

PURE Papaya Renew can be used to help prevent the appearance of new or old stretch marks as well as an overall, safe moisturiser for the face and body both during and after pregnancy.



Parent Reviews and Comments
I was grateful to be able to trial this stretch mark cream. After years of IVF (our own and egg donation) my weight has fluctuated and I had stretch marks on my belly before getting pregnant. Now at 18 weeks pregnant, my belly is starting to pop and I've got even more.

This cream was easy to use, not too greasy and smells really nice. I love that it was non greasy and soaked in quickly because it can be frustrating when it doesn't and transfers to clothing.

While I haven't noticed any change in the stretch marks, I think this might happen with more use. I have noticed that my skin is so much softer which is really nice!

I found this cream nice to use, it absorbed reasonably quickly and had a nice fruity smell.

I used it on some white stretch marks and noticed the skin felt softer and smoother and the stretch marks more filled in. This was after a week of use.

Will keep using to see if the marks fade altogether.

I have been using the Papaya Renew Cream for 2 weeks and, while I haven't noticed any fading of my pre existing stretchmarks yet, I haven't gained any new ones.

The cream goes on nicely. It isn't too thick and soaks in quickly, but feels quite hydrating. It has quite a strong scent that some may find it overbearing, however I really like it.

I try to choose vegan and cruelty free where possible for skincare and beauty products, so I was happy to see that the Papaya Renew Cream is both, as well as being Australian made.

I will continue using it on my tummy and stretchmarks as it's really nice, though reducing the appearance of ny stretchmarks will be a welcome bonus.

I found this product to be very light, non greasy and not overly scented.

I really liked how it felt on the skin, it definitely wasn't oily and you only needed a little bit as it spread a long way.

I even used it on my daughters kidney scar.

This product has a lovely delicate fragrance.

It is light, easily absorbed and non greasy.

I have needed to give the tube a shake on a couple of occasions as the product sometimes seperate’s.

Overall my skin has felt soft and well moisturised and I have been very happy with the Pure Papaya Renew Cream
I love it!!

Smells devine. Feels a little warm whilst being rubbed on.

I dont have any stretch marks as yet , so time will tell. I am 20 weeks thus far.
I gave Papaya Renew a go and cannot regret a single rub! The smell is so delicious and relaxing.

This non greasy cream gets absorbed by my belly so fast that ain’t afraid of putting my clothes right away.

The only thing that makes me sad is that I cannot eat it!
I found Papaya Renew to be a great product.

After just 10 days of use, twice a day, I noticed the stretch marks on my thighs appeared less red and angry.

The cream is readily absorbed into the skin, and non-greasy. It is also has a non-offensive smell like other products.

My only complaint is that when left to stand it does separate slightly, but after a vigourous shake of the tube it is easily reconstituted (it is not stated on the packaging that it may require a shake prior to use).
I used this product on purple stretch marks from 6 weeks postpartum. After 10 days I found their was noticeable fading. The smell was unusual, and the cream did separate a little in the Queensland heat. Hence I have only given it 3 out of 5 stars.

Overall I would recommend trying this product for stretch marks.
The smooth feel of the cream is great, it goes on easily, absorbs quickly and isn’t greasy.

I also love the smell!

After trying for a few weeks, I haven’t noticed a big difference in the look of the stretch marks on my thighs and stomach, however I have noticed that my c-section scar looks less red and puffy which I’m very happy with.

I am pregnant with my second, so I’m keen to keep using the cream to see if it prevents further stretch marks.
I didn't enjoy the smell of this cream, which the packaging explains is due to the all natural ingredients. I do like the fact that it has all natural ingredients, especially as I am breastfeeding, so being careful not to use too many chemicals. I felt it rubbed in well, and didn't feel greasy. It kind of separated in the tube a bit, so some oily stuff came out before the cream. I think my stretch marks are slightly less red from using this cream, but not massively different.
Its Me
Unfortunately as soon as I received the Papaya Renew sample, i knew I was going to struggle to use it for the required time period. The smell is very over powering and when I am pregnant especially my sense of smell is so enhanced that i become very fussy with scents.
I used the lotion for a couple of days and must say it is a lovely texture and seemed to absorb nicely, however that was all i could manage.

Hopefully others find the product more tolerable and are able to place a more useful review.
Have been using the cream for about a month works really well no stretch marks yet will recommend to friends . Smells really nice too
The pros on this product are as follows

- smells nice! With my previous pregnancies I used other products and the scent was too strong so I had to stop using it, this product has a slight coconut scent that’s not too strong
- absorbs quickly! This is great as I put it on just before bed
- stretch marks are noticeably lighter and I haven’t gotten anymore yet.

The only con would be when I apply it I sometimes feel a slight burning sensation which would be because I have sensitive skin.
I had previously been using another stretch mark cream and managed to still end up with stretch marks on my thighs and breast so was a bit skeptical at first whether I would see any results. So I decided to take a before photo to have a good comparison of how well the cream worked after the 10 days.

When I first received papaya renew cream the first thing I loved was the earthy smell it was lovely. I was very happy with the cream it was a very light non greasy feel compared to the bio oil I had been using and within about 5 days I noticed a significant reduction in the colour of the stretch marks I did have. It was amazing!!

The redness of the stretch marks went down and it continues to get better the longer I use the cream. It has also worked a treat that I have not acquired any more stretch marks since I started using even though I'm now in my last few weeks of pregnancy and growing significantly.

Im thoroughly happy with how well papaya renew cream worked for me, and I will definitely be purchasing more to continue using for the rest of my pregnancy.
I have been applying this cream morning and night each day for 2 weeks. I’ve noticed my stretch marks have slowly reduced in redness and my skin feels very soft after using the cream.

The scent of the cream isn't very pleasant for me but the benefits outweigh that factor.

Knowing that this product is 100% natural makes me want to use it even more!

I’ve now found my absolute favourite stretch mark cream. The Papaya Renew is amazing! So much so that while I was reviewing, I went out and purchased one for a friend who just had her second baby.

The cream smells amazing. So beautiful. But also not overpowering which is important with new bubs. The consistency is perfect - it’s creamy and rubs in well but also doesn’t leave any residue. I loved this as you can apply then get dressed and not worry about waiting for the cream to dry or getting on clothing. Also great as having a new bub means no time for anything else!

I really love it’s an Australian company and Australian made and that it’s made from natural ingredients. I didn’t realise how bad some oils in other similar creams are for your body. The packaging says it’s vegan which doesn’t sway me either way but this may be important for others.

And it truly works! While reviewing I used it twice daily on my worst stretch marks, being boobs, stomach and hips. I only applied to my right hand side so I could compare. After 2 weeks I’ve noticed my marks are less red and raised and have faded. I expect they’ll continue to fade.

I also used this cream as a moisturiser on dry arms and legs and it worked beautifully. A little goes a long way which was great as well.

The packaging is simple but effective. Tells about the product and it’s all natural ingredients. This was amazing and I’ll use it from now. I found it much better than bio oil both effectiveness and how quick it’s absorbed.

I’ll never use an oil stretch mark cream after using Pure Papaya.

I had a c section three and a half months ago and was interested in using this cream for my scar as well as my stretch marks. As a busy new mother I wanted something that would be pleasant to use, otherwise I knew I wouldn’t use it. Prior to using this product I had only tried a silicon based scar gel and nothing on my stretch marks. I stopped using that after a few days.

This cream is pleasant to use. It smells divine and is a nourishing moisturiser. I think it made some difference to my stretch marks; the difference is more noticiable in my dark c section scar. My scar has started to break up, with lighter patches, and I think with continued use I will see further improvement. Hopefully more extended use will help with the stretch marks as well.

I think this product is well priced, it is quite luxurious in smell and texture. It doesn’t feel sticky and absorbs into the skin quickly, allowing clothes to be put on a few minutes later.

I was lucky enough to be chosen to review this product. At first I was a bit skeptical thinking it might just be like all the other marketed “papaya” creams which are really just mainly petroleum jelly. Well I was so wrong. This cream is so lovely to apply it feels like rubbing water into your skin. It instantly absorbs, isn’t sticky or oily and leaves no residue that makes you feel like you need to avoid touching furniture.

I have very sensitive eczema skin and this cream didn’t flare up or react with me, which is amazing.

I’m currently also mid second trimester pregnant with my third child. I’ve already been having dry itchy skin and this cream gave me almost instant relief from my dry skin.

I’d highly recommend this cream to anyone wanting a moisturiser for sensitive skin especially that’s challenged by pregnancy.


This is a lovely smelling, non greasy cream that I've been using for 2 weeks on my stomach. 6 months post baby #3

3 babies in 3 years means my body has taken it's fair share of stretching and I'm glad I've found a product that I feel confident in.

Although at this stage I can't see a huge viable difference I will continue to use the product as my skin feels lovely and changes are definitely happening.. And I think as far as the scars/stretch marks are concerned, I think I will see more results after a longer period of time using the Papaya Renew.

I love that it's a cruelty free product and such care has been taken whilst choosing the ingredients.

I will definitely keep using and will be a return customer.

This is a lovely skin cream. It isn't greasy at all, and absorbs well, and leaves my skin feeling moist and supple all day. It also smells great - almost good enough to eat!

I still have no sign of stretch marks on my belly, though previous scars on my abdomen are softer and feel less irritated. The itching has also greatly lessened. I would be more than happy to use this for the remainder of my pregnancy.
The first thing that catches my attention when using it, is the smell! It's such a nice smelling product.

The product needs to be given a good shake before squeezing out otherwise the consistency of the product will be watery instead of creamy.

When applying to the skin it feels quiet light and not heavy and thick. Even though it feels light it still provides your skin with a moisturised hydrated feeling.

In terms of its effectiveness on stretch marks, I have not had any appear yet, so that is a good sign.

The reason for the 4 star rating it the consistency, it is disappointing when you forget to shake the bottle and squeeze out a watery mixture. I can understand that because of the natural ingredients that it may be hard for the product consistency to remain creamy.

I will be continuing to use this product to the end of my pregnancy and after.
I've been using Papaya Renew to keep stretch marks at bay, and so far so good.

The cream contains no artificial ingredients, and is not tested on animals, which is great. It is quickly absorbed and leaves behind no sticky or oily residue. I also found it quite nice to use on other parts of the body - like my cracked heels!

However, I do not like the smell of the cream at all. I'm going to use the entire bottle, but unfortunately it's a bit of a deal breaker for me, especially with my sensitive preggo nose.

I recently trialed Pure Papaya Stretch Mark cream and found it to be a great product. It is all natural and Australia which is always a bonus.

The cream itself is a really nice consistancy and works as a great moisturiser. It has a really pleasant but subtle smell and isn't too oily. In terms of preventing or repairing stretch marks - a longer trial is needed but so far my skin is still looking good, and at the very worst its a nice moisturiser. This is a product I will certainly continue to use.



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