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CharliChair Baby Shower Chair

6 reviews
Baby Shower Chair

The CharliChair is not a baby bath tub but a baby shower chair. The CharliChair allows you the convenience of the three level height adjustment for yourself and the multi-position recline for your baby. With the CharliChair your child will grow loving the shower as they will be accustomed to it from birth.

Parent Reviews and Comments

We were happily using this shower chair for months and found it very useful in an apartment setting as we don't have a bath tub.

But this morning the seat part fell out of the chair, with our baby strapped in. He doesn't seem to be injured, but obviously a big shock and a lot of crying.

I looked at the parts connecting the seat to the rest of the chair and they seem very flimsy / made out of plastic. It's disappointing, to say the least. As parents, you are so careful with looking after your baby to avoid falls and injuries, only to be let down by the product you purchased - which was supposed to be designed exactly for this purpose.


I don't normally write reviews but this has been one of the best baby products I've purchased to date. Purchased our CharliChair when my daughter was 4 months old. We have no bath tub and she quickly grew out of the baby bath. She happily transitioned to the shower chair with ease and we use it every night. As my husband is at work I feel safer using the chair, knowing she is safely secured whilst I get in /out of the shower. Using the baby bath was so time consuming and I couldn't let go of her for a second. I love the chair because she can sit and play in it while I shower myself at the same time as well. I wash her bottom before I sit her in the chair and I still find this easier and quicker than using a baby bath. Have used it everyday for over 6 months now and still looks brand new. Top product, perfect for inner city unit/apartment living! 


We just tried the CharliChair on our newborn for the first time. While at hospital, our baby loved the bath. She basically fell asleep inside it and was settled and sleepy after = perfect. We got home and thought we'd give the CharliChair a go. She cried like a demon once seated inside it. The harness seemed to be cutting into her head whenever she rolled to the side and we found it IMPOSSIBLE to clean behind her, especially in her bum where it's most important. In the end, we gave up and had to take her out of the shower. We're now in the process of trying to calm her down, while I'm on the computer putting the CharliChair up on Gumtree. Avoid this product for newborns.


I have used this product for about 2 weeks, and have used it with both my 5 month old daughter & my 2 year old son... As my husband isn't always home for bath time & the 2 kids can't have their bath together yet so I found this product great for having my toddler in the bath & baby in the shower at the same time (in the same room) and knowing bub was secure in her chair, I could help my toddler etc. I tried it while I showered with bub, but found the base a little big in our shower for both of us, so not that comfortable. 

My toddler only tried it a couple of times, to be honest he preferred to be on the floor of the shower playing with his toys. 

Probably the best thing is using it in the shower & not having to bend over, great for my sore back so I could imagine those without a bath & those with back problems it would be a godsend. 

Overall I think it could be very useful in certain circumstances :-) 


I was excited to receive my CharliChair in the post to complete the review. It was a bit fiddly to put together, but didn't take too long.

My daughter is not a bub anymore, but a small 11kg toddler. She doesn't like standing in the shower and isn't very stable on her feet due to having a disability. I thought the CharliChair would be perfect. However, I soon discovered she wanted to sit more upright and the chair only has two recline positions.

The CharliChair has two recline positions which are quite 'laid back', these are more suited to a newborn or a bub who is starting to have better head control. The chair would have been awesome for my daughter, who has a disability, if I could have rotated it to sit more upright and then use the straps to secure her safely.

I don't think it is sturdy enough to use once bub gets heavier, although it says up to 17kgs.

The biggest problem is the size of it. I could not fit it in my standard shower, along with me, so I could run the shower with the door open and therefore not be standing in the shower myself. Making it quite messy!

This would be a great product if you had a big shower, a newborn, or struggle to lean over the bath.

It would be perfect if you have a toddler under 17kgs who perhaps has a disability and cannot sit up yet, this would be perfect for washing them, making it much easier for the caregiver.

Its only downfall is the size it takes up in a standard size shower and the inability to sit it more upright for an older toddler.

It's a great product and an inventive idea if you have the space for it!


We used this for our twins (6 weeks old now) but they felt too small (4kg & 3kg) so they needed to be held - making the process a two person job which is not ideal... lucky we have a big shower!

I think it will be handy for the short period when a baby is easily held but too small to lay in a bath (and it's definitely safer than just holding a slippery bub).

I'd probably only recommend this to people who don't have a bath though.

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