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Milton Anti-Bacterial Tablets

13 reviews
Anti-Bacterial Tablets

Milton Antibacterial Tablets allow you to sterilise products in just 15 minutes, killing bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores (tough dormant bacteria).

Milton Antibacterial Tablets have been used in hospitals for many years and are clinically proven to kill 99.9% of germs. No need to boil, heat or rinse so you can sterilise at home or while you are travelling! 

Parent Reviews and Comments

Thanks for the opportunity to review these; I have used the liquid Milton's in the past and I really like the tablets in comparison. I found the tablets very easy to use, during the time I was reviewing the tablets my son had a vomiting bug, I used the Milton's to clean all of his eating utensils, drink bottles, cups and also to wipe down all the kitchen surfaces; the bug did not spread to any other family members, I'm not sure if that was because of my use of the Milton's but I'm sure it definitely helped. I soaked my drink bottle too as it was contaminated by vomit :/, I found the first bottle of water had a slight bleachy taste but was fine after that. I also used it to sterilise my sons dummy's I found it much easier than steaming them in a pot on the stovetop and no risk of boiling water burning anyone. I also loved how it was one tablet to 2L of water but I was disappointed that the tablets were not scored as I like to use a little 1L container and it was a bit difficult to snap the tablet in to equal parts. Overall I found them much easier to use and prefer them over the liquid Milton's. 


easy to use, no mess, less risk of bleaching clothing, easily portable, easy to store small packet compared to large bottle, no risk of leaking, no need for hot water.


Tablet whole not scored so harder to convert to 1L, slightly bleachy taste to drink bottle but only at first drink. 


I wasn't really sure what to expect from this product but I was pleasantly surprised. It was quick and easy to make up the solution. The only thing that I wasn't sure about was the chemical type smell that lingered on the items I had put into the sterilising solution.

Overall, I was happy with this product but I'm not sure how often I would use it given the smell left behind on my daughters bottles.


I found these such a time saver, so much more simple submerging toys and bottles in the solution and walking away rather than fiddling around sterilising in a microwave or steriliser. I would repurchase them as I like the convenience and knowing it kills majority of the germs.


Milton Anti-bacterial tablets have been around for years and before the tablets there was the liquid solution. After I had my daughter the advice from the NICU where she stayed was not to sterilise her bottles but to clean them in warm soapy water. But as we do, we like to keep things as clean as possible which is where we turn to disinfectants, hand sanitisers and antibacterials. Personally, although my daughter never really complained, I found the smell of the tablets a little strong to use on baby bottles, dummies and plastic toys regularly but I use them every now and then to give a good sterilisation.

I do however use the Milton anti-bacterial tablets more regularly for other things like sanitising and freshening up our reusable dish cloths to soak them in, a general cleaner by dissolving a tablet in a spray bottle of water to use an all over sanitiser for the benches, table, chopping boards, floors etc. I also often pop a couple in the toilet bowl for a little freshen up between cleans and We also use them for cleaning out our homebrew equipment and our camping gear before we use it. It is great for getting rid of the musty smell between uses and leaves it smelling better and us feeling like it is cleaner.

I will keep buying this product, while maybe not for baby bottles but other uses, although it would be nice if it were lightly scented to cover the "pool" smell it has.


I have always used a microwave steriliser for my baby’s bottles. 

The tablets dissolved easily in the water. I found it convenient that I only had to make up the solution once per day and was then able to put bottles dummies and toys in as I needed to. I also found it convenient in that if I accidentally left a piece of the bottle out, I didn't have to re run the microwave for one piece; I was just able to pop it into the solution. 

The only disadvantage was the chemical smell when the bottles are first taken out of the solution. After they are have been out of the solution for a few minutes the smell does disappear however it is a bit off putting and I didn’t like to make the bottles up until I had dried them off or rinsed them in boiled water. 


Big fan, I usually put my sons toys through the dishwasher to clean them, but after trailing the milton Anti-Bacterial Tablets, I wont be going back to using the dishwasher. His bottles and toys have never been cleaner and they smell so fresh! I wish I had of known about these sooner!


I love this product.

I’ve been using it since my first born and she is three now... and now I’ve just had twins I’ll be still using it for number three and four.

The best thing is the quickness of how they work... 15 minutes and the bottle teats are ready to go.  Sometimes there was a smell of Milton in the teats when taking them out of the water but usually found it due to not having enough water to Milton ratio for the tablets.... but once I had enough practice it was fine... having said that it’s not offensive or anything. 

As well as for baby stuff I've used it in the kids paddling pool to clean it after use and have found it helps there too.

I’d definitely continue using this product especially for my new premmie bubs and recommend it to anyone. 


I was very excited to try this review, we have probably been a bit lax with sterilisation, but now I know how easy it can be.

I was able to use the tablets for the last two weeks and loved the peace of mind they gave me. In 15 minutes the bottles were sterile and ready to be used. One feature I particularly enjoyed was the solution could be used for up to 24 hours which is great and means you’re not constantly changing the water. We even took them camping which was easy and handy to use.

The main negative I had was the smell, it was a distinct chemical/chlorine smell and I always rinsed them afterwards despite the pack saying you didn't need too, sometimes the bottles had a bit of a tacky feeling too them as well.

For the prize I will most likely continue to use them and found them a valuable tool in the parenting arsenal. 


I put my hand up straight away to use Milton, as my mother used it for me, and suggested it when I started bottle feeding. I have always used a microwave steriliser, but I found that the bottles still smelt a little afterwards. Upon first reading how to use Milton, I saw that it took longer than my microwave steriliser, by more than double. I was somewhat concerned when I saw you didn't have to rinse the equipment off after use, especially with a very 'chemical like' smell I found one of my teats still had a greasy milk scum on it, even after being washed in hot soapy water and sterilised in Milton for 12 hours. I did find the bottles didn't have a milk smell after being sterilised, instead smelt of Milton. I found this product especially unconventional having a bio-cycle waste treatment. This means that I can't put anything down the drain, instead I have to tip the Milton in the garden. This product would suit people who are travelling and don't have space for a steamer/steriliser. 


I used the Milton sterilising tablets for 3 months of expressing for my premature baby. I used them in the NICU, SCN and at home.

I liked that I was able to fill the container with water, add the tablets and put my double pump kit in several times throughout the 24 hours, instead of having to hassle with my microwave steriliser every 2-3 hours. With 4L of water and two tablets, I could fit a double pump kit and several milk storage containers.

There is a chlorine type smell, but it's not very strong and only obvious when you're at the container. It doesn't stick around on the sterilised equipment.

If I had to regularly express again, I would definitely use the Milton method for sterilising. 

Green Cheese

I used the Milton antibacterial tablets for my 5 month old formula fed baby after our electric steriliser broke down. unfortunately I was really put off by the heavy chemical smell on the bottles. It didn't seem to upset bub, but having used the electric steriliser for the first 12 months for my first child and again for the 5 months prior to it breaking down having the smell was quite hard for me to adjust to. I ended up leaving them in the drying rack after I removed them from the mixture before using the bottles. I found it hard to remember to remove the bottles after the 15 minute soaking time, and while it said the mix was good for 24 hours with a toddler in the house I wasn't a fan of having a large volume of water(4L) sitting on my bench or in the sink. Given that bub is now starting on solids it seems that sterilising is less important and so I probably won't continue to use the product Every bottle wash but may continue to use on the rare occasion. If bub was a newborn and I made the decision not to purchase a new electric steriliser then I would be more likely to use these tablets, although possibly every few days rather than daily. 



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