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BeBe Care Rverse Stroller XLR

5 reviews
Rverse Stroller XLR

This all-in-one stroller is sure to take you from cradles through to crayons and beyond. Easily converts from travel system to bassinet mode for your newborn, reverse the seat for infants and effortlessly add a buggy board or toddler seat when it's time to travel with two.

With endless travel modes and optional accessories you'll never need to buy another stroller and the large, easily accessible storage basket makes shopping with baby a breeze.

Parent Reviews and Comments

I recently used this stroller while looking after a friends bub.  I would definitely look into getting one for myself when I have my bub.  It was really light and easy to use and very versatile.  

I think a must have to add to the collection of baby needs.

Enjoy, Ingrido 


The pram was pretty easy to put together, Adjusting the straps was very fiddly but once I got the knack of it, somewhat easier. 

Our first trip out was immediately after we excitedly put it together. A trip to the supermarket was in order. It was very smooth traveling and nice to steer.  I used to get terrible back and pelvic pain with my last pram but in the 2 weeks I have been using this one I am yet to have any pain from pushing this pram as you can adjust the handle to multiple heights.

It was very easy weaving through the over crowded supermarket, the shoppers were also lucky enough that no one got run into on my first mission for dinner supplies in the new pram.  I had no problems fitting through the checkouts. I loaded my 5 grocery bags into the HUGE bag holder underneath, it is the biggest I've seen and I am absolutely in-love with it.

The next task was putting it in the boot. 

To begin with,  it is very hard to put down and I actually hate having to do this as it is difficult and time consuming especially when your are trying to organize a toddler. The problem is that it doesn't fold down to the ground, you have to fold it up so it makes and arch then lift the pram over to be able to pick it up and put into the car, or fold it down then tuck the bottom under and put it into the car. This may not be an issue for others  but because I have a bad back and pelvis I wasn't fond of it, my husband doesn't have a problem with it. 

The pram is also pretty heavy but all prams of this design are so it is to be expected.

I have used this pram for at least 1 hour everyday and have had no problems, overall it is a fantastic pram and myself and my daughter are very happy. 


Easy to use

Easy to put together

Lovely to steer

My daughter is happy to sit in it!!

Huge storage compartment


Putting it down

Adjusting the seat belts

An adjustable foot rest would have been great.


I was so happy to be picked to review this pram! We had a great time testing it out.

  • So versatile, along with the extra seat, it can also be used with most capsules and has a range of different settings where  you can change the facing etc.
  • The Material seems to be hard wearing, is a lovely colour and easy to clean
  • Nice roomy basket.
  • Bassinet is integrated with the seat which is fantastic and unique to the BebeCare I believe. It means you don't have to purchase a separate bassinet. It transforms into the seat. It was extremely difficult to figure this out at first but once you have it, it's great.
  • The harness is both a pro and a con. Can be awkward trying to put a wriggly baby in and do up as it is in two pieces for each strap. But releasing is fantastic as the straps come apart completely allowing you to pick baby straight up without having to pull arms out of straps etc. Great if bub has fallen asleep!
  • Folding and unfolding. This for me was probably the biggest con. Perhaps I've been spoilt with our previous pram but this one is very difficult to fold and unfold with the seat on. And very hard to look graceful whilst doing it! I always end up just about flat out on the ground with my bum up in the air! You also cannot leave anything in the basket or the seat or it will fall out in the folding process. I find this very frustrating as I like to leave the rain cover, shade cover, blanket in the bottom of the basket for next time and also have a Dummy and toy in the pram but the way it folds, everything goes flying.  A big part of this is the fact that while the basket is a really great size, it is very low to the ground and very open...A way to zip it closed would be perfect. 
  • The wheels would be much better if they were pneumatic and give a smoother ride. They also pick up little stones pretty easy which make an awful noise walking down the street.
  • Slightly narrower than a lot of the popular prams out there which make it a bit easier to manoeuvre in shops etc. Steering is also great.  
  • There is a mesh extension on the hood which is great for airflow on a hot day and the soft close viewing window is handy for checking baby without waking however the hood is a bit temperamental and when pulled to full extension needs to be pulled quite tight or it just falls back.
  • The different seat settings are good however there is no straight up and down one and as my son is just starting to sit up he strains a bit trying to get up more. I would think a toddler would find this annoying as well.
  • You can actually put your nappy bag over the handle and slide it right down to sit in the basket which is fantastic. It keeps it out of the way and impossible to kick!
  • It looks nice. Some prams just aren't pretty but this one really is nice and sleek and attractive. Obviously not an important point but it certainly helps!
  • I was hoping it would be smaller than our current pram and take up less room in our boot. It is slightly but still quite bulky. I don't think this is avoidable these days though. Taking the seat off makes it a lot more compact.

My son is 5.5 months and absolutely hated our other pram. He would cry as soon as you put him in it and unless asleep would whinge the entire time we were out. The change was AMAZING when we put him in the Rverse XLR. He doesn't cry, enjoys walks and seems to love it. So Overall while there are a couple of things I'd personally change. It is a great pram and performs the tasks expected of it quite well. 

Purple Lily

I have nothing but great things to say about this stroller.  First off, It was very easy to put together and there were enough intructions to make sure it wasn't too confusing to put together.  The colour is amazing (Teal) and can be used for either boy or girl which is great for when we have another baby.  The amount of basket space underneath is just awesome, I honestly have not seen a pram or stroller with that much room which is something that a lot of people want in a stroller.  I was really impressed at how easy it was to wheel around and how smooth it was to push.  I also love how easy it is to lock the front wheels, very simple. 

 I love that you can access the basket very easily from both the front and back which is a great help when you've got a million bags stuffed under there.  We made sure we had a look at the stroller in Bassinette mode as well and found that it looked comfortable and secure for a newborn baby.  I love how easy it is to switch between Bassinette and stroller mode and that its effortless to turn the seat around and attach to the stroller's frame. 

 I think my favourite thing about this stroller is that I can actually face DS, unlike the other stroller I had.  He doesnt mind facing away but at the same time he was ecstatic to be facing me.  DS also loved being so high up and having the bar in front of him so he can play with it and hold on with his hands or feet!  I also enjoyed having DS sitting up higher, makes him more accessible and I'm pretty sure by the look on his face he had a great time! The accessories and the pram itself are just the best quality which is something that I put high on my list when looking for baby items.  The look of the pram is trendy and neat which is also something I look for in a pram. I also liked that you can adjust the handle to suit your height, it made things a lot easier. 

The only problem with the stroller was that it was a bit bulky especially when putting it in the boot of the car but at the same time it certaintly wasn't an issue for us as we have a good sized boot and were pretty excited at how great the stroller was!  All in all this stroller impressed my partner, DS and my entire family, they all thought it was great too!


The BeBe Care Rverse XLR stroller was a joy to test. Overall I found it a very nice pram and definitely for the price is well suited in today’s market. Coming in at just over $600 including the second sea it’s a great budget friendly alternative that will give other second seat adaptablebrands a run for their money.


Foot muff is easy to put on and off, with press stud buttons on both side and an elasticised bottom to pull over. It’s secure and does not come off with a 3 month old kicking at it. The insides a lovely fluffy fabric and the outside has a little zip pocket.

The handle bar has 7 different levels of adjustment which is great for different heights or when I have nearly 4 year old on the buggy board it can adjust around him so he still has lots of room to stand.

Easy to clip seat into position and turn from forward facing to parent facing.

The seat reclines flat for bassinette mode and has 2 upright reclines too. The seat is easy to convert to bassinette mode by just undoing a buckle to lower to foot well into a flat position.

I love that in both seat and bassinette mode you can adjust the backrest to make the seat deeper. This is particularly useful in bassinette mode so you don’t have to have the bottom totally flat and baby can be slightly at an angle. This would be particularly useful for reflux babies.

Folds easily and when folded it stands upright unsupported! A huge plus for public transport and storing it in my small house. The pram folds with the seat in any recline level when forward facing but when its parent facing the seat must be in most reclined position to fold. Bulky when folded because the seat height makes it tall so might not fit in small boots. However it goes fairly slim for storing at home.

I love that all buttons and levers that do something important are colour coded orange. This makes it easy to spot where to fold, how to unclip the seat for turning and how to recline the seat. I didn’t even need the manual!

The basket is HUGE and has an unzip-able panel at the front so if a second seat is on you can still access it. This is a huge advantage over phil and ted prams.

The stroller comes with the adaptors for a lascal buggy board already on it. I already had the buggy board and it pushes really smoothly with it on (an advantage over the maclaren stroller which is very hard to push with the buggy board on). I only tested the buggy board out with baby in parent facing mode, but there’s loads of room for my nearly 4 year old to stand and see everything. The handle bar holds him in there so when going over a bump he doesn’t feel like he will come off.

This stroller goes very well over bumps and grass. Not quite as good as the phil and ted because the phil and ted has inflatable tyres which cushion bumps a little better. But the bonus of the Rverse XLR is no flat wheels ever!

The stroller has a second seat you can purchase separately. I never bought this because my nearly 4 year old liked the buggy board so much when used with this stroller.


The handle bar wobbles no matter what adjust level you have it on. It feels like it’s still secure but makes a bit of a rattling noise if you give it a shake. It doesn’t affect the use but it’s not a pleasant sound.

The front wheel cover is VERY sharp along the edges and when inserting the front wheels upon receiving the stroller I cut my finger open. Just be careful.

Hood has trouble staying in the most forward position and keeps clicking out of place. This is mainly an issue when the mesh panel is not unzipped because it’s quite taut. It still stays up and only clicks about 1cm back so the hood is still very open. Mainly annoying.

The seat is a small seat. From base of seat to top is 16 inches (41cm) which is very little compared to phil and ted vibe which is 23 inches. The hood also does not rise up so you can’t have a toddlers head above the seat line or they hit the hood. Although the hood does come off so you could use it without. My nearly 4 year old fits with the shoulder height but with the harness in the top shoulder slot there isn’t enough room above that for a head with hood on!

The harness is VERY difficult to adjust up a level and there are no instructions in manual on this. It took over 10 minutes. I wouldn’t want to adjust it up and down for a toddler and baby - I ended up leaving it on top harness height because it was too difficult to do again.

The stroller just fits on a bus and I was given a hard time over the size by one bus driver. This only happened once and it was probably more his bad mood than the stroller.


Overall I love this stroller and think its great value for money. My nearly 4 year old does fit but is a bit squashed (although funnily enough due to being higher up than other strollers loves it anyway!). This is amazing for a baby as there up nice and high to see everything. My 3 month old loves it and falls asleep very easy in it. I use the stroller in the house to put him into when I’m making dinner and use it in bassinette mode for day naps. Overall an 8/10!

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