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Steelcraft Strider PLUS

27 reviews
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Strider PLUS

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I fell in love with the strider when one of my friends had it for her two boys so when I found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted it and didn't even look at any other prams. I am mostly happy with my strider I love the versatibility  of it with the capsule and seat both can face inwards or outwards. It has heaps of other accessories which is great. Im 6ft tall so the adjustable handle is awesome i dont have to bend over to reach it. The huge storage basket was a big selling point for me I can store so much shopping in it and there is access from every angle. I only found out today that you DON"T have to remover the seat in order to fold the pram it can remain attached.

The negatives that have become more apparant to me are how dang heavy it is but from doing more research it is only a couple of kgs heavier then other prams out there. It also is very wide and I find myself navigating around aisles and objects. It is easy to push with one hand tho being a very smooth ride for bub.

Overall I still love my strider :)


very comfy stroller/pram for bubs & great to push especially out walking & having bubs in it for a great deal of time. awesome attachment with the capsule option. Easy adjust belt straps however the buckle is a pain to do up as you have to click both pieces togetger then into the buckle however i like that the 5point harness comes in 5 pieces also. large under basket with access from either the front or back of pram.I like how the seat can face you or away however HATE having to remove the seat to fold the pram. biggest downfall for us. the back wheels are huge & often get stuck in doorways & the pram is quiteheavy. 

steelcraft is still my choice of pram but probably not this model again.


This pram has both pros & cons to it. Positives: huge shopping basket underneath that is accessible while baby sleeps, pretty good steering, comes with great padding accessories as standard with purchase, second seat easy to attach, can have baby facing either way, very generous sun shade, 3 point recline which are comfortable for bub, multi handle position. Negatives: big & bulky taking up whole boot, awkward to lift & out of vehicle (oulander), very wide-catches on doorways, when second seat in use you lose access to carry basket, scratches front of pram when folding, brake can get stuck on it if on a slant or hill, handle grip isnt durable.


I loved this pram when I first got it and wish I could still use it however it is extremely heavy and extremely wide (Widest pram out there!)

I struggled in many aisles and some shops I would merely glance in, realise I wouldn't fit or would just hate manouvering the pram around, and just find another shop.

Due to the weight and the fact I had a caesarian it delayed the healing due to the heavy lifting and can now no longer lift things and can only use a tiny stroller as am unable to lift as lifted this (From 6 weeks post caesarian)

Love it, but not practical at all :(


This is a great pram - the features like the capsule from the car, the HUGE basket underneath, the ability to add a second seat, the included rain and shade covers, adjustable handle are all fantastic and it is good value for money.

BUT... it is sooo incredibly wide it drives me crazy! It can't fit through some checkout isle and doors or in small shops and restaurants. And it is very heavy and takes up most of the room in the boot of my car. I didn't really shop around when I bought it so I cannot compare it to other prams with the same features but if I had my time again (and knew what I was looking for) I would see how similar prams compare in weight and width. And the seat does not fully recline-this is so stupid when you have a bub who is asleep.

Also the part of the seast that latches into the frame has broken. First it got stuck a few times in the frame and I had to pry it out with a screwdriver and now the latch on one side is completely busted after 5 months. Hopefully they will fix it, it seems from other reviews that Britax are good to deal with.


The Strider Plus 4 ticked all our boxes before our daughter was born - we wanted something easy to manouvre, that could take a 2nd seat, under $1k & had options like the infant carrier/bassinet.

Having now used it for a couple of months, I'm not sure I'd buy it again. It's really big - like prohibatively in some places. Many times I've had to wait outside stores with the baby while my partner goes in because the pram simply won't fit. Also it's unbelievably heavy, so moving it in and out of the car is a chore.

That being said, it is very manouvrable and I never question it's safety. Having the infant carrier has been a god send with a baby that fights sleep but can doze off in the car! The bassinet is a good size but has gotten little use because we bought the infant carrier when our daughter was a few weeks old.

It's a nice looking pram and the under basket is a good size. But if I had my time over I think I'd shop around a little more and be more picky. I think I'd end up spending more money, but get something that was easier to use in most situations.


When shopping for a pram we had a list of things that were important to us. These were it had to be rear and forward facing, be able to add a second seat, have four wheels, and be able to use a capsule with it. There were a few prams that fitted our needs but after taking into account price, looks, basket size and ease of steering we decided on the Strider Plus 4 and couldn't be happier.

We got the Infant Carrier that clips straight into the pram, which has made those first trips out of the house so easy. It is great not to have to wake a sleeping baby if we're getting in and out of the car. You can also get a bassinet to go with the pram that I would have loved but decided the infant carrier was the more pratical option for us.

The pram is easy and comfortable to push with the adjustable handle. I like that you can lock the front wheels and that you don't have to worry about getting a puncture, and not only do we love to push the pram more importantly our baby loves riding in it.

It comes with a rain cover and a sun cover, we've only used the rain cover so far but it works well and packs back up into its bag for easy storage.  The main seat can take up to 20kg and the second seat up to 15kgs so it should last us a very long time.

It is a large pram and quite heavy and we will probaby get a smaller stroller down the track as well for certain outings, but it is great for walking, feels sturdy and safe, and will be so useful if/when number 2 comes along being able to add the second seat. The brake also took a bit of getting used to, you need to make sure it is fully off before you start walking or it flips back into place.


I bought this pram when I was expecting my first child, and am now pregnant with my second and am so glad I made the investment!

I find, in comparison to the other prams I see in my mothers group, the Strider Plus to be more luxurious, comfortable and has so many great extras. Even compared to a friend who has a Bugaboo Cameleon, she's had to use my large basket to store her bag when walking as her's is so small.

The seat inserts are so comfy for my daughter and being reservable, make them brillient in winter or summer.

I love the fact that the second seat can be used for a newborn, allowing my toddler so sit in the main seat and see the sights happily.

The only two things I can fault with this pram is 1. The seat doesn't lay flat, which would be better for sleeping bubs and 2. it's a little bulky, but I guess you can expect that in a pram with everything!

Bought this pram with Basinette attachment for DD - loved the fact that i could remove the bassinette with her in it and transport her to whichever part of the house I was in (we went for lots of walks and she always fell asleep).  Now I have newborn twins I LOVE the second seat!  DS's are comfortable in either seat - and i also love the versatility of being able to face the top seat forwards or backwards.  Also love the fact that i can put DD in it with one of the twins and have the other twin in my baby carrier (allows me to stil get out and about a little!)  Am thinking i will upgrade to a side by side twin when the boys get older, so they can both see and can also be close to each other.  Also the fact that you can split the pram into three parts was extremely helpful after my CS.

Very popular pram brought as was recomended and i liked the sturdy look of it. I wanted a pram to add the second seat to it. solid and smooth to push. good storage baskedtand love the shade cloth that it comes with and that baby can face you.

doesnt lie flat for newbie but my babby prefered to be upright, just added extra head support. brought a lighter pram for shopping but still use this every day!


I purchased this pram when I found out I was pregnant with 3rd bubs who was going to be 16months younger than his sister.

I has been a great investment and I have found the after sale service from Steelcraft aka Britax second to none.

I love the fact that both children can be comfortable and it is not as wide as the traditional side by side prams or as long as the limo prams.

It is easier to steer, the handle is adjustable which is perfect for me as I am quite tall and it is able to handle all types of terrains.

My cons about this pram is that it is quite heavy and it does take up alot of room in the boot. I have a sedan falcon and struggle to get any shopping in with the pram in the boot.

After 18months with the pram I noticed that with the second seat I could not press the button in to take it out.

When I returned it to the store where I had purchased it from - without the receipt as I had long ago lost it I explained what was wrong with the pram and explained it was no longer under warranty however I would pay for the repairs.

They sent it away and Britax informed that they could not repair it so instead they would replace it with a BRAND NEW STRIDER PLUS plus SECOND SEAT. I was so happy as since I had purchased this pram and new and improved version had been realeased and now I was able to have it.

Love this pram - it is a bit on the expensive side however when you consider all that is included, it really is worth it. 


As a first time mum, the baby shop we purchased the strider plus from could not recommend them highly enough. Not really knowing what we should look for in a pram, my husband and I thought it sounded like the perfect pram, so we purchased it, along with the capsule, an extra base for the capsule for our second car and also the second seat for the future if we decided to have a second baby.


- easy to steer and push

- capsule was fantastic to transfer bubs from car to pram without waking

- height adjustable handle

- big basket underneath

- bub can face rearward or forward

- easy to recline & adjust harness

- easy to fold


- with the seat attached it is quite heavy to lift in and out of the car

- the usual complaint that the wheel base is too wide

- we also had the front wobbly wheel problem, however britax replaced it for us under warranty

With bub #2 on the way, I am looking forward to seeing how good it actually is as a double stroller! 


I have been using the strider plus for my son for the last 2 years and now have baby number 2 on the way, so will be getting the second seat soon. When he was a newborn it was great as we also had the bassinette and the car capsule. I loved the fact I could lift him straight from the car and clip him into the pram.

The one real downside to it was it's size and weight, as it took up a lot of boot space and didn't fit everywhere it needed to go. It folds up easily but is difficult to get in and out of the car because of it's size and weight. When my son was a bit older we purchased an additional umbrella stoller for taking in the car, but I have still continued to use the Strider plus for walks as it is very comfy for both him and me and for visiting the local shops as I can fit heaps in the storage basket.

Once baby number 2 arrives I'm sure this pram will be getting a lot more of a workout.

Overall I have been happy with my Strider plus but if I was  buying a pram like this again now, I would probably lean more towards the baby jogger city select rather than the strider plus. The city select wasn't out yet when I was pram shopping, but it appears to offer everything the strider plus does, plus more. It is also lighter and not as wide. The city select is more expensive though, esspecially once you add all the additional extras and it does have pump up tires, which I don't like because of the risk of punctures.


I loved my Strider Plus, until I purchased a smaller travel pram (the Quicksmart).

Travel systems (like the Strider) are great for new babies and the Strider has a huge storage area for shopping and lots of compartments to store things, however it is really too big and heavy for most daily tasks.  It is easy to manoeuvre and assemble, but heavy to lift into a car, particularly my Astra as I have to lift it in sideways and take the wheel off, which is very easy but after a while my arms are quite sore from this repetitive awkward lift, so if you buy one, make sure it fits in your boot easily!

The pram won't fit through some doors, shops and restaurants, it's too wide for some supermarket aisles, and even some disabled toilets and parent toilets!

The pram seat doesn't recline very flat, so I purchased the bassinet also (which I probably didn't need in hindsight).  We hired the capsual from Baby Bonanza in Adelaide.

Now that my daughter is 6 months old, I use the Quicksmart travel pram whenever I go out.  I only use the Strider if I am walking somewhere from home.


I had my strider plus for 2 years, it came with a wobbley wheel (although, i believe they have fixed this problem)

It was great, i love that it could lay both kids back, had a great basket, had great shade for both kids, had all accessories included.  But, its huge, when I recently had my 4th baby and had to upgrade to a bigger car, we found the strider nearly impossible to fit in the boot of the 4x4. (no issues with the previous car of a commodore wagon)  also having a tiny 5pder this time, the wheel wobble was reallly shocking on her head. (wasnt so noticeable with 2 big boys in it)

All in all, i love the strider plus, but be aware of the size if you have a small car, and check for the wheel wobble just in case :) 

Monster & Boof

I bought my strider when my youngest was 6 months old and my oldest was 2&1/2.. I had a Phil and Teds beforehand and hated how it didn't let both children lie down if they were sleeping. That was actually the biggest sale point of the strider plus for me!!

I love it's style, how easy it is to fold down and unfold, it's a little bit heavy but not too heavy! It is a tad to wide to fit through some check outs but most supermarkets and large shops do have a pram/wheelchair lane so it works fine!

I love how the top seat can face you or face outwards, I love that you can attach the compatible capsule to it and a bassinet! I LOVE it's big shopping basket underneath and I LOVE how it goes from a single to a double stroller so easily!

It's easy to wash, I just pull it all apart and chuck the material bits in the washing machine and it still looks brand new!

It comes with a sunshade and a rain shade and the hoods are decent sized that zip open more with mesh netting.

Only downsides for me would be the width of it, how big it still is when it is folded with the seats attatched and maybe the weight!

Its a durable pram which suits both my children fine and will do at least another child being used a lot!!! 

I love that Strider Plus pram's compatablility with the Strider Capsule means that i can take my sleeping bub straight from the car and clip her into the pram without waking her. I also like that it has an extendable handle which is handy for my partner whom is quite tall.
When i first saw this pram i loved it, then i saw the price tag for the whole system and decided against it. Now with 5 weeks to go untill bub # 2 arrives i gave in and purchased one. i have to say i love it, ive already had a few test runs with my little guy in the second seat and he thinks its just brilliant and the fact that he can be in there and the top seat be emoty is a great feature.

I've had the Strider Plus 4 wheeler for over a year and its the best pram I've owned (and I've had about 8 of them) It's used mainly as a single pram, occasionally with the toddler seat and in either mode its a fantastic pram.

I don't drive and so its a great walking pram, I do my grocery shopping with it and fit everything I need for a weekly shop for a family of 3 easily into the large under carriage. If I'm doing a bigger shop or stock up for something I'll take the toddler seat grocery shopping, which is great as it tucks up easily 'behind' while not in use so I don't feel like a wally pushing a double pram with one child on the way to the shops.

As a double its just lovely, there are a few variations I've tried depending on the 2nd child (I've used it for baby sitting) For two toddlers both facing forward is simple and easy, the toddler underneath can have toys and snacks and I found often with two surprisingly the both wanted to sit in the lower seat. With a baby and toddler, having the baby fully reclined the toddler can sit upright rear facing, or the toddler underneath the baby can be reclined rear facing - so its lovely to be able to see both children while strolling.

The large back pocket and drink holders and zip up pockets are also very handy, the multiple access points to the under carriage is great, I love the size of the hoods, and that they are extendable so the bubs can be almost 100% covered if needed and that it comes with rain cover/sunshade etc is good too.

I do put my prams to the test by using them each and every day and after over a year its still going strong. It's had a few little issues, it has a little bit of a wobble and I think I need to get the wheels alligned, I contact steelcraft and they offered to fix up the small issues I've had out of warrenty free of charge (because it was 13 months old when I contacted them)

Only cons is YES its a WIDE pram, but it fits through doorways and most registers and isles when shopping. It is pretty bulky when he does go in the car, so we also have a stroller for trips in the car.

Overall - very impressed.


Now that I have used this pram for 7.5 mths I thought Id better finally post a reveiw.

I love my pram, it is so easy to push and manoeuver around object and so much room for my DS. I love that the second seat (when we have another) has a lot of space between the higher seat allowing the child in the bottom to still have ample room unlike others that I have seen.

My only issue with it is that there are some isles in shops that it does not fit down, I knew this before purchasing the stroller.

Over many years I have had a lot of back issues and I was drawn to the height of this stroller, it ment that I would not have to bend down to my DS while he was in it, the stroller can be heavy but I am able to manage its weight with ease.

I have the capsule and bassinette attachments and love them, such a fantastic products.

I have two thoughts to making it better one is to have rubber wheels instead of the plastic and two put rubber capping on the front wheel locking system, as you fold and unfold the pram it can get cought on the ground and gets scraped up pretty easy.

I absolutely love this stroller, it comes with all the extras you could need, while it is wider than most I havent had any real issues with it. My son loves it and is quite comfortable in it. I love that the seat is reversible so he can face me and I love that you can attach the second seat. Has a great turning cirlce and is very easy to handle for a larger pram. Has a huge ammount of storage space in the basket I can fit a whole week of groceries in there!. Only negative is the squeaking of the wheels which was easily fixed with a little silicone spray.

We love the Strider Plus 4!! It has all the accessories included unlike some of the other more expensive brands. The capsual attachment has made life easier when out and about, never having to wake a sleeping bub! The basket is huge and can carry so much, the nappy bag attaches to the handle so leaves the basket for shopping items. It is one of the bigger prams we tested but by far the eaisiest to manoeuvre, just have to use the disabled aisle at some shops. I like the height of the seat and that it can be changed from rear to front facing in a few seconds.

 Overall a great pram!!


We bought this pram while pregnant with our first born and we love it!  It has a huge undercarriage storage basket - I can do a full days shopping and it  all fits underneath with no hassles.  I can also hang my nappy bag on the handle with no issues whatsoever.

We also bought the bassinet option and used it until our daughter was just over six months old.  This option was great and so handy to have!  She was able to fall asleep comfortably without sitting!  Lots of people complimented us on our pram and especially the bassinet attachment!

The pram also comes with a lot of accessories most other prams don't!  Like a sun shade cover, rain cover, storage bags etc. 

The pram is wider than most and I haven't had any issue with this - I just choose where I go and assess the width of aisles etc.  The bigger wheels are great when walking and I find it turns so easily.  

Putting it away is easy too I just fold it up and away it goes!!

All in all a good pram and very versatile too.  I would recommend this pram. 

Mrs Little

I just love this pram (and i've had two others previously, that were a pain!!).

The best part about the pram is it's versitility. It allows you to have a pram seat, toddler seat, bassinet or car capsule attached! For a family that has older children, my pram had to enable my baby to sleep while we did 'life' with my school chn. The capsule was my hero!! It also meant i didn't have to hire a car seat or buy a capsule for bub.

This pram saves on costs in other areas too! Because it grows with baby, you don't have to buy a car seat til they arebout 6 months, you won't need a stroller, and if needed- bub no.2 can also  be accomodated!

I have not found any issues with going through supermarket isles or checkouts (obviously i would never wander in a tight shop in the first place)!

The only con is it's weight! I previously had a P&T pram and it was sooo light. But this pram is not the heaviest on the market.

I hope everyone loves this pram as much as I do.

When I first found out I pregnant with my first son I fell in love with the strider dlx, I was only disappointed it didn't have a toddler seat... when we fell pregnant with our 2nd when our son was 10 months old, I really wanted to get the strider plus, so when we found one second hand i was very excited! I love the colour, the four wheels, the fact that toddler or infant can go into any seat, and that I can use it as a single, The rain cover covers both seat and they has an extra zipper canopy for more sunshade (but also comes with a UV shade), I also love that you can pull it apart (seats wheel etc) to fold it more compact if you wanted more room in you boot it is reasonably light weight aswell... if i had my time again I would love to purchase the capsule with a toddler and a new born it would come in handy! It is however not the easiest to fold up, but once you have is worked out it is fine! it is a little wide for some shopping checkouts, but not as wide as a side by side, would prefer a tyre to the hard wheel and though the shopping basket isn't as easy to get to when the second seat is attached there are zippers on the side and front if you want to access it! I would definately reckonmend this pram!

When I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd baby when my daughter was 8 weeks old we we on a hunt for a pram that could be used for both of the children comfortably.

PROS: I really liked the look of it, the colours it came in, it came with a sun shade, rain cover & a drink holder and the 2nd seat could come off because I knew my eldest would want to be indepenat and walk very early on, and the price was great for a twin pram.

CONS: Everything else! The pram doesn't fold easily and needs 2 hands to collapse, so very hard when needing to cactch buses. Very wide, need to use wheelchair checkouts at the supermarts, The seats are very short, my daughter is only 14 months and her legs hang over the foot rest and her head is touching the top (luckily she likes walking) The bottom seat is difficult to get a newborn in and out of. Very bulky to manuverour, with the second seat on its almost impossible to get it over anything that doesn't have a ramp, takes up ALL of the room in our stationwagon. Has a huge basket but unfortunately its hard to get to once the second seat is attached and the drink holder has nowhere to go once the2nd seat is on. and the baby on the bottom seat can't see anything but the back of the top seat

If I had my time over I would not have got this pram and would have done more research before buying it.

When my husband and i found out we were having twins, the last thing on our minds was worrying about a twin pram but then your due date approaches, you start to get serious and realise, huh there isnt alot of options out there. Never having had kids before we didnt really know what to look for and with twins we were stumped. My babies were preemie and we knew we would be taking one home from hospital alot earlier than another so with this info and not alot else we went shopping. The twin pram that i wanted orignally was a side by side pram, great i liked it had lots of pockets but i would be going to the hospital everyday and had to lift this thing in and out of my car, so i collapse it and try to lift it OH MY GOD having just had a ceasar i couldnt even get it off the ground! bye bye pram thats when i homed in on this one! Strider Plus it had just been released we played with in the shop and asked lots of questions but bottom line for me was i was able to pick it up and i could dismantle it into seat, seat, wheels and bars it was very handy. My husband and i started calling it the transformer! As we all know in the shop is one thing reality is another, It was great for the hospital, you could take the bottom seat off and just have the single to take in, then my second came home and thats were the fun began.The pros -it is light weight and comes apart in several pieces, i love the kingfisher colour we got, everything is moveable, easy to steer and shorter than those limo prams ive seen and both seats are suitable for a newborn ie Twins!The cons - It still doesnt fit through checkouts so go through the wheelchair designated checkout, the second chair makes accessing the basket difficult, it doesnt collapse well with the bottom seat on and really not very well with the top seat either, and it can be difficult to get to the baby on the bottom.I will say this tho i do love this pram i dont think you are ever going to get a perfect pram but this ones pretty close great for one baby 2 babies or a baby and a toddler and of course you can buy all those other things for it like a bassinet and car seat which is handy if your only having one. i will be buying a stroller as soon as i can, but thats only because it will be so much easier with the two! Hope this helps you :-)



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