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Coles Little Explorer Nappies

22 reviews
Little Explorer Nappies
High quality, dependable nappies at great value. Ultra absorbent, super soft & great fit for boys & girls, day & night.
  • DRY TECH Ultra Absorbent Core
  • Perfect for Boys & Girls
  • 3-Way Active Fit
  • Soft & Breathable
  • Umbilical Cord Cut Out (Newborn only)
  • Wetness Indicator (Newborn & Infant sizes only)
  • Fun character designs

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Parent Reviews and Comments

After reading mixed reviews here for these nappies, I tried other brands when shopping around for a new type of nappy. I even ordered some from overseas. Then I finally tried these and I have to say I was really surprised. They were actually almost identical to the brand I ordered from the UK but half the price. I am now convinced that they are made by the same manufacturer (the wording they use to describe the nappies are almost identical, even the name little explorer is part of the description for the more expensive nappy brand...). 

Anyway, I digress. I found these nappies fit DS really well. The super stretchy waist meant that I could put them on nice and snug, but they were still comfortable and didn't shift around as he moves, crawls and rolls. And he is a mover! I also like that they are very thin and breathable. This was especially great in the heat of the summer! Other brands I tried were much bulkier and I felt they must be less comfortable when the temperature sores.

I have never had any leaks unless my DH put them on because he tends to put them on too loosely. I also use them overnight but I double up and put a larger size overtop of the usual nappy (for example a toddler sized nappy overtop of the crawler size). This is probably me being extra cautious because in reality the second nappy is ususally completely dry. Ocassionally there has been a little moisture around the edges though so I keep doing it.

Overall, I'd say a really great nappy. You just need to put them on nice and tight because the tabs are soooooo stretchy.


These feel very papery and not at all soft. I doubt they would be very comfortable. I much prefer another coles brand, which are also much cheaper. 


I actually do prefer these over the brand I was using, and would recommend them to anyone.  I feel confident using them on my nearly three year old and particularly as an overnight "heavy duty" nappy.  We haven't had any leaks since using them, in fact they have out-performed some of the more expensive big brands. 

My daughter seemed very comfortable in them, and we loved the softer quilted top sheet!  These were the softest nappies we've ever used!

Thanks for the opportunity to try, will definitely be buying these once they hit the shelves!


Taking these nappies out of the pack they feel amazing. They are soft and do not feel plasticy at all. 

I use them overnight for my 20 month old son who can be a heavy wetter. They never soaked through (unlike another supermarket brand ones do on occasion). 

The material is breathable and through the whole trial my son did not get a nappy rash at all. 

I will definitely be buying these again. 


I was sent the walker size nappies for my son. I received  22 nappies in that pack which were perfect to try for five days. I loved the gender neutral design a lot and the appearance of the nappy was also good, soft to touch and a good to look at.

The design of the nappy is great too - the soft leg cuffs and stretchy waistband ensured a great fit for my son and there was no leakage during day or night. My son has sensitive skin but everything was fine with this nappy - I did not notice any bad effect on the skin ,so I can say these are gentle for the skin.

At night also I was satisfied with the nappy - in the morning there was no sign of any crystals ( when nappies become super wet ) which sometimes come up in the morning with some other brands of nappies. I feel the nappies are worth using and I am satisfied with them after the trial.

Thanks bubhub for choosing me for the trial.


Sorry for the graphic title, but I needed something to get your attention? Didn't I? I was lucky enough to trial the Little Explorer Nappies these past two weeks. I was really impressed by the packaging and quality of the nappy. I'm pretty fussy about what my little one wears, but the Little Explorers held up to the challenge. They didn't feel cheaper (even though I'm sure there will be a financial saving for buying these ones). I didn't have any unexpected spills or mess, everything stayed where it should have. I have spruiked about these nappies to friends and families and can't wait until they hit the shelves!

Jennifer Mcguiness

The nappies are nice and soft, with a good adjustable straps for a good fit.

Purple Lily

These nappies were the best I have ever used. I reviewed the infant size on my daughter who is 3 months old and quite a heavy wetter. These nappies survived long stretches overnight and her poosplosions. The nappies I usually use are great but have sometimes leaked wee and poo so it was great to see that these nappies could contain that and save her clothes!

One big plus for me was how beautifully soft they were. Nappies tend to feel either scratchy or a bit like tissue paper but these were just the perfect softness. The tabs were nice and stretchy and the nappy was a perfect fit on my daughter. I have already recommended these nappies to every mum I know and although I am happy with our current nappies I will definitely be swapping to these. The only negative I can think of is that on a few of the nappies the tabs were a bit too sticky and I had a bit of a tough time getting it apart. But it wasn't something that annoyed me it was more of an observation.


I am reviewing the Coles Infant Little Explorer Nappies.

I am currently using a leading brand name and am a little disappointed since they change the design recently. I would prefer the Coles nappy over the current brand I am using.

I would recommend them to friends, I think the price is very reasonable and the quality is fairly good. My favourite things are the simple prints (nothing worse than the print showing through clothes) they are a very thin non bulky nappy. I love the wetness indicator, the stars disappear when the nappy is wet. They have a nice silky feeling.

I felt fairly confident using the nappies, we only had one poo explosion but it had been a few days between a poo and he has just started solids....we had no issues with wee leakages.

I felt very confident using this nappy overnight without any leakages. 

The fit is great for my son,  he was prem so still in the infant size.

The soft silky touch to the nappy was great And there was no irritation at all to my bubs skin.

The nappies are certainly softer than the current brand I am using.

Overall I am certainly impressed and I would buy these nappies again.

Thank you for the opportunity to review these nappies.


These nappies are good value for money and great for using throughout the day. They are absorbent day and night but by morning can be very smelly and leak the jelly-like absorbent stuff.. Which is not harmful but not really something I want hanging around Bub's bottom. Overall they are good nappy & didn’t leak urine overnight. Will recommend and will try again. They are a great fit for both girls and boys and very soft to touch gentle on skin much softer then my current brand.


I'm currently using another supermarket brand nappy and I found Little Explorer nappies to be as good as them, soft, comfortable and absorbent. The only negative is it seems to "bubble" easily on the outside after some wear although this is not a big deal. Thus I will choose between my normal brand and Little Explorer nappies depending on which is cheaper as they are similar in performance.


Overall the nappies are useable and satisfactory. However they are slightly bigger in size then the my normal brand, which caused leakage for my daughter as she is small. The nappies are very absorbent which is good and bad. Good as very absorbent and good for overnight meaning less changing. But in the heat the it held so much urine it caused nappy rash. The full indicators were difficult to see the change - lots of urine mean the indicators would be change, by this time had caused nappy rash. The nappies felt very soft which was nice. 

Jo Lambrakis

Little Explorer nappies are much better than other cheaper brand nappies that we have used and are on par with leading brand Newborn.

Would recommend Little Explorers over other homebrand or cheaper style nappies.

Was confident when our baby was wearing the nappies and had no overnight leakage.

The nappies were soft and fit our newborn boy very well. Was especially soft & comfortable against our son's penis after a surgical procedure.

The only small issue that we had with the nappies is that the tabs were a bit tough to pull up.

Would be very happy and comfortable to purchase and use this brand of nappy with confidence on our baby.


Used infant sized nappies on my 6.4kg 5 month old boy.

Out of the packet they felt very thin and reminded me of another supermarket brand. I felt that the wetness indicators on the front were basically pointless because the nappy felt wet and squishy quite quickly when compared to thicker nappers.

First use was overnight and I was convinced the nappy would leak and wake my son however he still slept for 10 hours. After using overnight - the nappy was very wet and his skin was damp to the touch unlike our usual name brand nappy - but there was no leaks. 

Second use and I was worried it wouldn't survive a bowel movement but again, I was proven wrong and the nappy survived with no leaks. To be fair - I knew he had soiled immediately so I changed him straight away however if he had moved around much more then leaking would definitely have been an issue.

Have continued to use the nappies with no issues of leaks however I won't consider purchasing them unless it was really the only option available. Certainly they passed all the tests but I still feel they aren't really for us.


I have been using these nappies for the last 5 days and I have been really impressed with them they are so lovely and soft and gentle on my babies girl’s skin. The things that I really liked about these nappies is that they fitted my baby really well she is a small baby and the elasticated leg fitted beautifully so there was so explosions around the leg and up the back. It provided great overnight protection with no leakage and it soaked the wee away without an awful smell.

I do really like these nappy and I think they are superior to the nappies I am using but it really depends on price point for me with a large family.

I highly recommend Little Explorer nappies newborn.

Le Vongpraseuth

The nappy was nice, soft and thin - which is a plus as I don't like bulky nappies. I appreciated that the print on the nappy was light and therefore not visible under light coloured clothing. The quilted top sheet gave the nappy a delicate touch.

I used the 'Walker' size and it fit my 13kg daughter well. Over the last week we did end up with one poo leak out of the leg area and also one overnight nappy leak.

For overnight use I will continue to use the current nappy brand, but for daytime use I would happily use these nappies as they are cheaper than the regular nappy we use. I will probably purchase these nappies for my daughter to use at her daycare.

The best features of this nappy would be the softness, they're thin and the cost.


I was selected to review these and received crawlers for my 9kg daughter.

When they first arrived, I was sceptical because the nappies seemed quite thin and I was expecting a few leaks. They were nice and soft though and didn't have that plastic feeling that some nappies do.


  • soft and not bulky
  • no leaks, even 12 hours overnight
  • sticky tabs that stayed where they were supposed to
  • no tabs tore when putting the nappy on
  • no chemical smell, unlike some other brands
  • they didn't cause any rashes
  • price



  • none

Overall, I'm very happy with these nappies and will continue to use them.

Best Things

I wasn't entirely impressed when I first opened the packet of Little Explorer Nappies but after a few days of use I have completely changed my mind. The nappies themselves are softer and seem to fit my little one more comfortably than the previous brand I was using, they also feel slimmer but didn't seem more likely to leak than my more expensive previous brand. I haven't had any problems with leaking and she sleeps all night in one. My only minor complaint is maybe after the entire night the inside of the nappy doesn't seem to feel as dry as my previous brand, but there hasn't been any reaction from my little one. 

I much prefer how easy the nappy is to put on compared to other brands, I like how elastic the tabs are and I now feel very confident in the brand. I prefer them over my previous brand and would recommend them to others, I wish I knew about them sooner.


Thank you for letting me try Coles new Little Explorer nappies! I have only ever used a leading brand nappy and have been considering trying other nappies to see if there are other nappies that are less expensive but just as good for my toddler. I was pleasantly surprised! During the 5 days I tried them we did not have any leaks day or night and they actually seem to fit my son a little better than my normal brand. They also seemed less bulky when I put them on my son as they fitted more closely. I will definitely continue using Coles Little Explorer nappies and would recommend others give them a try!


I had the opportunity to review the new Coles Little Explorer nappies in the toddler size.

I was expecting them to be pretty average, but they turned out to be quite good.

From the initial feel of them, they didn't feel as though they were going to be very absorbent at all. They seemed quite thin. However, they turned out to be just as absorbent as any of the other brands I've used. We used them overnight without any leaks. The thinness of them worked to their advantage because they weren't bulky between my toddlers legs.

One downfall was that if the nappy was quite full there was a very strong urine smell. This meant that the nappy needed to be changed more often (after every wee) just to prevent the smell, and I would have used a lot more than I normally would have of an alternate brand.

I also found that the outside of the nappy was a bit thin as well. The fibres would pile or flake off.

Without knowing what they would be sold for, it's hard to give an honest judgement. From how I found them, I would expect them to be on the cheaper end of the market. If they were comparable in price to other nappies in the higher end of the market then I wouldn't recommend these of the others. However, if these are significantly cheaper then I'd definitely recommend them.


I was quite impressed with the Coles Little Explorer nappies. I found them to fit really snugly and securely without needing to wrestle with the sticky tabs to make them stay. I liked the elasticised back, it seemed to make them fit even better whilst also offering great protection from leaks. The design was muted and simple which I like, especially when my daughter wears white clothes- nothing worse than bright bold patterns peeking through her dress so I appreciated the understated patterns of the Coles nappies. Most of all I was impressed with their ability to cope with the overnight stretch. 12+ hours is a long time for a nappy to keep working without leaks or over saturation. Even after a long night the Coles Little Explorers didn't leak or leave soggy patches on my daughters pyjamas and best of all kept her skin dry and free from irritations. 

I would happily continue to purchase these nappies and feel they are worth the price difference as they far outperform the cheaper brands available.


I tried Toddler Size (10-15kg) on my 10kg 9 month old son.

Initially this nappy seemed very thin and I was reluctant to try it overnight. After trying this nappy, I think it is great. It is very absorbent and well fitting (I have a chunky bubba so it might depend on your baby’s size). It lasted well overnight; we almost had a few poo leaks but no wee leaks at all. My husband now prefers to use this nappy overnight. The design on the nappy is very cute yet subtle and they seem to be of good quality for a supermarket brand. I still prefer to use more environmentally sustainable nappies but will be considering using these nappies in future as an overnight nappy.


  • Easy to fit, seems to fit well on my 10kg baby
  • Quality seems good for a supermarket brand
  • Very absorbent, no overnight leaks


  • Not sure if I like packaging as it looks cheap
  • Unisex so may not provide a good fit for different babies
  • Landing strip  hard to see/not obvious
  • Not sure it will be absorbent enough at the front for my heavy wetting boy as it looks very thin

I was asked the following questions when reviewing this product:

  • Since using the new Coles nappies, do you prefer them over your current nappy brand?

No, I prefer to use environmentally friendly nappies. However, thought these nappies were great despite that.

  • Would you recommend the new Coles nappies to others over your current nappy brand?

I would recommend these nappies as a good quality disposable nappy.

  • Do you feel confident using the new Coles nappies on your child?

Yes, they were very absorbent and of great quality.

  • Do you feel confident using the new Coles nappies on your child overnight?

Yes, we prefer to use this brand overnight now as it does not readily leak.

  • Do you feel confident that the new Coles nappies offer good leakage protection day and night?

Yes, we did not have any leaking problems with this nappy.

  • Do you feel the new Coles nappies provide comfortable fit for your child’s gender?

It seemed quite comfortable though seems very thin at the front so not sure how well these nappies would work (in terms of leakage) if my son was at the upper end of the weight range rather than the lower end of the weight range for these nappies.

  • Do you feel the quilted top sheet offered a soft touch?

The nappy overall seemed quite soft.

  • Do you feel that the new Coles nappies are softer than your current nappy brand?

No, but I think these nappies are just as good.



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