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Combi Urban Walker

9 reviews
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Urban Walker

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I purchased this stroller as it is lightweight. (6.2kg) I also wanted to purchase a stroller that was reversible. All in all I am happy with my purchase and would recommend it for anyone looking for a lightweight reversible pram.

Pros: Reversible, lightweight, can lie flat or at mutliple angles, easy to open and fold, stands up when folded, canopy is large 

Cons: When using stroller is in reverse position the wheels are quite narrow so your feet end up kicking them and its a little difficult to manouever when in reverse position, the basket could be a bit larger. 


I did about 6mths research into my first pram so ended up with this and bub is 15mo and I'm still happy to say its still being used when needed.

Pros - extremely easy to use. Just one hand to collapse and straight into the boot. 

- nice neutral colour

- absolutely love the hood how it covers all the way to the end. Many mothers have commended on how nice and tidy that is while they had to use special shade cloth or muslim wrap to cover the front.

- handle can adjust front or backwards. Great for  newborn and up.

Con- pretty expensive for such a simple design stroller

- hard to wash. Cannot detach hood to wash :(

- very small storage space

- cannot lie the seat flat flat for newborn..but its still good angle

- when backyard, you tend to knock your feet on the wheels..

- handle cannot adjust height so tall users will find this a nuisance.

- very hard to control movement when at backyard direction.

Would I recommend this to anyone? Yes if you want the simple easy to use stroller. Perfect for grandparents :)


This is the fourth pram the we have owned so We spent hours searching for a pram that I could fold down easily as I am quite short. This pram can be folded and unfolded with one hand and placed into the boot. Weighs just over 6 kgs and has a free standing function so that it will stand up folded on its own. The pram is super slim so it fits easily through supermarket checkouts, on escalators and in lifts. We used it on the train to go to the Easter Show and our then 3 year old loved it, spent the whole day cruising around. Really easy to steer when bub is forward facing. Not as good rearward facing as the handle is short and the wheels get in the way. The basket is easy to reach no matter what the seat position but there are no extra storage spaces or drink holders etc. Purchased the rain cover for an extra $15. It is easily the best rain cover I have ever used. Fits perfectly. Is a mixture of plastic and waterproof material so is so and folds down well. It has air vents on the side. The only downfall is that it only works this well in the forward facing position as it uses the handle as part of the anchor point.

Love this pram. We purchased on sale as floor stock for $300! Bargain.


I bought the blue combie with it's matching boot cover mainly cause it was light and easy to put up done in a flash with one hand.

Lightweight 6.3 kg

t A real bonus lots of friends who bought big heavy jogger prams were swapping them for small strollers after 2 months.   whereas I was using my combi from newborn to still using it after 12months

Compact Size benefits

Great in small restuarants etc She could fully recline & the hood came all the way down to the boot cover making it nice & dark for sleeping no need to buy a pram with accessories like bassinettes or baby cocoon etc

I cld push her on narrow train isles old  trains  but my friend couldn't  fit her 3 wheeler.  Baby stayed asleep & didn't have to get out of the pram.  Easy to lift with her in it.

Can lay on side wheels to fit in boot. & free standing is excellent in public transport.

Reversable handle : great when walking so the sun didn't bother her in the afternoon.

Manueuvres well & I use it on pathways accross grass areas & it's ok

Agree with what others said re when handle is reversed to face baby it was a bit short for a tall hubby but fine for me.

Durability:  only for single child use eg can't add a 2nd seat  but I'd say it will last ovoer 2 years plus

Accesssories:  got othe rain cover used a few times

Basket storage is good at least you can get stuff in/out when the the child is laying flat asleep not like some strollers.


I spent a really long time deciding what type of stroller to get. It had to be light (I have a bad back), sturdy, comfortable for the baby and easy to steer. After reading some reviews and visiting 5 different baby shops I decided on the combi urban walker. 

I love it. It's incredibly easy to fold up and put in the boot (I can fold and lift it one handed) and yet it is still very sturdy and has stood up to some hard use. It's very easy to manouvre and because it's so small, it's great for trips to the shops. I have also used it to walk at our local park and on footpaths.


The pram isn't easy to use when reversed. The steering is tricky when the baby faces you.

If you like to do lots of off road walking, this pram isn't great for that. 

The basket underneath is a decent size but could benefit from being bigger 

Laura Allan

We purchased the urban walker due to it's very light weight construction and the ease of a one handed drop down and fold up. With a delicate back from a car accident, I was really worried about  trying all of the different prams as some of them are heavy and complicated to manouver especially the three wheeled ones.

The combi was suggested to me specifically by a friend who was in the same position and it has proven to be amazing. It's versatility is of great value as well where you can have your baby facing you when they are really little and then facing outwards once they are older and very curious about the world around them.

Storage is good, colour options are good if that is important to you, safety is excellent and the warranty is extended by three months when you register online. I recommend this pram for parents who are looking for a light weight, versatile and easily  accessible pram. It is excellent value for money and I am very satisfied with it.


I bought the Urban Walker based on reviews I read on Bub Hub.  It is a great little stroller - mostly because it is so lightweight, narrow and easy to manoeuver.  It really is meant for urban use! 

A couple of things would make this the perfect stroller:

1.  An extendable handle.  The pram is so narrow that my husband can't wheel it without kicking the wheels.  A longer handle would mean that he could stand back further from the wheels.

2.  More durable wheels.  The Urban Walker doesn't really negotiate bumps in footpaths that well.


My little one was nearly 3 months old when we purchased the Combi Urban Walker Prestige.  We had struggled for 2 and a half months with a second hand jogging pram.  I didn’t like the old pram because it was so bulky and hard to get in and out of the car.  What's more, baby didn’t seem to find it all that comfortable and cried when we went walking. 

We both love the Combi because:

-          It is so lightweight, compact and easy to get in and out of our car.  While other mums are starting to look at moving from their bulky and heavy baby prams to more lightweight strollers, the Combi bridges the gap between the two.

-     The Combi stands on its own when folded, which is a very handy feature.  It takes up next to no room in our house because it just stands neatly in a corner. 

-          The reverse handle means that baby can see me while we walk, which I think makes her much happier.  The reverse handle is also a great way of making sure that baby is always facing away from the sun.

-          In any event the Combi canopy/hood provides great sun protection.  It also creates a lovely enclosed environment for baby when she is asleep.

-         The fabric is soft, breathable (important in the tropics) and very easy to clean.

When I first tried the Combi, I thought it felt a bit lightweight and “plasticky”.  But, so far it seems extremely well built and resilient, so don’t be put off by the fact that it feels different to other heavier prams.

My partner’s first impression of the Combi was that there wasn’t much room for baby, but it turns out it’s just a clever design.  When we measured the space for baby in our clumsy old jogging pram and compared it with the space in the Combi, it was almost identical - the Combi is just a much neater unit.

There are only two things that I would change about the Combi if I could: first, the Combi would benefit from an extendable handle as I find the handle a bit short in reverse mode.  This is overcome by walking to one side of the pram, which is easy to do because the pram has such great maneuverability.  However, a longer or extendable handle would be wonderful.  Second, while the Combi Urban Walker Prestige reclines to a 170 degree angle (suitable for newborns), I think it would be great if it could lay down flat like some of the other Combi models do.

Overall, this "proller" is just brilliant. It has made life so much easier.  With the Combi, baby and I get in and out of the car and around shopping centres with ease.  It is also perfect for our morning walks (mostly on the footpath).  The best thing is, my little one just loves it.  She now often falls asleep on our walks and has not cried once!!

I bought the navy Combi Urban Walker Prestige the other week. Overall, i think this pram is a stylish and versatile lightweight pram that is easy to fold and has a nice selection of good features. My husband and i were tossing up on the Baby Jogger City Mini and on this one as our final selection. We were willing to pay up to $1000 on a pram, but we wanted something that filled our criteria and so price (being at the lower end or higher end of the scale) wasn't a major issue.

The Pros: The pram is a genuine one hand fold, like the City Mini and so i can hold bubs if i really needed to. The pram folds slightly skinnier than the City Mini but also slightly longer (by about 15cm). The good thing about the pram is once its folded it stands on its 4 wheels and so the pram material itself doesn't get dirty. It also can be pulled by the handle and maneuvered this way on its wheels. Its a very light pram weighing 6.3kgs and i like the 4 wheels opposed to 3 as i feel safer. This pram also has a very easy handle reversal system so i can face bubs (which i really wanted to do), and its suitable from newborn. The canopy is probably one of the best things about this pram, it covers the entire pram (4 panels which is more than the already well built canopy of the City Mini) it also has 2 ventilation windows so you can see the baby even when its in full canopy mode. The basket is slightly bigger than the City Mini's and is much more accessible as it sits towards the back of the pram more. Another nice things about this pram is that it looks stylish, the material isn't as plasticy as what some cheaper prams are. The harness is good quality and i think is softer than the one of the City Mini's.

Cons: The handle could have been made slightly higher, my hub is 6foot3 and sometimes hits the back bar with his feet. I am 5foot9 and am perfectly fine with it so if your very tall its probably going to be annoying. It has 2 small feet breaks on each wheels, i wish it just had the one or an easier way so that my shoes don't get too scuffed. When the pram is in reverse handle mode its slightly harder to maneuver due to the front locked wheels, but i think i could get used to it.

Before i bought the Combi Urban Prestige there were hardly any reviews on it, which is a bit daunting to buy on. But i loved it so much in the shops that i weighed up this one and the City Mini and liked this one more. Sorry for the big write up but i thought it could be of some help to anyone considering this pram seeing as though there are hardly any reviews on it.



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