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Love N Care Twingo

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I love my twingo! I have a 1 year old and a one month old (just short of 12 months apart)

it drives well, storage is great, I have a 4wd so fits standing in the boot and have plenty of room for everything else (wouldn't reccommend it with a small car, only wagons/4wds)

so much lighter than my other pram!

down sides - fiddly buckles, frame seems weak, seats are rated to 18kgs, but my 10.5kg son seems to be too heavy already. :/

wheels are like foam/rubber which is also not great.

it is a great pram, but these downsides are not ideal...


I purchased the Twingo after giving birth to my second child, as I required a reasonably priced pram which could accommodate both my toddler and newborn. The Twingo seemed like the best option on the market for my needs, as it retails for about $550 and has reversible seat configurations. I'm able to place my toddler's seat facing outwards and my infant's seat facing me, or vice versa if need be (which is excellent, I love this feature). I purchased the "ribbon" colour (Red), which looks really stylish...I get a lot of compliments on the pram!

The seats are very easy to adjust, it's literally just a push-button and the seat can be lifted straight out of the pram, and clicked back into whichever direction you desire the seat to face. They are also easy to prop up, or release down to a near flat position for sleeping. The pram is easy to manouvre, and steers well.

The storage basket is excellent because it's huge and easily accessible. I am able to fit the nappy bag plus heaps of shopping underneath. If I can't be bothered taking the nappy bag, I just throw all the essentials into the basket (wipes/nappies/water bottle), leaving even more room for other things. Another fantastic feature is the large sunshade - it's not often that a pram has a nice big sunshade, however it's imperative on my list of must-haves given our sunny climate.

The Twingo fits through a standard doorway, which is a huge plus for any pram, and especially for a twin pram! It looks like quite a large unit when assembled, but surprisingly it will fit down normal shopping aisles with ease and through most doorways.

The negatives (cos lets face it - no pram is perfect ;) -

* The pram is ginormous when dismantled. It takes up my entire boot, and my boot is not small by any means. The seats need to be taken out (which is a bit fiddly), and then the frame gets folded down. In my car, the pram needs to be placed in the boot a particular way in order for the boot door to shut. It's a bit like playing Tetris!

* The shoulder straps need to be longer. When I bought the pram a few months ago, my toddler was able to be strapped in with no issues, however now they won't even fit over his shoulders, so we can only do the waist straps up (which he easily wriggles out of!). He's only two years old and of average height, so I really think they should be a bit longer to accommodate older children (at least until 2.5-3 years of age).

* The buckles are incredibly fiddly. The pram has a three point harness, which does up in a really strange way... I have owned several prams now, and most have the standard user-friendly buckles, but the Twingo buckles are very annoying and fiddly.

* The seats hold the weight of my toddler, but when he lies down in it, there is a considerable drop in the seat backing, as though it's close to collapsing. The pram apparently has a maximum weight of 18kg per seat, but when he lays down it slopes downward on an angle, as opposed to remaining in the flat position. It looks uncomfortable, and it's concerning because I constantly think that it will break. Perhaps the seats need to be made with a bit more support.

All in all, I think the twingo is a relatively good pram for the price; however there is definitely some room for improvement. It's currently a good pram, in my opinion, but has the potential to be a great pram.


Picked up my Twingo stroller in Slate (Black) today from Bubs for $545.  The sales assistant put it together, with a little help from me, was quite easy and very quick.

Love the pram, manouveres excellently, kids are at a great height, hoods/canopies are fantastic, as are the adjustable footrests.  Particularly love the massive storage basket with pockets, seems to cancel out the need for a nappy bag for smaller trips.  Also love the easy break system.

Major disadvantage is the space this baby takes up when collapsed.  I have a Mitsubishi 380, mid-size sedan and the pram takes up the WHOLE boot!  I was told to take the seats off the pram before folding - which is rather inconvenient but I'll get used to it.  I have squeezed the seats in between my baby's car seats and the front seats hoping to utilise what little remains of my boot for shopping.

Today is the first time I have felt the need for a bigger car - I wondered if perhaps I have purchase the wrong pram - it is fantastic to operate but my tip to all would be to check it out collapsed and consider it in your vehicle.



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