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Joopy Sun Shade Joopy Sun Shade

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Joopy Sun Shade

Joopy Sun Shade attaches to the driver’s car door and protects your face and neck from the sun when you’re driving, making every drive a soothing one.

It provides protection from harmful UV rays, heat and glare when the sun shines through the side window, and covers the spot the car’s visor misses.

It's super-easy to fit and remove using magnets, and even stays in place when you wind the window down for a fresh breeze!

Parent Reviews and Comments

Overall concept ideal however some minor flaws.

The matt finish makes it very difficult to see through and therefor restricts view and causes a significant blind spot.

I found that the magnets where not strong enough and the shade continually blew off when my window was opened.


I reviewed the sunshade in autumn which probably wasn't the peak time to trial it. I imagine it would have a lot more use in summer but we were hapoy with it anyway. During the time we used it I had 4 people drive my car, none of whom found it annoying. My only comment would be that I had to mix the 2 installation methods together because of the shape of my doors.


This sunshade attaches to the driver’s side door window. It seems quite sturdy and clipped (with magnets) on to the door frame well. It fit both our cars. In one car, it only just reached to where it would need to provide shade due to the seat position but in our other car it provided plenty of shade for its purpose. It would be good if it was just that bit longer so that it provides shade for shorter people who need to sit with the seat close to the steering wheel. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t that great when I reviewed the Joopy Sun Shade but it was useful for the few times the sun was at the right angle to the car. I would recommend this to anyone who finds the sun distracting when it shines through the driver’s side window. I wonder if the material this was made out of would be useful in making sun shades to protect children in the back seat? One concern I had with the shade was that it may easily be knocked off when opening and closing the door. The magnets do hold it on quite well as they are very strong and even though I am very careful I did manage to accidently knock it off once. Someone less careful (like my husband) would be more likely to lose it.


  • Easy to use and install

  • Does the job it’s designed for
  • Neat & trim design


  • May be accidently knocked off
  • May not be long enough for people who are short/need to sit close to the steering wheel


I was very happy to be chosen to review this product, anyone who knows me knows how sensitive my eyes and skin are to the sun so it seemed like something that could be very useful to me.

When I opened the parcel I did think 'really? This little thing is going to be able to block out sun?' but it definitely did. It attatched easily, and although I did think that it should be a bit longer, I realised that if it was longer it would cover up the spot that I look at for traffic lights, traffic etc. So it was obviously designed with safety in mind.

I did worry about it falling down with my constant getting in and out of the car, but it has stayed put the entire time. 

I would recommend this to others who are as sun sensitive as me, I did find it really helped with stopping the sun that shines into my eyes from that side.


When I received the Joopy Sun Shade I was very excited to test it out and told DF all about it. He asked if he could test it too.
We fitted it onto the car with no problems and went about life in and out of the car. After 2 days DF said that he couldn't drive with it on anymore as it was blocking his view and he thought it too dangerous to keep it on.

Easy to attach

Blocks vision of road


The Joopy Sun Shade provides easy to use sun protection, that makes driving long distances in the sun a much more bearable experience. It cuts out almost all side glare that usually manages to sneak around the edges of sunglasses.

The magents make the process of attaching the sun shade to the car very simple, and stable. It was simply a matter of holding the sade up to the window! Considering how easy it was to install, I was very impressed with how well it stayed in place. It didn't move or vibrate around, even driving up some bumpy roads. 

My hubby who is over 6ft found the sun shade a slight distraction but I never noticed that it impeded my vision. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who was after a cost effective sun protection solution. 

I really hope they consider making a larger version of the product to use for rear window sun protection for baby!


As a mum, I'm always looking for good, cheap and effective hacks to everyday problems. I drive to and from work three days a week with the little one and spend a lot of it heading towards the sun, or having it blind me from the side. So I was keen to give Joopy's creation a whirl.

It was easy to install and helped via the company's website with a DIY video.

It didn't block my view from traffic and any obstacles, but was effective in protecting me from the skin. I could even go through drive through without having to take it off to exchange payment and food.

Overall, I was really impressed with the item and its praticality. I'd recommend it to anyone - they're affordable and effective.


What impressed me instantly about this sun shade was that it was oh-so-simple to install in my car. It uses little magnets so it can easily be taken on or off, yet it stays put when you need it to.

It's placement doesn't impede your driving visibility in any way. You'll pretty much forget that it's there!

Does it work? I've found that at the times I have driven with the shade on that the sun glare is still an issue, as the position of the sun seems to be closer to the part of the window that isn't covered by the shade. Perhaps this is due to the times I've been driving, which are frequently morning and late afternoon.

Unfortunately the weather where I live has been quite gloomy for a good part of the review period, so I haven't been able to fully test it out in glaring midday sun.

At a RRP price of $19.99 it's very reasonable and I would recommend it to a friend.


The Joopy sun shade is a neat little product that is great for early morning or late afternoon drives. The shade attaches to the metal rim of the car door using magnets, which are small but surprisingly strong, staying in place even in big winds. once on, the shade is so discreet that I almost forgot it was there! It neatly covers the section of window that the car shade misses when turned to the side, which I found very helpful when driving in the early morning when the sun is low. 

The easy magnet attachment makes it simple to swap between cars, and the price is quite reasonable.

thanks for the chance to review this neat little product!


I was excited to try this product because Im sick of having the sun shining in my eyes whenever I drive anywhere. The product promised great versatility between many car models, boasting ease of use and a relatively cheap price tag.
As soon as I received the sunshade I went straight out to the car to put it on. It was pretty simple to apply, however after having already checked the compatibility on the company website, it seemed the shade was a little ill fitting and would not stay in place very well. It fell off each time I opened the door and I was constantly realigning it. Each time I closed the door the sun shade was pushed out of alignment resulting in the magnets being forced away from the metal of the car. I thought adding maybe velcro strips or some ribbon to tie to the top of the window would help ensure it was safely secured and less likely to keep falling off would be of great benefit. I tried using it on a different car to which I had more success. It stayed in place much better on that car but I still worry it would fall off a little too easily. The concept is great but I do feel a little more tweaking would be more ideal.  It would be fanastic if the product could be universal in regard to the front drivers seat as well as the other passenger windows, both front and rear.


I was chosen to review the Joopy Sun Shade for BubHub's Reviewer Panel. Me (and my husband who also drives my car) have been very impressed with this sun shade and it will be a permanent addition to my car window!

This sun shade is small and compact. My first thought upon opening it was that it looked too small to achieve much shade; however, its position on the car window cleverly blocks out most of the sun that falls on the driver's face.

It attaches to the car door frame magnetically. There's instructions in the packet and two different ways of attaching the shade, however, it was so easy to install we did it without reading the instructions! The magnets on the shade are strong - there's been a few occasions where, without thinking, I've opened the window while driving at 100km/hr, and the shade has stayed attached.

Visibility out the window is not hindered in the slightest with this sun shade.

To sum up, it's easy to use and does its job well. 5/5.



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