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Heinz Baby Basics First Feeding Spoons

16 reviews
First Feeding Spoons

Is your little one starting to experiment with different tastes and textures? Our Heinz Baby Basics® First Feeding Spoons feature a wider and deeper spoon compared to our Weaning Spoon, perfect for baby to enjoy a fuller feed!

The spoon is thicker, as by this age your little one may be starting to teeth, the super soft Flexisoft® spoon tip will be gentle on their sensitive gums. The extra-grip handle is great for baby to hold onto, specially designed to help them with self-feeding.

Parent Reviews and Comments

We received these spoons and put them to use straight away as my 8mth old (then) is always keen to eat!!!

The spoons are wider than most and are soft and flexible.  My daughter chews on spoons and this seemed to sooth her also, with all these new teeth coming through.  They were easy for her to hold and use, but I would have liked them to be a little deeper in the spoon as we eat more than purées.

Easy to use, easy to hold and easy to clean they are great for the next step.


My baby is 6.5 months old and she loves these spoons. She can grab and hold them easily.

She is too little to aim at the food properly but the spoon can hold just enough food for her mouth.

It's neither too big nor too shallow.

5 stars for me!


These spoons are the perfect size and shape for our little boy. He gets the right amount of food on the spoon, and the curved sides ensure he rarely spills food on the way to is mouth.

I found that the spoons are weighted perfectly too to fit comfortably in his hand.

We will be sticking with Heinz spoons for the near future!


I found these spoons very durable, even with the flexible tip. My son has taken to trying to snap his utensils in half (after succeeding with a harder plastic spoon) and he has no hope with these! The tip is also not showing any signs of bite marks, even though they have been subject to a teething mouth.

My son is exploring self feeding and seems to find these spoons easy to grip and use. He seems confident in scraping food out of his bowl, and manages to get a fair bit on the tip of the spoon.

Personally I find them a little difficult to feed him with myself, due to the curve and shape of the handle.

In summary, I think the First Feeding Spoons are a quality, well made product that are great for little ones to begin self feeding. A little difficult for mum to handle, but that is probably a tradeoff for features better suited to little hands.


The spoons are nice to hold, but we found that they are too wide for my 11 month old daughter.  The flexibility is nice, they are lovely and soft on her gums.  My other complaint is that the pink ones stained on the first use!  We had lasagne and they are permanently stained with tomato, I guess that's because they are silicone or something?  I don't think I'd buy them again. 


I found these spoons better than expected. I had used 4+ months Heinz spoons and these 6+months spoons are a huge improvement on those. The actual mouth of the spoon was sufficiently soft for quick moving babies yet firm enough to keep the food on it. I did find the actual handle of the spoon not long enough to hold comfortably while feeding. My daughter on the other hand is more than happy to try and self feed with this spoon. 


I tried these spoons after using the 4+ months spoons and found that they were an excellent step up. They are easy to grip so bubs can have a go at feeding himself.

the only downside was that they were quite deep and food was often left on the spoon. However, I would still recommend these spoons for mums of babies who are moving on from purees.


I have been reviewing these (with the help of my 7 month old, miss independant) and they've been great for us. 

The flexible spoon part is awesome - soft enough that even when she rams the spoon right into her mouth she doesn't give herself a DIY tonsillectomy. 

They're also good as teethers - I let her chew on one a lot of the time.  It's good practise for holding the spoon and getting it to her mouth but the whole spoon, tip and handle, seems to be (according to her expression) heavenly to gnaw on.

I actually don't get the point of the wider handle to be honest.  It doesn't seem to make a difference to bub whether she has the 4m or the 6m spoons - she doesn't show any marked preference.  None of my three kids have allowed themselves to be fed and all have been just as good with narrow handled spoons as with wide - it doesn't make it harder for them though either so it's no biggie either way.

My one niggle, if I have one, is that the spoon is still quite large for a tiny person just starting solids.  They don't take much at a time and the spoons are big enough that it's easy for them to just smear the blob from one end of the spoon to the other without getting anything off it.  If you fill the spoon then that is, of course, the one time they clear it efficiently and they end up getting way too much and choking.

All in all though, they're really useful and a good feeding implement for mum/parent and for bub.


These spoons were great. The flexibility of them allows you to get every last bit out of the bowl, jar or whatever it is you're feeding from.

I loved the finger grip, very good for myself and DD (who is 12 months) trying to hold and learn to feed herself.

The only thing I didn't like about them was they are a smidgen too deep, which means that my DD couldn't get all the food off the spoon in one mouthful....and she is not petite by any means!

Other than that, a great product to have on hand :)



We loved using the Heinz first feeding spoons. My daughter likes and was enticed by the bright colour and texture of the spoon. I liked that they are dishwasher and steriliser safe. The actual spoon was the perfect size for my daughter and the bigger handle made it much easier for her to hold And she enjoyed chewing on it which I was very pleased at how resilient the spoon was with no marks being left. Will certainly use again. 


We received the 6 month First Feeding Spoons for my 14 month old daughter (who is in the process of learning to fully self feed) to trial. She was happy to begin using the spoon straight away once she'd put the product through her own stringent accreditation process which involved robust man handling of the spoon whilst simultaneously eyeballing it from all possible angles before finally deeming the spoon acceptable!!!

The wide and uniquely designed handle of the spoon made it easier for my daughter to grip. Up until this point, she had been using the traditional thin, straight handled spoons which were difficult for her to hold due to them regularly slipping out of her hands.

The spoon's soft, rubbery tip was another winning feature for my daughter who is currently teething. She didn't hesitate to put it in her mouth as opposed to the usual hard tipped spoons that have irritated her sensitive gums and caused pain in the past.

I found her food stayed on the spoon more effectively due to the depth of the tip which is neither too deep, nor too flat. This translated in her being able to successfully get the food into her mouth regardless of whether she achieved it in one rather rudimentary motion or via multiple attempts due to dropping the spoon either accidentally or on purpose onto her highchair tray. The soft tip also provides the flexibility to scrape up every last bit of food out of the bowl and from around my daughters mouth. 

The negatives of the spoon are that they do stain/discolour easily. It's a problem that doesn't worry me and one that I've overcome by keeping a couple of spoons seperate to the others to use for foods that do cause staining whilst leaving the remaining spoons for all other food. This also keeps them looking like brand new.

The tips are also prone to getting tooth marks in them eventually from being chewed on by a teething toddler. Again, for me, I have no problem with it as the aim with these spoons is about teaching my daughter to be fully proficient at self feeding even if they do get used as a teething ring along the way!!

The spoons in this range are available in a pack starting from either 4 months or 6 months and come in a wide range of vibrant colours. They are BPA free as well as being safe to use in the dishwasher or steriliser and  can be easily purchased at retailers like Coles, Woolworths, Big W, Target as well as online for around the $6 mark for a pack of 2 spoons. Although this price sits at the more expensive end of the market, I feel it's reasonable when taking the features of the spoon and it's durability into consideration.  A thumbs up is also given to Heinze for making the packaging from recyclable materials.

The First Feeding Spoons are a well made, thoughtfully designed product that I'm more than happy to continue to purchase/use. I have no hesitation in recommending them to other parents to try.


We've tried a wide range of spoons since my daughter started solids at 6 months old. She's a fiercely independent 17 month old, which means finding a spoon she can manage herself is important! The heinz first feeding spoon has fit this bill well. The handle is wide enough for her to easily grip but not so wide that it makes it difficult for her to manouvere. The depth of the spoon holds a good amount of food but still allows her to easily clear the spoon with each bite. The pliability of the spoon is also great for teething! it's become a firm favourite with my little girl. This spoon is definitely worth a go!


I got these as the next step up spoon from the heinz weaning spoons. They were great. I love how they still have some flexibility about them as my dd had a habit of biting spoons so they weren't too hard on her little gums. They were the perfect size for her mouth and I still use them now that she's older. 


I love that these spoons are flat, but for my six month old, they are too wide. So much time and effort and money is spent on feeding bub for the first time. And how crucial is it to spend so much on these products?

i think, if you find a product that works for you and your little one, stick with it.

i don't think I will be getting these spoons again. The company promotes the flexibility of them - I didn't like that feature - just another way to spill the contents of the spoon as it makes it's way to bub's mouth.



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