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Coddlelife Glass Bottle

15 reviews
Glass Bottle

Coddlelife wide neck glass bottle 240ml is extremely resistant to high heat and breakage. Its Anti-colic, soft, wide and its stretchy nipple prevents nipple confusions. Non-toxic, BPA, PVC, Lead & Phthalates free. Microwave, sterilizer, and dishwasher safe. 

Parent Reviews and Comments

I have to say first up that I absolutely LOVE glass bottles. They are so easy to clean, they don't discolour and they dry so much quicker than plastic.

And to add the venting system like on the Coddlelife bottles just makes them that much better. There are so many 'anti-colic' bottles on the market, but to remove the actual air the baby is ingesting by way of the vent, is definitely more 'anti-colic' than those bottles that don't.

Definitely worth trying if your baby has wind issues. 


A well thought out design but I did find it quite heavy to hold. My son has bad reflux and I didn't see any improvement in his symptoms from using this bottle during the 8 days we used it. Maybe if we had started using it from birth it might have been different. 

I like the design of the bottle and think it could be very effective for a lot of babies. I also think it would be a great bottle for mix feeding babies because the teat is designed to reflect a nipple.


I was lucky enough to be selected to review this bottle. I was so excited to test it with my 8month old however, my daughter had other plans. She refused to use this bottle at all no matter how many times I tried she just seemed to hate the teat. I'm not sure why as she normally uses several different styles of bottles every day. 

What I did like about the bottle was how surprisingly light it is for a glass bottle yet it feels sturdy and not like it would break easily.

Even tho my daughter didn't like the teat I would still recommend this bottle to mums who are wanting to try glass bottles as it is the best I've come across by far.


Great light weight glass bottle, easy to use and clean. Much lighter than other glass bottles on the market. Great for when you're at home. I probably would never use it for when I am out and about. Because knowing me I would drop it and it would break.


My boy is exclusively breastfed but I am trying to introduce a bottle to him as I return to work soon. We had a trial run of it last week when I was in hospital for surgery. I was unable to breastfeed during my stay so my partner put the Coddlelife to work with my 10 month old. From day dot, he knew how to use it. My partner said the bottle was easy to put together, easy for bub to use and easy to clean for its next use.

We can't really fault the bottle at all. Just so grateful we had it to trial in a time where I didn’t know what we were going to do.


Since my baby was born we have has issues with feeding. He was born with a tongue tie and upper lip tie and we had lots of issues with colic and reflux. After getting the ties resolved we hoped to see significant improvement but unfortunately we had created lots of bad feeding habits that were hard to unlearn.  Despite this we battled on and I exclusively breastfed my little one for 9 months. 

Around 9 months, due to significant nipple trauma, I decided to try to transition to exclusively pumping and get my baby to take a bottle. Having had no luck in the past I was worried about how we would go with the transition. After some initial difficulty with a variety of bottles, I tried the Coddlelife Glass Bottle. 

This bottle has been a total lifesaver. Instead of gulping and choking and feed times filled with coughing and spluttering, my baby is able to steadily drink from this bottle from full until empty. The unique bottle design also prevents him from taking in a lot of wind so we are having a lot less issues with sore tummies from gas after feeding.

We have now fully transitioned to the bottle and we use the Coddlelife glass bottle for every feed.

I also love the fact that it is glass. I know there are no hidden nasties that are being transferred to my babies milk and the bottle is super easy to clean and dry ready for the next feed.  

My independent little man also likes to hold his own bottle. This glass bottle is so lightweight he can hold it himself, which he loves :)

I would highly, highly recommend this bottle for all babies that are bottle fed. It has definitely been a huge positive for us!


So, I loved this bottle... It felt clean, sturdy but not heavy. The anti colic valve-thingy seemed to work well. My son actually seemed to really like drinking from it too -- he doesn't usually use bottles as a comfort item, but he didn't want to let go of this one and I was pleased to see that the shape of the teat meant that his lips formed the 'Special K' that I hadn't seen since I stopped breastfeeding him.

The cautions in the box say not to let your child walk around with the bottle. We didn't do that, but he did stand and hold it at the (wooden) coffee table... Then tapped it against the table. I went to stop him and he banged it - the bottle shattered. Glass everywhere, panic ensued. No one was hurt but it gave us all a huge fright. 

Would I use it these bottles for an older baby? No. I would definitely use them for a younger bub though who won't hold it themselves. I believe the same company makes a plastic version as well which doesn't have the same advantages as glass but utilises the valve and teat design. 


So, we reviewed the Coddlelife Glass Bottle and overall found it was brilliant. 

It was great to wash, easy to measure and didn't leak at all. 

I would be lying if I said the product couldn't be improved slightly - my biggest gripe was that the lid didn't sit flat, so after sterilising and inserting the teat, when mixing the formula and filling the bottle the lid didn't sit flat so the tube end of the teat wasn't ever upright. But that was my only complaint. 

I did notice that bubs did seem to keep her bottle down better when using this bottle compared to the other glass bottles we had.

Overall, I would strongly recommend this product to those who like glass bottles.


This is the first glass bottle that I have ever used and I wasn’t disappointed. 

The bottle itself is quite light compared to others I have picked up in the shops. The markings are nice large and clear making it easy to read in the middle of the night. 

The Coddlelife bottle also had a venting system. I found this easy to clean and use compared to other vented bottles which had multiple pieces to clean. I found he didn't have to suck on the bottle as hard as other bottles. 

I found my son still suffered from wind and colic however he this is regardless of the bottle that is being used. It did decrease though over the time we trialled the bottle. 

I would highly recommend the Coddlelife bottles to other parents and would also purchase more for myself. 


My 10month little one is exclusive FF (medical reasons) and sadly didn't really take to this bottle as much as others. In saying that teat size and types are a very personal and individual thing to babies.

I am also not sure how I missed it for so long but there is a 'top' side identified on the teat to help hold the bottle correctly. 

This bottle is well worth a trial whilst figuring out which types/ brands to use. I really loved it being glass as I'm a bit funny about heating plastic in the microwave and the use of plastics in general. Glass just seems a far more natural material and option. And even seems more hygienic.

I also really liked the etching of the measurements as I have had them wear off plastic bottles before so I'm sure this will last the bottles lifetime of at least longer. 

The bottle diameter was good to hold during feeding. Not too wide and easy to get a good grip. So in conclusion in my humble opinion this bottle is well worth a try!


The Coddlelife bottle is designed to reduce confusion between breastfeed babies when they are bottle feeding so I was hopeful that this would help my baby to take a bottle as to date we have had no luck.

At first my baby was not interested in latching onto the teat but I worked out that if I gave her breast first then she would then take the bottle. Obviously this is not ideal but I was able to at least get her to take it. I am hoping over time she will learn to not need the breast beforehand.

I was sceptical with the bottle being glass however I have dropped it (accidently) and it did not break which is reassuring.

It is easy to clean which is fantastic. The wide neck enables bottle cleaners to get in easily and the one piece venting nipple system although looks complicated is really easy to assemble and get in and out.

I noticed that there was no increase in gas which is a good sign as most times I have tried my baby with a bottle she has been quite fussy afterwards.

This bottle has been great and I would recommend it to any parent that wants a chemical free bottle to feed their baby.


Wow what an amazing bottle, my son took to it really well. The teats are a great shape for my son to latch on easily. 

It was easy to clean because it was glass, previous plastic bottles need to be hand washed as they stain in the dishwasher, not at all the case with these bottles. 

I really liked the venting system, it certainly seemed to help my son have less wind.

The content measurements on the side of the bottle were very clear and easy to read. 

Overall the bottles are fantastic, however they are fairly costly which may not be affordable to most families, although are comparative to other brands of glass bottles. Most people would need to purchase a couple of bottles in the each of the sizes too.

The bottles attached straight to my Breast Pump so that was convenient.

The only downside I could see to these bottles is my concern about dropping them on the tiles and it smashing. As babies get older they tend to push the bottles out of their mouths a lot (well mine did anyway) I would be worried about it dropping on the floor. My older son also took it off the dish rack too which sent me into a panic, I was lucky enough to get to him before he dropped it. 


After using plastic bottles for my first baby, I was keen to try the glass alternative for my second Baby.  I find one of the downsides to plastic is they are harder to clean, but the Coddlelife Glass bottles were much easier to clean.

My baby also had no troubles with the teat and the anti-colic valve worked well.

I found the glass kept the water hot for longer, which meant I needed to prepare the bottle earlier.  I was unsure about putting the bottle in the fridge with hot water in it for fear of breakage. 



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