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Maclaren Techno XT

5 reviews
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Techno XT
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Parent Reviews and Comments

I love this stroller.  I was fortunate enough to be given this stroller for my 6-month-old as she is not able to sit upright in a stroller for older children.  It is excellent.  The wheels are nice and big and is very easy to push and fold up for storage in the boot.

The only thing I don't like is that the storage basket underneath is hard to access unless the stroller is in a fully upright position.  Overall, a great pram!


This is the only pram I've owned and used since bub was born 3 years ago. Its still in great condition, and gets used a couple of times a week. Its excellent in shopping centres, and on flat footpaths. Less than ideal on rough surfaces and uphill, across grass etc. Its great for travelling, its light enough it doesn't make a huge dent in the 'baggage allowance' when flying with a 2+ year old. Its suitable from birth with it is a huge bonus for a stroller. Also the hood is really great extending out when needed.

Cons - storage space isn't so great. It tips easily with too much weight on the back if you take baby out (though your not supposed to hang a bag on the back, who doesn't?!?!?)  

Overall though its a great stroller. I've had many prams, its the only one I've had any loyalty to.

This pram really covered everything. I know some people will say its not a good price so affordable shouldnt be used but when you see the price of some prams ($1000+ !!!) this pram is amazing in all 3 categories. It really is worth the extra for the bonuses and its ease of use. I have other maclarens and bought this for the new bub. Iv tested it with toddler and so far exceeds my high expectations. It easily folds, easily lays down and sits back up, an extra big hood which is great, comfortable padded seats, head hugger. Its amazing to push and so easy to steer it feels so lightweight yet its not luggish. Quality purchase im positive will last years

I bought my Maclaren Techno XT back in 2008 just before my first child was born (found it on special at David Jones and had only ever read good reviews so I got one). It has seriously been one of the best things I've ever bought, and I'm now using it for my second child also (can be used from newborn to toddler). It's been thrown in and out of the car, taken on holidays, taken on planes, and still has not one scratch or dent on it. I can't recommend this stroller enough, and with the safety concerns Childcare sent me out some hinge covers no questions asked, and were even happy to send me some for my sister's Maclaren too. 

Pros: Lightweight, easy to fold down, easy to get around shops etc, can be used from birth, folds up and fits easily in any size car (great for holidays when u don't have enough room for a larger pram), comfortable, accessories widely available, has lasted so well and could easily be used for my next child/children, and looks fantastic!

Cons: Can be expensive (but if u keep an eye out for specials like I did, u can often pick them up a lot cheaper), not a huge amount of space in shopping basket (but certainly enough for a small nappy bag and other supplies), can hang bags off handles but u have to remember to take them off before taking the child out of the stroller or it will tip backwards, can't use a toddler seat with it. None of these cons have really been a problem for me though!

Overall: U really can't go wrong with this pram. I've got other prams too (bigger one with toddler seat etc), but this is always my easy go to pram as it is so easy to get out of the car and get going (takes about 30 seconds as opposed to 5 minutes or more with the bigger pram). Best money I ever spent!!!


Aside from the concerns regarding the safety recall on this pram (and other Maclarens) in the US, the Techno XT has served me well.

 Apparently, the elbow joint is a potential finger crush / amputation risk and the Australian distributor is offering covers to protect the joint from little hands.  More information on the recall is available on Maclaren's website or cnpbrands website (the Australian distributor)

In terms of functionality, the pram has been used from NB but I can understand that other prams may be more comfortable for the little ones.  It is really good as a shopping stroller and easily fits down aisles.  Now that my son is over 6 months, I find it easier with the seat inclined.  The weight is around 8.5kgs so good for air travel too. 

Negative points would be the lack of storage space.  You have a small pocket at the back, and the mesh bag underneath isn't accessible if you have the stroller totally laid back with a sleeping bub in it.  When there isn't a sleeping but, you can fit a litre of milk and a newspaper, but that's about it.  It would be nice for Maclaren to try to build better storage into this stroller in future.

Sun protection on the pram is good.  and you can unzip an extra portion on the hood to give extra cover.  Sides don't provide much protection though so if the sun is low, it isn't much use.  The extra cover doesn't have any boning or support so unless fully unfolded, won't sit right.  I also think that the first thing that will fail will probably be the hood as it cops a beating when folding up and putting into cars, aeroplane conveyors, etc. I guess time will tell.

Overall, a sturdy pram.  expensive for a stroller but cheap for a pram.  Good use as it can be used from NB to about 4yrs old.  Narrow wheel gauge is an advantage for shopping.  I strongly recommend checking out the safety recall before buying.



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