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Baby U Goat Milk Body Wash

19 reviews
Goat Milk Body Wash

A natural formulation enriched with pure Goat’s Milk for baby’s soft & delicate skin. Skin will be left soft and smooth with nourishing ingredients that gently cleanse the skin. 

Parent Reviews and Comments

There is a lot to love about this product. Firstly it is Australian made and owned and does not contain harsh chemicals, parabens or artificial colours which makes me more comfortable using it on my toddler.

You only need to use a small amount to wash your baby. It is gentle on the skin and leaves baby's skin feeling soft with a lovely fragrance. My daughter has sensitive skin and this product did not irritate her skin.

The packaging is attractive and a perfect size to sit on my bathroom shelf. The product is easy to use with a pump lid and the price is reasonable. I recommend this product for babies and toddlers.


Love this wash! Keeps baby's skin nice & smooth, and smells great!

Does hurt the eyes if it get in, so keep clear of their little peepers!

I love that it has no nasty additions to it ;)


I loved using this body wash on my toddler's skin. It lathered nicely, and didn't irritate her eyes. It got her clean, it smells amazing (vanilla and coconut!) and her skin felt lovely and soft after a bath. The added bonus, for my little girl, was the cute goat picture on the packaging- she giggled at that!


Getting any child to willingly have a bath can be difficult - not being able to woo them with bubbles makes it even harder. No more! All week we have been using this wash with no outbreak of eczema at all - I'm amazed! My bubba has never had bubbles - watching him in a bath with bubbles has been pretty special. We will continue to use this product.


I really love this body wash. Both of my girls have sensitive skin and while I've found moisturisers that work, I was struggling to a find a good body wash.

This has been perfect! It ticks all of my boxes, it's gentle, smells nice and keeps sensitive skin clear and soft. I was worried as when I've tried new washes before, my babies skin has flared up almost instantly, whereas this was perfect from the first wash.  

I would definitely recommend this for bubs and kids with sensitive skin.


I have used this on my 3 month old daughter for 3 weeks and have found it a gentle body wash on her skin.  She has eczema so I am careful what I use on her and watch reactions to her skin after using it.  This has not caused any issue and her eczema is now slightly better.  This maybe helped by the fact that I have used the Baby U Goat Milk Moisturising Baby Lotion in conjunction with the body wash.

The body wash itself smells lovely and is nice and light.  It lathers up well and the pump action bottle makes it easy to use.   My daughter already has a very thick mop of hair and I have been using the body wash on her head.  She has bad cradle cap and it is slowly coming out.  Whether this is due to the light rubbing lotion whilst washing her hair, or the body wash, I don't know, but it seems to be helping so I will continue to use it on her head until I find the Baby U Goat Milk Shampoo, which apparently also in the range.
All in all, it is a gentle body wash for your baby and works well with the moisturising lotion.

With a small baby and a 3 year old with eczema, this moisturiser appealed to me.


•Australian owned and made

•Natural ingredients

•It smells divine!

•Gentle enough that it didn't irritate bub's eyes

•Noticeable reduction in my 3 year old's eczema


  I can't list any :)

I've used goat's milk soaps and bodywashes in the past to help with eczema and this would be my favourite. I will definitely be purchasing this and the moisturiser in the future and I've already recommended this to friends. 

Bunny Lover

This cleanser was fantastic. It cleansed well and was used on myself, a toddler (with their usual marks - paint, sand, dirt - the list goes on!), and the baby. 

The cleanser did not leave a sticky residue or oil in the bath as some products do, and left the skin feeling well cleansed however not stripped of nutrients. 

I love this product and will purchase again. It would be fantastic if Baby U could produce a sleepy time bath product in the goats milk range also! 


I adore the Baby U Goats Milk body wash. We have used many other brands of sensitive skin friendly baby washes before but none have smelt so lovely, cleaned so well and bubbled up nicely in the bath. My daughter loves playing with the bubbles that this wash makes and we found just a single squirt from the pump pack bottle was perfectly dosed. Her skin is prone to dry patches and irritations particularly under her arms and neck, since using the goats milk body wash daily she hasn't had a flare up of her rash nor have we had to apply any thick nappy creams that often stain her clothes. 

The whole family has been using the body wash. It smells so lovely and has been a welcome addition to our daily routine. We love it! 


I found this body wash to be very gentle and with a lovely milky feel. My 8 month old son tends to get red patches of eczema on his cheeks, chest and inner elbows, but since using this body wash he hasn't had any flare ups at all and his skin has stayed nice and soft. 

A little bit goes a long way and I can see the bottle lasting a long time as one pump is more than enough to get a good lather going.
The only slight negative for me was the smell, which I found a bit overly sweet, but that's more about personal taste than functionality. 
Overall I really liked using this body wash and would happily recommend it, especially being an Aussie made product.

Since our bottle arrived I've kept it in the shower and I'm pretty sure the entire family has been using it, too, and who could blame them? I know I have!

My toddler suffers from extremely dry skin, as do I and I can rest assured when lathering her up with this product that it will not irritate or dry out her sensitive skin.

I love that I only had to use a squirt the size of a 10 cent piece to have her bubbled up from head to toe and smelling great! I even used it on her hair as she has a sensitive scalp prone to dry skin and I saw none of that for the entire time we used it.

Again, like the body lotion, this product is just so decadent and luxurious and the scent makes me want to gobble it up!

Great value, great results.


My son suffered from a dry rash on his face and ears so we started to use this product for bath times. It was great and coupled with the moisturiser.  This product actually works and after two weeks his skin was smooth. He had stopped scratching his face and ears which I had been trying to stop him doing for ages. 

When I first used the product  on my son he thought it was milk and tried to eat it off his face! It smells amazing, given that I also suffer from eczema I have been using it on myself and it works on adults too :) 

I also noticed that some products made my son slippery and it was hard to get him out of the bath this does not happen this product.

I highly recommend this product for any baby even ones without sensitive skin!

This body wash is Australian Made and owned, made with a gentle, fresh fragrance & comes in a 250ml pump pack. It is made to be gentle even on sensitive skin & it lives up to this claim brilliantly. Although, of course, I try to avoid getting soap in my little ones eyes, on the occasions that the soapy water gets into his eyes his eyes have gone a little red, but it clears quickly and he isn't distressed by it, so it mustn't cause any discomfort or stinging!
We have been using it daily for baths and I often use it as a regular hand soap for myself as I like the way it smell & feels. 
The body wash is quite easy to find in pharmacies. I would recommend this body wash to other families without second thought! A fantastic, Australian product!

My first thought when I used it was how amazing the smell was! Even my 4 year old commented that he loved the smell.

It was nice and soapy so I didn't have to use heaps to cover my 15 month old son's whole body in the bath. I even used it one night as a bubble bath with just 2 squirts in the tub it made enough bubbles to play with and get clean.

It made his skin lovely and soft and didn't irritate it which a lot of other brands do. It even got grease off after he decided to help Daddy pick up his tools outside...I will definitely keep using it.


My children loved this product from the first time I used it. I initially just added it to the bath water rather than on a cloth and it created a wonderful amount of entertaining bubbles.

The wash doesn't leave the skin greasy but crisp and clean with a wonderful creamy smell.

The packaging is cute and easy to identify to my daughter who was able to use the product with little assistance when washing her hands.

My son's sensitive skin began to clear and he appeared less uncomfortable after bath times. 


Lovely smelling. Left bubs skin feeling soft and helped the dryness and redness. Great value for money too.


Sadly after 1 wash with the body wash my baby came up in a very angry red rash so have been wary to try it again



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