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My Comfy PJs Maternity pillow pocket pyjamas

13 reviews
Maternity pillow pocket pyjamas

Maternity pillow pocket pyjamas by My Comfy PJs offer a cooler, more reliable comfort than large loose knee pillows that heat up and require so much adjusting.

Soft, gorgeous, and made with 100% Organic Fairtrade cotton in a lightweight weave.

Each pair of My Comfy PJs comes with a complimentary set of our designer knee pillows. The designer pillows slip into specially designed pockets in the pant legs so that, when you roll over in bed, the pillows roll with you.

Designed to soothe knee pain, My Comfy PJs make it comfortable for most people to sleep knee on knee. Health professionals often prefer this position as it maintains a good posture in bed and can prevent some causes of hip, pelvic, and lower back pain.

My Comfy PJs make no claim that our pillow pocket pyjamas will have a therapeutic benefit to an existing condition.

Parent Reviews and Comments

I gratefully received a pair of My Comfy Pj's to review. I'm currently 30 weeks pregnant. The pants are 3/4 length, a light weight comfortable fabric and a pretty pattern. They come with removable knee pads. I liked that the knee padding was removable as it feels a little strange to walk around with the pads in. When you take them out, they feel like regular comfortable pyjama pants. I'm a size 18-20 and the sizing (16+) fit me well. Sleeping with My Comfy Pj's helped me to get a better nights sleep. Unfortunately I've been diagnosed with spd and I now require thicker padding down the length of my legs rather than just padding at the knees. My only recommendations would be the option of having the pants in a darker pattern as its my personal preference and also an option for thicker padding. 

Overall I recommend My Comfy Pj pants to all pregnant ladies. They were quite comfortable and they helped me to have a better night sleep.


I found the PJ's very comfy, cool and light. The sizing was great around my growing belly, however I found the legs a bit too loose so had to keep adjusting the pillows at the knees anyway.

4 star rating :) 


I was so happy to be chosen to review these, such a clever, unique product! Being 23 weeks pregnant I've been getting sore and finding it difficult to get comfortable at night.

When I first opened the parcel, I realised I should have ordered a size smaller! I do think these are a large make, but they will get handy as I get bigger I suppose. Since they were a bit loose on me I found the knee pillows moved through the night and I had to adjust them, but this may not be an issue if they fit a bit better.

The material of the pajamas was great, soft, breathable and even though I sweat a lot, I found them nice and cool to wear. 

The knee pillows did help me get more comfortable, instead of having to have a bulky pillow between my legs this was a much better alternative. I will definitely continue to wear these to help me get a better nights sleep. 

Kiera lee

I recently got to try these pants for the first time and i have to say they are quite good! I like them particularly for laying down on the lounge as i dont have to pull out my maternity pilow from my bedroom. Id love to be able to put thicker paddings in for more cushioning and might purchase an extra set if possible. Definitely recommend getting a pair of these pants if you wake up with sore knees and hips and they are a good alternative or even extra leg support to a maternity pillow. 


I really really really wanted to love these PJs. Supporting an Australian owned company, who in turn support fairtrade practices, with a unique idea designed to address those sleep issues that all pregnant women have.

First - the positives. I went for the 3/4 length as I hate having stuff flapping around my ankles (I'm pretty short) and they were the perfect length for me. They were very comfrotable to wear - didn't cut into my bump at all and the fabric was so soft. I loved that it was fairtrade and organic cotton and would happily pay a bit of a premium for that.  

Despite the good points above, I'm afraid the whole knee pillow concept just didn't work for me.  The inserts were more like thin pads than supportive pillows. Even so, when walking around before bed the weight of the pillows just dragged the waistband down. The pillows themselves were pretty small and thin and didn't provide as much support as i'd hoped they would. I would have preferred the pocket placement to be higher up (mid-thigh) and the pillows longer, wider and thicker to provide the support i need. During the night the pajamas legs rode up and twisted around so the pillows ended up in random places rather than the spot they should have been! 

They are also quite expensive for what they are - $50 for a pair of pants and you'd have to buy your own vest or top to make a set.

Overall, the quality of the pants was great but the USP of knee pillows just didnt work. That, combined with the price bring this down to an average score for me. Which is a shame as I really wanted to love these.


The Maternity Pillow Pocket Pyjamas are very comfortable and the elastic waist sits perfectly on my rapidly expanding belly without digging in at all. The pillows are great between the knees for eleviating some of the dreaded cramps associated with pregnancy. They also come in handy shoved into the waist to cushion achey hips! There is plenty of stretch so I can imagine them lasting throughout my pregnancy.

The fabric is lovely and soft as well as having a pretty pattern. Being light weight cotton they take no time to dry and now the nights are getting cooler are great to wear under a winter nighty.


I was so excited to  these pjs and loved the colour and design of them Instantly. They are cute and it was lovely to have a nicely designed maternity pj pants, as it can be so hard shopping in the maternity section. The fabric is lightweight and soft so I never felt too hot wearing them. 

I am plus sized and the sizing was very comfortable for my growing belly. The pillows are easy to insert and take out for washing purposes. I did however find that the pillows were quite heavy while wearing them in the pjs and they would drag my pants down. I got tired of constantly adjusting  while I was out of bed so I preferred using them without the pillows. When the pillows were in le lying down, they were very comfortable and relieved the pressure on my body. 


Loved this idea! Having struggled with severe pelvis issues with my first pregnancy I was very interested in ensuring that I had better support during sleep with my second pregnancy. The pjs themselves were very comfy and stretched well with my bump. The idea of the pillows being between the knees so that when I rolled I didn't need to adjust a big pillow was great. But unfortunately I found the positioning and the size of the knee pillows to be wrong for me. The current positioning of the pillows are on the front of the pjs, just under/at knee level, so the problem was that I had to grab the pillows still and push them to between my knees when I was side lying. The other problem was that my thighs did not feel any support when the small firm pillows were just between my knees....the pillows needed to be slightly longer/more of them and fitted to the inner seem rather than the front. 

rainbow road

I liked the My Comfy Pyjamas 3/4 Maternity Pants. Being my second pregnancy, and following a fresh IVF transfer, I was already bloated with a proper bump, and sore by 10 weeks. I thought pregnancy was going to really kick me in the proverbial this time, especially at night, as I am usually a tummy sleeper.

The My Comfy PJ pants were great. I was able to roll from side to side without rearranging every time, although I personally prefer my pillow between my knees and thighs, I was able to hitch up the provided pillows to suit that (they sat between my calves otherwise). 

The fabric was soft and breathable and didn't get annoyingly twisted throughout the night. I would recommend these to a pregnant friend struggling to get comfortable at night for sure.

Its Me

My Comfy Maternity PJs were pretty good! The pillows in the knee pockets are very soft and good size. 

The actual PJ pants are, honestly, not the most attractive pattern, i certainly would have looked straight past them in a store however they are indeed very comfy, stretchy and cool. 

I generally wear my pants below the bump and i did find to ensure the pillows matched up with my knees i needed to wear "My comfy PJs" up on the bump which took a little while to get used to.

Did these PJs help me sleep better? I don't think pelvic pain has worsened so i have had to return to the pillow between my legs as additional support but i can certainly see how these PJs could be of benefit to others.


I really wanted to like this product but I was disappointed. The positives were that the pants run true to size and weren't too tight on the waist (last thing you want when pregnant) and the fabric was soft and comfortable on the skin. The main negative was that the pillows just move around too much when rolling over in bed at night and i felt the need to constantly readjust them. Perhaps if the pants style was more of a legging and more fitted round the knee the pillows wouldn't slip around so much, however the pants are very loose and breezy so the pillows need to be twisted around into place constantly. I feel using a traditional pillow between the knees is less disruptive to sleep and does the job better.



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