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Steelcraft Strider DLX (Deluxe) Stroller

11 reviews
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Strider DLX (Deluxe) Stroller

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I purchased this pram, near new from a friend with the capsul. I have to say it is easy to use and I love it!

It folds down easily and compactly and is easily unfolded with one hand. It is not overly heavy either.

It is easy to clean as well. Very versatile with many layback settings as well as strap settings. I love being able to clip in the capsul as well so bubbly doesn't need to be disturbed.

The frame absorbs a lot of the bumps so bubby isn't jolted around. It is easily steered with one or two hands although I recommend using two.

Pleanty of storage space underneath with hidden pockets and a zip over cover for security.

Great product! 


I really love this stroller !

It is easy to steer.

The handle is height adjustable ( good for shorties like me ) 

Heaps of room to store items underneath.

I love being able to have my wee one facing me and the option of having her face outwards later on.

. . . the only con is the wide positioning of back wheels 

Mrs Awesome

I purchased this pram for my first child (prior to the release of the Strider Plus), and loved it. The only negative was the inability to add another seat for a second child. I therefore sold this pram for $300 and the bassinette attachment seperately for $ great re-sale value.

I found the pram easy to use, easy to fold, although a little heavy to lift into the car. It is an easy pram to steer and feels sturdy as you push it. We used it in shopping centres, parks, foothpaths etc. I loved the fact that the seat could face either way so bubs could face me or see the world as we walked.  There is a massive shopping basket underneath too!

Also loved the bassine attachment and the capsule attachment. These made this a very useful pram, especially when bubs was a newborn.

I would have kept this pram for number 2 if I could have  added a seat for my toddler. :-)


I had a love hate relationship with this pram, I loved it because it was SO easy to use! sturdy, durable, quick to pop in and out of the car, could even steer one handed while drinking a much needed coffee. 

My hatred came from the fact that my daughter just would not use it!! haha. 

I ended up selling it 12 months later for $400!!! so amazing resale!

Next baby i will be going for a Steelcraft again. Over all amzing pram!! 

This pram isn't just sturdy and high quality, it's easy to assemble and folds down/up with ease. It was great for my son as a newborn and is still great now that he's 10 months old. It's comfortable, it's safety features are second to none and it's a very nice looking pram. The boot is a fantastic size and ensures I can fit all of my shopping as well as my baby's nappy bag in it. The extras it comes with are fantastic. It's such a smooth and easy pram to manoeuvre and even though it's quite wide, I've never had a problem at the shops (In a couple of stores I've had to use the wheelchair/wide aisles but it doesn't bother me). A lot of people say it's not suitable from birth, but it is - lots of buyers (and sellers) of this pram agree. I would recommend this pram to anyone looking to buy :) 

Easy to use - take anywhere. People say it is wide but i only got stuck once or twice. 

Great for my winter bub - very snug. The canopy is awesome - comes right down over the baby. 

Once my baby hit 6 months i found that it did not sit upright enough for him. Other than that, loved using it.

Great storage - shop all day and fill it up.


VERY easy to put together. No tools needed. Easy to fold and lift into the car. It is a little bit bigger compared to some others but it's not uncomfortably bulky. Definately worth the money because it will last until your baby is a toddler and even for you next child. I recommend it.


First of all, I love this pram! But. like all good things, there are some good and bad features. The good things include: it is beautiful to drive. Steering is easy and you can adjust the handle if you are taller. The seat is reversable and there is a window in the cover so you can still see baby in the forward facing position. There is a zip in the cover that allows it to open up so that you can fold it further down - keeping the sun out of baby's eyes. Our pram came with all of the extras: the sun/rain cover (though there don't seem to be the correct toggles to hold them down), newborn inserts and the sleeping bag. These cost a fortune on other prams we looked at! There is heaps of storage in the bottom (though, it can be a little tricky to access depending on the position of the seat). You can also purchase a bassinet and car capsule that fit directly into the pram.

Some of the negatives include: the wheel base is extremely wide. We couldn't fit it in the back of my hatch & had to remove the back parcel shelf and stand the pram up in the boot. You won't fit through many isles and forget about shopping in quaint little shops if you have the pram. It can be heavy to lift if the seat is attached and doesn't fold as flat if the seat is in the forward facing position (though it is easy to lift out and change). We simply remove the seat to get it in the car. The seat doesn't fold flat and my newborn always looked uncomfortable. I don't like to leave him too long in the pram for this reason. There isn't currently a toddler seat you can get that I know of so it won't be suitable if we have any other children.


Love this pram.

Yes the main downfall is it doesnt fit through all checkouts so if you go to (especially) Coles, you need to take the disabled checkout... 

When we purchased it we tried just folding up the pram and putting it into the boot of our getz and it fit perfectly.
Then I forgot about the anchor for the carseat (which goes into the boot).
Thankfully since u  can take the seat off the frame it firts just perfectly in the boot with the 2 pieces jigsawed together. (Just need to get used to it!).

For those who are looking for a pram without all the fancy stuff, this pram is fine on its own without a bassinet or its other attachments. I have read posts saying since the back doesnt lay absolutely flat you "should" get the bassinet attachment so the baby lies flat.... the incline is nothing (less than a car seat) and my lil one has no problems sleeping in it as he tends to be more uncomfortable lying absolutely flat. I rather have him on a slight angle as it helps with his reflux (as many newborns get!)

Huge  basket at the bottom is a plus

Just need to get used to steering with the big back wheels but i found that with most prams that i tried anyway...


I have had my Strider DLX for just over 12 months now and it is still as awesome as the day we first used it.  I had the capsule for when bubba was small and it made it so easy to go shopping, just click it out of the car and onto the base and off we went.  The basket is a really great size and the nappy bag fits into it nicely.  The additional rain cover and sun shade are a great addition as well.  It has a fantasitc colour range and I have had heaps of comments on the lovely colour (I chose the Kingfisher bluey green colour).  It is a plush comfey pram both the capsule and seat are lined with a soft covering making it nice and comfy and my now 1 year old loves sleeping in it when we are out.

I would say the only issue is that it doesn't fit through all checkouts at some supermarkets.

I definately recommend this product to anyone looking for a versatile pram.


We bought this pram for our new bub in November. Has been a great pram, nice big wheels for negotiating a variety of surfaces, fairly comfy ride for bub.

Good versatility. We have the matching capsule and bassinet. Capsule is great for getting a sleeping bub out of the car and still getting the shopping done without having to disturb him.

Whilst the Bassinet has doubled as his bed since the day he came home, bub is now 3 months old and will probably need to move to his cot in another month a he is getting too long for it. Its great for taking to friends and family's houses for when you want bub to sleep but dont want to drag a portacot around yet.

We have used the pram seat a few times but have found that bubs head quickly was too big for the newborn insert and so had to buy a seperate insert so bubs head was not lolling around as much as without it.

Few drawbacks. Have found that the front wheels have a significant wobble in them after only 3 months of use, even on completely flat ground bub still gets jiggled around a fair bit, which is sometimes a good thing when wanting some extra bounce to put him to sleep. But also vibrates through the handle to give an unwanted hand massage.

Have found that when doing the weekly/fortnightly shopping need to either leave the pram at home or take the station wagon as the pram plus shopping equal 1 overflowing bootspace in the sedan. But if only taking the base to use with the capsule then its not too bad.

The sunshade that comes with the pram is good, fits all 3 components, although as previous post suggests sometimes needs a clip to hold it down in the wind. Havent had the chance to try out the rain cover although it was handy as a dust cover for the seat before bubs was born.

Altogether a good pram if you have the boot space to handle it.



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