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Medela Disposable Nursing Pads

15 reviews
Disposable Nursing Pads

The disposable nursing pads are made of a super absorbent material which prevents milk leakage and maintains dryness - day or night.

The soft lining ensures comfortable feeling on the skin. Two adhesive tapes keep the pads in place which make mum feel secure and protected.

The nursing pads are individually wrapped for added hygiene and on-the-go convenience.

Parent Reviews and Comments

I quite love the Medela products.  I've got quite a range but had never tried their disposable pads before as I'd been pretty loyal to another brand since having my first child 11 years ago .

I figured since I love their other products so much (shields, nipple cream, bottles and electric breast pump)these would be awesome too!

Alas I was somewhat let down. 

The price was on par, packaging was actually very easy to open and the shape was great.  The adhesives were actually better than my preferred brand but what let these down were the absorbency, leakage and comfort. 

I found that the size was smaller than I was used to and the edging seals weren't as efficient.  I had leakage on a number of occasions (only used over a week period) and went through pads quite quickly.  I had to change more frequently and often felt damp. 

Unfortunately I had to stop using them altogether as I started to react to the materials in the pads.  My nipples became itchy and uncomfortable.  I was checked for thrush but this was negative and the reaction was put down to the pads themselves.  

It was a shame as I am a big fan of Medela as a whole. 


I found these pads to be very absorbent, they contour well to your bra or top and aren't noticeable as well as being comfy. They have 2 sticky strips on either side of the pad which helps to keep it in place a lot better compared to other brands that only have one in the centre of the pad.

Overall I found them easy to use and convenient in their individually wrapped packets (great for those times you don't need 2) and would use them again happily.


I was very excited to receive my Nursing Pads to trial as I’ve used other Medela products and always found them to be of excellent quality.  After using them for two weeks, these Nursing Pads definitely met my expectations! As I am only in my first month of breastfeeding my second baby the milk has most certainly been free flowing and these pads give me the confidence to sleep comfortably at night or go shopping during the day without worrying about accidents. Any leakages are quickly absorbed and I was left feeling dry all the time. As a woman with small breasts, I found the unique shape of these pads to fit much better in my bras than the conventional round pads and the contours of the pad as well as the indentations inside meant they conformed to my shape well for discreet wear. 


  • Excellent absorbency, even after several random let downs.
  • Discreet – fit well inside my bra, not too thick.
  • The adhesive on the backing works very well and the pad doesn’t budge from its placement.
  • Soft cottony inside, even on the sore bits!  Didn’t leave any fluff after use on my breasts.
  • Individually wrapped so you can take a few with you in the baby bag, in an easy open wrapper.
  • Breathable backing.
  • Didn’t have a heavy, jelly feeling after use, although if I left them for too long they did get a bit of a smell.

Love these pads, best ones I've ever used. 

Love the double stick so they don't move in my bra.

The individual wrapping of each pad is perfect for when only one pad needs changing.

The actual pad itself is more absorbent yet still soft and not bulky.

Definitely recommend this product.

Skye Baby

After recently trialing the Medela Breast Pads I wrote the following review. 

I really liked the soft lining of these Breast Pads they felt really good on my skin almost like using cloth pads. 

The pads have two adhesive tapes that worked keeping the pads in place even when opening and closing your Bra. 

Even though the nursing pads are individually wrapped, I would have liked it better if they were still individually wrapped but joined to another Pad so they were in pairs. That way you only need to grab one when packing your bag and they don't come apart in your bag.

The super absorbent material in the Pads does work, you feel dry even when the pads have taken on a lot of milk but on occasion I did get minimal leakage around the edges. Perhaps I needed to change the pads more frequently, however I felt that if the pads were slightly larger this could have been prevented. 

I would consider buying the Medela Pads again, however at the end of the day it would depend on their price.  


Thanks for the opportunity to review the Medela breast pads, I'm currently breast feeding a 4 month old baby, I really liked these disposable pads, I normally use washable breast pads as I get eczema and I usually find the disposable pad itchy and uncomfortable. I've tried several different disposable ones and the Medela pads are by far my favourite and I will be buying them from now on for when I'm out and about as I can just throw them out rather than take them home to be washed. I found them soft against my skin and very absorbent and unlike other disposable pads I didn't feel dampness against my skin when they were wet. I also love the shape of the pads rather than having a round disk shape these pads have a little bit of elastic which helps to shape them around the breast and make them much more hidden. I never had any leakage which I normally do with other pads. I did like that they were individually wrapped for when out but at home it was a bit annoying always having to dispose of the wrapping all the time but that would be my only negative I thought they were great!


I loved these breast pads, in fact they are the best I've ever tried. They are lovely and soft which is so important, especially in the newborn stage when nipples are so sore. They are breathable and I really liked the shape and how they were folded in half. It meant they sat really nicely on the breast. I also loved the fact that there were adhesive strips to stop the pad moving around.

The only complaint I had was they are just a tiny bit too small. I would have liked for them to be just that bit larger to compensate for those of us with very large breasts and areolas.

Overall I believe these breast pads are the best on the market and certainly live up to the Medela name of high quality. They are comfortable, soft, well designed, high quality and I love the individual packaging. Would totally continue to buy these pads!


These nursing pads are great!  They are soft and comfortable, the sticky parts are sticky enough to stay put and cope well with being removed and put back in.  I like the shape and how they mould to your breast really nicely.  I've been using another brand and they are similar, except I've had a few leaks.  The Medela ones have kept me dry all night, it's so nice to not worry about waking up with a wet shirt and sheets! 


I have tried a few different disposable breast pads in the last 6.5 months and Medela are now my favourite.

I've have gone back to work a couple days a fortnight and these pads have been a life saver. 

As I work a full day I need something that is absorbent and discreet and this is the Medela breast pad. They are nice and thin so it doesn't look like I'm wearing a maternity pad in my bra yet they are super absorbent. I've never leaked through wearing these breast pads. 

As I have large breasts so I personally don't like using the adhesive tabs as I find they get all scrunched up when I have to express at work. I find that without using the adhesive tabs they stay in place all day. So I don't have to worry that it’s going to come flying out at any minute. 

I also love that they are individually wrapped. I have them now stashed in my work bag and my nappy bag. 

All in in all I think they are a great breast pad and I recommend to all breastfeeding mothers. 


Having tried several nursing pad brands previously, I was keen to give these a go and was very impressed with the Medela design. The pads are smaller than some other brands, but the padded design and double adhesive strips lead to less leakage, even when worn overnight. The absorbency is excellent and ensures that I never had any wet patches on my clothes. The padded design means that the pads are very comfortable, but still discreet. Individual packaging makes it easy to tuck them into a handbag or nappy bag for use when out and about. I'd definitely recommend Medela nursing pads and will be using them myself from now on!


After using cloth breast pads for 7 months I was reluctant to try disposable pads, however after trying the Medela disposable pads, I know I won't be going back to cloth.

The breast pads are discreet, with tapered edges. This allowed me to comfortably wear a bra with no padding and a singlet top, without having to worry about the breat pads showing through my clothes. Even though they are not bulky, they are super absorbent, which gave me peace of mind and confidence when out in public - even in a grey top!

The adhesive strips that stick to your bra are wonderful, and prevent the pads from slipping out eatch time you need to feed. I found that my old cloth pads would move about during the day, and sometimes even sneak out of my bra all together. I don't have to worry about this happening any more.

I will definitely continue to use this product and would highly recommend them based on my positive experience!


These are the most comfortable breast pads I have tried since becoming a first time mum. So far I have never had a leak overnight. While they are thick you can't see them once in the bra. The adhesive is great so the breast pads don't move while constantly feeding. I highly recommend these breast pads to anyone. 


If I had seen these on the shelf at a shop, next to all of the other breast pads, they wouldn't have been my first pick - but based purely on price. But I have now had the pleasure of testing these and I think I'm going to struggle to go back to the other brand I was using. The Medela pads are soft, comfortable and importantly absorbent. They remain dry to touch, which is ideal. And of all the brands that I have tried, the adhesive on these stands out to me as being much better - I haven't had a single leak due to the breast pad moving (something which usually happens to me every couple of days - I wear bub in a woven wrap, so there's a lot of jiggling bub against my chest and that can often shift them). Overall, a top product!

The Mediocre Mumma

I am currently breast feeding my fourth child so jumped at the opportunity to test run these breast pads. I've used quite a few different brands including washable and find the medela disposable nursing pads just as good as most other leading brands. The absorbency is adequate and they are comfortable to wear. I must say though they did make me tend to sweat and they do need to be changed quite regularly which is expected with disposable nursing pads. Overall I was fairly happy with the product and would recommend to anyone wanting a convenient, disposable nursing pad.  


I am currently breastfeeding my second nursling, who is almost 5 months old, and I still leak. I expect that I will continue to leak until well after 6 months, like I did my first child. Therefore, I have tried quite a few breastpads in my time and am on a constant search for good breastpads. 

I was sent a pack of Medela Disposable Nursing Pads to try. They are good quality breastpads and not too plasticy, like I find with certain brands. I think they are easily comparable with other brands I like. 

They easily absorbed any leakage I had and easily stuck to my bra and did not come unstuck throughout the day. They came in a pack of 60 and I understand there is 120 boxes which is great - I hate running out! 

As I was sent these to test, a quick google gave me an approximate price, and I think they are well worth it. 



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