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Al-Sense AL-SENSE™

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AL-SENSE™ panty liner, the only non-invasive test to distinguish amniotic fluid leakage from urinary incontinence, is now available in Australia.

Simple and easy to use, an AL-SENSE™ panty liner can be worn for up to 12 hours, is safe for you and your baby, and has an accuracy of 95.8%.

Parent Reviews and Comments

For my last two births my waters broke as  first sign  labour. So for this pregnancy I was waiting somewhat impatiently for it to happen again. I tried the product  the day before my due date however I didn't have a leak of any kind despite my suspicions at the time. I found it quite comfortable.  I was looking forward to trying it out and carried them with me for the last week of pregnancy. 

As it turns out I was unable to see the colour change on the liner as my waters were broken in labour at hospital at 40+1 and baby came very quickly after that. 


The Al-Sense liner is a comfortable to wear liner designed to give an indication of an amniotic fluid leak. 

I am unsure how the product fairs in terms of accuracy in detection of amniotic fluid due to not being able to test at time when waters had ruptured, however they are a decent design, comfortable to wear and the indicater on the liners are beneficial in helping someone, who suspects that their waters may have broken, be alerted to the need to see their doctor. 

The price is reasonable and there is decent saving when buying the 5 pack. 


Unfortunately the days that I wore the pad I didn't go into labour, which was a little dissapointing as I wanted to see the colour change. 

I will say though when I wore the sample pads I had an extra sense of confidence that no baby was going to arrive unexpectedly. Also they are very thin and I hardly even noticed I was wearing it. 


I used this product at 33 weeks because I felt I was leaking some fluids, I have a weak pelvic floor and am attending a physio from a 23 weeks pregnancy.

My waters broke last pregnancy so I am always paranoid. This product did help me ease the anxiety and I was happy using this product, though my fluid leaks was not amniotic I was glad I didn't have to run to the hospital .


I gave birth to my daughter 3 weeks ago. When I went into labour, I decided to put on the liners which are very easy to use and quite comfy.

I unfortunately can't attest to whether they actually work or not, as I took my underwear and the liner off to push, which is when my waters broke.

Up until that point there had been no colour change, so at least confirmed I wasn't leaking amniotic fluid.

Its a really fantastic idea and I would recommend them depending on the price I suppose.


I never got a chance to see it change colour; my waters obviously broke right before I entered birthing suite ( just arrived still had clothes on) and when my pants were pulled down I was crowning the midwives disposed of the ruined underwear, including the pad. 

the instructions were easy to understand, however I did find the actual function of this product as a panty liner for pregnancy let it down. I started using it on my due date ( mucus plug started to go in previous days - had daughter day after due date in early hours) Whilst we don't want surfboards, we need something that also actually captures pregnancy related items ( that you use liners for). I found the liner a little short / narrow for my preference. 

Positives it did stick well to my underwear and didn't cause irritation in me. 

This product would be great for those with higher risk pregnancies who also have bladder weakness. 

I have had low risk pregnancies, with a good pelvic floor. I personally didnt see value in this product, and unless my next pregnancy is high risk I wouldn't use this product next time. 


I received my Al-Sense in the mail and had planned to start wearing them the day before my due date however three days before i presented at hospital and it was advised i could have a possible hind leak. Enter the Al-Sense pads which i wore for two days with no results, until i went into labour the night before my due date. Turns out i did not have a hind leak and my waters were still intake. Being that my waters had to be broken in labour i never managed a result with these pads but they made me feel at ease about coming home with a possible hind leak



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