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Heinz 4+ month baby food pouches

16 reviews
4+ month baby food pouches

These new pouches are all lovingly prepared in country Victoria and approved by nutritionists. Heinz steam cook these handy pouches so they have no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives – just the good stuff!

Flavours include:

  • Pumpkin, Sweetcorn, Parsnip & Spinach
  • Pumpkin, Capsicum & Carrot
  • Apple, Sweet Potato & Zucchini
  • Chicken, Apple & Sweetcorn
  • Pumpkin, Sweetcorn, Chicken & Rice
  • Pumpkin, Pear & Cinnamon
  • Apple, Pear & Sweetcorn

For further information about the Heinz 4 month+ product range please visit:

Parent Reviews and Comments

We trialed 3 different varieties of the 4+ month Heinz baby food pouches. I was sceptical that either of our twins would like them as they had vegetable combinations i would not normally have made myself. I have since purchased more of the varieties and they so far love them all, in fact if they are feeling a little under the weather these are now my go to food options as they will take them every single time!

the varieties I have now tried include the

Pumpkin, Pear and Cinnamon. My son LOVES this one the most. It smells lovely, just like pumpkin pie.

Zucchini, Sweet Potato & Apple. This one is a little disconcerting as it has little black flecks through the puree. I have since put it down to the Zucchini skin (?). Either way the flecks dont seem to affect the babies as they seem to like this one too.

Pumpkin, Capsicum & Carrot. I didnt think our two would like this one as they seem to prefer the sweeter side of life ( aka anything with fruit in it) but I was pleasantly surprised! This is my daughters favourite.

Pumpkin, Apple & Sweet corn. I expected this one to go down a treat with our twins and I was right. It has a pleasant smell of sweet corn without the grit that can sometimes result from corn kernels when you puree them yourself.

Pumpkin, Sweet Corn parsnip and Spinach.. This was again another combination I didnt expect our twins to like but it like the rest go down easy. No fighting, no clenched lips, no spitting.

These varieties have proved to be lifesavers for when we go out and about with the babies. They are conveniently sized and dont weigh down the already heavy baby bag.


I like to give my baby homemade food. However, being a working mom, it is difficult to freshly make the food everyday. I tend to make batches and freeze them but lack of variety. Thus, I always have commerical food pouches or jars in the pantry. It gives me an idea of what combination of food might taste good. It is also convenient to use when wa are traveling. I find jar food is easier than pouch to handle with babies who don't know how to feed themselves just yet.

I am given 3 favours:  1) apple, sweet potato, zucchini; 2) pumpkin, sweet corn, chicken, rice; 3) pumpkin, apple, sweetcorn

The texture is consistent. I find (2) tastes a bit funny but my baby loves it. It is all that matter. He loves solid and there isn't anything he doesn't like so far. Steam cook preserves the favor quite well. I'll certainly stock some of these in the pantry!


We tried 3 of the new flavours in the Heinz 4+ month meal range. My 9 month old son tried each of them cold and warm and they all seemed to be a success.

I found the flavour combinations to be quite unique compared to others currently on the market and really liked the addition of some different veggies like parsnip.

The first flavour we trailed was Pumpkin, Sweetcorn, Parnsip and Spinach - a great mix of veggies and really unique. The dominating flavour seemed to be the sweetcorn as this is all your could smell, especially when warmed. My baby had no problems eating this. This would be great mixed in with some chicken to make a more filling meal for older babies.

The next flavour we had was Apple, Pear and Sweetcorn - again I found this to be an unusual pairing, I’ve never seen sweetcorn added to the fruits before but it works. My baby gobbled it up quite happily. I mixed this in with his breakfast cereal. Again the smell of the sweetcorn was very dominant but not altogether unpleasant.

The final flavour we tied was Pumpkin, Capsicum and Carrot .This has a really great colour and my little one really seemed to enjoy it. It was a bit sweet and smelled great. Again I would mix this through some chicken to fill it out for an older baby.

As with all pouches they are convenient to use, a good portion size, no mess, no fuss. The nutrition values seemed comparable to other brands and varieties.

I would certainly purchase these in the future and would be keen to try some of the other new flavours.


These pouches are wonderful to have on hand in your nappy bag in case you get stuck while your out, no need for refrigeration or heating, just feed straight from the pouch to bub. 

My 12 month old had a preference for the fruit flavours over the chicken and I have since bought some to pop in the cupboard. 

Also the perfect size snack for my 3 year old who also enjoys the fruit flavoured ones.   

I added the Chicken one to rice and that was a winner.


I tried 3 diff flavours with my 10 month old and this  how I found them.

Pumpkin pear and cinnamon- smooth texture, quite strong smell of cinnamon which I imagine may be a strong taste for babies but my baby didn't complain and ate it happily.

Apple sweet potato a zucchini- this was my favourite as it had a firmer thicker texture which my baby prefers now he's a bit older. Again he ate it well, no apparent problems with taste.

Pumpkin, capsicum and carrots- another smooth almost watery texture which I guess is good for first tastes. Very orange in colour which I presume is just from the carrots and capsicums but it does stain clothes and skin a bit. No problems with palatability.

Overal I liked the food pouches. My son ate them all and seemed to enjoy them. I like the Heinz brand and think it's good that there are now new flavour combinations. Now my baby is a bit older I try to incorporate more meat into his diet so I probably won't buy these ones again but would recommend them to anyone just starting solids. 


Heinz Baby food pouches provided a handy option to have quick, easy food on hand both at home and when out & about. All of the sachets that we had to review were suitable for 4 months plus so were super smooth. My 11 month old handled the consistency easily and I'm sure she would have been fine with these when she first started solids. I found I needed to use them as an addition to meal times as she has quite an appetite but as a snack, or for a younger baby, they are a great size. I will definitely keep a few in the cupboard!

The flavours we had to try were;

Apple, Pear & Sweetcorn:

Great for added flavour to natural yoghurt, or on top of cereal and porridge for a bit of variety. Super smooth so great if bubs doesn't like texture.

Pumpkin, Sweetcorn, Chicken & Rice:

As my daughter is happy to eat a wide variety of textured foods, this was a great addition to have at meal times to stir through rice, quinoa or mash potato. It gave me a quick option for her if we were having a hot curry or something else not baby friendly.

Pumpkin, Sweetcorn, Parsnip & Spinach:

Another great option for meal times in addition to a rice or mash. This was probably the one flavour that took a couple of tastes to get accustomed too but it quickly became a favourite. 


Pumpkin, capsicum & carrots - This was my babies favourite out of the options. Appealing colour & subtle sweet smell. The texture was a little runnier than the others, so good for a baby who is just starting solids. Stars 4/5

Pumpkin, sweet corn, chicken & rice - This didn't have a very appealing colour. But my baby did seem to like it. Stars 3/5

Pumpkin, sweet corn, parsnip & spinach - Appealing smell, colour & consistency. I like this one as it contains so many different vegetables in one. Stars 4/5


I love the convenience of baby food pouches when out and about but find there is not a lot of variety of flavours but the new Heinz range has a few different and interesting flavours.

The Apple, pear and sweetcorn was a great sweet option. Couldn't really taste the sweetcorn, it was a nice mix. My son loved it. 

I was reluctant to try the Pumpkin, pear and cinnamon because I thought it was an odd combination but my son really liked it! I gave it a try and was pleasantly surprised, it was ok! Very smooth texture.

Was really happy to try the Pumpkin, sweetcorn, parsnip and spinach because there are not many pouches that are just veges only (without lots of added apple/pear). My son really liked it. Not sure if it should be advertised as having spinach when there's only 0.6% spinach in it though. 

Will definitely buy these pouches next time


Pumpkin, sweetcorn, parsnip & spinach - Jonny didn't mind the flavour of this one, but it wasn't his favourite. Took some convincing to get him to have the small amount I was hoping he'd have.

Pumpkin, Sweetcorn, chicken and rice - This one went down no worries at all - Jonny seemed to like the flavour and I was surprised at the nice texture (considering the ingredients were chicken and rice!) 

Pumpkin, Capsicum and carrots - This was a clear favourite, which surprised me because I thought the ones with corn would be sweeter. Perhaps he's not a sweet tooth like me :P Again, great texture and all of the pouches are so easy to work with - very impressed!  


Our son just turned 6 months today, we started him on solids at approx 5 months which seemed to go swimgly, then he got a cold and refused to eat any more, 

We tried again with rice cereal, pumpkin and avocado and all were refused. Out Heinz pack came and we offered our son the pumpkin. sweetcorn, chicken and rice puree, he enjoyed it. Probably wasnt his favourite (which i think is because he has restarted solids again) but he still ate it. Such an awesome blend of flavour (i did dip my finger in there for a taste) and comes in a convenient pouch which can be resealed to consume again next day.

Our sons favourite was the pumpkin, sweetcorn, parsnip and spinach flavour, he seemed to open his mouth as soon as the spoon was coming closer. They are flavours which i would not have mixed together if i was making this myself, We will definitely be buying this one again. 

pumpkin, apple and sweetcorn was last to be tried and probably had a mixed reaction. He was neither here nor there with it, we've discovered he's not a big apple fan as it has a slightly sour taste to it - but he did eat what was offered however did not finish it.

Overall we love the Heinz baby food, we are only starting to dicover flavours and what our son loves and dislikes. We already purchased some on our last shop (the custards are a favourite) as they are convenient to take when we are out as they can be consumed either hot or cold, and anything unfinished can be used later/next day.

I must admit that i prefer the jars though as they are smaller and the jars can be reused (only negative is if it falls and the glass breaks - maybe plastic containers?)


Pumpkin, sweetcorn, chicken and rice - found my daughter wasn't a fan of this. I think the corn makes it super sweet and I don't think she much likes the chicken. 1/5   

Apple, sweet potato and zucchini - this was eaten within 5 minutes, she loved it! These are a good favour combo as these vegetables are what I used to introduce her to solids. 5/5  

Pumpkin, capsicum and carrots - this was 50/50. She ate most of it but wasn't as successful as the previous flavour. I think she personally isn't a fan of capsicum which might be why. 3/5


Pumpkin, Sweetcorn, Parsnip & Spinach:  Unfortunately my little one wasn’t interested in this flavour at all. I got two spoonfuls in and that was it! I will put it down to parsnip or spinach as he hasn’t had them much before.

Pumpkin, Apple & Sweetcorn: Bub (9 months) seemed to like this favour, and I was happy there was a good balance of fruit and veg, and a great consistency, not too runny. 

Apple, Pear and Sweetcorn: This was a hit! My boy gobbled this down and wanted more after it was all gone. He must have his mothers sweet tooth! 

Its definitely made me want to try some of the other flavours for him next time I’m out and about.  


The pouches were convenient to use and very handy to store in the fridge if my son did not finish the entire pouch in a sitting, therefore minimising waste which is great! I was able to heat smaller amounts up and serve it across a few meals if necessary. 

Each sachet was well labelled and it is good to know that the ingredients have little to no additives to the flavours stated on the front.  

The pumpkin, sweetcorn, parsnip and spinach flavour my son really enjoyed and did not hesitate eating when heated slightly. It needed more spinach in my opinion.  I could not tell there was any in it at all from the colour of the puree unless you read the packaging. Consistency and texture was good too. Star rating 4 out of 5.  

The pumpkin, sweetcorn, chicken and rice flavour my son loved. He happily ate this flavour without it even being heated. Consistency and texture was good. I believe there should be more chicken and rice in it however. I also question why there is apple listed in the ingredients. Star rating 4 out of 5. 

The pumpkin, capsicum and carrots flavour my son was more hesitant to eat out of the 3 flavours given. He would not eat it at room temperature and would only eat it once heated. The consistency was very smooth but was a little too runny for my liking when spoon feeding. He tended to spit it out more easily and frequently compared to the other flavours. Star rating 3 out of 5.


Mr 8 month old taste tested the Heinz puréed satchels. All in all I would rate them 4 out of 5! 

He first tried Heinz pumpkin, pear & cinnamon. At first he was unsure of the taste but he did gulp it down. This one did give him the runs and he was gassy for a few days! 

The second satchel was Apple, sweet potato & zucchini. This one was a clear winner and mr 8 month old could not get it down fast enough. 

The third satchel was pumpkin, capsicum & carrots. Mr 8 month old loved the taste of this one but it didn't quite fill him up and he was hungry not long after. 

Heinz is a brand I know and trust and apart from the first one mr 8 month old loves the Heinz baby food satchels 

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