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Nutricia Karicare+ Toddler Milk

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Karicare+ Toddler Milk
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My 2 eldest boys are going through the 'no dairy' stage when along comes our toddler milk. Several big days at the farm planned and 'Strongman milk' was drunk with enthusiasm - you can't drive a tractor without it! We had it hot, cold and in Frappe's - Daddy even had a bit to help his muscles. It mixed really well and didn't have that yuck formula taste or smell.


Toddler milk is a bit of a strange thing for me. I have always just given my children cows milk once weaned, whether that is from Infant Formula or from breastmilk (I have four children, first two formula babies, second two were breastfed).

My youngest, at two years old, is yet to agree to drink ANY milk apart from my breastmilk (even when mixed with milo or chocolate or strawvberry!!!), so I thought this could be a tough croud.

I was right, she wouldnt have a bar of it past the first sip. She turned away from it and said YUCK! I tasted it, and to be honest, I personally think it tasted just fine, just like a normal powdered milk.

So to be fair (as I think my Miss Two was too tough a crowd), I gave it to my twin nephews (3 years old) who were formular fed, but have been drinking cows milk for at least two years. They LOVED it!  They happily drank their full cups of milk and were happy to polish off the rest of the tin that I left for their Mum to use. It barely lasted the week!

I think that if your child is willing to drink milk, and you had concerns about their picking eating, as most toddlers tend to do, then this formula could be a great option for you. Just to give a little more peace of mind. Overall, if mine WOULD drink it, I would definitely purchase it on occasions that she was ill, or need a bit more of a boost due to picky eating or a growth spurt, but its not something I personally would buy on a regular basis as I believe children generally get what they need from food.


I was keen to try this product as we had not been able to get my toddler to drink cow's milk out of a cup since ditching the bottles and I was concerned about him getting enough nutrients. 

He actually drank it first go, which suprised me as he doesn't like 'milk drinks'  There seemed to be no side effects, such as upset tummy or changes in that respect.  He wasn't as keen on the second serving the next day, but still drank it!

If you aren't keen on using it as an everyday product' (I think it's a great addition to an active toddlers diet) this would be a great product for those times when you are not sure that your toddler is getting the nutrients they need from food (When they are unwell or going through a fussy stage)

Skye Baby

I have always breastfed my children well into toddlerhood than introduced cows milk, so it has never occurred to me to use a toddler milk drink. However with my three year old complaining that her stomach hurt every time after having a drink of regular cows milk I thought I would trial the Karicare plus toddler milk.

I have always breastfed my children well into toddlerhood than introduced cows milk, so it has never occurred to me to use a toddler milk drink. However with my three year old complaining that her stomach hurt every time after having a drink of regular cows milk I thought I would trial the Karicare plus toddler milk.

 I received a free sample of the milk drink and picked it up from the post office with my three year old. I have to admit since I had never ever used formula I was very sceptical about this product.  Karicare claims that not only is it a delicious milk drink, but it is more than cows Milk with added prebiotics to help support a happy tummy. That been said I thought I would let my daughter be the judge. 

The toddler milk drink comes in a powder form that you mix with water just like baby formula. It comes with a little scoop that you measure out the exact amount of powder you need.  My husband was very impressed with the fact that the top of the tin had a metal lip on the inside that you use to level of the scoop. It is fairly easy to prepare the milk drink and the  powder dilutes easily into water.

After using the Karicare toddler mild drink for a week the verdict is good my daughter absolutely loves it, she says she  loves her special milk drink, that we got from the post office, it tastes so yummy. One of the most important things to me about giving this milk drink a go is how my daughters stomach would feel after drinking it. After a week of drinking it she has not once complained about having a sore stomach in fact she claims it doesn't hurt her tummy.  

With such a positive response to our trial I think I am going to have add Karicare plus Toddler drink to our weekly shop as my daughter loves it and I love that she can now drink milk and not be in pain afterwards.



My little boy has never had any kind of formula or toddler milk so I was initially concerned he wouldn't go for this milk. It actually did take a few attempts and some experimenting with hot and cold before he would give it a proper go. Finally, when I offered it warm one day when my son was feeling unwell he decided it was yummy and has been happily knocking it back ever since. His tummy has been very happy since drinking Karicare Toddler Milk and I'm always relieved to see my busy boy put something nutritious in his belly.


I reviewed Karicare+ Stage 3 Toddler Milk with my 15 month old son. He loved it! The first time I gave it to him he gulped it down. I was initially worried that it wasn’t gentle enough on his tummy as he threw up about an hour later but I think he must have drunken too much at once as he has been absolutely fine drinking it since. I was a bit concerned that in contains added sugar (glucose) which I don’t think is really necessary at this age when they are well established on solid foods. I tasted the milk myself: it has a very pleasant flavour and is quite sweet tasting. While I don’t think toddler milks are necessary in most circumstances, if you are looking for toddler milk for your little one I would highly recommend Karicare.


  • My son loved it!
  • Pleasant flavour with lots of added vitamins & minerals


  • It does have added sugar (glucose) if that is something that may be of concern.


I was reluctant to try a new formula for my 18 month of son. He doesn't eat much and never really liked formula but would take it if he was about to sleep. Well Karicare+ changed all that. He went from reluctently taking a bottle to finishing one and then wanting another. He found the tin and brought it to me multiple times a day. (Not that I relented) His appetite for real food was greater too. 

My son loves Karicare+ and now I do too. I will be going out to buy more .


My little guy wouldn't take it unfortunately. He's one and a half and breastfed in the morning and before bed. I was going to replace the morning feed but he wouldn't have a bar of it :(


my son loves this, he wont drink cows milk and was concerned about his dairy intake, he has sensitivities to some food and preservatives too. we tried this and at first he wouldnt drink it. tried bribes and threats lol but then we tried it cold (i had tried it warm previously) and it became a big hit, he absolutely loves it. he hasnt had any adverse effect either, no tummy upsets or skin changes ( due to his sensitivies) which was my first concerns. we are a very happy customer :)


My son is 15 months and has never accepted formula as a drink, not in a bottle or cup despite trying daily. I was hopeful that this would change with Karicare as he hadn't tried this brand before, and he is more willing to try different foods now than he was at 12 months. 

It was time for his milk so I prepared the Karicare as per the instructions and gave him his cup and waited.. As expected he screwed his nose up and refused to try any more.

I persisted daily for 2 weeks but have admitted defeat - he is not a fan of Karicare. I don't blame the brand or think it is a terrible tasting drink, he simply won't ingest it.

it was definitely worth a try and I'm sure that other families will have success with the product. 


I had no real issues with Karicare toddler milk for my 15 month old. He drank it first time every time, but he's not a fussy baby at all.

The only hiccup I had with the process of trialling the milk was the scope getting formula stuck on it the handle part, then having it dumped on my bench as I attempted to get the scoop into the bottle. I've not had that issue with other brands, so perhaps this could be revised.

That aside, I was happy with the milk and couldn't really fault anything else.


My son has been on karicare since he was 4 weeks and we have followed the stages. Coming up to him turning 1 I wasn't sure weather we should continue with formula or go onto cows milk. After trying out this formula I can safely say we will keep him on it. It's very gentle on his tummy, he happily drinks it all and I feel more comfortable giving him this formula with nutrients rather than straight cows milk.


My 18 month old has never really been a fan of milk (formula or cow) unless its blended with fruit.

I was very surprised the first time I gave her some of the Karicare Toddler as she drank half of it in one quick go.

Alas she must have just been particularly thirsty as everytime I have offered it to her since then she will have one or two mouthfuls and leave it.

While I know it is my child that is the issue, not the product, I was hoping she would love it so I could supplement her diet. 

Perhaps if she had been brought up with formula she would have appreciated it more. 


My daughter is 15 months and has recently been teething, because of this she has been off her food and I've been concerned that she isnt getting all that she needs. I feel so much better about her having the Karicare toddler formula for extra nutrients, I give her a bottle before her nap or bedtime and find she settles better going to bed with more of a full tummy then when she isn't eating very much. 

I am really impressed with this formula and will be continuing to use it for quite a while.

just her chameleon

After trying relentlessly to get my 2 year old to drink this, unfortunately he point blank refused. I even tried to get my 3 year old to drink it for the purpose of this review but was told "ewwww this is gross". I really wanted to write something positive about this as my 2 year old is a terrible eater and I was hoping this would help to ensure he is getting enough nutrients. The nutritonal panel looks great, they've got an awful lot of vitamins in this product but when it tastes like watered down baby formula, it's hard to encourage toddlers to drink it.


As my bub is nearly 18 months, he takes solid food as well apart from the formulae. We feed him milk 3 times a day, after he wakes in the morning, after his nap in the afternoon and before he goes to bed at night. He does not have any allergic reaction to the formulae, and also does not show any constipation issues. He still made his regular bowel motions. I would definitely recommend Karicare+ Toddler Milk to my friends and family.

Best Things

My daughter is currently almost 13 months old, she has 3 bottles a day and loves Karicare+ Toddler Milk... She'll even drink it without it being warmed! This is so convinient for us when we are out and about and don't have access to bottle warmers or microwaves. 

This formula is great for added vitamins and minerals and my daughter loves the taste and is always excited when she see's her milk coming. It's also really gentle on her belly and she is always full and content after her bottle. 

Karicare+ Toddler Milk is a wonderful, healthy drink... Just add water! 


Love it. My 3 year old boy is incredibly active, but with a small appetite. He's off the charts for height being so tall, but only weighs 14 kg. So I'm always a little concerned about getting the right amount of nutirients for him. Karicare was given to him twice a day, and he took it both warm and cold - loved the taste. So was easy for him to try and great for me knowing he's getting all the extra goodies he needs. Will happy buy when the trial finishes


I have been  wanting to try my 20 month year old daughter on formula as she has been picking up alot of bugs recently and due to a fussy food stage. I tried a liquid multivitamim but the taste was awful and she is too young for the gummi version.

Unfortunately my daughter who has been on full cows milk for about 6 months would not take to the taste of formula. I have tried for 8 days twice a day and she just hands it back and says 'no'

I did make a few notes regarding this formula

1. it dissolves really quickly and completely. Doesnt clump in the teat which was a real problem with another formula we tried when dd was a baby.

2. It doesnt have that overwhelming smell formula can have. I was surprised dd wouldn't drink it as it smelled very close to cows milk. 

I will have to go back to the drawing board for my dd. My advice is that if you have a 12 month old already on formula but you wish to transfer bubs onto a formula that supports their growing needs than this is the product for you however if your toddler is already on cows milk than it is more a matter of taste preference.

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