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Jellypop Jellyseat Kids

6 reviews
Jellyseat Kids

Jellyseat Kids - Baby Cool Seat/Mat

  • Relieves from heat
  • No need to refrigerate
  • Your baby stays cool in the car seat
  • It is easy to clean and its coolness lasts long
  • Suitable for babyies with sensitive skin, eczema and allergies
  • Prevent heat strokes, prickly heat and dehydration
  • Simple & easy for mum to use
  • Odourless
Parent Reviews and Comments

I was quite surprised how well this product worked. Even just by handling it you can feel that it’s cooler than room temperature. When getting my son out of the car after using it I could noticeably feel the difference of temperature on his skin from where he was lying on the Jellyseat even though I hadn’t put it in the fridge prior to use. I have a rear-facing seat for my 11 month old and the Jellyseat seemed to push the shoulder straps out a bit as it was wider than the space between the top of the shoulder straps. This did worry me a bit as I wasn’t sure if my son was still properly secured in his seat. I also used the Jellyseat on my 3 1/2 year old sons car seat (much to his delight!). As he is forward facing and fairly upright the Jellyseat slouched down in the seat a bit before my son sat in his seat, if I was to use it in this position all the time I would find some way to tie it so it doesn’t slide down. I also noted that it didn’t make much difference if it had been in the hot car all day, such as when I’m at work and my car is left in the sun for 9 hours. The bright fabric designs are very cute!


I was attracted to this product as my son has been getting quite sweaty in his pram and car seat up in FNQ.  I used it in my pram and it fits quite well but not perfectly, which was slightly annoying.  It will not safely fit into his car seat so I have not used it in there.  It does feel cooler than outside temp so works in that sense.  Overall I think it’s a good product to use where you don't have to try and fit it into a car seat. Would be perfect on its own at the beach, in a baby rocker or for something cool for bubs to lie on. 


This product which is new to Australia was a true surprise. Coming from Townsville I doubted that it would be able to maintain the actual tempterature and was certain it wouldn't be a few degrees cooler.

It is a comfortable jellyseat that my daughter sleeps in either in the car or mainly in her pram. You can actually feel that it is cooler than the outside temperature when you hold it. While it won't stop my daughter from getting hot at all it does slow down considerably how long it takes. She is sweating less and hasn't had any heat rash in the 2 weeks I have used the seat. I am very happy with this product and would happily recommend it to friends and family.

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