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Mater Mater Nappy Balm

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Mater Nappy Balm

Mater Nappy Balm is a silky smooth, exceptionally gentle cream ideal for nourishing red and delicate bottoms. This unique, soothing formula forms a protective barrier to repel wetness while still maintaining breathability and moisturising the skin - making for a drier, smoother bottom and a comfortable, happy baby.

Parent Reviews and Comments

i used mater nappy balm on my 4 month old and 2 year old both whom have sensitive skin, i found this cream to help with dry skin/ nappy rash without being too thick or strong smelling like other nappy creams tend to be. With my 4 month old i found that using other creams would make his bottom worse because they completely cut off air to his skin, this cream is much better as it stays on but isnt so thick that its impossible to get off your hands and baby bum.

one tube would last quite a while as you only need the smallest amount each time you use it and i find the tube style packaging more convienient and space saving in a handbag or nappy bag.


We really gave the Mater nappy balm a run for its money as it arrived in the post during a bout of teething induced nappy rash. At first I was doubtful of the cream's ability to cope with what was alreday a nasty rash, but I was actually very impressed with the performance!

I must say, I found the consistency of this nappy balm to be amazing! I was able to spread it and get a nice even thin coverage with minimal rubbing. It is so much easier to spread than all of the other balms I have tried using and even more silky and smooth than the marketing claims.

It also provided an extrememly effective barrier that lasted the distance between nappy changes. This alone helped my son recover from his rash, as I find a lot of other creams simply disappear over time unless you cake them on, which isn't good for the skin.

With no strong perfume, a wonderful smooth consistency and proven results, I will certainly continue to use this product and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to other mums.


Initially I didn't like the texture of this cream. It is quite thick and difficult to rub in. I am used to using paw paw ointments for nappy rash so this cream was different to what I was used to. Despite the difficulty rubbing it in, it did a good job of clearing up rashes and redness and preventing nappy rash from developing. I didn't like the scent as to me it smells like makeup. I found it was very gentle on my son's skin.


  • clears up redness and rashes very quickly
  • gentle on skin


  • difficult to rub in
  • I didn't like the scent


My son (16 months) wears cloth nappies during the day and disposables overnight. Lately he has been suffering with nappy rash no matter which nappies he wears. We have tried many other nappy creams on the market but haven't found that they help much.

The Mater Nappy Balm spread easily onto his irritated skin and was so easy to spread that it didn't cause him any pain. It was thick enough to provide protection but thin enough to spread into an even coating across all delicate areas. 

The nappy balm had a neutral smell that was fresh and clean but not overpowering. 

We found the nappy balm helped clear up a lot of the redness of the nappy rash and lasted through to the next nappy change.

I would happily recommend this product to other mothers. 


I found the Mater Nappy Balm easier to spread then some of the other comparative products on the market, It seemed to work well as a barrier but also cleared up the rash quite quickly, I used this at every nappy change and my daughters skin improved through out the day and night, I was quite liberal with my application. It wasn't too thick and easy to wipe off the skin but stayed on unless I removed it myself.

I am happy with this product and continue to use it.


I use a nappy cream or balm on my 4 month old every change - I like to use it as a barrier cream (to prevent rash developing) as well as a soothing treatment for when a rash does develop. I found the Mater Nappy Balm ok for both. The balm is a thick, white cream, not a gel-like ointment. After a few week's use of it, I found it did a reasonably job in keeping rash at bay. However, I find the gel-like ointments generally better at soothing rashes.

The balm has a pleasant, clean smell and does not excessively dry the skin like other cream-based balms (you know the ones!) do.


thank for giving me the opportunity to review this product. I used it on my 6 mo son who has very sensitive skin that is prone to splitting and is red a majority of the time in the nappy area. First of all I want to say I absolutely love the smell of this cream best I've smelt and makes bubs smell nice and fresh after a nappy change. Comparing the mater nappy cream to others I have used I would apply it at night and would find that in the morning my son would still have a red bottom underneath the cream, which he doesn't with the other cream I use, but in saying this since using the mater nappy cream his skin has remained intact and there has been no splitting which is good. its easy to apply and stays on all night and between nappy changes and also easy to wipe off. I don't think I'd pick the nappy cream over the one I normally use but this would be my second choice. 


I was really excited to trial this product as my eight month old has been having some terribly nappy rash recently.

Appearance wise the tube looks fresh and cooling, like a cucumber. The cream itself is thick and smooth like is promised. I find it much easier to apply than some of the similar products out there. It has a pleasant smell, my husband particularly liked the subtle smell of the Mater Nappy Balm.

While I will definitely continue to keep using it, it did not stand up to the really bad nappy rash my son has been getting due to teething and I had to use a medicated cream. Normal nappy rash I found this to be a great option. 


Lovely thick creamy texture and so great it comes in a tube. Coats the bottom well and creates a great moisture barrier. Helped to soothe bubs sore red bottom quickly and didn't seem to sting him. Great nappy balm and I would definitely use again


I gave birth to my now 8 month old daughter at Mater Mothers' Hospital and was excited to try this product to support the hospital. She has sensitive skin and often gets nappy rashes while at childcare. We have tried many different products and have found that the thick creams with zinc oxide work best. We use both disposable and cloth nappies, however due to the zinc oxide, we don't use the Mater Nappy Balm with our modern cloth nappies, only our disposable ones.

When she has a mild nappy rash, we apply a thick layer of the Mater Nappy Balm before she goes to bed and the rash is gone by morning! It does a great job at replicating vernix and we also apply it to prevent rashes. 

My favourite part of this product is the tube it comes in. I prefer using tubes over jars. I definitely recommend this product to all parents and will be adding this product to baby shower gifts in the future.  


I really liked it. 

Great texture, thick enough to create a good barrier not and thick and paste like as other creams.

My LO seems to always come home from daycare with a bit of a red bottom, one application of this balm and the redness was gone.

i checked out the price online and it was quite reasonable. 

I would definately buy it again. 


What a lovely, silky cream. It soothes an irritated bottom very effectively.

I only had limited use of the balm as we use cloth nappies during the day and zinc based creams are not recommended for use with cloth nappies.

We do however use disposables at night and when we used the balm overnight on our son's irritated bottom and it was cleared by morning!

It's not thick and pastey like a lot of the other zinc based creams and is very light, I'd definitely recommend to friends


I have used Mater Nappy Balm on my 8mth old and nearly 2yr old. The cream was very effective on easing my toddlers nappy rash that would go from nothing to blisters in a day.

However on my 8mth olds persistent nappy rash it was less effective. It would ease but not completely. 

The cream itself is pleasant smelling and not gritty.

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