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Stokke Xplory

2 reviews
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Parent Reviews and Comments

I LOVE THIS PRAM , love it, love it, love it.

Yes, its bulky, and yes you have to take it apart in 3 sections (foot rest, seat unit and frame) but I still love it. And oh yes, it's pricey too. But I still love it, for sure, worth the $$'s

Seriously once you get the hang of it, this pram is awesome. I practiced at home literally twice before i took my pram out and about, putting it up and down and together. Friends and family comment how "hard" it is to put together each time, but really its not, its just not like other prams that are a 1 step fold. Who cares??? Not me, I still love it, the 3 step process is so quick now, I can actually put my pram together quicker than my sister who has a "QuickSmart"

If you are more of a walking person rather than a jogger/runner, then this is the pram for you.

The height that Little Miss sits at is the best part. I can easily turn Little Miss around to see the world whilst we are walking and if the sun is in her eyes. And then when she falls asleep simply lay her back rather than stay upright to continue her snooze. You dont have to adjust your stride to not step on the bar between the wheels when you are pushing simply because there isn't one

At first I didn't buy the blanket, parasol and nappy bag, we just didn't have the budget all in one go, but I have purchased them over the last 6 months and these are great too, wish I had been able to buy all at once. I have used them every time since getting each accessory.

The adjustable height of the handle is great, and super easy to change the height. Suits us perfectly as my husband is tall and I am short, no dramas to make the pram suit either of us.

Don't let the first glimpse of the size of the shopping bag fool you. I can fit two supermarket shopping bags full of groceries in there, it is very tiny to look at but sneakily roomy

I really just love everything about this pram, except for one thing. The fabric on the back panel looks worn after a very short time, where it sits on the back of the hood. Stokke need to come up with a better fabric.

So this one tiny thing that I don't like is really nothing :)


we bought the stokke as our first pram for our first child. It was a huge expense which in hindsight i would have far preferred to spend that money elsewhere.

Good points:

1. Steering is excellent, you can steer singlehandedly anywhere and due to the thin base you can manouver this pram almost anywhere. Having now upgraded to a different pram the steering and width is the thing i miss the most about our stokke.

2. I love the height for keeping bubs away from dogs and at table height.

3. The ability to use it is as a high chair is great, but is reserved  for when we are caught out at a restaurant and there isnt one available as the seat gets filthy otherwise.

4. Being able to use it as a travel system is fantastic

Bad points

1. It is a really impractical fold. In both our mazda CX7 and honda civic you have to first remove the seat, then fold the chassis, then fold and lower the handle and it is probably a five point fold. Very impractical, although with practice you do get very efficient at it.

2. Lots of people harp on about the lack of storage space. I found having hooks on the handle helps alot with with this. Having now upgraded to a pram with "heaps" of storage space, i still dont really find that there is enough space to store many more shopping bags so i dont really understand what the fuss is about

3. In the old model removing the foot rest (required for folding when rearward facing, or for changing from rearward to forward facing) is a pain in the neck.

4. It will not fit two children!!! This was why we ended up selling it to get a new pram and I definitely wish i had bought my second pram originally as we lost a lot of money on the sale/new purchase. If you are having kids with <3yr age gap you will need a double pram so please think ahead!

Overall i dont think it is worth the exorbitant cost, it is a lovely pram but the impractical fold is probably my biggest drawback.

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