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Mr Muscle Easy Gel Bathroom Cleaner

16 reviews
Easy Gel Bathroom Cleaner

Mr Muscle Easy Gel Bathroom Cleaner with Microbeads is a revolutionary gel formula with special cleaning agents to make bathroom cleaning easier! Its exclusive formula with Microbeads is better than bleach on soap scum and fights stains.

It works hard with little effort from you. 

Parent Reviews and Comments

This is the most excellent product.  I have arthritis so I don't have a lot of strength in my hands and this cleans without me killing myself scrubbing...thanks!


I was quite pleasantly surprised by this product and have since purchased it myself from Coles.   Unlike many other cleaning products it doesn't have that awful eye watering ammonia smell making it easy to use without feeling the need to pass out!

I used it to clean the showers, basins, baths and the toilets and felt it was   very effective, there was no residue and left the toilets especially very sparkly!

i did find though that I used quite a lot of this product each time so over time it may not be particularly budget friendly.  It was also a bit tricky initially to open but I did master it eventually.  The bottle is easy to store not taking up a great deal of room but I would like to see it available in a larger size.

Overall I was very happy with this product and have since purchased  it.  Thanks for the opportunity to review!


Was pleased with how well this product worked. It was especially effective on the limescale covering our glass shower door! It was easy to apply and had a pleasant smell.

If, like my husband, you are heavy handed with the bottle there is a tendency for the gel to spurt out when 'placing' the bottle down. However, this was not a deal breaker!

We will definitely be using this product in the future!


Mr Muscle Easy Gel Bathroom Cleaner is a very simple product to use. It has a pleasant smell and leaves the bathroom smelling clean and fresh after using it.

Our main bathroom has a clear glass shower which can be hard to keep from soap build up from shampoo and body wash, however this soap scum was easily removed by Muscle Bathroom Gel. Not only that but other surfaces in the bathroom were easily cleaned with the Gel and just a clean cloth - no scrubbing required!

I would like to recommend Mr Muscle Easy Bathroom cleaner to others and it is an easy to use, fresh smelling product which does the job without the harsh chemical smell of some other bathroom cleaners! I give 5 stars :)


I have used this product a number of times to clean my basin, toilet and shower. Firstly it does not have a chemical smell at all which is great when cleaning in a small space like a bathroom, I found the citrus smell really pleasant. The microbeads made ridding the shower and sink faucets of soap scum a lot easier I found than other products I have tried and the nozzle at the top of the bottle also helped with distributing the product evenly around the toilet bowl.

The only thing I didn't like using it for was my bathroom counter tops as it was too thick to be spread on the surface and the blue microbreads stained some grout between my tile splash back.

I will continue to use the gel cleaner for my toilets, sink, drain and shower but will use another product for the counter and tiles.


Our bathroom was in dire need of cleaning and this gel sure got a work out! The first surprise was the pleasant smell. There actually were no harsh fumes at all, just a fresh citrus scent. I would buy this product just for the smell!

Our shower had a very bad build-up of soap scum on the lower part of the shower which I used to test this out on. I am sad to say that the soap scum was pretty bad and took a few goes to get off using this gel. I don’t blame the gel though because it did cut through the lighter soap scum really well. It was easy to apply being a thick gel and was quick and easy to use. While I had a few goes cleaning built-up scum off the tiles with this gel, it did work really well on the glass screen. I found a bit of mould in the corner of the shower door and the Mr Muscle Easy Gel just blew that away with one wipe as well. The end result was shiny, sparkling tiles and a bathroom that smelled great.

I saw on the bottle that it said it works better than bleach on soap scum so I wanted to check that claim out. I found the bleach actually appeared to take care of the badly built up soap scum a little better than the Mr Muscle Easy Gel but I noticed the tiles looked dull and streaky afterwards so maybe it didn’t quite get all the scum off. The bathroom definitely didn't smell as nice afterwards either.

My partner wanted to mop the floors one day but we had run out of floor cleaner so he squirted a bit of Mr Muscle Easy Gel in the bucket instead and the result was amazing! The floors looked great, they were clean, they didn’t have any residue at all on them and the house smelled amazing, like someone had baked an orange cake. My partner said he would definitely buy it again for its cleaning, smell and all roundedness as a cleaner and I agree. If someone were to ask me for a good cleaning product I would definitely recommend this gel.


I liked this product and was surprised that it lived up to its promises after experiencing many cleaning products falling short of expectation. This product worked exactly like it said it should on our bath, toilet and basin which had not been cleaned in longer than I care to admit. I found it easy to apply some of the product to a damp cloth and all the soap scum just wiped right off! No need for any scrubbing. I was also impressed in the shine it left, particularly the basin and taps. Our bathroom is in ‘original’ condition in a 1970s house, so to have a product making it look clean is amazing. I loved the smell, I absolutely hate bleach so having a product that doesn’t have any overwhelming fumes is great. I would definitely use this product instead of bleach and would recommend this product. I am very happy with it and even went out and bought another! I do wonder how environmentally friendly this product is, I usually prefer to use products that are gentle on the environment.


  • Great scent which isn’t overpowering

  • Easy to use

  • Leaves a great clean shine in your bathroom


  • I used a lot of the product in one go, so it may be expensive

  • I am unsure how safe this product is for the environment

  • It didn’t seem to deter the quick re-buildup of soap scum


I have found this product great. It has certainly made cleaning my bathrooms easier. It has an extremely pleasant smell that for a bathroom cleaner is a must, it does not have that burning chemical smell so many other cleaners do. It cut through the soap build up so easily and the water stains on the glass have gone. I have recommended this product to family and friends and already have it on my shopping list, I just wish the bottle was larger!


Does Mr Muscle Easy Gel Bathroom Cleaner provide a fresh fragrance with no harsh fumes?

Unfortunately, no. I found the citrus scent to be quite overbearing, much like a terrible toilet spray.

Does Mr Muscle Easy Gel Bathroom Cleaner provide an effective bathroom clean on soap scum?

Definitely! With two little ones, the bath can get quite dirty and it was sparkling with barely any effort. The same applies to the showers and vanities. 

Would you prefer to use Mr Muscle Easy Gel Bathroom Cleaner over Bleach?

By comparing scents, it's on par with bleach.

Would you recommend Mr Muscle Easy Gel Bathroom Cleaner to others?

Yes, as it worked brilliantly to clean the bathrooms, though I would caution them over the scent.

Is Mr Muscle Easy Gel Bathroom Cleaner is easy to use?

Compared to standard liquid or gel bleach cleaners, yes. The beads meant I only had to gently wipe the surface instead of scrubbing.

I will buy this product again, but I would use it for heavy cleaning and stick to my current bathroom products for everyday cleaning because of the overbearing scent.


I have used the Mr Muscle Easy Gel Bathroom cleaner multiple times and I am a huge fan. The fact that it doesn't have fumes is the best part about it, usually cleaning the shower leaves me feeling dizzy and light headed but not with Mr Muscle. My husband is happy too because I've stopped making him clean the bathroom for me!

I did find it left a small amount of residue when cleaning the toilet but overall I am a big fan.


A very effective product, positives were the pleasant smell, effectiveness and cleaning power and thickness of the gel, plus the shape of the bottle makes it easy to squirt around the loo. I also like that it's not bleach-based. The beads are a bit odd, it indicates they're meant to help with cleaning but they're few and far between and to be honest it just looks like some bugs crawled into the bottle. I would probably buy it again, if not too expensive, it was effective and made cleaning easy. 


I have recently had my shower re-tiled, and the tiler told me off for using one particular brand as it is really bad for the grout..

So I had to find a new bathroom cleaner.  And I have it with Mr Muscle Easy Gel.

It’s easy to use, works fantastically well on shower, bath and basin, and smells really lovely.

I did leave it in the shower for a little bit as my shower is a bit harder to clean ... so put it in the shower first and left it on - then did the bath and basin before going back to the shower ... and that worked fantastically.

A definite winner.


I quite liked this product.

I clean the shower while I'm in having a wash and it was nice to not be intoxicated by nasty fumes. 

The gel was probably not as 'gel like' as I would have liked, it was a bit thin, you could easily squirt out of the bottle more than you wanted to if you weren't careful.

Overall I thought it gave a good clean. While I have nothing to measure whether or not it kills germs as claimed I was happy with how easily it removed soap scum.

I’d definitely be inclined to buy it, the lack of nasty fumes is a selling point for me. 

Bunny Lover

I opened the bottle and what a wonderful smell! Just lovely. 

I used it on the toilet and bathroom three times with fantastic results every time. I also put some in the mop bucket when I gave the tiles a mop and it worked so well! 

I love that the chemicals in the product aren't overpowering and don't leave you knocked out or breathless like bleach or ammonia. 

Will definitely buy from now on and will be my go-to product! 

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