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Philips Avent Natural Glass Bottles

21 reviews
Natural Glass Bottles

The Philips AVENT Natural Glass bottle range makes it easier to combine breast and bottle feeding. Our bottle and breast pump range integrate fully, so mothers can pump, store and feed with the same Natural feeding bottle- without the need to transfer milk, ensuring your baby gets the best start in life.

Made from BPA-free premium Pharmaceutical grade glass which is heat, thermal and shock resistant.

Parent Reviews and Comments

Its hard to find glass bottles these days and they are a bit expensive. But this one is an exception as it is not so expensive and can be found in almost every baby store that I visit. The bottles have a good grip but sadly, although they say it is shock proof, it slipped my hand one time and sustained cracks when dropped in the floor But al in al it is still a good bottle they just have to design good grips.


After using plastic bottles for only a couple of weeks when my daughter was born we switched to glass. It is extremely difficult to find glass bottles and there are not many on the market. I love that Avent have invested in the glass bottle range. Comparing the Avent bottles to the ones I currently use, I much prefer the Avent. Due to the following reason

- Markings don’t wear or scratch off

- increments of measurements are to Australian measurements e.g. 30ml of water to 1 scoop of formula

- compact shape making it easy to pack in travel bags

- would fit into most sterilisers

- Bubs took to teat fine

- easy to clean

- Knowing the teat is bpa free gives piece of mind

The only issue I find with glass bottles (not just this particular brand) is that leakages can occur if the glass is too hot to start off with. So I need to be mindful when quickly trying to make up a bottle and pulling it straight from the steriliser. The glass needs to be completely cooled for it not to leak which is not always possible. Overall I am happy with the bottle and can’t wait to start more of these around at my local chemist etc.


I have never tried a glass bottle before - although I have always like the idea of them. I tried it on both my 10mth old and 22mth old. 

Liked: It’s great quality and I think it would last a long time. I put it in the dishwasher and had no issues. The shape is great and easy for my 22mth to hold. No leaks. It didn't break when he threw it around even on tiles which impressed me.

Didn't like: Being glass it’s more heavy then a plastic bottle. My 22mth old throws everything and this is quite a weapon should it come into contact with my 10mth old or if he gets tired and drops it on himself while laying down. It didn't happen because I supervised but I have to be more vigilant than what I am normally am. 

Other: I would prefer the measurements to also be embossed so if/when the writing wears off I can still use it. I think the rest of the bottle would last the long haul so having embossed measurements would make sense. My 10mth old could not figure out the teat - but he has only ever had dolly bottles and won't take the teat of many other brands of bottles so I wasn't too surprised about this. I think had I pursued/wanted to swap him over exclusively to this teat we could have done it. 

Overall: After this trial I am not a convert to a glass bottle - I do prefer the health benefits but for me it’s not as convenient as a normal bottle. Having said that; I think for a what it is - a glass bottle it is fantastic.


I loved the bottle when I opened it from its packaging. Moulded to hold comfortably and thick and strong glass.

The best thing that I liked about this bottle is the fact that it’s glass and it was very easy to clean and didn't discolour like plastic can do.

After using this bottle I now much prefer to use glass purely for hygiene reasons. I also think that by being glass, that it retained the temperature of the milk longer than a plastic bottle would.

I do recommend these bottles if you’re looking at getting glass bottles.


I'm a huge lover of the Avent range as I was already using the classic Avent plastic bottles so I was very keen to be chosen to test the glass bottle.

Things I noticed about the glass bottle. 

  • It is only a 240ml bottle which is 20ml less than the plastic bottles.
  • The numbers are printed on in grey which makes them hard to read, a dark colour would be better in my opinion.
  • It is a nice shape and easy to hold but quite heavy. Not having used glass before I really wasn't expecting it to be that heavy. My daughter is just starting to hold her own bottles and even though it claims to be shatter proof I was too nervous to let her even touch it.
  • The new natural teat range is great my daughter seemed to love the shape of them.

Overall I think it is another good product from Avent and if you're after a glass bottle then I would certainly recommend this one.


We have been looking at glass bottles on and off since our son started being bottle fed but had never been totally convinced enough to buy them. My husband and I were both pleasantly surprised at how much we liked using the Avent Natural Glass Bottle.

They are easy to clean, sturdy and a great shape to hold. The firmer plastic of the teat prevents it from collapsing/squashing in and the teat ventilates really efficiently to keep the fluid flowing at a consistent rate. Fortunately our son has never been fussy when we have used different brands/types of bottles and has been more than happy to drink from the Avent Natural Glass Bottle. 

These bottles get a massive tick from the three of us. I would quite happily recommend these bottles to existing bottle users and those starting out. They are so user friendly purely from how easy they are to clean and everything else is just a bonus!


I love the concept of glass; better for my family's health and better for the environment. I was excited to review the Philips Avent Natural Glass Bottles for my daughter who has just turned 1. We mix feed between formula, breast milk and cow’s milk so we had the opportunity to use the bottle with all 3.

The bottle was extremely easy to assemble and to clean.

Milk appeared to flow very well and my daughter had no issue with the teat.

I love the fact the bottle is recyclable.

I consider myself an easy going parent however I did have concerns over the weight of the bottle. My daughter is an independent feeder. She will often use a bottle to get to sleep. Due to the weight of this product we could not use the bottle for this purpose. It was simply too heavy and I had concerns that once she started to drift off (and therefore arms start to fall) that the bottle would fall onto her face.

After reading the instructions I also found that whilst the glass is safety glass, it is possible to break. I was not able to leave my daughter alone with the bottle in case she smashed it (at the age of throwing things once she is done).

I am now undecided on the bottle, whilst it fulfils my desires to use less plastic, it fails in safety aspects.


My 9 month old has only used the one type of bottle after we switched from breastfeeding, so I was worried that she wouldn't take the Avent bottle... but she did, so that's a plus!

It doesn't leak and keeps the water warm for longer than plastic bottles, so I'm planning on buying a few more for when we're out and about if there are silicone covers that can be purchased to protect them better. 

The glass bottle seems quite heavy at first, in comparison to plastic bottles, but I soon got used to it.


The teat regularly caved in during feeding. I'm not sure whether it was too slow or not, but it was frustrating.


I was recently given a Philips Avent glass bottle to review. I’m a breastfeeding mother, but have to express for an upcoming trip so used this bottle for pumping, and testing to see if bub would drink from it. 

My first impressions of the bottle was how it was shaped and the thickness of the glass itself. I was initially worried about how safe it was, and was worried I might need to be extra careful in case it broke. The glass was very thick so no more worries about breakages. The way it was shaped meant it was easy for my baby to grip. The teat itself must be close to the natural shape as my breastfed bay had no trouble latching and drinking expressed milk. 

It was very easy to clean, and easy to SEE it was clean, plastic bottles I’ve used get stained, I can’t see this happening with the glass. I felt it held the milk temperature really well and the outside of the bottle wasn’t too hot for baby to hold herself (with heated milk in it). 

The only thing I didn’t like was the weight of the bottle. My daughter had a bit of a hard time holding it up when full. As the weight in the glass is needed to make sure it was safe, it’s something I could overlook. 

Thank you to Philips Avent and Bubhub for allowing me the opportunity to review this product. Overall I was very happy with it :)

Aisha Aizee

Avent Glass Bottle is very well made with nice curvy body to provide a better and firmer hold both for mummy and babies. 
Glass being a natural element gives an edge over synthetic plastic ones, these are easy to wash and sterilize but the only and biggest concern I have is it's breakable.

I will never allow my child to have this without my supervision and that's a big drawback in my opinion because my daughter used to drink and then throw away her bottle if I am not there to take it from her :( I have no idea what other babies do.

mrs nv

I found these new bottles to be a good option for my son who has just turned 1 and is solely bottle fed.

The fact that you don't need to use the ring between the bottle and the teat is a major plus, less parts to clean!

I was worried that being glass the bottle may heat up too quick or break if dropped, neither of these things were an issue. 

Mr 1 certainly checked out the durability of the bottle as he insists on feeding himself most of the time and has a tendency to throw it on the wooden floor when done! Not sure how it would go if dropped outside though.

I also found the shape of the bottle really good, and easier to hold in one hand than the bigger plastic Avent bottles that I usually use.

Only negative would be there extra weight of the bottle being glass. Not a major negative though once bubs adjusted and not something that would affect be buying it again. 

Would I buy this product again? Yes. I think it's a good choice for bottle fed bubs. Would I buy it over the traditional plastic Avent bottles I've always used? Maybe, maybe not. To be honest, price point, if there is a difference, would probably be the decider as I have found both the plastic and glass bottles to be great.


I love this bottle, it is really nice and solid. It feels really nice to hold. 


Solid, I dropped it a couple of times and it isn't broken or damaged which was something I was concerned about.

Dishwasher safe! Comes out of the dishwasher looking new, and nice and dry - plastic bottles tend to get scratched and foggy in the dishwasher, then also need to be dried as well.


HEAVY, it is SO much heavier than a plastic bottle, which I could imagine would be rather cumbersome if spending a day out with a few bottles. 

If I begin to bottle feed full time I will certainly invest in a set of these for at home, but I would probably also need a few plastic ones on hand for outings as well. 

Apple iPhart6

This bottle was the first glass bottle I've tried and my absolute first impression of this bottle was that it wasn't as heavy as I expected it to be. I was pleasantly surprised by this fact. I also liked that it had a wide opening for someone as clumsy as me this meant that I didn't spill formula over the sides when spooning it in!

On the down side, the glass gets incredibly hot when sterilised and is hard to touch afterwards since I normally grab them out of the pot with my fingers but for someone who does it the way you're supposed to (with tongs!) this wouldn't be an issue.

I also found that because this is a 240ml bottle, I actually struggled to make up full bottles because the formula I use sits on top until shaken, it doesn't sink into the water. When I made up 240mls there was literally not enough room to scoop in the formula!

All in all, I would not personally by this bottle myself. I would, however, get a plastic version but only if it was a bit taller to allow me to make up the bottle a lot easier.


  • Wide mouth for scooping in formula
  • Not very heavy


  • Glass gets very hot when sterilised
  • Bottle is not big enough to make up the full 240mls

We have found these bottles to be so easy to use. The shape of the bottle has meant bub has been able to hold it comfortably and easily. They clean up amazingly well. The glass is crystal clear after every wash no clouding or discolouration. They are definitely worth having over the plastic ones!


The Philips Avent Natural Glass Bottle is similar in appearance to the BPA-free plastic model. It is a lot heavier, so it is difficult for younger babies to hold (it was a bit too heavy for my 5-month old to hold). It is however slimmer than the plastic bottle. It has a lesser capacity of 240ml, as the plastic bottle which is 260ml. 

I feel that it sterilises a lot better than plastic and it dries faster as the bottle can get quite hot. This also means that it still quite hot to touch for a while after sterilising which isn't always convenient. Tongs are required to handle the glass bottle after sterilising.

The look of the bottle is quite nice with neutral (grey) coloured labelling. 

Obviously glass is breakable so I fear that if it were dropped on a hard floor it would smash. I would not leave baby unattended with the glass bottle for this reason. You can purchase silicone bottle covers from Avent which may reduce the risk of breakages if the bottle was dropped. 

I think that the glass bottle would last a lot longer than plastic. It wouldn't break down after constant sterilising. It also wouldn't discolour, taste or develop a build up as much as plastic bottles.

For hygiene purposes I believe the Avent glass bottle to be superior.

For safety reasons I believe glass to be a disadvantage.

I was able to screw my Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump directly onto the bottle. It got a bit heavy to hold after a while though.

I believe the glass bottle allowed the milk to stay warmer for longer than with a plastic bottle.

The natural teat with anti-colic system is good. You can see the bubbles coming up in the milk which means they are not going into baby's tummy.


After trying the Avent natural glass bottle I have to say that I am impressed. My baby is quite fussy and selective when choosing a bottle, he often won't latch and milk will pour out of the side of his mouth - not with this bottle. He latched right away! The bottle and all its parts are easily cleaned and sterilised. I love that the bottle is made of thick glass, it now eliminates the previous concerns I had of chemicals from plastic seeping into my baby's milk. I love that it is also stylish and modern looking, it's great for a mum who wants to remain stylish while bottle feeding. I will continue using this bottle.


My little one has always been breastfed, so using these bottles was a great transition for us both. A stress I didn't have to worry about - thanks Avent! And I love that it's not plastic. It's like getting a bottle of soft drink - it always taste better out of glass than plastic, any day of the week.

The bottle was comfortable for me to feed my little one and he really seemed to adjust to the transition between feeds of boob then bottle.

As for cleaning, the bottle was easy to get apart, clean and sterilise. There isn't a whole lot to fault here. It is difficult to know the lifespan of these bottles, but I imagine it would be longer than those made of plastic.

I have a house of plastic bottles, but after this trial, I think I will be going out to purchase some Avent glass bottles. 


I have trialled many bottles but this glass Avent bottle has to be one of the best. My bub finds it easy to drink from. It's so easy to clean.  Overall it's seems to be an awesome bottle. Is a little heavy for bub to hold though.


I have never used glass or Avent brand bottles before but found this excellent to use and also clean. I believe they would last really well for home use. Never used out and about due to the fact that it is glass.



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