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Baby U Goat Milk Wipes

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Goat Milk Wipes

Baby U® Goat Milk Wipes are not just gentle on skin, but are kind to the environment too! These wipes are enriched with soothing Goats Milk and are 100% biodegradable. The gentle formulation is paraben and alcohol free, so it contains no nasties and is enriched with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Olive Oil which are perfect for delicate skin

Parent Reviews and Comments
Skye Baby

I have put the Baby U Goat Milk Wipes threw their paces, using them exclusively, with a 4 year old and a 7 month old over the last couple of weeks. I have to say that I really like these wipes they do a great job. 

 My youngest has very sensitive skin and reacts to a lot of products, I am happy to say that there was no reaction whatsoever to the wipes. The fact that they are paraben and alcohol free probably contributed to this. They were also very good on her skin that had rash on it as they did not irritate it further.

 I liked the size of the wipe at 17 x 19 cm they are a decent sized wipe. They are also quite thick strong and moist, perfect for all those messy presents left in nappies. They handled the number twos with ease and were also good at cleaning up hands and faces. 


I love these wipes.  I love the ridges on the wipe that make it easier to wipe off the sticky poos without using heaps and heaps of wipes. I also love the fact they had no chemical smell for non scented wipes...sometimes I find that wipes smell of chemicals when unscented. I dont know how much they cost so cant comment on that ... and because of that no 5 star. Also wish there was a few more in the pack but depending on the pack price too.. i only used them on 1 twin as he has sensitive with no rashes or redness noted in the 2 weeks...but again these were the fragrance free wipes so could be different with scented wipes. I will definitely be looking for them at the shops to see the cost factor.


I loved the texture of these wipes, the moisture was also great and it cleaned the area without much effort or having to use too many wipes which meant the packet lasted quite a while. 

my daughter can be prone to nappy rash and had no sign of any in the time we used these wipes, I was impressed with them and would use them again. 


I thought the wipes were softer and much more gentle than others I have used. I found the scent pleasant and not overwhelming and they weren't too soapy. They cleaned my babies skin effectively and during a bout of nappy rash she didn't experience any discomfort during nappy changes with these wipes. 

I do prefer to have reusable packaging that can be refilled. I appreciate that the wipes are environment friendly. I generally buy from supermarkets and don't think I would make a special trip to a pharmacy or baby shop to buy these wipes due to convienice factors. 

Overall the wipes were of good quality and worked well on my daughters sensitive skin, if they were more readily available I would purchase this product. 


I found these wipes to be nice and thick and actually non fragranced as the packet suggested. Overall they were very gentle on hands, faces and nappy area. Wipes were strong yet gentle enough for the tough jobs and didn't fall apart or tear even when the kids were cleaning other things with them. Overall I was quite happy with these wipes and impressed that they were gentle on my child's sensitive face. Great product and worth purchasing. 


lovely wipes. We are a family of sensitive noses and there really wasn't any scent with these which was really nice. The wipes are a good size and nice and soft, plus they have nice little texture bumps to help get the poo off.


I liked the subtle scent of these wipes and that they are biodegradable. They were gentle on my son's skin and the addition of goat’s milk made them seem soothing. They were an odd texture and difficult to remove from the packet. I didn't think they were wet enough. I liked the design of the packet - the goat is cute and the lid is very handy! I would use them again.




  • Pleasant scent which isn't overpowering 

  • Biodegradable

  • Handy lid on packet




  • Often hard to locate and separate sheets from packet with one hand

  • Not wet enough


These wipes are some of the best we've tried, and we've tried a lot. 

They are soft and durable, without being too thick. They leave no film. They have a very pleasant scent, despite being unscented with no added fragrance. And best of all, they have no caused any irritation to my babies sensitive bum. 

Highly recommended. 


We love the Baby U Goats Milk wipes! They were scent free and very gentle on my 1yr old's sensitive skin. As they are free from nasties, it didn't irritate the skin even when she had some nappy rash. The wipes were also strong and weren't easily torn appart when my baby was helping wipe her high chair. 

My favourite feature is that they are 100% biodegradable so I don't have to feel bad about them going into the environment. I would definitely recommend them to others who are looking for an eco friendly, gentle option for their baby. 


The wipes are soft and thick so do not tear like some other brands. I found them to be very soft and gentle on my babies skin. They clean the skin really well despite being a bit drier than other wipes I have used. I will definitely use them again.


I found this product to be great - gentle on baby's skin (and my hands - I am prone to eczema). I liked that it wasn't harsh chemicals and that the wipes dispensed one at a time instead of all in a clump like some cheap wipes. I will definitely continue to use them. 


Great wipes, probably the best I've used so far.

The texture and thickness of the wipe itself is really nice. It's strong enough for tougher wiping (think toddler mess...) yet gentle on my newborn skin too.

There is no added paraben or other nasties so I feel very comfortable using it on babies.

Finally I love that they are biodegradables to keep my environmental impact as low as possible.


I have been using these for the past fortnight and overall am really happy with them.

The wipes are soft and moist but don't feel greasy. Although not as thick as some other wipes the textured circles on the cloth do a great job of keeping bub's bum clean and wiping away any muck.

The goats milk is soothing and has not caussed any irritation to bub's skin since I've been using them.

My only critisism is that they are difficult to dispense from the pack, especially one handed.

I would continue to use this product.


I found the goats milk wipes to be fabulous on my daughter's skin. We used them for hands, faces and bottoms. And each time it did the job and didn't upset her skin at all. 

The only downside to these wipes (and it's my pet hate for wipes) is when you pull 1 out but 4 come out. So that was definitely not a selling point for me. The wipes were fantastic though!


I enjoyed using these wipes as I found them nice and soft and I liked the lack of fragrance. They cleaned the skin well and didn't leave the skin too wet. My kids don't have any skin problems but I like that they have goats milk in as I'm sure this will help moisturise the skin. 

Only negative was that the wipes seemed to clump together so often 3-4 would come out as once leading to wastage. Otherwise I would happily use them again. 


My son is almost two and I have been looking for gentle alternatives to our current wipes for a while. When given the opportunity to trial this product I jumped at the chance. We encountered no problems and found the wipes quite lovely for the most part.

The wipes were pleasantly scented and were very gentle on his skin. The different texture of the wipe was effective at removing anything from his skin without being rough.

I did however wipe my own face one evening with the wipes and having sensitive skin I reacted badly with a nasty red rash that flared up immediately on contact. I would be wary of using this wipe on anyone with super sensitive skin.


These wipes were brilliant! My daughter has had a less-red bottom and thats awesome. They come out of the package really easily and worked really well. The little dimples helped remove mess and they were so gentle. I'm really sad that the packet is finished. Will have to find out where I can buy some more! 



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