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Baby U Bamboo Baby Wipes

20 reviews
Bamboo Baby Wipes

Fragrance free, alcohol free and hypoallergenic

Baby U® Bamboo Wipes are not just gentle on skin, but are kind to the environment too! These wipes are made from 100% natural bamboo and are 100% biodegradable.

Parent Reviews and Comments

I was pleased to review these wipes as we have only ever used homebrand and I was eager to see how they compared. Unfortunately they weren't for us.

Pros: good thickness, didn't fall apart when wiping, comes out of the packet easily one handed.

Cons: way too much scent, wasn't great on my baby's skin.

Overall, I wouldn't use these again.


The first thing I noticed when I opened the packet was the very strong fragrance. We use fragrance free products due to skin sensitivity so I was disappointed when the packaging claimed it was lightly fragranced and it was anything but. I could always tell when they were in my nappy bag because the fragrance was so overpowering. 

Other than that, the actual quality and size of the wipes was great, the packaging is also appealing to the eye and clear.

I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a fragranced wipe.


I was interested to try these as they're biodegradable and made with bamboo, which is supposed to be gentle on the skin.

I was happy to see that the packet actually had a proper closure, rather than a sticky strip like some other brands do. It means I don't have to worry about aligning the sticker properly to stop them drying out.

The wipes weren't as thick as some other brands, so I was expecting them to tear, but that never happened. They're wet enough to make wiping easy.

Some other wipes we've tried previously have left my little ones with a rash, so I was happy that they didn't react to the Baby U wipes.

Overall, I really like the Baby U wipes and prefer them to the other well known brands.


First thoughts on receiving the wipes was that I loved the packaging, so bright, colourful and fun - I was immediately impressed. My partner also pointed out that the packing kept its shape in the nappy bag which he liked.

I was eager to try the product as I like to try and reduce my environmental impact where I can. I loved that these wipes gave me a green feeling.

I love the smell of the wipes, for a fragrance free wipe they sure smelled fragrant. Texture wise I found them a little bit thin and small. Practically speaking they did the job, but due to the thinness I really didn't look forward to a dirty nappy to clean.

overall they were okay, but im not sure the green appeal would be enough to make me buy them again.



I was very excited to try these wipes given they were bamboo and biodergradable so when they arrived I opened the pack immediately. 

I found the fragrance to be a pleasant smell however very overpowering for my personal preference.

On first use I took a good look at the wipe, they were longer and skinnier than the current wipes I use. I found that they were a bit on the thin side for my liking and I felt that I ended up with poo coming through. They were however quite strong so I didn't have any fear of putting my finger through the wipe.

The packaging is very cute, I like the panda and bamboo pictures.

The downside for me was that after a day or two of use my son got horrible nappy rash which he has never ever had I had to stop using them.

I can see the appeal of the narural biodergradable wipes but unfortunately it isn't a fit for my family....


I was very impressed with these wipes, they were think and soft, they had a nice smell to them and they were moist which makes changing easier. 


I was really happy to receive these to review as I liked the idea of natural, biodegradeable wipes, plus I as well as 2 of 3 of the kids have skin allergies!

I was surprised when I first opened the packet to be hit by a seriously strong scent from the wipes!  DH likened it to a doctors surgery or a hospital.  It's not unpleasant, just surprisingly strong.  This worried me with regards skin issues but although they made me itch a little no-one had any visible skin reactions from them.

The wipes themselves, although very thin and not very wet, did the job well - they cleaned up even the nastiest stickiest toddler poos albeit not in one go (that would be asking too much from industrial bleach though).  Baby poo they dealt with with ease. 

As mentioned though, they are quite thin and some things (especially breast fed poo) did go through them.  Also, probably also because of this, they were hard to get out of the packet one at a time.  I found that the wadged up and I often ended up with a handful of wipes whcih were then quite difficult to separate when I only wanted one or two.

In summary:

Environment issues - awesome

Scent - very strong

Thickness - thin

Efficiency - ok

Decent wipes - would be better a little thicker, a bit wetter and not quite so smelly!!


When I received the baby wipes the first thing I noticed is that they do have a fairly strong fragrance. It was unpleasant just stronger than I expected. The wipes themselves are a bit thin and tend to stick a bit  when trying to get them out of the package. I found them great for wet nappies but do prefer thicker wipes to clean up dirty nappies. 

love that that the wipes are biodegradable and they caused no issues with my babies sensitive skin. 

These wipes tick most of the boxes for me, in what I look for in a pack of wipes:
- easy to pull out from the pack. I've not had any problems with getting just one out at a time, or with them breaking as I pull them out.
- lightly scented, but not chemical smells. The fragrance isn't overpowering either.
- good thickness - doesn't tear with fairly firm use.
- good amount of moisture. These wipes have enough moisture to be very effective in cleaning, without leaving too much sogginess behind.
- no irritation for either my 2 year old or my 6 month old.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these wipes or buy them again myself.

My favourite feature of these wipes is that they are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It would be wonderful if they were also flushable.

I found the scent quite strong even though they are "lightly scented", however they do smell pleasant. It would be great if they had a scent free option. The wipes had a lovely feel to them but I did find them quite thin for nappy changes. They do a wonderful job and cleaned up spaghetti bolognese stains on my daughter's face perfectly. She also seemed to love the taste of the wipes.

These wipes never irritated rashes and are great on sensitive skin which is the most important feature.


I love that these wipes are biodegradable. I found the smell a bit overpowering and not that pleasant – the wipes smelt like a household cleaner to me. It was often hard to locate the next wipe in the pack and I found them a bit small for my liking; I prefer the larger sized wipes. However, I did find them gentle on my son’s skin and worked well for cleaning up messes. My son liked the design of the package and got excited when he spotted the panda; I think it would be better if the panda was bigger.  Baby wipe packets are always a great distraction for my son when I’m trying to change his nappy so a cute design is a plus! The wipes seemed to be good quality and the plastic lid is very handy.


  • Biodegradable

  • Good quality

  • Cute packet design and handy lid



  • Didn’t like the scent

  • Hard to locate wipe

  • Smaller sized wipes


they are gentle, smell lovely, my twin b has extra sensitive skin that loved these wipes cleared up a nappy rash and it hasnt come back since using these wipes. my only issue is they are too small. so i felt like i was using twice as many. if the wipe was larger they would be the perfect wipe :)


i tend to stick to one brand of wipes that I've always been happy with so don't have many to compare these to but here's a few pros and cons I found. 

Pros- nice size and quite stretchy

do the job of cleaning hands, bottoms etc well

biodegradable and gentle on skin

cons- not that wet

dont like the smell much

In summary the wipes are suitable and it's nice that they are a bit kinder to the environment. I don't think I would use them again based on the smell and lack of moisture but I don't like scented wipes in general.


I found these wipes to be very gentle on bubs skin. After using a popular supermarket brand, I found that the Baby U bamboo wipes really helped with a long term red bum that we had been dealing with!

The bamboo has a very silky feeling and is a lot less abrasive than many competitors quilted style wipes. The wipes themselves were a reasonable size, not overly large, but still big enough to do the job.

I found them to be quite strong in fragrance, but the smell was refreshing and of the essential oils, rather than a synthetic fragrance. I found this smell pleasant and much more appropriate than a 'perfumed' wipe.

Wouldn't hesitate to use these wipes again or recommend them to a friend!


One packet down and I'll be going back for more. I really liked using these wipes and they will become part of our nappy change routine. They are so soft on my babys skin even when she had nappy rash. These wipes are thinner than my usual but I don't think it is a disadvantage. They smell fresh although I wouldn't say its lightly scented! And I love that they are environmently friendly that is always a plus.  All in all I will definitely use these again!! 


I was really worried about these when I first opened the packet. I thought they felt really thin. 

They proved me wrong though. And have been really good wipes. 

I think they smell amazing and are really great for my daughter's skin, especially as she is teething and something a little more gentle is better for her. 

I wouldn't hesitate to buy these again. And the fact that they are much better for the environment is a big contributing factor in my decision too. 

Great wipes!


I'm not sure the claim of lightly scented as quite correct with these wipes. The first time I took them with me in my handbag the whole bag smelt for a day afterwards. They seemed quite thin compared to the wipes I use which I didn't like (but others may like thin wipes) but seemed to wipe well.


These wipes have a beautiful smell, it isn't overpowering but quite subtle. I found myself smelling them every time I used them. I love the idea of biodegradable wipes, they are a fabulous idea and reduce the guilt of adding to landfill. My only complaint is they are a little thin. I like the thicker wipes for the poo explosions. Had they been thicker they would have been the perfect baby wipe.

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