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Fisher Price Discover n Grow Tracking Lights Musical Gym

6 reviews
Discover n Grow Tracking Lights Musical Gym

This unique playgym features a series of overhead lights that move back and forth in time with music, just right for baby to follow along. Eye-tracking enhances their sense of sight and visual exploration, which is an important part of early development.

Parent Reviews and Comments

The Discover n Grow Tracking Lights Musical Gym was a massive hit in our house! 

Assembly was fairly easy, and we were underway in under half an hour. Batteries were included, which was a nice surprise!

Bub loved being able to reach all the toys, with both hands and feet, and was delighted when kicking/hitting the toys made music and the lights start moving.

My 2yo figured out quickly how to trigger the 'fun' and both kids were engaged for long enough for mummy to enjoy a leisurely cuppa or two. I prefer the fact that it requires interaction in order to have lights/sounds, rather than an 'automatic' option with bub as a passive viewer.

The music and lights weren't too overwhelming (a common problem with the other toys we have played with) yet still engaging enough to hold bub's attention. 

The Playgym was just as popular everytime we played with it, and I can see bub having just as much fun solo, as well as with older sister and mummy. In fact I found it lovely that they played together for so long, as the toddler has been a bit disrupted by our new arrival.

The fact that it's so portable was great, we were able to take it visiting easily. The washable mat came in handy, with a refluxing bubba!

I'd thoroughly recommend this Playgym to other parents looking for a great toy for their precious bundles!


The Fisher Price “Discover and Grow Tracking Lights Musical Gym” has been reviewed in our house by my 6 week old and 2 year old and was also tested out by friend’s 6 and 9 month olds.

Upon receiving the gym my 2 year old and I eagerly opened the box and assembled it. This was very simple to do once I found where my husband had hidden the screwdriver set! The first feature of the gym that I noticed was the fact that with the press of one button it can be folded flat for storage. My friend has a different play gym without this feature and finds it annoying that she is unable to easily put the mat to the side, out of the way when her baby is asleep.

This gym is perfect for little ones who are not yet rolling and enjoy laying on their backs, however it also has features which can be enjoyed by older babies too. The brightly coloured mat base of the gym is good for encouraging “tummy time” and the 6 month old in particular enjoyed playing with the elephant and lion characters on the sides of the arch structure.  We found that the 3 hanging animals provided stimulation for the babies when they were laying on their backs under the gym. To turn on the music and lights of the gym, babies need to hit one of these hanging animals in a certain direction. The problem with this is that younger bubs may not be strong enough to do so and therefore unable to see the lights and hear the music. There is not an option to have music playing constantly as on some other Fisher Price toys.  My 6 week old in particular liked the flashing coloured lights on the gym, they really seemed to gain her attention. I did find though that I needed to put an extra blanket under her for padding and warmth as I didn’t feel that the mat offered her quite enough cushioning while she is so young.

Thank you for the opportunity to review this gym for you, I am sure it will continue to provide hours of entertainment for my daughter!


The Discover ’n Grow Tracking Lights Musical Gym is an interactive playmat and gym for babies from birth to 12 months.

The colourful, animal-themed mat is held in place nicely by the frame, and doesn't twist or bunch-up as bub starts rolling and moving around. It also has a waterproof backing (very handy for protecting the carpet from spewy babies!), which is easily removed from the frame for washing. 

The overhead frame has three hooks for supplied toys, with the centre hook being interactive. Pushing or pulling the attached toy activates the music and multi-coloured flashing lights, which track from side to side. There is an additional hook provided near bub's feet for attaching another toy if you wish.

Continuing the animal theme, the overhead loop is held up by an "elephant" and a "lion", both of which have sections that older bubs can spin around as their motor skills develop.


Thanks to the overhead toys hanging nice and low, even our 10-week old daughter has been getting plenty of input, because just moving her arms is enough to touch the toys and activate the lights and music. This is a big plus for younger babies that haven't yet developed the motor skills to deliberately reach up for the toys. After a few surprises to begin with, any time on the mat now produces lots of goos and gaas, and keeps her very entertained. No matter which way she turns her head, there is something colourful to attract her attention.

We have also added another toy to the hook near her feet so she can make some more noise by kicking her feet.

Assembly, folding and storage

Unlike most playmats, the gym doesn't just clip together, but requires a screwdriver to assemble and fully disassemble. It's a simple process though, and the gym folds up for storage, although still ends up larger than some alternative products on the market.

The gym is powered by two AA batteries, which are supplied. After 3 weeks use, the batteries are still working well.


The Discover 'n' Grow musical gym is a great educational product for young bubs. It’s well designed and made, and offers plenty of interaction from a very young age. Aside from needing tools to assemble, and folding to a size a little larger than some alternative products, I can’t cite any problems and have no hesitation in recommending it.


I have owned many baby gyms in 19 years of parenting and this gym ticks all the boxes.  It has the toys hanging down low enough for my 2 month old to reach while he was laying underneath.  The music was easy for him to set off on his own by swatting at the middle hanging toy.

The toys have the ability to keep him intrigued as he grows.  He will be able to play more in depth with each of the toys.  The bottom of the gym has animal feet that spin and this will be a new thing to be fascinated by as he learns to sit. The lights add another dimension of fun and education to the play gym. 

The one of the best features of this gym is the ability to take off the toys from the gym and attach them to the mat for tummy time. Mothers often have trouble keeping their bubs entertained during tummy time and this feature solves that problem. The mat is thick, soft and waterproof, so it makes a perfect tummy time mat.

This is the best gym I have seen when it comes to cleaning. The toys detach making it a breeze to clean and they are made from materials that are easy to clean. The mat is waterproof and easy to clean baby related spills.

The gym packs flat for simple and easy transport. The folding system is well designed and cannot collapse on bub. It fits easily in my boot.

This gym has become bub's and mum's favourite toy.


This gym is fantastic!  I have twins, one of whom has severe gastric reflux which we are struggling to keep on top of...  To get him to lie down without screaming is a real challenge, but the day that we received the gym, he happily played with the toys & the lights for about half an hour! BLISS! 

When I first set it up I thought that the toys hung too low, but turns out they were the perfect height for my 4 month olds!  Took them a while to figure out how to get the music to play, as I think the music could be a little bit easier to trigger, but all in all I think it is great.  Even managed to fit the twins under there together!  The only other feedback I have is that the boys struggle to pick up on the green coloured light, it is a bit dull.  Other than those couple things, even my almost two year old daughter loves playing with it with the twins!

Thank you so much for providing this play mat for Lilian to review! Let's start from the moment it arrived.... I took the box out of the packaging and she instantly knew from the colours that this was hers to play with. She was sitting on Nanny's lap squealing, laughing and trying to launch herself at the mat while I was unpacking and assembling it.
The mat is easy to assemble and I had it together in no time. 
Lovely animal scene for baby to look at while having tummy time. The toys are easy to grab and bash together. When the middle animal is hit the correct way the music and lights start, my baby loves this feature her face lights up every time. The music isnt too hard or to easy for baby to start so it doesn't get to frustrating for them. There are extra hooks you can attach toys to for tummy time.  The best thing is the mat is machine washable and the frame is easily wiped down.
Assembly does require a screw driver. Other than that I can't really think of anything wrong with this mat.... Maybe a few more looks at the head wand of the mat and the side struts. And possibly a touch bigger.
Before this mat was even out of the box my little girl loved it! Because she can grab the side supports and play with the moving parts she now rolls on her side! This mat is a win all round I would have no issue recommending this to other Mummies xoxo
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