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GNP Australia Pty Ltd ENDOR™

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ENDOR™ is an effective, steroid free restorative cream that provides a protective barrier, enabling hydration and promoting the natural healing mechanisms and recovery of the damaged skin barrier. It relieves dry, chapped, flaky, irritated, red and inflamed damaged skin; including itchiness and rash that might be caused by insect bites. It treats and alleviates the symptoms of mild to moderate skin disorders such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea and atopic dermatitis.

ENDOR™ cream is also a fantastic moisturiser that will leave your skin Soft, Smooth and Naturally Healthy Looking.

Parent Reviews and Comments
Patrick Donoghue

I started using Endor cream 5 weeks ago for Rosacea on my face.  I had a lot of flushing and redness before using Endor and nothing seemed to treat it.  On day 12 of using Endor I started to see a difference and for the first time in 7 years my skin seemed to look healthier and not so red.  However, I have found that although the cream is still working, I have had to increase the amount of times I have been using it to 3 or 4 times a day, but this is what the manufacturer says could happen.  I have been very happy to continue using Endor and have bought 3 more tubes.  My next purchase will be the stronger Endor 3.5, just to see if it improves my skin even more.  The product does not claim to stop flare ups and does not state it is a cure, but it has done a great deal for my skin and I look much healthier and my skin has improved its general appearance so much so that people have commented on it.  I would recommend Endor.

violet mason

I have ROSACEA and after using everything in sight, and doing no good, just happened to see this page and thought can;t do any harm to try it.Started a fortnight ago, and actually its a miracle worker.

I've still got a touch of redness now and again, but nowhere near what i looked like before.Just so happy i can now go out without thinking the whole world is looking at my face.

No hesitation in telling people to go ahead and buy it. I'm sure you won't be sorry. Need to be able to buy a larger size tube, if there is such a thing. Please let me know.


My son suffers from eczema which we treat with a mix of steroids, bleach baths and various creams. We tried Endor on his face and the back of his legs. Although it didn't "fix" the eczema it certainly didn't hurt it and I would also add that there was a mild improvement to the overall look and feel for him.

I will definitely continue to use it as a complemenatry product to our existing skincare regime. It's nice to know there is a cream which is beneficial that's not a steroid.


I have been using Endor cream daily with my two children for 2 weeks; my teen son applied it to his face morning and night to help ease the redness he has suffered with since treating his acne problem with medication. The meds helped clear his pimples but nothing seemed to fade the redness. We are definitely starting to see visible results from this cream but I believe he will need to use it over a longer time period to achieve full results. 

I used Endor on my toddler daughter as an all over body moisturiser daily, especially paying attention to her mild eczema patches that tend to flare up behind her knees. I'd previously been using a steroid cream but stopped while we trialled Endor and the results were great. No more itchy red spots to be seen. 

I love the fact that this cream is gentle and contains no nasties and felt safe and confident applying it regularly to my child's skin. A little goes a loooooong way, it's fast drying and rubs in easily. 

I will be buying this product and would recommend it to anyone struggling to treat dry skin, redness and eczema. 


i was lucky enough to be able review ENDOR cream and my son and myself we both struggle with eczema, i think it does actually work i just felt it wasnt moisturising enough it certainly reduced the redness and irritation that i noticed on my sons skin, as for me i dont think i gave it a good enoough and long enough chance for it to work on myhands i didnt find that it stopped my itching like i had hoped it would and again didnt find it mositrising enough. i used it for 10 days on my 11.5 month old son and i did see a great improvement. After the 10 days i also applied his normal moisturiser as well and it was even better and ive stopped using the endor the last few days and his eczema has flarred again so i will certainly be going back to it.


I was lucky enough to be chosen to trial this cream. I didn't actually have any noticeable flare ups at the time of the trial however, my hands are always dry from eczema and frequent washing. When I first used the cream it actually stung my skin a bit but it wasn't too bad. It did however, have an extremely strong and off putting smell to it. It did leave my hands nice and soft the next day without the use of steroids which is a bonus. I think it is extremely overpriced for how tiny the tubes were. 


I suffer from terrible exzema up and down my arms, which is terribly parinful when it flares up. I found this cream to be very soothing, and worked well on my skin. The scent was quite creamy but neutral, unlike some other creams i have tried which are quite overpowering.

After 10 days i have noticed a great improvement in the redness and itchinig, comparend to just using a moisturiser  alone. My skin is very sensitive - things like makeup,soap,  sunscreen, even some baby wipes set of a rection but had no issues with this cream - so i would use it on my little ones with no issues.

All in all, a great product, works better than most the creams and lotions i have tried !


I have used the Endor Cream on my 5mo baby. She had a spot of eczema that would not go away and was looking very dry yet oozing at time.

After 2 weeks of using Endor Cream every day the spot is still there but it looks much better. It looks very soft and hydrated.

The cream is pleasant to apply and smell nice.


I received this cream and was very keen to try it for my youngest son. He unfortunately takes after his mother and suffers from mild eczema. His differs to mine in that when it flares it does so in nasty patches whereas the eczema I have suffered all my life was all over my body. I trialled this cream for 10 days and found it to be quite useful. As per the directions I applied to his skin when he was itchy and it appeared to reduce the itchiness within a few minutes. After a couple of days some of his worst spots had improved in appearance and redness. I did notice that it made one patch of his skin worse. It caused his skin to weep quite severely and I needed to resort to using Dermaid cream to improve it. I found that the cream worked best for my son in combination with a steroid based cream. I believe that if your child is suffering from eczema or psoriasis this cream would definitely be worth trying. It absolutely works best when applied frequently to irritated skin.



i used it although its good but it's quite runny I would prefer little bit thick consistency so it's easier to apply from the tube. But with current runny consistency if its in a pump then it's ok. Coz 1st time when I opened to use and when  squeezed the tube quite a bit came out.


Thank you for the opportunity to review Endor cream.

I started using Endor on an eczema flair up on my foot.  It was very itchy and had become red and sore.  Using this cream at first, I thought that it was too runny, all other creams I have tried have been very thick and leave a film over your skin.  After a couple of days, I grew to love the fact it was such a thin, light cream - it really is silky smooth.  It took about 5 days of constant use for my skin to be less angry and less itchy, but once that had cleared the skin started healing very fast.

I actually started using this as a hand cream once I didn't need to use so much on my foot, it is so softening to the skin. Knowing that it does not contain nasties made me feel okay about this.

I do not have eczema to the severity of some people, but for mild eczema I can really recommend this cream, it just feel so nice.



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