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Pebblebee Bluetooth Key Finder

15 reviews
Bluetooth Key Finder

Pebblebee is a smart little tag you attach to items you don’t want to lose or have trouble keeping track of, like keys.

Using the free Pebblebee app on your smartphone you can trigger the tag to beep or to light up. The app also has a colour coded range finder that indicates how close you are to the tag.

The tag connects to your phone using Bluetooth LE technology and has a range of about 45 metres inside depending on obstructions.

You can track your house keys, remote, car keys ..up to 10 different things using 10 Pebblebees all from the same app on your smartphone.

Pebblebee is compatible with most smartphones - iPhone 4s or newer, iPad 3, iPad Mini, Android 4.4 phones or newer with Bluetooth 4.0. The Pebblebee's electronics are housed inside a durable glass-filled case, which is ultrasonically sealed, the outer shell is made of a hardened white plastic. It is water resistant for most environments and is lighter than an Australian 20 cent coin.

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I loved the key finder..

Being overwhelemed at being a new Mum and mourning the loss of my hand bag. I have managed to misplace my keys more than a few times in the nappy bag.  And spent several frantic mintues checking each pocket of the bag..

Not anymore due to this amazing and easy to use device. Once set up, it great.. No more worrying are my keys in my bag.. 

Now I can please have some more.. seriously.. This is great...


Lucky for me I haven't lost my keys during trial, but when I did press the button on my iPhone app, the sound was nice and loud. It was very easy to set up and was never in the way while on my keys. 


What an awesome product this was. 

I intentionally attached it to my work locker keys and let them float about the house for my 18month old to find and play with. 

We both loved how easy the app was to use and locate the keys, and it was particularly handy on those mornings when we were running late and I needed to find my keys!


i attached this to a few different items in the house - toys, dummies, keys. Anything that goes missing and we always desperately need ASAP because Mr  2 is about have a tantrum.

i really wish I'd thought of it myself. Great little thing to use and easy interface on the app to get it up and running.

In our household there is always something missing in action. Now to purchase a number of these little Pebblebee's so everything is accounted for.

When searching for the lost item, the signal was really accurate. We were able to track down missing Mousey and the car keys on one occasion when Mr 2 took them for a play.


The Pebblebee is a nifty little device. Firstly I liked the cute tin it came in and appreciated that the paperclip-sized 'key' was in this business-card sized tin - as we are a household that loses things! 

We have two small children who both think the car keys are a great toy, and no spare sets of keys (smart huh). However, due to irony we didn't have as many extreme "Where on earth are the car keys?!" fiascos during the trial period, but there were a few days when I just didn't have time to look for them and so grabbed my phone and used the Pebblebee app to make the keys chirp at me - was brilliant! (Turns out they were in the bottom of my bag all along!)  

The device is small and unobtrusive and just having it attached to my keys gave me a certain peace of mind - part of the stress of scrabbling to find car keys is the thought that they might be lost elsewhere, and opening up the app and seeing that the your phone is 'in contact' with the Pebblebee  device via Bluetooth puts you instantly at ease. I'm going to purchase one for my husband's keys now (which were misplaced during the trial period but were sans tracker).  



The Pebblebee device is, overall, kind of average. That is, the positives and negatives kid if balance each other out!

The negatives
The home screen on the Pebbleee App on my phone is not the most user friendly or intuitive. It looks a little clunky too.
 It took me ages to figure out where the actual Pebblebee device was when I opened my parcel... There were no instructions on how to release it from its container. A small gripe, though, as I got it after a few minutes!
The 'getting warmer/colder' feature showing how close you are to the device is a bit redundant I felt... A bit of a gimmick!
The Device can be secured safely inside a thin rubber case so it doesn't get knocked  while attached to whatever it is you are losing. In my case, my keys!  There are a few options for securing it, with longer and shorter strap options in the box.
One of the real beauties of the device is that, If, as I do, you often lose your phone, there is a handy option of being able to press. the side button on the Pebblebee device (assuming you have not lost the thing it is attached to!) and it will sound an alert on your phone! 
I have definitely found it useful and will continue to use it, but it's not the best example of a tracking device/app I have seen.
Skye Baby

Now I must get this out there from the start I don't actually loose things I misplace them.  I misplace my keys or wallet almost daily, giving my husband a heart attack and wasting many frustrating minutes of my time looking for them. 

I have been using this great product called the Pebblebee for a couple of weeks now and I have to say this has already saved my bacon a couple of times. Helping me find my wallet when I had thought I had lost, oops I mean misplaced, it. The Pebblebee is a small light weight disc that you attach to your keys wallet or anything you are likely to loose such as your child's favourite toy.  Once you have downloaded the app, it connects to your smartphone or ipad via Bluetooth and when you want to find your item it will alert you with an alarm or flashing light, once you get close enough. 
The alarm is very loud and can be heard from far away even when your item is hidden in cupboards. The little light on the side is not that bright so I found the alarm much better to use. 
It feels a little bit like playing hot or cold when you have lost something as on your phone it indicates red when far away, Orange when on the right track, yellow when almost found  and green when you have found it. You can also set it up to alert you when you become separated from your item so you will not forget it. My family and I loved it when it first arrived as we spent ages hiding things from each other than finding them. 
I really liked the the packaging that it comes in.  A very cute slim line tin. There was this other small pice in the tin that you will need to change the battery with which I nearly lost, as the children were playing with the tin and it went missing (I did find it later on). 
Currently it doesn't work on windows phones. However I believe it will eventually work on them but there are a few issues with the windows ten operating system. I have a windows phone so I can't wait until that happens. 
I found it really cool that you can use the Pebblebee to trigger the camera on your phone. Great for taking  selfie's or doing street photography. Another really cool feature is that you can find your lost phone using the Pebblebee, so it works both ways. 
If you loose things (or like taking selfies) I defiantly would recommend this product it will save you time. My daughter lost or had her purse stolen today at school. I wish that she had a Pebblebee in it so she could have tracked it down. I Didn't try this but if you have lost something and someone else with a Pebble bee comes in range of it you will get a notification with a map showing you where it is. In view of this I encourage everyone to get a Pebblebee so we can all help each other out.
I defiantly will be purchasing more Pebblebees as according to the web page your phone can support up to twelve of them. Great product absolutely love it. 

This nifty little device is an absolute life saver.

Frequently lost keys etc will become an issue of the past.

First of all I loved the packaging and the very clever design for replacing the battery with the key...the storage case is very cute.

I installed the app which was easy to find and install, set up was very simple and straightforward.

To first test the PebbleBee I got my husband to hide it in the house and we set about hunting it down. Within a few minutes I had found it, hiding in the filing cabinet, next place was on top of the fridge, yet again easy to locate.

I love seeing it going from red, to orange to green and then beeping when you are getting close, the light is handy too...

Overall I think this is an excellent product for anyone who is frequently hunting for lost items, especially when you have toddlers about who love hiding the keys. 

My son did hide the keys one day and I found them easily hiding in the seat of his ride on toy plane. 

Thanks PebbleBee, I would highly recommend them. 




i am notorious for loosing things; I always have been but with two small children it's even worse now  ( I sometimes wonder if the toddler "borrows" things). I was excited to try the pebble bee as a solution to my problem. 

I decided to attach the devise to my phonecase, as I loose that the most; inside houses my important cards and my phone. I found attaching the devise challenging. Fortunately I have a wrist strap connection with a clip that I was able attach the devise to. Had it been a regular phone case I wouldn't have been able to attach. The design somewhat will restrict the options on what to place the item on. 

I downloaded the app immediately with ease to my apple phone; but as I was using the devise to locate the phone if lost I also downloaded to a Samsung android devise. I was able to sync with ease so that it was recognised on both devises. I gave a few test goes from both devises ( using both sound and light) and it worked great.  The light option could have been brighter, it was only a tiny.

i do have concerns about the type of battery used ( it is a flat one); it is secure in the devise ( you need a key to open it, but that in itself could be an issue if you loose the key and the battery had to be replaced), but personally I don't like those type of batteries even in the house. the information provided does suggest it can be used with pets; personally I wouldn't let my pet or child near devise. 

During the trial period I did loose my phone 3 times. Unfortunately 2 out of the 3 times the android devise couldn't locate any signal. When I did locate my phone I opened the app on the phone and it had full strength. Even when the android devise was placed directly next to the pebble bee it still didn't pick it up. 

Overall when it works it works great, however I do have concerns about its reliability 


I was lucky enough to receive the pebblebee key finder to review 2 weeks ago. This fabulous little key tag, paired with the corresponding  app have proven very useful already. Only a couple of days after getting the key finder I left my nappy bag, keys and all, in a parents room. I was distracted by my busy toddler and we carried on with our shopping trip. It wasn't until I was almost to the car that I realised I didn't have my bag. I whipped my phone out of my pocket as I started retracing my steps and before I knew it the pebble bee was back in range. Following the app I traced it to the centre information desk where my bag had been dropped off by a kind stranger. Having the key finder attached made the search far less stressfull than it would have been without it. 

I also love the fact that the button on the pebblebee key tag can be used as a locator for your phone. The only thing I lose more than my keys is my phone! On more than one occasion I have found myself saved from having to frantically ransack my lounge room by pressing the little button and following the alert tone. 

The only downside I have found is the drain that having bluetooth enabled and the app running in the background has on my iphone battery. I am struggling to get a full day out of my phone. I imagine you could solve this by only running the Bluetooth and app when you needed to locate your keys but this would mean you couldn't use the phone locating feature. 


I was so thrilled to recieve the Pebblebee to review as I cannot say how many times we have searched in vain trying to locate lost tv remotes and late School mornings trying to locate lost keys!

The Pebblebee comes in the cutest packaging, a little tin with a bonus spare battery. The Pebblebee itself is about the size of a 20c piece or so, therefore making my first impression of the Pebblebee as being nice and ompact, not cumbersome and well designed.

The set-up instructions are very easy to understand, absolutely no need to be a tech expert. Just download the 'free' Pebblebee App to your phone, create an account and log in.

Although simple instructions, they are not very detailed in terms of all the features, though easy and step by step nonetheless and with a push of the side button for a few seconds, the device is good to go!

I loved that through the App you can select a sound to help you locate your item or alternatively the flashing led lights. The lights were particularly useful when my keys were buried deep down in my big, black handbag! My husband loved this feature as he is never too keen on searching for keys in my handbag!

In just two weeks I found I was cosntantly using the Pebblebee. On one occasion the keys were lost (I had left them in the swimming change rooms) I got on the App, and used the colour coded range finder to indicate if I was close to my keys. Once the device showed 'green' which indicates very close, I activated the chimes sound to guide me precisely to the spot and voila found my keys under a change room seat! Such a time saver, no more asking around wondering where my keys were  and no panicking!

The alarm trigger is another helpful feature as it activates a very loud alarm whenever the mobile device and Pebblebee are separated. I chose not to use this feature much because the alarm is quite loud (which is great when needed) and to prevent draining my phone battery by keeping this feature on.

The Pebblebee Honey 'Gear and Acessories' pack was particularly useful as it allowed me to attach the Pebblebee to the tv remote which is frequently misplaced in this house. Once attached to the Pebblebee, we saved days of angst by being able to locate the remote as soon as it was 'lost' under the couch etc. With super bright orange fluro colours, the acessories were very helpful in my handbag attached to the keys!

The only downsides I would say are that there is a bit of a delay with response time when using the range finder. I found I would need to stop walking for a few seconds and wait for it to respond.

I think if you understand the limitations of a blue tooth device in regards to being subjected to distance and you're wanting a nifty device to help locate commonly lost things such as keys, remotes, mobiles, bags etc, then you won't be dissapointed with this device. I found it extremely helpful and wouldn't hesitate buying a few extras to put on the kids clothes etc when out in extremely busy/crowded environments such as theme parks and Royal Shows etc.

Thank you for the opportunity to review the Pebblebee. 


Everybody needs at least one of these Pebblebee Finders! Finding our one set of keys is so easy with the Pebblebee attached. The App is user friendly. The App gives you the option to make your Pebblebee beep or flash to assist you with finding it. You can also use the App to guide you in the right direction to locate your lost item. The App also allows you to add multiple Pebblebees to your one account. I checked out how much these finders are and the cost is pretty reasonable compared to other similar devices. Yes it's great for finding your keys, but you could use the Pebblebee Finder for almost anything you may misplace. I will definitely purchase a couple more for us.


I was excited when the PebbleBee Honey arrived on our doorstep. Whilst keys are always going missing here, the big issue for me is my prescription sunglasses. I've just started a fitness regime and only ever use these glasses when jogging. Unfortunately I never remember where I have put them!

I downloaded the app and paired my device to my phone. I had a little play with the settings and then popped the pebble bee into my glasses case. The locate action is very easy to use and when you are in range you can either make the pebblebee play a sound or it can flash a light.

The screen shows the signal strength and you are given a colour coded guide red, green, yellow, orange, and the added sound or light flashing makes it very simple to locate.

One of the standout features for me is that The PebbleBee Honey works in reverse also and can FIND YOUR PHONE! The number of times I have lost my phone and start to worry that it has been lost in a shop or left somewhere. This is a simple to use feature and with just a click of a button your phone will make a noise for you to locate it.

Another handy feature of the PebbleBee Honey is the ability to use the device as a remote buttonfor your phones camera!

I'd recommend this to others, and, personally, we are going to purchase another two so we can add them to our key rings.



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