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CJ's Butter CJ's BUTTer

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CJ's BUTTer is safe to use with cloth nappies and has a huge range of applications including treating nappy rash, eczema, clearing up rashes, repairing dry, cracked or sunburned skin, protecting dry or cracked nipples (and is safe for breastfeeding), conditioning curls and to generally promote healing. 

Parent Reviews and Comments

I was really excited to be receiving this product. My 3 year old son has eczema on his upper arms, and we have been looking for the perfect product for him.

Other than the smell (he didn't like the yummy sweet orange smell), the product didn't cause him any problems, and with a few days we started to see an improvement.

My 1 year old daughter at the time had nappy rash, and noticing on the leaflet provided thst it also helped nappy rash, it put it on her. The next day the rash was gone!

I would recommend this product to anyone, and it would be a great gift for any new mum that is looking for natural products for their little one, that also smells fantastic.


This is a very rich moisturiser, it smells amazing and is very oily in texture.  Within a couple of days of receiving this the whole family was slathering it on.  My DS (3 years old) suffers terrible atopic eczema and we have had a hard time finding a cream that does not contain mineral oil and which he actually tolerates us applying without tears.  He loved his "special cream" and it did a fabulous job of keeping his skin moisturised.

DD is 12 months and suffers occasional nappy rash.  I was certainly much happier applying this to her delicate bits than commercial zinc based creams.  I also would apply it all over after a bath.  I used this cream myself after a shower and haven't yet tried it as a curl conditioner but I'm sure it does a great job.

This product definitely exceeded my expectations - and I have tried every moisturiser under the sun while trying to fix my son's eczema.  Very impressed.


CJ's Butter is amazing. It really helped to soften skin and take away any itching that there was. I also got sunburned and used it on that. It soothed the sunburn and helped to prevent peeling even. 

It was so easy to use and smelled so amazing. I would recommend this to anyone.


We started using this for DD as a barrier cream as she tends to get rashy especially in warm weather. We use MCNs and liners and one big plus was that when this got on to the MCNs it came out easily with normal washing, unlike other nappy creams. It smells AMAZING!! I used a melon and cucumber scent and it is lovely. It kept her rash free, so when heat rash appeared on her chest and neck, I applied some of the CJ's BUTTer and found the rash cleared fast and seemed to take the itch out. Highly recommended!


I couldn't wait to receive CJ's Butter as part of Bubhub's Reviewer Panel as I'd heard so many good things about it.

It didn't disappoint!

We were sent 'Lemon Grove' which smells deliciously like a Lemon pudding and good enough to eat!

The Butter is so smooth and spreads really well, meaning you only need a small amount to cover a big area, we've only made a small dent in the 8oz pot and have used it several times a day since it arrived. 

We used the butter on my two year old who has eczema on his chest, back and face.

Like most mums I am mindful of what I put on his skin and was desperate to find a more natural alternative that would give him some relief. 

Thankfully the soothing texture of the cream was an instant relief for the itching and we could visibly see the difference CJ's Butter made within two days, after a week there was still a small amount of redness but the dry flaky skin was pretty much gone. 

We have been using it now for four weeks, the eczema still flares up after swimming and very hot days but CJ's Butter soothes it straight away and clears most of it within a few days, most importantly though it keeps on top of the itching and scratching. 

He is a much happier boy and calls it his "Nice back cream". 

The only minor complaint would be that if I put a t-shirt on him after applying the Butter it leaves a sort of greasy mark on the clothing, that is easily solved though by waiting until it dries before dressing. 

I also have to add that as a bonus my hands are silky soft as well!

We will most definitely be buying it when the Lemon Grove pot runs out and can't wait to check out some of the other scents, especially 'Monkey Farts'!

Purple Lily

I have been using this for the last few weeks on my 5 month old and two year old. Firstly, the smell is amazing, delicious and fresh! My two year old gets really bad nappy rash and this butter made his bum less red by his next nappy change. The rash was almost non-existent overnight! We use it on my 5 month old as a barrier cream and since we have been using it he hasn't even had a spot of nappy rash. I also used the tiniest bit on my chapped lips and by morning they were good as a new! All in all I highly recommend this product, it has so many uses and actually works.


CJ's BUTTer smells amazing.. I wanted to eat it every time I opened the tub. It worked so well on my sons nappy rash after just one application. The tub is a really generous size and as you don't need to use a lot of cream, I think it will last for ages!! Made of natural products too so no nasty things going onto little one's skin.


Immediately upon opening this amazing stuff the smell is what pulls you in. I am genuinely amazed at how great it smells. I liked the texture, a little on the 'oily' side but it's not as bad as some other products I've used. It works wonders on hair! And in general as a body butter for massages etc. I did use it for rashes but found it had no effect in that department at all.

As a rash cream I wouldn't recommend it. But as an all over general body butter, for massages and for hair I definitely recommend.

Will be buying more. Have fallen in love with this product.



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