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Steelcraft Strider Compact

11 reviews
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Strider Compact
Parent Reviews and Comments

I loved my compact when my daughter was a lot younger. 

Now that she is getting older (11 months) and she wants to sit up and look around etc, I'm not so happy with it.

It doesn't sit up straight enough. And my daughter gets frustrated with having to pull herself forward all the time and therefore not having any back support. 


I originally had the strider plus then decied to upgrade to the compact simply for the width of the pram. I am so in love with this pram I don't think I have anything bad to say about it besides maybe it is still a bit bigger and heavier then other prams. 

The storage is fantastic so is the ease of manovability with easily steering with one hand. Even with two babies on board it pushes like a dream. The flexability of being able to put the capsule on top or bottom and the main seat facing either way is fantastic. It has a one link break is so easy to use. 

I'd highly recommend this pram to anyone who is after either a single or double pram. 


We live near the beach and after four months a lot of the fittings are rusting. The front wheels don't turn well anymore because corrosion is building up on the steel pivot shafts. The wheels are prone to getting rocks stuck in them which is annoying. The positives are the light weight and how compact it is. But, after only four months I get the feeling this pram will not see out one child.


I purchased the Strider Compact when I was 2 months pregnant with my twin boys. (First used it as a single stroller for my now 14 month old) I love how that both car seats can be used to avoid distrubing boys from car to pram. Am yet to use the seats provided as they are still in their car seats at 2 months old. 

It would be good if there was storage but understandly there is not any storage when using this as a double pram.

It is a large pram however I have had no trouble handling it and find that it fits through the doorway and most shops. I haven't found a shop yet that it doesn't fit in. 

I have no trouble fitting it in my car. I do have a big car though (2014 Nissan Patrol Ti-L) so not sure how it goes with smaller cars.

Overall, I love this pram and highly reccommend it to anyone considering it as a single or double pram.


I purchased the strider compact for my now 15 month old, well before she was born. It has suited our needs perfectly. The capsule that clips into the frame was a lifesaver for the first few months, and meant I didn't have to wake her while getting in and out of the car. 

The basket is nice and big, and allows a lot of shopping to be stored, and the size and design of the pram means it won't flip back iif you take bubs out and leave a nappy bag on the back (unlike my umbrella pram!) 

Handling is excellent, it is a large pram though and as such can be tricky in smaller shops (although I haven't had any issues in any major stores). The suspension can make it a bit tricky to get up gutters.

I like the higher ride height for bubs, and that you can face them towards or away from you. It does take up a bit of boot space, although I have a Camry and my husband a jeep patriot and we haven't had any issues fitting it in. 

Overall. I love this pram (although I also have a small umbrella pram for quick trips now that she's a bit bigger), I am yet to use it as a double pram, but hopefully I will in the future.


I absolutely love this pram.

I use it to walk baby to the shops and I find the basket has sufficient space for 4 small bags of shopping.

I love that you can buy the capsule and the bassinet for the pram frame also.

I don't like how the seat that it comes with doesn't fully recline as a young baby can't be completely comfortable and I find his head isn't fully supported in just the seat alone. But as he gets older, I feel this pram will be perfect for our outings.

It's very easy to steer and manouver. It fits easily through doorways and down aisles at the supermarket.

I do wish the bottle pockets were wider as my bottles won't fit those openings but that's a really small complaint.

It's quite easy to fold to pack up into the car and the seat can be left attached or can be removed.

Megan Thorne

Have had no problems with this pram it has been really good and being a first time mum I wanted to money a good one I will defently recommend to family and friends 


This is my 3rd pram, and for a double pram it has been great. I hired a capsule to click onto the pram when bubs was born and my 2 year old has the sibling seat underneath. It has all accessories included uv sun shade & rain cover to fit entire pram as well as to sun canopies for each seat. The option to face the top seat facing you or facing out is fantastic. The only problem I have is my older son almost 3 is quite tall and we can't put the sun canopy on his seat when he sits in as he is too tall. Also if the top seat faces you there is less space for the child below. Manoeuvrability is great and easy to get through checkout aisles etc. it easily fits in the car I always leave the bottom seat on and detach the top seat for ease of lifting into my car.

Only other issue when you have a child in the seat below the basket space is diminshed.


This is a fabulous pram for walking and getting out and about. I really do love using this pram. It folds down easily after unclipping the seat or bassinet and is easy enough to lift in and out of the car.

I have used all three types of attachments for the baby: capsule, bassinet and the seat that comes with the pram.

The bassinet is excellent and we use this for when we are heading out for dinner etc and really want bub to have a good sleep. I went to an all day mums and bubs yoga retreat and she slept most the day away in her bassinet!

The seat has three positions but does not fully recline to flat which is why we purchased the bassinet. To be honest we got the bassinet second hand and will sell on aswell.

This pram manouvers around easily and I love pounding the pavement with it!

It is quite compact but certainly not a narrrow pram. I haven't experienced any problems associated with the width though.


Easy to fold , easy to lift . Height adjustable . Easy to move and cheap


I will admit I am a pram addict. But this by far has been my best purchase ever. I use it with my 4mth old daughter and 2yr old son. Luv that I can have top seat facing either way.  I also luv how easy it is to fold, it's that easy my hubby can fold it no troubles. Fits in regular checkout lanes( unlike previous striders and this I know from experience) and aisles. Luv all the accessories included which unlike some other popular brand prams you don't need to pay an arm and a leg to buy them because they are not included. Is a pleasure to push, but is a little bumpy on uneven ground. Over all I would highly recommend this pram



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