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Steelcraft Strider 4

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Strider 4
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Parent Reviews and Comments
I bought my strider while I was pregnant with my second baby. I also bought the bassinette attachment to go with it but I found it to be really big (the bassinette attachment) and it took up a lot of room in the boot of my small car on to of having the actual frame of the pram in there, although the basinette attachment was handy when we went away for the weekend as we had bub sleep in that instead of having to take the portacot & the pram, but unfortunatley he grew out of the basinette too quickly so it only got used a handful of times before he was too big for it so I would probably suggest that people dont bother with the basinette attachment if you really dont think you will need it

I have also found the rear wheels to be quite wide and I have trouble manouvering the pram down narrow shop isles and checkouts.

Other than that, I really do love my strider pram. It is sturdy and well built

We bought this pram based on the reviews. We find it bulky, wont cloase sometimes and an overkill.

We used it a fair bit when he was born, but we also had a 10 year old umbrella stroller given to us. It is well used but it does lay back. We use this one instead as it is easier to fold, easier to manuver and will fit through tighter spaces.

I see a lot of mums want to follow the fad of the big expensive prams. Trust me, save your money and buy a small simple stroller. From about 3 months our little one doesnt care. We should have spent the $300 on something better. 



I have been using my strider 4 now for nearly 2 years and I love it.

I didnt get the bassinet attachment as I had a summer baby I used a newborn head support to fill out the pram more. I brought 2 of the footmuffs for winter as my DS was so cozy in them he also slept in one in his cot.

I walk nearly every day (very long walks) and this pram is an excellent pram to push on road/on paths/in shopping centres/uneven "off road" surfaces, its comfy for both my hubby and I as it has an extendable handle. Turns so easy, even when pushing pram one handed while drinking a coffee!!

The basket size is awsome, I can fit so much in it and I also use the pocket on the back of the seat regularly. I have a jolly jumper caddy on the handles bars which I love as I found the size of the basket is so big I sometimes spent ages searching for my mobile phone/purse/house keys - the caddy keeps all my essentials on hand as well as space for a water bottle for me and DS!!

The back wheel are wide but the only checkout I don't fit down are big W ones but do fit their express lane or I go to the cosmetic counter so not really been an issue for me. I personall wouldnt let its wideness put you off buying it as I believe it is from this wideness that the strider gets all its strength and durability from.

I also have a small car but have found it fits really well in my boot, I always take the seat off then fold the pram with the foot rest going towards the back of the pram and place it directly ontop on the frame in the boot. I had a c-section with my DS and never found the pram too heavy.

If your thinking of buying one then I definitely give this pram 2 thumbs up - I love it so much I am upgrading to the new strider plus to accommodate 2 kidlets when bubs2 comes along early next year, can't wait to get my new strider :-) Thats probably the only true downer - having to get rid of my old strider as it can't take 2 kids!


I had my son in this from day one.

I didn't bother with the bassinet attachment, simply lay the seat to the lowest of it's three adjustable levels and added a bumper to keep his little head from rolling around too much.

He loved riding in this big red 4wd off roader!   Many times it was the only thing to get him to sleep.  

This pram was and still is the best thing we ever bought.

It is great for walking long distances and for errands (as I do most days) there is plenty of room underneath for shopping and baby bags.

The layout of the wheels give this big pram a tiny turning circle - great for shopping centres.

In fact, the only down side that I've found in over 2 years of using this pram on a (nearly) daily basis is the width of the back wheels - occasionally this makes it more difficult to fit through small doorways at home or passages in stores etc. Though this really hasn't been a big issue at all.

Also important to note - it takes up a lot of space in the car boot, hasn't been a problem for me but if you have a small car this might be a deal breaker.  

After doing all the research while I was pregnant - this was my first choice for the best balance of price, style and function - and I have had absolutely no regrets!  If I had to buy a new pram today Strider would be my first choice again - no question.


I had this for my son with a bassinet to use from birth. 

I was not a huge fan of this pram it was hard to steer bulky and heavy!  Once my son was old enough I used my Maclaren stroller and this sat in our shed.  Maybe I was being too fussy. 

I have since bought a Double City Mini (Baby Jogger)to use with both kids and it is great. 



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