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Flo Flo Baby Saline Nasal Spray

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Flo Baby Saline Nasal Spray

Flo Baby Saline Nasal Spray is a sterile, preservative-free nasal saline for babies and toddlers.

It helps clear a congested nose quickly & gently.

Flo Baby is easy to use because it can be sprayed at any angle. It does not include a mucus aspirator because it is not needed.

Try Flo for nasal congestion from colds & allergies. As Flo helps thin and clear excess mucus, this means breathing may be made easier for a baby and as a result, sleep is more restful.

Available from pharmacies only.


Use as directed. Always read the label. Consult your pharmacist if symptoms persist.

Parent Reviews and Comments

I had the opportunity to review the Flo Nasal saline spray in both the baby and kids formulas.

First use, I found the bottle very easy to handle. Conveniently designed to easily hold, and spray, the bottle using one hand. Helps to hold down a wriggly baby. However, I found that because I could hold the bottle so easily I was able to quickly spray it into the nostrils before my kids knew it was coming.

It gave a good shot of saline, better than other products I've tried. 

When I first started using it both kids were very congested. I used it daily and it definitely helped to clear the nose. I continued to use it after they'd cleared up and it seems to have helped keep them clear.

I would happily buy this product and recommend it to other parents.

Green Cheese

I tried using this for my 20 month old not expecting much, I had long ago given up on using any drops with my first child but the nasal spray was so easy to use and didn't seem to cause the  upset that I was expecting. Even though it suggests two I found there was very small amount of squirming  it was effective. We've only just hit the start of cold season but I expect to be using this spray all through to help clear the snotty noses that comes with a little one in winter. 


I LOVE this product,

I have been using the FLo Baby Saline Nasal Spray for about a fortnight with my 10 month old. In that time he has had a nasty cold and has been very congested.

The Flo Saline Spray has helped to clear the mucous, keep it soft so it doesn't go hard and crunchy in his nasal passage and generally helped clear his nasal passage so he can breath a little easier.

The spray is so easy to use, and as the advertising says can be used at any angle. This is important woth a squirmy boy! The bottle itself is a good size to hold in one hand while gently holding baby's head still. It sprays easily and the nozzle did not become clogged. My only critisim of the bottle is the small blue protetive cover over the nozle. It is easy to remove and with a curious little one I worry he will try and eat it.
Although he doesn't love having spray up his nose he will tolerate it reasonably happily. As its only saline it doens't seem to sting or hurt his delicate nose and I'm convinced it has helped ease the severity of his cold. I love this product so much I have already been to the chemist to purchase another one as I don't want to be without it.


We loved this product! My bub has a blocked congested nose, so it was the perfect timing to trial the spray. It was very simple and straightforward to use and over quickly which is important. It was noninvasive as in it wasn't required to put it up bubs nose just beneath. Only slight negative was the tiny lid which I thought could pose a potential choking hazard. We would certainly use this product again as it was efficient in clearing bubs nose and making breathing easier. 


The flo baby saline nasal spray is great. It is  easy to use. I can spray it when baby is lying down or sitting upright. Unlike other nasal spray where baby has to be in upright position. 

I use it on my little girl about 2-3 times a day to un-block her nose. I will buy  product again!



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